Speed City, 3/19: Sebring winner Jordan Taylor

Speed City
Sunday, March 19th

Sebring 12hr winner Jordan Taylor joins us live! Plus - Daytona 200 motorcycle race winner Danny Eslick live, stories from the 65th Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring, and just one week left until the 2017 Formula 1 season!


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Well enough. This speed CD. Massive get out. Let's Kaiser. Jonathan freed itself. Fast this hour on the radio. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. As usual we're pretty fired up because we have an awesome show tonight I don't know I winners but let's get any bad out. No we get the Sebring winner and we get the Daytona to just listen biggest events I mean you know if Brian Newman calls and would be really lucky that I do not only is the math number. You never know we haven't tried it ahead oh him no hey Fernando Gonzalez got his number CNN tells you filthy at this guy. His number. Our ID four guys you know we got to the suit is obviously we've got said Jordan Taylor is gonna join us live he's he's Sebring tweet for our winner. And as they've been saying on the Internet so the Florida 36 hour winner since when it won Daytona as well of that. And owed that we had a bunch of stories from the from the sea towards Sebring because two cadillacs. Did well core reds did well battling to four GTs in and we also Danny justly the Daytona 200 winner. Which is equally a two will. Amazing story I mean if if what Cadillac it doing and they are unbeaten that. So far this yeah I mean another solo waited until they get here but this is selling out to be one heck of a season the Cadillac. And in the cases that Denny us like it just gets better on batter on in the guy's alleged. He early is 101000%. Better than replace last year. Okay yes and he's a dip a definitely about a spice and those ideas and grandstanding he has so we have both those guys on and that's going to be a blast and me talk a lot about the answer racing. Did you see as what's good would this morning. I did not I was racked FEMA wrapping up on the ES Sebring twelve. And their some Porsche news there. Oh yeah yeah I would guess apportion these talk about in the Ames is Syrian on the entire series that somebody turned the apple cart upside down on the yeah he's got to hear this story we're it'll be later in the show but is a very very inching story cautious and show one Sebring did but they didn't yeah yeah I stopped killed. Pays it doesn't good would it looked miserable cold and distant or liking it's cold England and yet you're putting dearly and I know we didn't you get yeah. That's what I don't put the Monterey. You know it was unknown literature and on demand they also also replaying a periscope on their a real well but on Twitter on their there would there's going to be going on this week in the schools already this season kickoff to it is cola historical but. I can't be nice yeah yeah it was and it'll do miserably at fires go and everything lots of champagne flowing to keep out slowly and while bond doesn't -- I forget who was with the new labor union that smacked the wall but you know it was some celebrity that in some orderly growth of grade a loner land love nothing better to crash that doesn't ever. I guys I want to talk Formula One because we are now one week out one week out. And I mean look less and everything's changed its and it unbelievable change from last year we got Bernie's out. We have a former number one champion this not returning first time since what. How to throw a little more to go on the mat for a mile long braids Seles. That's actually here in Austin. Yeah the massive rule changes but there's it was a really good stories so I mean I'm ready for the talk to end the race in the start as he put it earlier John. Yeah I think that's true legacy we looked at the testing times from Barcelona I don't think you can read too much into that that's always the case that really. You get to album pocket and you just don't know because Australia is always a different scene. And it's also a bit of a gamble because you got a new cop you've tested it in one circumstance which is Barcelona won't be you know in Europe and then you take it right across to Australia and then you got it around Asia but three more rounds and so the next variation if you like is probably spying math now would modern technology you can adjust the car on the fly from meal headquarters and England but under your race but not junior asked for and and really does not a lot you can do in terms of it's if you haven't gone if you go to design fault plan. Knack all the FIA I don't like the were the you know the bit that what you've come to flyweight. Which is another protestor. You know it can change the season very dramatically in a good way out of the way. Well table remember back in the years and I think it was. I don't know like nineties where they built in a spoiler. And designed flecks in it to improve swallow is that best speed. And that it would improve as I relation. And it was you know talk about crazy engineering that was really finishing the way they did it because you come and go through scrutiny unit that meets. But it came out. That it's they people were seeing the swing change and speed the path and it was building into the design. Yeah that's another thing super slow Mo now and both Gaza and bikes is really dead because you can't miss anything now we SE butterflies flying at 300 frames a second or whatever that is not how you break the rules and tell you use an aha. Are so what about that in the obviously the big one is is anybody gonna break the strangle Mercedes and in. That one thing became a mind is it if anybody had a shot at it it might be Red Bull he's got the rule changes are very arrow. The centric and you've got a dream knew the best in the business. So does it now you're absolutely right and and this is way he comes into his own absolutely. And Fred bullet gonna stop fighting back because I am in the loss to use your memo it's easy how quickly can forget that at two years ago. Red bullet had enough of rhino and now of course and the last season ran out low bro Renault engines anyway we're winning. It's all or at least getting up there again so are they tell employers are exactly in half but now that ran out but yeah goalie you can tell them what you a lot of hey guys Stiller NL engine and of course ran out themselves or what's taking the Mac is a big. Factor because the warm things run a war wanna do I think that's the difference between the when you get you know manufacturer engine like a Ferrari or Mercedes if you are not the treat scene but you don't get the good stuff you know get the development bot. If you are works team which ran out on out and they just been a supplier up until now in this particular period they used to be. You know what extreme but now the back in if you like in play. As Renault Formula One and I think that's going to be a big factor in terms of I would I do expect both Red Bull to gain from that and run it again from Matt my group but they do take the rock the fight to the side. You know I'd I think they are the best team to do that. For one a lot of what's done is or denim there's there's nobody that can argue that doctor knew he isn't the man to go to. But we've talked Tyre with changes we've talked about. In plate changes we've talked about swing changes than those changes the chin has changed. On the car as well. It's the end of hard to say that it seemed going to look like last year's car. But what I love again and ours did the extra wider tires now and we've got that going on. And kind of goes back to the to the late seventies and the big beefy tires and a red drugs need that big giant snorkel like Phil black shadow had a. I have no idea. What will Ferrari come forward to it because there the other team all the C in the other engine I think. We know there are certainly signs from Barcelona although everybody San. The levee sandbagging but no one really knows. But I do you think the Ferrari have come Ford Raikkonen stepped up that leaves a good season both those guys are Jews. To really if that you know you don't look at the three guys Vettel Alonso and add. Pack Raikkonen as being three guys you've been world champions and you really want a big season Ferrari should give the first two. A good season along so that's the question well what is a long Laguna de damn how Long Will McLaren put up with an on serving at home though that's the other big story for me. And it could prove to be the biggest story already rumors that death McLaren might be looking to homer as a potential replacement but that. My my big question is how long can look what I think it's our best driver in the world alarms stay with a non competitive drive. Yeah how long is he gonna put up with that yeah. I'm one last question we go to break what about costs we had 28 points last year what do you think. I think it's going to be hard to repeat that I think it was amazing what they pulled off especially hit this time last year double talk we knew that absurdity America's cheering with the other 500 people was brilliant fun. I think it I think this team that ways looking at I think it's always hard to repeat what was a sensational. You know stopped they did get a lot of help and they did two years of development going into that. Box day if anything's gonna help them it is new rules and I had exactly the same times everybody else. Ardea armor argued gives us an idea let. Again I don't think the new rules are gonna help them. And this is why I had you know good there's a great guy all of the team has a great intellect around them. But there's a lot of changes before now they were building on data ahead yes they collected some some rather anemic data from noon. And the team that bought. But this is all different slid canning go back on the same chassis and talk about the differences they have an experience it was this combination that's out this year slow. Communists hold back a little be little more conservative and say they're probably not gonna get quite as many points this year I think yeah I think it to be on some I yeah I I see that a related. We'll get to avoid you have to worry about it because in about five data consortium testing and no and a week we'll know the answers okay at least some of them. Our guys let's go and take breaks we come back we have the Daytona 200 winner. Any day any S. A slick is gonna join us a student after listen to speed city lot from Austin. Susan cameras video is the largest camera stole in Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest not a factor all brings founded in 1976 and still owned and operated flights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sell stuff. The quality service comes CB itself precision camera videos too full create west Addison lane. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB a good step and a caddie back they authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but won't say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by and Diego's stuff. Fourth you wanna fed increased begin racing. Then look no further than the world's it was bull winning triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend rate and apple MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit at the moment MV Agusta and I like break Elaine just east of I 35. Here we UPS top thirteen seven lead it. Right so I. My baby beside me Ed do you not name lending and Ireland and it means that he was on. Welcome back disagreed saying no place to go. Chuck Berry rest in peace and there zoo the Russians the rocker. Well we also are married to will right now bags and just like I got another Rodgers knew who we are very excited because this gentleman as I think this is a third time you'll go and all the details he's on the Daytona to limit. We welcome Denny S linked to speed C welcome back to show Danny. Awesome except we don't know what went ahead and quit tennis. We just setting up in the studio live on FaceBook pictures and why our man but the saga. And in history. To win on three different manufacturers. None Kenny Roberts know Scott Russell has ever done Matt you did my friend. Pretty pretty amazing. You know lived at even though it's that it had it's it's pretty incredible we had a great weekend and you know obviously come back and I went after you know this here's. You know justice can ask for better we give him a better way to come back in you know. But that stamp at the books that get that victory every never sell a salad at a little better battle what was already there at the end. Yeah he was fast all we can he really put the local knowledge and qualifying in. And he was deftly as serious player in there and the rays and you know unfortunately epic battle over the problem limited than. The current for whatever happened then and now you're Corey last update Barakaat alarming and it was you know we had a good battle all the way for the checkered. Are gonna say nobody would hurt. Nobody was cut you any slack at all and I don't blame them I mean you don't you just can't give it to Denny here. Danny now that it's it just amazes me or what you've accomplished to be serious about it. I think you'd think you have made a lot you know let nobody what got me any slack every. You correct from the get go there's not a lot of guys you know side already and they're not Corey last that we they're bound team to be decent. Power lineman to me he whatever he passed me I remember we were in the first at the board you can buy the network you come robotic realize even in the purple at this but it could see. Could see why I'm an epidemic that definitely didn't go they have machines are very good there in the pits as well you know which. You know it just goes you know goes to show you how all how hard my crew worked the GO VCR on guys. Awards are bought off we signed up for some of the club racers. You know before the two wandered that we use but it bit about markets later you know we didn't complete a single lap across the start finish line we were. You know we get this started grade that we came into the pit CO OK Matt are like we practiced her. You know oppression for the race and it was. Yeah it really paid off for me paid off tremendously in the pits my guys absolutely get a flawless job. We can't really live in the fifth but you can sure lose it because. Yeah that is so true and and and for those of you don't know TO BC racing of course pricey and -- not American and will be again with Downey this year but it is a little thing mechanics fantastic what you guys achieve together I'm what you done at the Daytona 200 is is just sent a. That's I think Danny has no excuse fervor being late again three Rolex Daytona is. No excuse any of that risk of you was he away for a full up. Or. The I got one and I got one for for golf's Arnold Paul admitted after that they've switched its they'd just give it to the race winner so I decided I'd just start went on the list. I hate the way down at the tests this if you wanna bring an extra one I'm off happily Wear. I'll tell everybody knows it is it is a quarry. I happen repeatedly hit with a microphone that they. I think he would. Listen I don't cost you know is we've got Jordan Taylor coming on me and does a bad thing about it is that race and around a tenor himself but that's a big talks tell me about the lost lap and also tell me tactically because I've watched you at the 200 not been them myself and she walked -- -- banking thank you thank we have never ridden nick has an idea it would scare the Majid is enemy but down just give me an idea what it's like on a motorcycle. And how you kind of go about the plan because June Corey would going and it. So what how do you doled out what you gonna do because you don't get one run at it. Yeah I mean well Heidi you know they get saying is we had 57 laps to kind of took sides each other been. You know I've that's not my first rodeo it's not is there or or expert earlier I'm not play for it was. You know I'd definitely advise you about you know after the last pit stops and when he caught me sailors. It was a matter of you know working on the draft that you got to sit back coming up lead not just change you it leave it up on the gap to. You know how that big air pocket. And you know yet away it goes right under it for sure here in. You know I let the probably end Eddie gotta time it just right if you pull out too soon and you Obama Buehrle did that give them a chance. The draft back by here and there are so it was a matter of a certain amount under the I knew I had the job setup where I. And then he actually threw a big curveball Utley though the last lap I think. From what he had done on uncharted side. We have a unique about drastic who aren't. Though he try to go portly guys UK which is nearly impossible. But he stayed way hire the very usually record about what your NASCAR experience or start burning at low on the banking. He kept it up on the wall. If you're straight but that paid off on his mouth law. All the way around the NASCAR for the United States died down at. You know I think maybe it was a little a little too aggressive level move. It try to kill the rpm and the united slingshot literally stayed up against the wall on the outside and and he got racquet after happening merely an area had a run on me earlier there have been. You're the pit road America or yards down you batter up card that's the draft back army Bert. You know that he at least you're racing now Arctic motor was strong and they're either requirement after the draft back armies so. You are Geiger and kind of just try and are you with the help of the current also pit stops we're able the pullout now. All of the way you is that you forgot the bit about you don't as dragon on the ask the I'm sorry my friend but you just describe what does and very few people we met and never mind talk about so casually as you Dave I love the but the fact that is just normal normal day at the office beat. Our it was has really caught me I think we were the only team this race on Hollywood which Iran that's Hewitt radio you know car guys are used to that that's. Well then you know every day and in their job of that quarry about for us. That's only right we could run a two way radio with the semen and I guess that it was. A little surprised how much I talked immediately or. Is there. Alaska army corps we're going to go really hard. You know I'm one I'm pretty pretty comfortable and I look around them. You know. Play it better than hanging out and talk cinema died on the radio and now. Correspondent looked over who had one of those territories such as block side builder on the bank you know honored you're 6570. Mile an hour and yup by regularly got that that a pilot govern how exactly they'll probably also pride on this beautiful Saturday afternoon about. A Barack. Until then guys ordered me at pizza did Lisa Michelle Michelle wouldn't nobody had bones on it. What I want Bentley we get to discuss. Was it about coming in on water are we actually got aired Borger said. This major trouble with whatever is said and I've been looked even better ever sent out after that go bird go into and out burger and. I brought to you by. Yet not blood but now listen look at about the season ahead you've had a great relationship with the FBC is that continuing this year you come into the test. I we get a ticket rappers celebrate every day at what's happened. Yeah definitely definitely me first things first we're going to that you're votes start tracking it sure all the ball. Like being around what mother America mature at the American pie chart series. They date that a that island so. We've got irate the Woodstock Georgia this coming weekend and then bill billowed out of the tests that often it. You know that we get you know the motor America views and kicked off there Austin. You know your couple weeks. And ending down for this yet. Up pretty much the same bang your military is a little bit where we're allowed CO different. Yet if our clients that we could run not differently could your vote mostly armed. The first shock and so that our robredo a big difference bird. Further by as far as that's concerned but I as with the game and everybody involved we have all the very. People higher than got married the same crew chief breaker got electronic started since that Florida at least the oracle had. And you just saw all the world's pretty much had no programs do you manager and then obviously Michelle in these. You know. The equator all operation iron curtain makes all the shots so. Your third awesome group of people I get a work weapon better news for them to stick with me as. There is you know credible in the Biller recreated what Betty another extra 200 victory is that you have those really good. Yet you are also fulfilling that dream man down man they'll forget that is that how that they had seen that never thought they get in that. You've brought them everything they wanted so it's such a great relationship I hope it continues. Yeah attitude of love really enjoyed great since her from a shell and be a part of her programmers. You know it's really cool story it was. What however things happen and and how she's taken over the team and you know it you know apparently cup it's racing they expect to shore and you know that at every race he admitted we're trying to find the money to are really make it through the year in and double put the money where we need it. And you don't have the best equipment says that we can get out there and just the best we can't. Our Danielle gonna jump back to talking we kind of blew by at the two way radio communications I'm always loved that you know I love here in the NASCAR guys cheddar to each other. But it gives it you give us some insight why don't you do that then the headline races. Fargo are not not allowed her hadn't been in the past so you know it's. Yet I guess I don't know what the reasoning is behind it but it's. I think it's a really good saying I don't mistake you know there's a crash which you monitored and you know I radioed to my god could have think there's some oil down. You know whether crash happened. They were able to relay that one of the officials you know associated it was something where we are able Brady energy officials. Or official trailer radio it's a bit sleek or will hurt or killed torturing and offered by yoga sometimes. People maybe not see the flag or are correct it'll see a flag in either legal all over tracker depression and call them big delays I think it could be. Something to look into from a safety guards girls with a motorcycle thing and admit personally I'm. You know it whenever you have an issues with the body curve you're trying to make changes. Well the meeting radio it and what happened is you know can tell them but if you don't have a radio sometimes you do your technical well elaborate command and you know whatever just happened you'd forgotten about. So I like it on the set outside of the period the bike still in this sir it's not working here. Whatever though so I like it on the senate side ability radio German and make it also prepare. You know I can start getting prepared for change before aggregate but that's what makes a pit stop. You know not but it's a matter of you know analysis certain race special all on your practice. Things like that they can be a little more set up but how about whether beer. You know let's bring change here or whatever for a shocker for regular that's just not ready to go. Whatever I get prepared and I get this you know obviously back on the track faster and it is more track time. I'm thing from the entertainment value thing back in the day commercial wants going Rainey what they can actually hear each other color. Yeah I mean there was a few years ago we had a radio air at work off the ball we get long practice qualifying and then. I guess it was after one of the pit stops to open one record got less. Than if you can hear me but I could hear them back so they heard a lot a lot of choices so. Why then third I say why you're interested Denny would detract from entry it kind of further authority not American rice out to free if you wanna buzz buzz into as you know I was like yeah Dell last. And it. You're gonna hit it at that town is gonna go on without start voluntary treaty you know would elicit their. You know they're unedited. Or that way you can really hear what they're saying it's pretty comical. I'm gonna take account system down and bow to the permanent had a cellphone on the bike to really get real entertainment that's fine. I don't file photo printer whoa all sought to Jaric. They finally got only one serious question. Watching what he's done with debt try now and all BC Daytona U continuing in modern America and makes that track what some of the other iconic races is you got maybe I'll manner and not would you be interested in time. Just given that I go on time. Yeah I am actually he had it set out to try to do the Isle of Man this year about with this schedule that we have been the amount of time particular did Amanda was possible. The reality in. A contact list with folks from Lyle Mann and they're ready to program planning you know they're. Drive the car around and write history my ground a little bit and they're trying to do it. You know it's obviously is certainly not gonna go when tertiary takes you guys that are you know letter Dunlop did and the top guys have been doing it. Three years you only career that Rick oh real bad belly before you can get Maginnis don't want. You you have to pass an act. Then let the fact I got a ways you know we'll target. I think could be I think he'd be really awesome stability issues its data are some other big fan of the third third straight and then. You know that's obviously eight hours for re not so much nurture a foot. You know I'd love Billy get on you know one of the the better team than they give that a go I think it would be you know. Analogy really really hard and be miserable a lot of well I like those conditions and that makes a big deepen. And finally came home for sure. Well Denny we really appreciate you coming on the show best of luck congratulations. It was amazing to see you do that and we look forward to seeing you around the next week next week you code and at all that's right and I would listen best of luck. Awesome Lola Ford senior guys that are next week and let chasing your primary on the show us all the pleasure. I travel day downloading actual license our DC also thank. Our arrival we're gonna go and take a break guys because when we come back we are going to have the Sebring twelve our winner Jordan Taylor with us here on speeds that he listens to this. Live from Austin back after these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest not a factor also brings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated flights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound big products and offhand experts you don't find a more helpful and knowledgeable and. It culminating sell stop the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos to full 38 west and a some length. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB a good stuff kinda catty back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing always European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike ever up. Hold the charisma but don't say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien get stuff. Fourth you want a pedigree steeped in racing. Then look no further than the world's it was bull when he triple and 3675. And eight under Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend rate and bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas all tried in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit out. Carmen San Diego's death an anchor like breakaway just east of I 35. Hi there my name's Derek bell. This is beat city. Welcome back to speak city. Watching his son that they're oil Sundance it's every generation's one. Girls take fifth at the three bills but it F three bills that only two kinds of Mumbai nine England at a a normal I do. There are I guess we're excited because we have the once again that one of the Taylor browsers they seem to be. Dominating the sport Indians and I think we've proven and daddy on speed city to get to the podium I think that's exactly right it's the speed city what's the opposite of occur since then she made her. There you get at Al listings and then the blessing idea here yellow so let's welcome Jordan Taylor back this BC Jordan I appreciate you coming on the show. I. I think another stunning I had her do an. I was setting up a lot winner plays alive and also we we wanted to stand up do you what a stop the yeah. I'm not it's hard to believe the only 1000 a figure of the books don't go according to differ are as good off both are. Guy what a neat he never said anything probably no one would know. I. That a great start I mean they're gonna be written. You know the the two biggest riskier for us you know on americans' well. You know emulate my dad to win in 96 pure merlot you bring a big year so that's all it is. Dinah I think it was one of the reporters who sang usually about 56 years old then right. Yeah out five and not think I was there a bigger picture of it according America. That's pretty crazy to think that you know Richard are doing it now and my dad's still there with our. So it is I mean I mean. Mean I don't care who you law family dynamic is different and I mean I know year old professionals and unlike said he's been that done that the T (%expletive) EC you know with full so obviously the relationship books but it is talk Z is from the have you ever been in a situation where it's like. You know you have to take how often go that's my dad but actually no that's my team boss as well I mean isn't does that ever come into the equation. Yeah I'd I'd say it would plug in a more arguments that there extract this. You know we are we're all passionate about it about racing and my dad got to get involved with that than firewire. And now it has been around the carnage is you know obviously the team order. Hendrick you know drivers so he's still puts it a lot of the driver input and we often get a big argument over. You know different opinion then and things like that. And trying to explain about the you have maybe change EU's I think what years ago yeah yeah that is death. That it it is difficult at times but you know the same time. It's good to have somebody in Charleston you know. We know that you know actually can goal to see him at the Bernard Paul you know islanders are married or don't but right now I just walked outside this. It's like erasing version of blue bloods the. We'll thank you for taking time your dinner to help the F. So I got to ask you noted I didn't see all twelve hours of child sales are quite a portion of it between little news yesterday and early this morning. Is seemed fairly uneventful for you guys. Uneventful. I did it didn't seem we had nearly as many issues that are a few others did maybe compared to Daytona that's an eye out there yet. Yeah I mean there was a lot of flawless race in Daytona and Sebring or flawless. Brooke army thirty hours. We never came to the brits for something other than fuel and tires we had one note came into it's reserves heard Eric changes. But Natalie errors that are super cream there's probably one of the hardest hole are we had a the track conditions were. You sneeze and in the middle that they would keep calm and now at the cars and that a dvd out of it yet and I saw conference are so guys. You know what it dividends and that makes it difficult for twelve or are stuck with bit of trouble and I think. You know Rick you know the great job and all the news that's correct on the car from from the whole race and I don't think a lot of us consider that. Yes of bodily don't come back to that those change was purely an aero changes and there's no there's no adjustments on their you got to change and has to do that. Yeah oh yeah you could you could make the adjustment. Just great you know wicker and not for oratorical not but it's much faster to have a very knows the different settings already done it and at all if there are too much off. And do little cranks and that the notes tendered and about ten seconds. That's a much more official way of doing it then you know string a liquors and and according to a dog. That makes sense of the also mentioned how the GTD cars have and blocks it but I know that some of the cars. Some of the other classes they're slower. Are not so much slower in the corners and things like making you talk about how that as you obviously that along with the braking effect you guys. Yeah it's tricky. I mean delicately carved. We're very coarse not on top speeds than him and I'd be orders are politely olive olive outsource. Until I'm at Michelin tires and a lot of mechanical grip so when you get an at Lowe's recorders like. Like the air air editor and at that that you were in you know Roy hospital according to a minimum speed and actually hired and also. If you go and behind them Biloxi death a little bit through the militants sometimes start on this big attraction that the better. So it's difficult to raise LA and at Daytona at a federally out of a bit of separation with more power on Olympus he really had a bigger restrictor. The deal. So made it much more difficult that had a clear guidance for brakes on so now you. This kind of force you to take a lot more risk to get by guys you know late in the brakes on to get you don't have that. Certain answers Benedict to create. Well obviously the Cadillac has left him with the cattle I want to throw the voting podium. As as got the formula right if the car looks amazing and obviously is performing incredible you guys just ecstatic to be to be driving those. Yeah it like you said it's been an old unbelievable start. It's. It's really difficult to come in with a new car sir to note Tony Carlin at all of our. You know many people consider they've done that. You know what to Foster runs we I mean the car. I've drawn flawlessly for 36 hours or did we get a lot of testing in the off season. We were the first our first you'll have a BP I with Cadillac back in September last year so we had vowed to model the car. Before we got lit under him and somebody other manufacturers. Sort of the tests they element in under strict on the court so. We did our homework still are. Cadillac you see are not going to their own Mercury came courtesy to repaired and I think its first two races work. Avery especially liberal one on reliability. Rebellion was slowed up front of awkward since then. They have their issues straight yet there are you an excuse the other student. You know that the cadillacs ended up on the podium because you know we knew we had to mistakes. It gives an idea of what this means a Cadillac because we know you and your family been involved in different manufacturers over the years. But. Mean for those that don't know racing they look Cadillac and I think well you know what what are the what are they doing racing so. What is the ethos behind this what does it mean that they're cheating so so quickly. You know at the forefront against lit truly guys have been doing this for a lot longer. Yeah it's it's unbelievable I mean it's a royal opera and anyone expected Mitt that's their first year back or appropriate and you know I've been sixteen years back on my dad are all part of our programs so. They've been running well and an old challenge series so when he a lot of it is that there might mean a for a resolution we don't know him but. The whole marketing and brand part of town like it is going more to the progressive side and you going after younger market I think he guards aside and of a prototype system news they're new marketing side so. Well in a car is actually beautiful and you know the speed and downforce narrow although it looks though it sounded six point two to create. You know it's a very attractive car that benefit that's the. And I cannot wait to hear that six point two earlier when it comes to Austin but. I wanted to address and you said Johnson near Cadillac with this these series you I think all manufacturers need to pay attention here to make a super cool fast car as your halo car. You know start with the CT SV they just one and now they've got the AT SV. And they've even done some of the other. Cars in the Z series of back to the wolves a little luck. Two seater convertible they don't know that so our decks or that have like have the fourth local four point six supercharged northstar exactly 470 foul essentially a Corbett chest yeah that's sure I was Corvette chassis so yeah I think. But Jordan I think what would you Jon we're just talk about I think that this is exactly what court it needs and I think I mean what Cadillac needs and now. And I think this is achieving the goal for them. Yes we're certainly mean to come out there in front of you know. The world of motor sport on the biggest stage you know they're on the Motorola credit scores kind of kicks off motor sport worldwide and a NASCAR IndyCar or lawn. We get drivers and teams from all all up all over the globe and to come out of that event such an unbelievable run. You know not Christmas was speedboat to our ability and really domination of the event was what great way to sort of program. Well let's look for a little bit so you guys obviously your dominating now are are used how are you thinking that. Via set up for different tracks are you talking about any changes what are what's The Who put us in the in the meetings have you guys it says. You know acts at ten Cadillac with you guys in and when Taylor racing. Yeah lol I mean leading in the individual and up all of our customers' busy durability testing so there's no real performance testing. An and want to go to Daytona. We did Carlos click and we want to Sebring test and that's what we are sort of they're actually work on the car bombs set up and see what a light amid a quick. Internet kind of help that's when he read a car needed to be fast on that wrist. So we we've got a good feeling for the car now. You know Ricky myself out of a must go to study of ordered from a driving style point of view and the engineers are an idea of you know what it takes from a set of one of these so well go to Long Beach it is a bit of an unknown but there's something in current. Really disagree with the bombs. And horses on the track so we can take and subsequently learned from hearing by. Adios goldilocks learned not distrust or I think forever or going there we go to new cars but we Brett. A lot of good successes that long between what Democrats cheaters and that you deal walking maybe just operates and it's a lot of a lot compounded its spokesman. Like can he bring our our government in great struggle literally bit its position so Alina but bode well for us. Awesome so. Well let's talk about coming to Austin coming in and we talked about this maybe last time you're here but. Since we're here in Austin we gotta talk about our favorite race and then what are you expecting to you now lets you had two races. 36 hours and that card on this dirty yourself at team. But what do you what do you think about Austin inserted America's. Under unbelievable track great city area of beer always struck a great round of the city you're at there. And run driver in order view is. Clearly what I care rather that the track law on it's very technical and so for a driver it's very rewarding when you can put a lap together. And I think going to our new Cadillac. You know we want there to DP you know there is quick and have fun but I think with the new car. It'll make that whole first sexual the F with a lot more funds the long carriers don't in this at the end of the lap. So be really quick so. I think will be a lot a lot a lot divert present driver and overall remarks articulate and well. And a quick look ahead to Long Beach I'm gonna try and get out there and join because I'm I'm I'm I'm eighteen to get to a race this season. A bit in New Zealand for the last two months some are trying to add to Long Beach but just as comparison because it's a big calendar would indeed there and everything else. And so you thought about you know a massive event how much Hata is Long Beach comparatively to Sebring. I'm bitter it is very well I mean we we show up on Friday. Where the first session of sentences in the morning. In your baby going out on public road so there's no rubber on the track. The very green trek to recall so. As a day goes on it's obvious he gets better passer as rubber goes down and out of the senate experience. Or just select group will also. We correct those 715. And it would call fight that night at about 5 o'clock sort of track because we did so yes. All different types are rubber from world sounds good and Carter stadium super trucks. Dole called client and and actually we rate. And they'll be all sorts ever ever again net critic are all fun so it's had a tricky event warrior always adapting to different situation would. You know trying to stay on top of things so they whom we've been a few times in the past and a reliance experience but every word (%expletive) so bring their. They will when you get here you're gonna have a big audience I'm sitting here looking at what's going on so. This is they're offering they Cadillac Corel. They'll hear Arizona pyrrhic Cota is so 139 bucks lets your parking in lot they. Lots and Jimmy's definitely you know this is one of the coolest events out there and it. In if you're under twelve you get in free with a paid adult tickets start at 49 dollars a day if you're driving a Cadillac mics that go check out this special. And a and they all kinds of good. Caddie goodies maybe detail does come out to the Cadillac around and hang out through iTunes all the season if he's. We're gonna happen. We really cannot. How did you really that's awesome you and that's exactly what it's a racing as a bad it's all about you know or get up close to the F. To the machinery to do to the drivers running it that's one of the things it really makes it awesome. Yet it didn't let let me most of narcotics are completely open assistant. Almost obstacle Arden and writes the crew and think about it forever so. The very democratic atmosphere. Are able Jordan Taylor thank you so much for coming on speed city congratulations. On starting the season so a dad and add his DS it's really incredible pizza you parking pass now. There's so freely Jordan thanks so much from becoming on the show you we really appreciate it regrets or about it. Thanks them talk decision. I congratulations also to his brother and Alex who Alex I hope they you know the yacht. I take it to anyone just it's driving with a tech loses a real opportunity for Alex lit up and watching these crazy not a guy that I was on the Toyota racing there was I was a bit and that a day at. And you know he's another guy that was going up by Atlanta to single seat isn't you know going in the right well he's still in his mid twenties now and I think you know a bit like about Iran I think this is a real opportunity for Alex to shine. And being with the attendant finally couldn't be any bad. Up until we get the miles MD PI is. And no there's been lots of changes but up when they come to Austin listening to the Cadillac it's the new guys rumble that's sort that I really want them. And if you can't make it certainly America's it's Saturday at nice six and you can watch it on fox sports once mr. listing to save our state great this weekend get a bid but there really speaker yeah Canada expect that you'll of the weather textile so you can watch that the didn't the next round which is Long Beach. Yeah like I said I'm on trying to get. Fanatic and so yeah a ripple back alive will go. Well let's not listen to I had the fox sports app going and I was watching it on the price headed on a total of about six hours. I think some of that I was actually driving into glistening in the summer that I was walking around but it that's that's the death of a way to keep up about that I'd. Admin on the same subject next relations to cool that beating Puerto IGT Alam good guy a run the dossier and and Yeltsin that was some good stories drab for had a good run to act and we also. Have some good stories likely. Oh I doubt it play out as late though I want a very good after the break because KI Seattle gonna tease this because this is this isn't really tell a big shake up in the classes it is in the in the and so continental tire series because. One of the cars is doing something you shouldn't some supposedly settled. We had done it we're gonna talk about that after the break you listen to speed city live from Austin back after these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas would have a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest not a factor also brings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest spots on his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts he won't find a more helpful and knowledgeable and a. It culminating sell stop the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos to full 38 west found some length. The racetrack it's what legends are born. I only the finest machines in their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such given length plates you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Boston Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor cop. Austin exotic iconic automobiles and racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. Because you'll never just a long ride. I like 183 not a big deal runs. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk. Thirteen seventy. This is Alex carried this is beat city. What movies that's only come back from Manila. It's gonna begin a fact of the future threats of the future remember when he was he was play in the qatari pursuing their new let. For the next big city that's 20000 mob then. Yeah your cousin Marvin that's right. I Elena were good so let let let's talk about this story because of one of our what our sponsors just mosey and and is it shaken up the continental tire series is little that. Yeah ahead in no rule infringement nothing like that suddenly good when but this is really really interesting slowed. Jeff is running in the ST class with Eric Foss we've had those guys around for awhile Washington and shake up that class already. But here's the thing so the Cayman GT four is out there in the GS class. Different class shouldn't be mixed in together you know there ought to be a performance gap between those guys. Well here's the issue. Mr. rose thing in mr. Foss have found a way to get there ST up there makes amongst the GT fours in fact they took second. Against the GT four sets in and ST class for a press and our cause here because. Think these DC thing or. I mean that that's a brand new cutting edge. That should really be running away with the GS class. And NE C. J. Wilson sit out. Pulled the credit card out and bought it was done yeah that's what this car is that he's talking about. Ended to your right in this is. The top of that classic car GS and yet here is Jeff Moseley and Eric Foss. Up there they'll bulldoze elbows to elbows with those guys ST stands for street tuner Japanese of this is really you know I street cars and yes. And he exposed to be a straight guy out you know the guys that you know Porsche motor sport color won't mean. And I can it yeah. And that's a really cool story that's fun to watch and I do's I didn't get to see dad so it'll be I think they'll be putting it back out on TV this week so be sure and stick around check it out on that one that's also on fox a bully yeah we'll get a few more minutes guys always thought I would come back to Formula One. That I mean where in just a few days and Australia as as usual start the season. And Allen ask you Jonathan I mean we talked about talk of Hostin talked about. We talk about Mercedes and but I wanna come back to McLaren a little bit because. You know you talked about the possibility of the Renault engine I mean. What do you think is what are you predicting is gonna happen with with McLaren honey I know that's a tough question I. I honestly think immediate I'll. You know they've gone through them the biggest change. They've gone through in the fifty year history. I mean that only enough that can only be about Bruce McLaren gals all that yeah yet so and it's well worth watching because the story haven't been an easy three for the last. Few months you know Bruce McLaren was from New Zealand. And that's where. It'll began. And he was in the mid innovate. An amazing driver but also you know one of the great test all so all of what he's forming a wanted I am McLaren stories is a fantastic story lots of light. The last two years bilateral the time of it with Honda which is ironic because. Home the were up. Fantastic bow before them back in the nineties but when Senna and crossed both drove for McLaren and they won fifteen out of sixteen rice's. That's you know in that period. And but you know of late as we all know they have not performed on the a bomb may be when in the 500 in May be winning in India and maybe winning in all sorts of different other things. But they ain't winning and sadly in Formula One and it's been a really tough story because. They got a fantastic driver is and I think. I'm sad to see Jenson go. I'm not on a high. I've got a horrible feeling that Fernando Alonso could go the same way. Unless things change Iran and they really do need to change around having said all that negative I think Zach brown is now in charge I think it is a new era I think the colors and the fact that they got away from the end before kind of tradition Zacks brought in a new fresh feeling he's American he's got a long history behind him in terms of his passion for buck McLaren and Formula One I think he's the right guy. I am I it's gonna change and it will. You know I think Sullivan Doran Meehan the new kid on the block yet in here my what if he comes then. And he is competing with Fernando Alonso. In the same car and he's really competitive I think the relations between their placements in their points this season is going dead. Going to sense where the received for non. Wearing McLaren colors next year. Yeah I can get there within 2.2 of each other every time and you know it it it's it's you know. Like you say if he gets starts getting beaten Justine qualifying because if you both got the same piece of golf. And it's not like him very well then the anyway you can judge it is only tell that Anna Fernando is most quake which I don't think that they BK spot he'd like you say that'll be an interesting comparison. But I do like I said I feel for Fernando Alonso because he is one of the yet there is no other sport in the world whacked. You best quarterback you best sent a full would you best center. You know and possible would not be on the field and that's really what we have in Formula One is the best black ferret has not got the right equipment and that's just the way Formula One isn't the way motor racing mussina but Japanese had. At times and that's why he's won you know two titles. Already while only take you boys back in time to remember back in 2012. When Cota first opened aha. And we used to dream and think what could make Formula One better in the United States we said. We now have a permanent home if we can just get. An American team okay we got that. If we could just get an American driver we had always generosity in and out well now it's owned by an American company Jonathan had to hang out I mean we're we're headed. We do any drivers obviously and we need some American drivers to step up. But what do you think about Formula One what are you gonna predict for further growth of Formula One United States. I think it's really good and I think to. I think Linda T aren't interesting. Pot and I say pol in pristine. Of all the you know involvement all Formula One. Going post millennium I was reading an article today about how Bernie really isn't having anything to do weighed that the future now all Foreman along. Which is a shame because so much of what he's put in place. Hangs on him and I think. Page alone so they should rethink that but then I mean you know there's a lot of contracts that that is a lot of time and effort. Been put into that spot this is an old looney era Formula One and as he put it. At the might be less certain mature in five started at one Hamburg in tens of on the opening it up because he was always quite you know. I'm a Leach's that's the wrong way but it was a very exclusive clubs Formula One and I do think it doesn't need to open up both physically and digitally. What I mean by that is I think more people need to. At 300000 people at the 500 last year including two to two very happy guys may editorialize but you know they've got to do more. Indies only up. Therefore single seater motor racing in this country is on the up. The single seat talent is only up here. You only need to look at Indies great to see that. Ross he's doing what he's doing the Arab people like Centene a 32 coming through. In Formula One passes here. So yeah I get actually bodes really well and I think that some. You know. Adam has lied sport goes motor racing still has a lot of ways of punching above its weight in tens of just. Pure Hitler adrenaline I mean you know if mascot still making it which you did again today at Phoenix. There's no reason why you can't get people behind a sport has cars going 230 miles now. Already so. Kevin Magnuson what's he gonna bring. New costs that serious I mean god it's a big well everything ought to outlaw it you told my report card at a tea to make a break for him. It really hear his career he needs a make or break and because a lot of people and and Denmark especially have been critical that he's got another chunks. So I think he really needs to step up and news I mean I think he's got a lot of talent remember when he first came minute but he was like oh this is an ex Raikkonen. You know and the knicks the stop and if the story didn't bolt on type thing but I mean he really did you know come in like okay he's going McLaren he's gonna do a couple of years underneath. You know at McLaren and suddenly he's gonna be the blue eyed boy and it didn't happen and he's passed around a little. And this is definitely a massive year. In what will be by a press a full situation yet to for the casting and I won't be messing about. Our word we got it cut it off a wanted to ask you Rollins strolled the delay when one thing don't we have thirty seconds to thirty seconds long stroll I think he's gonna struggle but don't forget to come Dakota 2820. Drive for the motor America without America test is free ER have you ever talked to you next week. I'll.