Senior Talk, 3/18: AGE of Central Texas

Senior Talk
Saturday, March 18th

Cheryl's guest this week is Joyce Lauck, executive director of AGE of Central Texas, a local nonprofit organization serving older adults, caregivers, and their families.


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Welcome to Senior Talk with Cheryl Culbertson your Texas senior care expert. Cheryl has over thirty years of experience directly related to the senior housing and senior care industry. And she understands the many difficult and overwhelming decision seniors and caregivers are faced with daily. Ready for qualified and trustworthy health care advice. We'll sit back and stayed tuned to senior talked with Cheryl Culbertson. Hello everyone and thank you for tuning into senior talk on Cheryl Colbert senior harassed. You know it's always been my goal to have top industry health care an aging professionals at my weekly guest. You can share useful resource is an information for older adults and to the families to care for them. This is why I'm so pleased to have a special guest today Joyce flock executive director at age at central Texas. But the four peppering Jos on I wanna take a moment to acknowledge and say thank you to the sponsors a senior talk. Our courts assisted living in memory care in northwest Austin. And professional caretakers providing non medical in home care around Austin area. Hello Joyce can thank you for being on the show. I anatomy. Your welcome Joyce before we get into. What you're gonna share it as I'm did research online someone tell me at these numbers are correct. I've found out that the Austin round dropped metro area. Has the fastest growing priest senior population those between 55 or 64. In the nation. And that by 24040. More than half a million older adults 65 plus we'll be living in those areas is this correct or the numbers higher is that about right. That's about right and that's exactly what is driving a lot of the planning and work that many of us are doing in this area. Well you know I would think with this explosive growth of the aging adults in your serving area A your agency must be keeping a really really busy so. That would be an understatement. Talent to Matt H central Texas. Its history and how a year helping older adults and those you care at them. Okay well we're 31 year old not for profit don't serving to start out serving Austin. And now serves in four counties in the region. And and potentially beyond with some of the things that we do. We are. A lending that and not for profit and so. We can't say revenue stream that is from the community and the terms of foundations and donors and without that funding is what really. Allows us to provide many verse services treated the community. And then we don't have some revenue from our adult day health matters which are licensed and therefore have contracts with Medicaid and EA. And right it paid. Attendees. That we can cover some of the content of care in that area. Well let me ask you sort which for cam on AG said four counties primarily I know Travis and Williamson what other counties DL sound. We asked the region and age and backdrop of. OK okay and before though further because I loved the the history of how age came about can you just take a Manning go back a few years and tell us how are age actually got started. We have you renowned founders of keep Netanyahu is an area for any length of time. Brokers Smith and Willie counter act where the masterminds of what was then called option which are the elderly which is where the that acronym age comes from and they return to create a one stop shop back in the eighties before the Internet was really a thing and went on to with a much smaller town. Says they tried to bring groups together that served the elderly and they've bought just building on 38 cents. And Jeter's treetops. And between Iran and broadly speedway probably as the dispatcher talking at it and brought together many many many of the services that exit at that time. Helping older adults. And the elder care with the year looted social services at their adopting a better year. I would cross hospital which became part of sweetened he had it there to help that there around. There health care. Navigator here and that they were just many many conservative located here in the building including the kitchen for meals on wheels. I'm. Those organizations and not in both groups so they are many of those organizations. Moved out of the building and moved into their own statement. And AG. Began taking on programs that were being either stealing it. Because there was not a sport for them until the age board took them and resize them if you will. Or there was something dramatic great idea to try to do something new and pick something new to the community and the age sports felt that it was appropriate until they get involved in direct service that way as a Judy years now we've grown into the programs that we provide directly to the community along with still having our building. How can other not for profit and supporting them. It was sort of an incubator text service where they don't pay as much rented they might ambient central Washington. And you all are still in that same billing which I find fascinating because many times as people may you can go to places. Not end here building and it's just a fantastic. Location and buries central. How did you go in the executive director I know you've been there a long time that I'm not sure how many years. Well I've been years and 20000 went on in my eight points here. And it's been great growing experience for me and I think that I've had brought some good skills agencies and not shepherded through these past few years and. Thanks out Jason joys who food is a sir. What were the people. Well each week serves both caregivers of older adults and older adults directly. So. Let me sort of talk cured of her program sort of the heart of our programs are the adult day health planners we don't have one and often a mortar round draft. We don't have big numbers of people that we have served there but we observed people in a very deep way with sun. Don't care Monday through Friday people don't have to come five days a week that many people do. We provide like a medical model care so we have. I might duplicated Pakistan operate and we have a yacht a nurse on duty we have an activity director. We provide transportation we provide. Nutritious meals. The whole point is to overcome isolation. Everything we do is about connected and helping people connect to other people so that they make friends with. They overcome and isolationist I mentioned to. They have stimulating activities if you don't use that elicit no matter where you are in life and so we can specialize in older adults we specialize in. Dimensions and we can help people maintained. As many of their skills as they possibly can't keep the program that we offer in those adultery help planners. Show in your adult day health scanners. The families to bring loved ones there. Is there a neat. Yes. For people who are on Medicaid it's no charge to them. He also has a country with a and so it's no charge to people who follow into the VA veterans consistent. Imagine a situation. But for. Private pay people there is a she it's only twenty dollars a day in all inclusive and so it's a very. And inexpensive way to allow someone to remain at home remain in the community. And yet the AppleTV in late secure place. During the day while those caregivers are still working or caring for grandkids or whatever. There are other priorities are they still have their families there grandparents or there. Parents or their spouses that are also a priority for them are in a great place without some. And so when you provide transportation is there are to the adult day health sinners is there. And land a mile radius that you go or how far out and it's somebody's listening in like oh. Maybe actually use that this is you know mom has to mention that. You know I'm in X part of Austin how far out do you provide transportation. Peter Parker you didn't say that because depends on how many other people you unit we're working hard we actually have played I am research project going on. Not right now we're working really hard to figure out how we can be more efficient and effective with our transportation and expand the use of that. Because it is such an issue for seniors. And so we look forward to even having more of a response had more of a formal approach to do transportation in the months ahead. Very excited about. Howard having to someone that done is provide necessary expertise to back. Particular issue people. Transmission is done as good a huge huge issue for seniors and obviously it was cheaper you mean we haven't stopped but it was neither does things. And no we're already had a let me kitchen area. Out now and so the price for the VA or being Medicaid or private pay does that include transportation. Yet. If you yes that doesn't it it's available if we have a spot on the vehicle. Yes it absolutely is included. While achieving Sherron keep you posted on how old. That evolves with you know and your expansion of being able to shoot at you know address the needs of seniors in need transportation I think that is so awesome dollar. You know hitting hitting that because that is around that problem for seniors. So. With the adult day so you have one in round rock and then you have the one down in the air and I know. Shot several other really excellent programs what else does. And to central Texas offer. Not a direct our programs are really offered one is offered at very low cost everything else is pressuring it to the community. And this is Rick things are not necessarily located here at our age building in central. Constant. In the university area. So we upped her caregiver education resources so we will help anybody who called just. Figure out the pain at the that they need to be asked people don't know the options. It's we refer them to web sites such as yours. And the other resources that are out in the community we listen to dare unique story and take care giver typically at least calling us and trying to help them figure out. The options that are available to them. And even the the things they'd considered making their decisions mr. care there isn't one but I just at all there's. The pump it happens and people automatically think you're nursing home and they don't realize that there's a lot of other options out there. Something happened than people think the government will pay for everything or the government will pay for nothing and sometimes the answers somewhere in between based on tax. Their particular life circumstances. So we offered debt to resources. And information and know charged. Get a lot of calls get a lot of email so and help in that area. Education part of that component is just. Offering net seminars and workshops and conferences. Typically we offer respite so that there's not a teacher can't ever cannot be able to come on Saturday they can't. Trapped loved off with a and will provide respite while they attend. I'm an iron or conferences. And we also have support groups. And those again are all free and become available to people around the county. The other side of education we offer to your review which is evidence based training and those are. Courses that have been researched and vetted and proven out in other areas of the country. We follow those is we did they do a train the trainer model. And those are offered in the four county despite different. Collaborative partners that are really very very cool powerful program because it's not is going to community and I think this is what you need a if the community coming out of playing OK I just about debt so that I can take it back to my community. My church. Or might group of some sort out in debt strapped paid spleen and or Travis also that's been a very powerful collaboration I think we have. Thirty different. Organizations and agencies that are part of that in part of taking that train the trainer model out into. This period parts of our our bar area. This again. Why why I wanted to ask you on because. They just central Texas is so awesome and a lot of people don't know about XP actually caregivers. And sometimes I think famous bill all of I don't know what to do there's there's no help out there and serious and dollar selling is just actually awesome so on on that cured gee do caregiver training is that which are saying you know trained caregivers on how to do. For their loved. We have on tour for training. And eat it in both the Arab deep coming our format and also encountered every youth. We're not yet into like a specific as to how to transfer somebody from a wheelchair to a better vice Versa. But more about health care. You know we may have a summit are about legal documents he'd make sure that you have lined up. Or medical considerations. You know different or it will do we did training with sound. Different activities that are appropriate how you can keep somebody engaged and to stimulate you to Scotland form of dementia. So just hold. A variety of different training for people in it'll help them and caregivers. And make get make. More connection make up a richer Fuller life for the person to target range for. That's so important because even if somebody's not gonna care care for yet. And they anticipated because well we're all teaching me not got my right gambling are there. Statistically. Caregivers health. Overall health can decline rapidly they can even. Dot because they are not taking care of themselves and they're they don't have any support and they don't have. Respite so they can go take a break so all of this is so important to her caregiver and I want everybody's listening to note that. You know it's out there to help us out there which. Yeah absolutely care giving is not an easy job and it's something that we don't get. Pot easing about it high school or college or anywhere at all and certainly in this. There are very important role and looking for guidance and that's you're actually right that's what we try to do here at age central Texas looks. Now I also noticed on your excellent website you have a program called early memory loss support Telus. So now we call it memory connections. It'd. Poor people that are new in the diagnosis. Never locked and also early in the process of memory loss because and Eugene usher us from working in the field. When you get into the arena has never lost whether it's trauma to match. Other than alzheimer's from alzheimer's itself it typically is progressive and you get further and further into the disease and it's you struggle more and more to have to make new memories of so that program offers of support. For people that are early in that diagnosis and early in the process. It's really of very well received program people caregivers say that they noticed a difference in their person who attend. If they don't people go. 21 of the sessions though. The way it works again it's scattered throughout host site I think we're opening our eyes just light up in Georgetown. Even as I speak here in March. It's a different places around town and told. It has provided we provided an activity to stimulate thought again that if you don't you did. You lose that contest to stay in different stimulating activities everything from. Lyric writing which is difficult task and intervene in different genetic brain boosters that reminiscent. Current event yet there are a variety of music to do a variety of different activity does not stimulating agents. And then that question with a license to the group session with a light stuff. Therapist and he really process sort of what's happening. Where things telling ethnic group feel expected to be a safe place OK really be able to. Today I have alzheimer's are I have not problem I can be met. But I feel cost want to station gear and then the component that program is that once a month we offer that a licensed. They're just did you also do support groups for the caregivers. So they're able to do get together with other caregivers and process what's going on their lives and share their journey and here's the difficulty in the challenges from the triumph that they have. In this journey with a very powerful program and the pretty significant waiting list until we are. Currently working hard on getting tons and way to replicate step program an expanded even more sites throughout talks. The areas that were able to do. Well you know having a waiting list has since at all that's how many people need help now dare keep got a substantial waiting lists out. And now another wanna wanna kind of talk about. You've got a health equipment landing closet so. Briefly just tell the listeners who might need some random topic medical equipment failures works. Well we can't. We take in donations of sort of gently used to help equipment. Durable medical equipment to its wheelchairs and walkers in charge interventions and pains and crutches and yet those sorts of things we. We also have a great relationship with the diaper bank and we get diapers and distribute adult incontinence products to people. So that's. That's the really key when we have to limit people to once a month to be able to get a package of something big and it's. Twenty dollars or so for those. So as product competitiveness a huge help to people but we take anything it and then no questions asked were not licensed and so. If you come doesn't say I need to attain and we had a cane that gets you we will give it to you we have a wonderful relationship with. EMS. And they come in get a lot of equipment from us to help people that are out on the streets. As. It is programs for people would either have limited resources. As we get a lot of people who have learned about it too having surgery. They're only gonna need to use a piece of equipment whether it's sad that I can vote around charging intervention don't get any easier for eight to twelve weeks. Surely there insurance page or most of that but. Why doctor why pay any things force something that is just gonna end up in the garage it's and so that's where donations come promised people giving us equipment that they can't for short period of time and no longer need. And then people come to us whether the immediate and long term we're giving it short term and borrow it. We sometimes get people around the holidays or somebody coming in you know migrating its coming to visit that need to. A wheelchair to get her around to see it didn't scum are too much for a little while and then other people. They're coming get it needed sure. You know the duration of however long. That they needed and we don't we don't ask it does out and it comes back or maybe it doesn't it's. I'm so we just the question this spring bring it to us in the ticket or come to us an escort and we have we'll give it to you. And yet another excellent program that aid to central Texas offers that is that is unbelievable so. So that's yeah. Here you also have appear based computer class. It has been a whole lot time on that but just real briefly what is that about. Well that's it also tied to the whole continent of connectedness of that done under light everything that we do. And you can teach yourself computers there anything you wanna learn about computers so that that your own home. But she comes here and have a cup of coffee and make a good friend and learn about computers. Edit groups letting. And it's it's everything from. On how to use the computer which is not operates frequently markets there's more more people who know at least the basics of how you. Computer tablet. But it is getting more more sophisticated done you know wow I had 20000 photos what do I do without and getting more and more sophisticated on how to. Hot chronicling your life or electricity people that you love. To digital photography for the big one. They do a lot which is helping people keep up with you know what there which all the social media duct going on out there the people who. Can't talk a senior net. It was carp SeniorNet back in the day and now this core group of volunteers are still together after all these years and it's. Called the age computer lab. Not okay that's got to know okay. And that's an animal feed there anywhere from ten to 25 dollars. Did because. To be able to take these scratches examiners. This is like a Monday through Friday years. Still it's Monday to Friday it's. All volunteer based and so that's when they like to teach they're not too much into the evenings and weekends car. Why it's like an hour a day or something like that exactly an hour. And another thing I've found on your side which I want to talk backs are Connor with the start rapid update. Thirty minutes goes by very quickly I know that stitch you've got two on August 26. Age striking a balance caregiver conference and then on September 17. And Williamson county caregiver conference. I tell us a little bit about those. We're both conferences we've been doing those for quite awhile and expanded now into Lincoln town and I believe were obligated Q1 and Flickr until Gary from being. This year. Those topics that are free and open the public you register your web site. We used to struggle to get people fifteen years ago to come out on a Saturday we might get. And now it's standing room only and people come in and get a lot of exposure to get a different content that's. Of care giving into the different things that they are worried about legal issues medical issues. Long term care issues. Social Security issues you know whatever sort of a hot topic of today. And we're able to get experts to come together and present to you people and to break out sessions. Were able to because just. Great sponsors that we get able to. Give everybody a night launch and so they can have an enjoyable day. With other caregivers we laughter arrested for free and Pluto will get a few people. Up to like about 12% of that will. Be able to comments from the day one of our centers. Allowing the caregiver can come and attend the detection and not have to worry about leave the company home alone and worried about a man leave early because they're concerned in that kind of thing they'll know that there. In good hands. Well Barry did and you know Joyce I just wanna tell you that I'm so thrilled that you. We're able to take the time I know you're stressed for time you've got so much going on running out fine organizations so freed at. Take a little time Matty your morning to help cheer all the child or do you into the listeners. I I really really do appreciate it. And I just wanted to ask is there any scene that we that he wanted to touch on that we haven't gone to or before we close out. I think you know we'd we'd love the idea of serving more more people we do there are a lot of people with very little. Our we're really great stewards of substance. There's support that we received and so we appreciate people being supportive of us we appreciate people trying to you know there's really. What what I. It's great gift it is for someone to say you can care for my mother forming and so words we're we're very honored to be able to do get through this community and be able to expand and I'll be nimble enough to break into the community what it's the programs and services are that they need and I thank you for the opportunity did you hear that. You're not out and you're welcome K and I wanna be sure before we have let got here. Anybody is listening at the age of web site is agents central text TX dot org. To learn about their caregiver conferences and about all the other programs he talked about today or you can call 512. 4514611. And again that's Asia central TX dot or. And why you're online looking them up don't forget to visit elder options a Texas dot com when you need to find. Senior care health care professionals are care facilities throughout the state of Texas. And last I'll say is join me next Saturday at three. My guest is going to be printed deeper Armstrong she is CEO and owner. A the next horizon. It's a seniors and military locate her service providing resource sense and a lifetime advocates say. Brenda is going to be sharing a whole lot of great tips and resource says. For seniors in caregivers she's just a wealth that information cell. I think you're gonna find what she talks about. Just exceptional. So rejoice in closing thank you again for being on the show and providing such a wealth of information. And I encouraged listeners to. Check out H central Texas for your caregiver needs. For your loved ones there aren't. Excellent on nonprofit organization's been around for years and I'll also let you know I have now enjoys. A microns joins how long we known each other. Eighteen years about how 1718 years. And she's excellent at what she does and she rents. A really nice organization over there are so check them out. And until next time thank you everybody for listening mark talk to you seem have a great day.