Lifestyles Unlimited

Saturdays, 4pm to 5pm; Sundays, 9am to 10am

Lifestyles Unlimited is a real estate investor and mentor group that since 1990 has been taking people by the hand and teaching them how to use real estate to build wealth and passive income streams. We teach our members how to locate, evaluate, negotiate, close, fund, and manage everything from single-family homes to 600 unit apartment complexes.

This show is a live call in show where you can listen, ask questions and learn the principles and practices of the successful real estate investor.

Steve will show you how to use real estate to build wealth and passive income streams, show you why most people have the wrong map when it comes to building wealth and why real estate (and life) is a team sport.

Steve Davis began investing in real estate in 1991 with bad credit and no money. He is now a principle in over 3000 units. This was accomplished while he was teaching and mentoring others how to do the same thing. The Lifestyles “map” has allowed him to maintain his marriage of 20 plus years, raise 2 children, give to the charities of his choice and maintains an above average fitness level proving “It’s not the money, it’s the Lifestyle.”TM.

For more information, visit or call toll free at (866) 971-8970.