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Saturday, March 18th

State Sen. Dawn Buckingham of District 24 joins Jim Cardle to discuss the latest from the 85th Texas Legislature on today's episode of Texas Insider.


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All right everyone good morning good afternoon at chilly mornings Columbine happened Saturday. Afternoon June. All you listeners of talk thirteen seven neither right choices Jim Carter on the Texas. Insider showed talk a little Texas politics national politics. Hopefully bringing new pair of sanity and reason maybe even though. Little bit of truth in there about a nice cloudy overcast today and boy have we got. Enough to talk about in the next hour and then some reduced. Heard on the top of the the bottom of the hour news break there about. Another shooting over in Paris at the airport I'm just sit here. DJ Collins great job getting our music started thank you for that world watch and had to bring in the studio looking at. The White House under lockdown literally as we're speaking up in Washington DC some you may have heard they had. Somebody jumped the fence couple days are going strong the Secret Service and them White House security detail into him. The headlines and and kind of going sideways and and then we had another 1 this morning at somebody else's. Evidently jumped over and they released them German shepherd guard dogs to go shut him down will be here and more that throughout the day and besides that what do we have we got a House of Representatives up in congress moving at a repeal and replace of obamacare bill. We got the president trump Supreme Court justice nominee Neil gore stitched. Coming up his hearings gonna be tomorrow. I'm sorry Monday. Actually and I'm sure that will be. These subject of a lot of discussion. Left and right and name calling and so forth and then we have the state. Theater going on down at the capitol we've got. The house starting to move forward on some. Tax and budget issues and some us Sanctuary Cities hopefully here before too long I think was a hearing this week but over on the senate side you got them working on the budget. And the big news of the week was the quote unquote bathroom bill we are. In the middle of this the session were after sixty days all bills have been introduced she can only introduce legislation in the Texas house they need for. 140 days every other year in the first sixty days you get your bills introduced and then after the sixty days that's when they start having hearings they start having votes on the floor it's all very deliberate. Which is nice for those of us who like to thank the government should move slow that's kind of the Texas conservative way. But to talk about that type of thing and Adam. What else is going on down there for the Texas insider show be sure and check Texas insider dot Borger Texas insider FaceBook page. Also go double check. The home page for state senator dawn bucking ham we are pleased to have. Senator Don bucking ham from senate district 24 going from. Western Travis canny and like way up to the north west from there and senator bucking him we appreciate you taking the time after a busy week to come visit with us about what's going on in them repeat the battle down there. Janet just a pleasure to be on the shadow thanks for inviting me. You are a game I think. Your home your bio said Dave literally about a seventh generation. Texan do you who like to hunt you went to Westlake high school you work. A volunteer firefighter and and I tell you most of all senator bucking him I gotta compliment she just to get started here because in my thirty plus years I've seen them. Some. Some elected officials take to this effort better than others and you were taken to. The Texas senate like a duck takes to water and we really appreciate. And then that's the one of the things you know by and large most people have a negative opinion of politicians because a squeaky wheel gets or Greece or the bad news wouldn't if it bleeds it leads but most people buy and larger. Like yourself hard working. God fearing an interest in citizens who just wanted to try and get out there and do some good. So. Tell us what you I know. I saw on your FaceBook page. Doctor Don bucking him you yesterday the senate was out. The end spring break here you were out running around the district before we get into some issues here. As I've been talking about what you hear yesterday Iran Iran curved bill and so on so forth tells about the district Arab people. Paying attention early on spring break errors. How is your day yesterday. You know we had a great day we we both downloadable format in the morning and got back a little after midnight. You know we spent a lot of time in curve on bend air Fredericksburg and a couple places in between. The blue got to carry out by the way don't believe they don't want to get out on the red and antique and blue bonnet since it's that time again to get figures so early that people up in the district are excited they're engaged. And they really feel like. People you know the legislature to keep its promises. You know our message to everyone is one we still levies even though we've won the election and Taylor keep our promises retain the same thing in the legislatures who said during the campaign. And that's a fun and that pretty refreshing. And and just appreciate how hard says you know everybody's working. Well see you on the senate side especially have been. The governor brings up issues if if there are so inclined they called an emergency issues. Those are. Then qualified per. Issues that actually can be dealt with by the legislators. Before the sixty day period is gone by that I have a mention the Senate's dealt with Sanctuary Cities are ready youth. Dealt with them. The CPS reform in a couple of others the governor wanted pre K down we could may be diverted into that but. Let's talk about one issue real quick your first to get started here because it has been in the news and that has to do with. The bathroom bill it's gotten national attention it's started back when president trumpet the end of February. Reversed Barack Obama is transgender students him. Public schools edict that came down from on high about six months ago and it was in the presidential campaign in and now here in Texas this goes Texas so goes the nation. And you all dealt with it this week your friend in my friend former porn fraud blows coal course senator from Brian on the home of blue bell ice cream. Since she had a very good week in long week a tough week but what did you all do in regards to the quote unquote bathroom bill and transgender bathroom issues. But in elite pass in the senate and men and a billion and just basically says you should get the afternoon of your birth certificate. And meg disconnect that can guard rails first schools and other public buildings. Because they're all being challenged right now you know what we saw with the letter from a bomb was all the sudden it's someone's head that genocide was being. Opposite the tax that they physically are. And then you nation blooded boy. People anatomical for a walk into the girls. Locker remain get dressed of the girls at a young age and we just felt like that was. Inappropriate that accommodations and other accommodations could be made for those kids that have been for very long time that just. Planned to help provides guard rails there and just be sure that our girls are feel unsafe in their bathrooms and they're changing hands at an important time for life's. And interestingly. You are a physician specifically Europe. Ophthalmologist you work on the eyes and very highly skilled and trained in the medical field. Advisor her complex things but. You're right you mentioned at a sensitive time. You mention. I think use the phrase used was anatomical. And love that. Because it's. It's in science that you either got an X chromosome or Y chromosome and after that the G a lot of folks don't realize that gender is essentially a made up term. In terms to describe how somebody's mental state is it's not able to describe your physical chromosomal state. But as a doctor. You've probably had some experience in this because it's it's not an issue. Of being compassionate for people who are little different or not it's him it's him. Issue of safety. And that's what Dan Patrick I think lieutenant governor were saying it's common sense and and safety for people at various ages of development. During high school did that come out during this debate. It did it did we heard a lot about that and you know that's that's the bottom line Wii is still you know women's privacy act we want. Our young girls who do are gone through puberty and in early stages of life to not have to worry about. Somebody with a penis walking into the air back dreamer dressing her in Indian and dressed him walking around in front of them. And can you believe I. I mean a couple weeks ago during the women's march up in Washington herd them but women stay home from work Dave. I can't even bring myself to say there are brimming will be using these words like a V word in a in a anymore it's just fascinating to me but I. Don't know if you saw senator Don bucking him from house they're from senate district 24 I read I still get them. Austin American statesman I read old Ken Herman's article yesterday and he said that wind. You all in the senate or debating him when someone asked how many genders. There are and again genders is a term to. Describe a person's. State of mind how they feel you're either an X or Y chrome is owned. With certain anatomical features but. Okay and Herman says in there that earned them. Number of genders and definition engenders is as many as the mine can imagine even noted that they looked on FaceBook and found. Eight F 58 genders identified with old law school course having to say that it could be upwards of 400. Talk about gender and talk about some of them the facts that came are the ideas that came out during this debate it's something that people I would guess get frustrated with. Because it's a commonsensical issue but yet. Here you are spending your time in the senate. Slang and they need ghetto you get one step further and my understanding is there's young lady over in Europe he thinks I believe that she attacks the sheet to train and he. And says she wears cat ears and it's kind of like a cat her how to think Cathy. Those in the bottom line is if your draft we think you're zebra you're still attract. That's got a sponsor and stripes and everything. He had the big it is an exciting time to be in the Panetta and and yet Kelly you talked about earlier you know the governor laid out his four. Emergency items being sure that we protect our kids during Child Protective Services as we've seen. And some really tragic death of those children and we've really you know are making some strides on revamping that have that past and of course the Sanctuary City bill that we spoke a lot about I think even last time out on the show. We're excited about that a payment that off to the house and really about the path and that's significant ethics reform it is seen in this day and so forth side and play at that convention at the state and that's just. This step up then and Carrie claimed some of those powers from the federal government because we think that federal government is overreaching into our lives. Every day and then you last week and this past week in a panic you know Monday at believe for the first time ever had an entire day. As the session and it dedicated to bill that would help our law enforcement officers. You know help delectable treat that do it all kind of things to help protect and then make their job easier. And then also really excited that happened last week is we passed thirtieth the most significant. Like bill. OK send out looking at I'm gonna have to have. Cut you off we got to take a break up one do you wanna get to the life bills and you mentioned a number of good things folks there were visiting worth senator Don bucking ham after. Break we'll come right back from Texas insider show thanks for joining us. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome. Back to the Texas insider show one Jim Correll. Beautiful day here in lovely downtown Austin little overcast but. Could be worse in word lucky today to be able to visit with our local Stu one of our local state senator senator Don bucking ham from senate district 24. Senator thanks for joining us we appreciate your hard work and time today but you were talking before we went to break their bad of a number of issues and is just indicative of the breath of what's. Dealt with any legislative session in particular though I think you were ending up there on them the pro life issues in the face and belly but before talking about that you mentioned. Spending a whole day devoted to law enforcement and I know during the campaign you live. Said that. The border and Sanctuary Cities types issues were by tenfold I think you've said. More important to voters than anything else but law enforcement is a key thing it is something. Where earlier Donald Trump or you're Don bucking him you talked about on the campaign trail talk about. Real quick if you can circle back to baton let us know what you all are welcome on. Sherri you know you know leave leave just honestly seen horrifying. Stories in the knees where innocent police officers were targeted. And in fact one of those police officers. And I believe it or the one who's filling up his car with gas in Houston. A year so go on and government just locked up and shot him point blank he's you can't pay is his son was actually on the planet orca. And and we are volunteering at one of the sergeants for the dead for a couple days of session and then and you know Egypt it's unacceptable. To target any management person but especially a police officer just because their police officer. And we have organizations that think that that's reasonable terms to push out as something to do so. We want a kid can really take some steps you know work hard to get them some. Protective vest that will protect them from rifle around. I'm just you know. And and and knows that that there are protected that week declared. In July 7 which I believe with the date of that we had that you know. Terrible thing happen in Garland. You and you know honoring those individuals. Do they do. Who were targeted that day and you know we just wanted to step about it from the very strong message that we care a lot about our law enforcement officers and they have our full support. You know I was up in Dallas last weekend for the bills Kenny Republican club and Donald Trump junior. Was there and Ted Cruz was there and Donald Trump juniors. Even to this day he's totally disengaged from the campaigns weren't in any. Paid. I'm. So protective vests. And Donald Trump did that but you're right these policemen. Put their lives on the line every day. How old was this boy that was was theirs on the senate floor from his father being killed just try. Now I even teenager I would guess thirteen fourteen. Somewhere in there. And yet didn't dip it really just broke all of our hearts when you TK do you. Palin's apparent to discuss the violence seen just so that. And we'll be able to protect our police officers who don't have to have another child is loses their dad business things so heinous. And our armed yeah exactly and you and you. Mentioned that. That that's been out of focus than you also mentioned I think it was Obama. Life liberty and family values day no. To protecting the unborn. And it's interest and you know during the Roe vs. Wade forty years ago I think. Mrs. Rowe the anonymous name passed away here she lived in Houston and that and she passed away a couple months ago but. Back then we did know medically what we know today and now we know that babies are viable it. You know I'm 26 weeks or 28 weeks whatever it is tells what she did this week in terms of protecting the unborn. And addressing the life issue. Shirt you know a lot of things one way and that fell. Dele fetal tissue. You know we all saw the videos I imagine. Am now out six months ago and Planned Parenthood was caught on video. Talking about that they sell fuel remains for a harvest being inferred cell researcher I. Yes and I and I believe they even said that they can Alter of the technique at the abortion depending on if there. People buying their fetal tissue wanted to brain person tired person kidney. Naked specifically. You know and I mean basically. What they're doing and then just brick and the baby apart another Michelin. Yeah. So. Cabrera pretty good evidence that that. The fetuses can feel pain and says the other thing we did is sleeping and this member of an abortion. And it especially to the extent that you know. The end and I I daylight at the back. Her yeah we don't really learn I mean a medical school they don't tell you exactly how abortions done. You know I actually little art and and that's what. Third they. Eric as you know it's you know I'm an ophthalmologist strike upon wave from from begin area bank. That you know we can't. And fetuses are human being you and then and we want to protect its many governments can. And and yes we're just here to protect life in any way possible it's. So we've gone from two sessions ago when old. Wendy Davis inner pink tennis shoes before running for governor and getting thoroughly turned out and beat by governor rabbit ran error had her you know filibuster. And now we've come to you to four years later and were protecting life. And Texans by and large I think are very. Buried principal pulled the very. Common sense oriented. Very compassionate. And yet they're still this this sector of society out there and it's part of the bid I think the Democrat party. Analysis why they're diminishing not only in Texas but across the nation. Did you see any push back on the senate floor from some of your colleagues I think there was even a senators. Will senator Lucio. From down in the valley devout Catholic what did he have to say about that they issue their boat and boarded with you right. Yes and rarely see you know as a devout Catholic is pro life he's a pro life Democrat says that he's dead let that soak. You know technically what we passed with bipartisan bipartisan I'll tell you have believed that an early CEO I'll have to think about it but I believe he's the only Democrat putting with us the Democrats did try to throw out somewhere along the order of 23 amendments to try that to derail the legislation that we were pat thank all those amendments failed. You know that they're Republican caucus really stood strong and senator Betancourt is doing a great job leading their Republican caucus we are. I think really well coordinated. And working well together and kind of function as a strong unit. Let's call it all been court who's from Harris candy used to be their hair scanning. Treasurer or tax collector and now as a state senator you're talking about their. Yet if any is that the chairman of their Republican caucus though he is he is our fearless leader. In the senate and you know the pockets of working grade I thank senator Betancourt to really get job as our care. It's just it's an exciting time to be in the ten day in and out talking to various groups of constituents about the district yesterday. Yeah I can just stand up and enthusiastically time last year Republican caucus the united we are maven for it on all kinds of issues and making all kind of get promises and keep then. All those promises that we made. During our various campaigns vicious it's an exciting time to be in the sense. Okay you you are a representative from from far western Travis County so you've got part of the key Boston word group but then you go out. West of here do you ever hear too much in your district and you also have four good. Up north do you ever hear too much about the abortion issue or. If if you even due to the extent what's the mood of your district on this issue. Am my knee minded Jake and an end technically you know the district judge from bend area temple Abilene became 2000 square mile and a heart attacks as it happens to be bigger than it's eight or nine states and geographic area. This pretty vague that my detected in very pro life and fact and there's agree to abolish abortions period. And don't want. That I think anything short of that path being a complete ban on abortion. And even criminalizing the mother and the doctor. I'm making short of that is is too liberal that I have a theory pro life district but what about. I didn't even think about getting into this issue when trying to figure out what to talk about with you but. You've seen that the national lead some national actresses and and in women's leaders. Is this issue of abortion. The whole feminism issue has been taken over by. The extreme left and I'd be curious to see what you think I mean it blows cold courses are. There's another female senator from Brennaman carried the bathroom bill we've mentioned we got Donna Campbell from. The South Boston down to San Antonio what do you all think when you're seeing this issue of feminism just be totally bamboozled by mean. A lot of feminists. Today think that women's rights amount to more than abortion but yet it seems like that's almost what it comes down to. Solely. Well I believe and it's funny gang that the bathroom bill. Yeah discussion on the senate floor or better call cores. Had met with a professor Jerry eats me. And walked out of that meeting and they have determined slightly off that she realized that she was a feminist activists I think it was. And to think I. Okay. They you know and it's it's funny how. The conservative. Women. And. You know we're very eminent domain where we are strongly affirmed women's rights. And and we are being pro life is right along with fat and you know and so. It's it's an interesting dichotomy that we have you know low post for some reason things that they have. The two women corner which clearly they don't. OK one final issue here we got a couple minutes left visiting with senator Don bucking him from. Senate district 24 if you wanna learn more about. Don Buckingham go to Don bucking him dot com but senator them the principal reason legislature gets together is to write a state budget thank. Goodness our state has what's called a balanced budget. Requirement where you all have to balance your income and with your expenditures and the sentenced in charge of writing the budget this year people won't know that it. Alternates back and forth that house wrote the budget two years ago the senate writes the budget this year two years from now a hassle righted again. And a lot of it has to do with health care an area that you're familiar with what's going on with regards to the budget state budget at this point. Well senator Jane Nelson is that. He had chair finances and it just keep on hate chairs right the budget I mean they have literally spent hundreds of hours. Since the beginning of the session meetings coming everything being sure that the priorities of the Stater met. That in our deficit budget we also have to only spend the money that we actually have I know that's a novel concept if you have a hundred dollars in the bank he can't spend 200 dollar. And I'm vested I ask you a loaded question there about ten seconds left. -- forget that did you ever need frenetic states coming out an incredibly conservative budget. That balances only spend the money that we have had in prioritize the needs to stay. We'll state senator and we appreciate that we appreciate your hard work and taken time out your standard David join us folks go to die on bucking him dot com senator thanks for joining us DE. Are you have a great day you too will be right back with a Texas insider show on talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Hit Glenn. Months and yes. Welcome back folks to the Texas insider show I'm Jim carnal happy Saturday afternoon to you looks like them. Clouds are start to burn off break up a little bit here and de lovely downtown Austin everybody's. In the middle of the SXSW. DJ columns on the board game keeping our music gone in the show long time appreciate that in them. Boy state senator Don bucking him given us a pretty thorough room. And rundown of everything that's going on at this from the State Capitol least on the senate side again. Senator bucking him represents. From western Travis candy out to him. Fort Hood in some of the area west of here but be sure earn double checked on bucking him dot com. Real asset to the state and for freshman senator somebody who's getting taken to look like conduct took it takes to water appreciate her taken her time to join us today. A 10 well I'm. Turn to a couple different items now may be at them the national level and it's been a big week I mentioned at the beginning in the showed that. There's. Bin another. Person jumping the fence up at the White House this morning the white house on lockdown Lafayette park across street Sparta White House complex there. Looking and all that and in this day and age seems like. Crazy things happen bad every time you turn around but up in Washington this week. Couple things happened to Adam. Person looking forward to next week you're gonna have. Donald Trump Supreme Court justice. Neal gore said chairman hearing in the Senate. Judiciary Committee our own state senator. John Cornyn some member of that committing so he'll be involved in mentally and that it will be able. Curious a fairly. Know the word nasty squire right but it will be a very tough and emotional and philosophical battle about which. Direction the country. Takes into the future. But this last week what happened on the on the hillside in regards to. The speaker of the house Paul Ryan finally released and everybody's them talking about this everybody's been waiting for it they've. Voted for replacing Obama care over fifty times in the last couple years. And yet now we've got. Republicans controlling the senate. In the congress Republicans cook controlling them US House of Representatives in congress now we've got Donald trooper Republican in the White House and everybody's focused on what's gonna happen in the first hundred days in the trumpet administration so here we have. Our own and Kevin Brady congressmen from Houston chairman of the Ways and Means Committee which is where all the tax laws are written and that's a big part of obamacare. You've had. The energy and commerce committee has to do with the health care industry. Issue a repeal and replace bill and then you've had finally the House Budget Committee just on Thursday voted on. How to pay for written have them budget to income in the Al Gore the health care system so we finally are getting to the point where. A bad as big of an issue I think the wall and Sanctuary Cities is what Donald Trump and and the economy. Really. Pushed him over the line but obviously replacing obamacare was a big issue so now have the latest buzz saws as. Paul Ryan Hussein. Mid week they're gonna try and vote on that in next week now I think it's gonna look it's looking like it's going to be Thursday. That there won't actually be every appeal. Debate and discussion on the floor of the passer representatives about replacing obamacare. And it occurred to me that. The left. Has been saying. This is gonna throw the temple Kol fear mongering the temple Kol. Politics of of fear the politics of envy this is gonna him. Hurt so many millions of Americans it's gonna help so many meant millions of Americans and really it's not about. The numbers. Of people that are going it's really not about having health care. Is is the underlying thing that is a key part of it but what's really. The focus of of this debate is what's the direction of our country are we going to be relying on government to do everything that's worked. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the liberal left. Proposes the solution is handling the government provide everything they can provide your health care they can provide. You're happiness even to if you take logically. The debate all the way to the extreme on the on the right with Donald Trump he wants to. And and Ted Cruz and all the other conservative Republicans today. Remember that our founding fathers founded this country. Based on the idea that we as individuals have what were called inalienable rights that means it's our right it's given to every human being from something bigger than ourselves. Back then founding fathers were fleeing. England and Europe because of religious persecution and every individual ought to be able to make his own choices and you look to yourself to determine. Pierce your future and hard work. Never did did anybody. Any harm so. That is that the bigger debate but we get caught up in the weeds we get caught up in the minutia of you know him. I think that Congressional Budget Office said last week that. Fourteen to 24 million Americans are going to be thrown off of health care well that. First of all comes from the Congressional Budget Office which projected. Just six short years ago that Obama care was gonna cost literally. 40% of what it's. Ended up costing us today they are always often their projections some of those who worked on Capitol Hill and in been involved in politics know that the Congressional Budget Office is just like. Any other economist Tom and I got my calm them my degree in economics and frankly team all I know is that an economist. Is accountant with a sense of humor is the old line people used to say but you get these things wrong like predicting the stock market. So the numbers can be off but what's the future. Of our nation. Saw an article earlier this week by Robert Ehrlich. Of the Washington examiner and he says you know here we are finally the long awaited repeal and replace has arrived in. And now the battle's been join the mainstream media is wholly invested in the political future of a replacement. To obamacare and the trench warfare is beginning but he had. I don't know if I'll get to draw on seven facts. That we need to remember. Does everybody remember that. Barack Obama our report. Promised that you can keep your doctor. Barack Obama promising you can keep your health insurance any promise that. Will save an average of 2500. Annually on our health insurance those were all some people call lines. Let's be decent about it and say they were just. Basic misperceptions. Of what the legislation was gonna do. But pull it a fact a lot of you read pull defect in the Austin statesman written by my friend Gardner Selby. 2013. Lie of the year by pull it effect was Barack Obama's line that if you like your health plan you can keep that he said that repeatedly and it's turned out to be. Faults. Number two a key player in drafting. The affordable. Health care act that's the official title for obamacare wrote. The bill in a tortured way this is a felon who. His name was Jonathan Gruber who got caught on videotape saying literally. That they had queued tortured the bill and ride it in such a disjointed way. Because they were quote relying on the stupidity of the American voter to sell it and that's certainly what happened you know who wouldn't be for healthcare for everybody who. It's that doesn't mean it's a right. We have the right to determine her own future we don't have the right to be given something from government. Because what that means is that you take. Something from one person and give it to another that's socialism and social redistribution. So this Fella Jonathan Gerber was saying that they broke the bill and a sneaky way and they got caught doing it and it was a dis honest intellectual. Architect. Manipulation. And that's something that. That. We need to remember that's how legislation work that's why everybody has a negative opinion. A lot of people have a negative opinion of politics. Fact number three major insurance carriers continued to exit Obama care networks for the most basic of reasons. There and able to make a profit. Well that's what government does when they get a lot of people don't realize. You didn't have employer based health insurance till the 1960s. It was early 1960s and LBJ. Started instituting some of these. Social programs and name. Had blue cross blue shield that's been the leader back then that that. Grew their company based on employer based health insurance. Everybody got their health insurance to the extent they had it didn't pay just right out of pocket. Before them. As individuals and his family's. And now we've got the government meddling Intel telling health insurance companies that they have to provide certain things that drives the costs up. And that got employers have to provide to their employees. Health insurance that is a problem. Because you can't make money doing that Hillary Clinton's campaign. Paid a high price for that and last fall's. Election regarding obamacare. Fact number. For a new draft contains a long sought after. Spending level. For an additional three years maintaining Medicaid people get very very touchy about their Medicaid senior citizens Medicare. But folks again before we go to break here just. Remember that this is a debate about the future direction of our country it's not the minutia. About who has or doesn't have health insurance it's whether we as individuals have the right to determined. What health care product we body and believe me the government and the answer. We'll come right back after another break this young girl picks insider show. Thirteen seventy right choice. Enjoy this Saturday afternoon we will be right back. I. Gerri love. So my hand the ball. Saying that her mindset when a man becomes a woman Percy Sledge we. Sam and Dave thank you very much man become one man becomes a woman. The bathroom bill we're talking about earlier with senator Don bucking him appreciate your coming on. Again be sure and check out Don bucking him dot com on the the web but. After we talked about state issues were talking about federal issues and I got a little bit of time here before the end of the show up 130. In talking about. What happened in Washington DC this last week finally the house Republicans have come out with their. Repeal and replace legislation. I was spent just another minute on it. I am 'cause it's got to be on the house floor it's going to be in the news all week this week and just so you can remember. This. This repeal and replace effort is a him. Debate about what the future of our country as we all know that we have rights in this country. I don't know the government and giving you your rights is the right way to look at it. The founding fathers set up our nation where we had quote unquote inalienable rights. Given to every human being worthy here in America or not. By a supreme being that's their belief that sounds good to me I've experienced that in my life as well. But if I've got a right. That means what's the definition of more of a personal right a right is not something that the government gives to you. It's something I ride is something that nobody can ever take away the government we cede our make yet we seat our rights to the government all the time it's what we've gotten used to the last forty. 5060 years is ceding our rights to the government to him big daddy thinking that that's gonna make us better and we find time and time again and it comes out. Wrong and I was just talking about that before the break. Barack Obama arm let's assume that he was trying to do the right thing which I'd certainly would. Would grant him that you're gonna be able to keep your doctor you were going to be really old but keep your health plan none of that turned out to be true government usually mucks things up and I just think that's a general lesson we ought to be able to. Take from us and now moving forward. Even Republicans are fighting amongst themselves and what you're gonna hear this week is that it's a three step process. The first step they're gonna take. Talks of it took talks about how the Obama care. Legislation initially set in place. Of enforcement mechanism where if you didn't buy health insurance you've got penalized for it and if that's gonna save a lot of people money people don't realize it's just started to kick him last year but millions of Americans are now. Having to fill out their tax returns and if you didn't buy health insurance last year you're gonna have to pay a penalty. Of upwards of 2500 dollars in Mets. A big hit no wallet so the first step that. Is involved with were repeal and replace. It takes place in what's called reconciliation. And the reason they have that's a legislative maneuver. Where it doesn't takes sixty votes in the senate which is how everything has to pass the senate or else you can get filibustered. There's emergency spending items and that's what reconciliation. Is that only have to pass the senate by fifty votes wolf the Republicans have fifty. Three members up there in the senate they're gonna use the reconciliation. Package and that provides additional funding so that's what's gonna actually be debated this week step two will be. After that bill passes the implementation. Of those new laws by the Department of Health and Human Services. A doctor is running at a former congressman former chairman of the House Budget Committee Tom price. From Georgia is now chairman you error Iran secretary of magic of health care he was appointed by Donald Trump. And he has to go through and implement regulations they interpret the law. And put out. He Dix to the entire health care industry and that's gonna take another 3612. Months. Before they get to third step which shall happen by the end of this year. And that's an actual spending bill how much the federal government's gonna spend on health care so just remembered that. Even though there's conservative criticism that at the repeal and replace is not immediate it's because nothing in government ever moost mass weed is conservatives don't want to move fast. And they have to go through this three step process that does not in any way shape or form mean that they're not replace repealing and replacing they are. They have to do it a certain way and we may not like it that it's happening immediately. But the secretary of health and human services I think to number I saw was has about 1400. Different specific. Items that he had asked to put out to different parts of the health care industry. So that's what's going on the next week and repeal and replace final thing I'm gonna talk about here is. Another item from Washington DC that came out this week and that was president Trump's first budget. A lot of folks were calling and I think you in the White House was calling it aid a skinny budget because it. Cuts the EPA about thirty to 40%. A lot of us will. Feel like that that's not a bad thing but yet if you go to California air to New York a lot of people think that. Global warming is a military concern Barack Obama and his formal. Kind of curious are stretched say minimum but president trump comes out with his budget his skinny budget and it is. Really the latest indication. That we have as the American public of what this White House what this trump administration. Wants to do to make America great again and I'll tell you one thing people in Washington DC herb. Absolutely having out of body experiences. If you see your favorite programs being guided. You see military be boosted Donald Trump is sending a clear clear message to the rest of the world by his. Centerpiece of this budget is adding 54 billion which is about 10% increase in defense spending. That is a huge huge message we have seen our troop numbers go down. Over the last seven years we've seen our. Funding of the Defense Department go down. I think the number I saw that. Barack Obama proposed. Spending hikes for defense of about 3% average through his. His administration but now Donald Trump's gonna boost our defense spending by 10% and the group of them other. Leaders of the world whether they be friend or foe organ take notice of that and they're gonna know that America is back coming back and we are gonna be a player. Or something to be respected him were not necessarily according to the trump administration going to be engaging in policing the world. Which was an issue during the campaign but we are going to be ready if and when anybody wants to pocus we have the capability to come back and respond. Defense spending fell 22%. Since 2010 that's just. Seven short years ago it's been under attack and now organ. Seeing an increase another. Key area of the Obama but I mean the end Donald Trump budget is cutting. The EPA by 30%. Well. I don't know too many people whether you're conservative or liberal that don't think. It's a good thing to revisit and re analyzed things that you do when your business every five years every three years annually. You go back and you look at what you're doing. You look at how you're doing it if it's the most efficient way to be done. And that's what's going on with this Donald Trump budget he's looking at. What he wants. America to focus on I think the line he said during his there wasn't a state of the union but whose state. Speech the other day was I'm not here to represent. And defend America to the world I'm here to defend. American citizens and fight for years American citizens and that's what helped him get elected and so what. I'm hoping that you'll hear today in and realize is that. All the specific little issues whether it's you know should we fund. Clean air clean water should we fun and foreign wars should we. Give money to corporations so that they won't go to Mexico these are all things. That are part. Better and better than tactics the overall strategy that Donald Trump is. Implementing is one where citizens have choices. Governments not the answer to everything. And that. You need to focus and re analyze and like a laser beam make sure you're doing things. That. Our view it in the right way he's put it that way government controls sectors such as health care they control our education. They control. Who you by you by your electricity from those are about the three monopolies left and you're gonna see some of these. Attacked and it's. Not attacked but Reid can ordered and it's because Donald Trump wants to do things. In a different way obamacare did everything Obama promised it wouldn't do we've talked about that it forced you to switch insurance. Switcher doctors and to pay more and and those were all broken promises it. Forced you to. Do something that government told you to do. Even at the island and go to some the other day the American Council on Science and Health. Came out with a report in February. And it said that doctors are being strangled first simply attempting to practice medicine quote the continued loss of autonomy to practice medicine. Mounting data entries. And endless regulation. And then we ask ourselves why are doctors either retiring early. Are shifting in their careers by the droves. They went to Madison medical school to be doctors. And the ability to be an actual doctor is evaporating I know I come from a family of doctors I bet most of you all. Have family members who were thought about or are you in the medical profession and they can't stand being a doctor anymore. They get into it for the love of helping people. And yet the government's ruin their careers well that's gonna change we're gonna see and probably 234 years down the road people if president Trump's successful people wanting to be doctors again and not worrying about the regulation and all the data mining. Government attempts to subsidize higher education in the same way there was another report I saw this week by the Federal Reserve in New York. Also in February that said education subsidies raise the price of tuition we all know the price of education higher education college has been going up. And were wondering why well this report by the Federal Reserve Bank said the government assistant is actually. Made this concept of college education so we universal. And they'd accomplish that universe sell T. With the perception that you can take out a student loan will view the more you. Throw money at some things in fact. In in government and government throwing money at things we found that if you look at history the more money government my government money you throw something boom. Less something is actually worsen now a college degree is actually worse lesson that's why we see people living with the kids living with their parents. And so you're faced with a false choice of either going to college and having a mountain of debt her not going to college and thinking that you can't do anything substantial. All I know is Michael bell never graduated from U teeing Karl Rove never graduated from college and they were pretty successful. Folks and you're seeing more and more that so just remember folks right is not something the government gives you it's something that the government can never take away and and that's where Donald Trump is going. You're gonna see that with obamacare repeal in the state and the federal budget this week but. And you're right thanks again we run at a time DJ Collins thanks a ton senator John bucking ham from senate district 24 thanks for joining us for sure and check her edit down mocking him dot com and I'm Jim carnal check out Texas insider dot org and we won't visit with you next week on the Texas since show have a great weekend Q.