Real Wealth Blueprint, 6/18: Mailbox Money

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, June 18th

The cornerstone of any good plan starts with predictable income. Not the money you earn from your job, but the money you earn in your sleep.


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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Didn't. From the noble capitol studios in Austin, Texas welcome to the real wealth blueprints. We bring real well strategies to the real world. Here everyone is given access to those secrets once reserved exclusively for the 1% to. Wouldn't unexpected take on all things financial on the real wealth blueprint we will give you the tools to plan to grow to protect. And yes finally enjoy your wealth if you want to enter retirement with the lifestyle you deserves then this is the show for youth. And now let's start the show. And welcome to the real well footprint I'm your host Chris Wragge. Today I'm joined by your coast Ron Navarro came on they Crist as well as our production assistant teeny tears sitting in the third share eighteen take pass. On today's show we're going to cover a lot of ground in dive right into today's topic mailbox money. Along the way we hoped to have a little fun indecent information that is new interesting and hopefully relevancy. Albeit with a slightly different twist the meaning of the other stranger retirement shows that are out there. In many ways the show's inspired us to pursue the real wealth blueprint who knows we may even have a few of them on here from time to time. But our show is going to be a little different. Before we jump right in I want a deposit from a into a knowledge this our first episode of the real wealth blueprint. The real blueprint is a concept that originated shortly after we were approached with the possibility of having our own show not too long ago. While the show maybe Newt the idea is not easy for over fifteen years now we have been refining aircraft with the intentions of one day. Being able to share our knowledge before an audience like this. Yes today is our first show and yes we may not be the pros. Yet the that's perfectly okay. You see this something that we wanted to for sometime now and as such I thought it would be appropriate for me and I believe I speak for all of us. To share our excitement in bringing this new show to all of you listeners out there. It's an honor to have to show on the air and I think you very much for tuning in especially today. Our goals to keep you engaged not only today but for very long time to come. Now let's get to show on the road. Again my name is Chris Wragge and I thought I'd start off and tell you a little bit about myself and an inner distress the team here I'm actually the chief operating officer and noble capital. I've been involved in real estate in one main or another for almost twenty years now hi sort of got into real estate investing. Accidentally with our first house I purchased. And I've been involved in a number of different companies. That have done a wide range of real estate services and financial services. And so I'm actually also in Austin native Texan native my team has been in Texas for seven generations. And I went to school in Austin and saint Edward's university go hill toppers so aren't meant to a little plug in there for them but that's myself but Iran wants you also unleashes a police. Great extent. So I'm Ron Navarro chief marketing officer and normal capital it's it's an honor to be on the air with you guys and in front of so many listeners it's it's great to share some stuff we learned along the way. I'm specially you guys here in the in the in the room. It's gonna be fun I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to get this thing started a little bit about myself I am unlike Chris and unlike Tammy your minimal foreign the only foreigner in the room and not from. From anywhere you know two exotic and from Miami Florida. And while I miss it I I am now a Texan so whom I've been here since 1998 and pretty close to punching my official citizenship card now so I feel good about that. On like Chris I've been in the financial industry one capacity or another for almost twenty years. It's been a ride been really fun I cut my teeth and real state specifically navigating the world title in finance. On and send ten years ago or so I met some guy here and in Austin reporting today. And he got to be a good idea for me to help him with his lending business on nearly ten years later here I am paid. On the air with the guys and sharing thousands of successful client source this is good stuff. Well first off I'd like say happy Father's Day to all of our all of our father's listening we really appreciate you. My name is steamy here if I need senior associate here at noble capital. And I've been with the committee for about three years now and work with our financial advisors and and I'm also one of the producers here at the show. I am aid. Native Texan not a near last night I cannot claim that static but I have been here for fifteen years. And I came from an event coronation in cleaning background. So starting here with noble capital three years ago is just been a world Linden it and it's amazing what we deal. So yeah. Saw some things gas. So that we're gonna housed several other guests that are gonna come on the show I wanted to it can talk about that a little bit what we're obviously going to be irregulars in an on the show every week but. We will have. Other staff members from our company but other people that are not from our company's strategic partners experts in the industry. I mean we've been doing this now like we said for quite some time. Specifically noble capitals definitely got a market presence even nationwide and we work with people from. We'll sit investors down the road two institutional investors and large cities in and so. We definitely got a broad reach we've got people that are on the streets actually flipping houses. We know people that I'm work it peaks and talk about different debt vehicles we've got people that are financial planners. In our corral people that we wanted to bring on the shows up. Really ever a real broad reach a different types of people that we wanted to bring up Russia the cast is going to be awesome because it's going to be awesome retire. Am planning lending. Sent me you mean we were doing a little bit of everything come. Real estate services tax services it's going to be fun and and we've actually already got a few cute so within the next few weeks you're going to be incredibly fun. Yet we've also got a website so this show the real wealth blueprint you can find out more information on the show what topics were going to be discussing. In the future. Several different events that we have and how to reach out and his contact us and also follows on social media web addresses real wealth blueprint dot com. So once again you can find some are real blueprint are com. And so let's get into what what is the rule of blueprint so yeah we work for noble capital that this is our radio show that we talk about a lot of things. The idea here we're talking about wealth you know it's. How do you create wealth how do you protect that well how do you enjoy the wealthy you've created that's the premise of the show. And we've. Got a fairly helpful afternoon so I hope you remember some of the things we're talking about but for us it's. It's all about the blueprint reading the base so base is actually what we used to. Divide up different areas of discussion. So it's four letter word the ASE and the first letters MB since for blueprint. I'm really for us and if you don't have a plane and earn you know if you feel the playing you plan to fail. And and having and establish bird print that you're gonna take out there and use for creating wealth and that's really important. Yeah outer core or realistic guys so we know how important the real estate than the blueprint is it's always been where we started projects and any retirement project any financial project starts with a blueprint that's awesome yeah so the second letter a mr. accumulate. And that's investing. And that's increasing that wealth and so it's it's nice have a blueprint announced that XE heeding that strategy. You know in life and I saw a lot of a business owners is that I'm into words. It's really held an exhibition I don't care how good your idea is if you can't execute its not gonna happen right there's so much more value and execution and anything else don't confuse effort for execution and that's. Yeah yeah you know it's funny though about accumulate on growth is actually one of our company's core values so. It's it's really interesting accumulate growth it all plays into it to the overall blueprint yeah absolutely in fact I think there's no video of me talking about growth and and what that means to us that the company and are used to jam but the fun when you had his so third letter ass and his stance for secure. You know what's the what's the point accumulating. Wealth we using your blueprint if you're not gonna take care that. If you're not going to protect yourself your family your loved ones. How do you do that there's a number ways to do that choosing what type of investments he actually choose to go into is a lot about what types Q you have. But it's also about insurance about other types of products like that so. It's important to protect and secure. And what you spend so much time building your your entire life in most cases in order seminars we actually had this quote that that's up on the screen before everybody sits down and gets ready units warned about the quote it's real simple says. Rule number one never lose money. No number two. Never forget rule number one things for the secure 101000. An awesome something that sadly I think a lot of people forget it turned the letter he enjoys. I can't tell you how many times eyes met with. And people who have accomplished quite a bit in their life and you know there are indeed the golden years and they forgot how to play and how to enjoy they don't have that here Huntington of what do you mean honey nut. Had a plan in and they were so focused on accumulation in protection and survival that. They forgot what we're here to do you know and and if you're not enjoying your life in the first of your labor. Maybe had among blue print you have time to go back and say wait and I didn't plan for this but. Enjoyment is a key factor for us we want to know that our clients. Are enjoying themselves according to the plans they set out that's like that's a really important piece that. More often than not gets overlooked and you guys plan. You said it's starting to show the lifestyle he deserved. You know I think about it I'm not right now on I'm planning. In all the hard work well as claiming it's got a lead to something and and I look forward to the day were I could. Quote and quote enjoy my life enjoy those things it's gonna be it's going to be interesting but you know I I look for today organ. Possibly you wake up cup of coffee newspaper overlooking somebody of our summer that's that's the into an. I get so. I so what is this what's the friends the show obviously it's we're talking about different ways to achieve wealth we're gonna have a lot of difference I'm strategies that we're gonna go over. That's our goal we're we're obviously we're gonna reveals secrets and tools of the trade of complaining. For wealth how to protect a wealth and also we have enjoyed it. We've got we've got years of wisdom nog is from our clients and really helped us. You know mold this into and two good contents again he got you keep the listeners but I these ease with the nuggets. Have have really grown and grown and grown upon themselves and and what we've got is really special and it's we jokingly referred to as a wisdom all music because it's so much. But it's I mean this is this is interesting because it's everything they've given us. We've taken it and apply it to this show we've taken an inflated to the blueprint. That's that's true and I wanna kind of reiterated that a little bit a lot of what we're sharing its advice that we've gotten from our mentors from our advisors from our clients. It's it's a collection of wisdom that we've gotten from a lot of people that. One of the things are gonna do here we're actually going to show you some special events we have coming up. Where you'll be able to learn more about those so we'll talk more about that later on the show. And again if you want to use see exactly our footprint and everything we're gonna talk about the future. He can find out more about us at real wealthy friend. Dot com so see after the race. Thanks for tuning into the real world blueprint. If you're ready to see how what you heard today applies to you can go to the real world blueprint dot com. And click on the schedule appointments Clinton to schedule your complimentary financial consultation with one of our skilled advisors these aren't any advisors. He's advisors are the architects behind the blueprint. A unique way to save your income planned for life. If you're not ready for such commitment that's okay too. And click on the event registration but you know educate yourself at one more free retirement blueprint workshops hosted by huge financial seeding is very limited so do not wait. Real well blueprint is a noble capital production acute financial as a wholly owned subsidiary of noble got a long. We know Austin traffic can via. Challenge. These continue with time saver traffic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Welcome back to the real wealth blueprint for bringing real wealth strategies to the real world. For the first topic we're gonna dive into you for the show in particular mailbox money when we're talking about. Recurring income streams and you hear a lot about. You know not pinning on any one stream of wealth how can have different chains but we're. And we are gonna talk about that led specifically we're talking about recurring income it's it's the mailbox money right as that comes and it's like. And you know them in the I guess he used to walk down the road in and go to the mailbox polite to check in India money in fact we actually have clients that do that still they tell me they say. I love you guys still so new paper check because I I enjoy the experience of getting in my golf cart or what you're going down into my driveway. And getting ahead a check you know within the mailbox that's amazing isn't easily happen we're trying to get them technology and they're saying no C news has some some of them are saying no some of them say in a were monitored by as a coach which are obviously we do that kind of thing too but. But does the idea here we're talking a different types. A mailbox money in news we've got a few of them so for me since I was a kind of boots on the ground real estate investor is such a young age. My first version of no bucks money was rental property. You know I went out and I'd buy houses try to buy and that the best price possible so that they would cash flow. I was able to take all types of other income strategies of which of course will dive into you were talking about depreciation and tax write us senator senator but. But what was the best part about it. Was he got into I created an income stream I wasn't just relying upon my job I had real property in these things were were coming in all the time so. And Iran need you've actually had room property investment. Yeah it's probably the most common and amongst our circle. Recurring income. You know and it's it's also it kind of hits one of the key points of any type of a mailbox when you that's the predictability. And not being having having rental property. Creates predictable income something that's really really important to us because we're always trying to setting compliance. Yeah talking about predictable southern and another another one came up a mine from mean it's really coming out there's a new ladies he see a lot of people's special and retirement or looking in new eighties but. I'll be candid especially as a younger person I I didn't realize when we first got in this business coming different types of communities that there are. I had there's some that are you know just being candid here are awful. And there's some that they're just not good and in their son their predictable liquor irregular income that you know what they're going to be in an honestly they're hedging gains of the types announcement. Serve a really nice purpose to at a certain point in life every one of them has their pros and cons rightly that some of the and the stronger ones really surmised for this especially as you're entering retirement yet you know the other one I hear a lot about especially if you get like a broker like the stock broker or one of the big houses is like hey im looking for an income stream and and what does that translate into you know like well let's let's buy these stocks because. They're dividend paying stocks and might well that's not the kind of income house looking for I mean it's it's a nice. Added component to that appreciation I'm looking for a long term that's uncertain but it's so early because Syria what's worse is when you buy a dividend paying stocks need under recession and in the board as a meeting and they decide not to be dividend paying stocks. That's my favorite so. They make up a big part of the stock market today so it's it's a big deal is something we need to be so aware of but it is it is definitely the roller coaster and I don't know it's it's one of those things where we. We eat we use. With caution Syria and it's definitely impart my portfolios close I'm not knocking and understand sometimes it's not as predictable as I was looking forward. And you know they don't of course which we happen to be experts and would be private lending you know we. Operate. What is probably the largest. Private lender in the state of Texas on single family investment property so that's noble capital and that's. That's where we let our day job if you will when we're not on the radio but I Delaney is is there really interest Steen. Recurring income or not I don't think a lot of people even know about it they waning private lending they what does that mean you know we're we're saying. This is literally. An investment strategy that you can deploy and anyone can deploy it then not now not necessarily if you're trying to do your broker or we'll get into that later too but. Quote from a private lending lending money on real state it's the oldest form of lending that I can think you need you've got an asset price check. Yeah it's worth so much check. And you do you give somebody along on that. It as prices this is asset based lending and Cheney deal with the seal on a daily basis don't you. Oh definitely. With Oliver I answering that's where I started. Three years ago it's noble man and you know you mentioned rental property I'm a little bit ago and some of our clients you know they Wear. They were doing their own mineral properties and they just got tired of China to be the property manager trying to oh hey you know year something's going around your house on the gun section so they've come to us because they. We do have for the essentially can they really enjoy that the monthly income that they receive. Yeah absolutely in its monthly income and if you find the right provider and its monthly income with a lot of without the hassle I you're talking about passel of being a landlord right around property income stream you talked about. You don't know we kinda easy example my favorite it's the 2 AM my toilet broke phone call or Ernie and Nino in Texas it's the air conditioners out which is an emergency and her as a lender you do not get those generally your lender on the popular even on the property no thank you hear the bank that's in wrinkles think about that for a minute your. The bank. And nice and you know there's I think the banks have some figured out I like to be the bank the minerals they give us what's interesting to knee where it would really got me excited about private lending so many years ago was the fact that we're lending. Cents on the dollar. I'm not I'm not saying that we're we're doing loans that you know five cents on the dollar to let users around us about the Bane gave it to you like 98 cents on the dollar and talking and our general and in this world that we live in its is more like 67 cents on the dollar. And it serves a purpose absolutely serves a perk to excellence something goes wrong and what's your protection it's it's that collateral which I think we'll get in this morning that here pretty soon but that's that's the prime lending is if we're talking about. Lending money on real estate or is somebody else to go purchases and improve that property. And you know providing some type the security on them in a variety of some stories and specifically about some or clients remember maybe about 67 years ago we are looking at some properties. I'm on the side of town and if the. Illini are nine and I know exactly who you're talking about it and I even though the street name it was on but yet we're talking about in Austin which is where noble capitals and borders is. In on the east side of interstate 35 in particular. And I do I remember that and they they wanted to go look at the property with us and watch it is what they were doing and they were thinking it like a real property. This is a rental property for them is their mindset wasn't an you know I'm members following up with him actually and he's a golfer I'm not a golfer I'm really good at driving the cart. And you try it out at putt very well yes I'm sure. Now some of the economy and really get on does he give me a was like best ball I'm I'm definitely at a participant on this ball but yes so about document and and he said. And I remember he does he remember like for him it was crazy to remember when I was like I wanted to go look at the property with you because I think Chris. I was really thinking of it as a real proxy. And I knew you learn and that's OK prime lending is. It's a different concept there's a lot of people aren't familiar with the you know seal you know six years later could I can see with a straight face he's never been since the property of her yeah he really hasn't yet but he's been our office several times that he was -- Jackson me with a guy I spend more time with them playing golf and Natalie generals they knew the answer it anyway but that's. That's private lending and that's just one of the the several. Types recurring income streams that we're gonna dive into. But let me move into this we've we've essentially talked about traveling here for a couple seconds and I am let me give you a kind of a little bit it's based on this so we're talking about earning annualized returns between generally speaking 68%. You know so if I'm talking about 60% return on my money that's pretty nice. The further we're talking about an investment. It's secured by tangible property. So I actually have something real intangible it's not a stock and I just licking my night and you know I mean control here. It's asset based lending 60% return on our money with property in Texas that's that's a pretty nice investment. Yeah most most investors and even realize that this even exist out there don't realize that they could be the bank. You know a lot of times people talk about their portfolios and and reels thing it's not part of it. There's number reasons for we don't need to get into those who get in Susan and some other episodes but. You know real states not a party here if a lot of people's portfolios because they're they're brokers are advisors are telling them about it. Own ends and yet the majority of the world's wealth has been built on bill stated so this is this is very. Very topical right now because it's what we do and it's and it's frankly works. He has so you know everybody in this turns actually spoken to real estate lenders on one time or another in taught them how to do that. And I think that's a big part of the show is we wanna let you know that there are ways. There you can do this and there are ways that you can learn a lot that's that's what we're offering here today that's part of the show is we wanna teach you the listener. How we do this how this works and wanna do this and all the topics that we talk about. And I think Romney said we wanna teach you how to be debating content that's it's a really good way to put it. So we have several different events. Again that are coming up how many get into those here a little bit but. If you wanna attended in person event in learn more about this strategy among others we actually talk about several different shot as he's at these events that we have. We gonna talk about those winning are here in just a minute. But also as you can learn more about us and again at our web site. That's real wealth blueprint dot com. You'll also see us there we have several social media tags that you can follow him participate ask questions honestly we wanna hear from you. So shoot us an email from our website. Follow us on social so we can get back tees. Thanks for tuning into the real world blueprint. If you're ready to see how what you heard today applies to you can go to the real world blueprint dot com. And click on the schedule appointment Clinton to schedule your complimentary financial consultation one more skilled advisors he's aren't any advisors. He's advisors are the architects behind the blueprint. The unique way to say hearing complaints for life. If you're not ready for such a commitment that's okay too. And click on the event registration and educate yourself at one more free retirement blueprint workshops hosted by chief financial seeding is very limited so do not wait. Real well blueprint is a noble capital production but huge financial as a wholly owned subsidiary of noble capital. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the fourth the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen sevenths Michael variation. Welcome back to the real wealth blueprint. Helping you and your retirement with the lifestyle you deserve. I saw on the show today were talking about mailbox money different types of recurring income streams. You can count on that need to be predictable. That's the whole idea here mailbox money. If it's not predictable it's not that useful in a blueprint in your strategy if you're not sure what's gonna happen some very difficult playing around that right that is that he is -- that's true in anything in life if you think you need to know what's gonna happen but specifically we're diving into private lending so this is private lending on real estate from winning it in several of these subjects now so let's get in the media that what we're talking about why is so important there's a lot of different reasons but you know kind of one of the the first things that I remember after we went through what's now called the Great Recession as the fact that prime lending is not tied to stock market not directly of course right so it didn't matter if the Sox are up in stocks -- down I'm not watching television I'm not worried about what you know someone is saying out there that's changing the stock market my investment in prime lending its its secured by tangible piece of property so. Not being correlated stock market especially for people to have a significant amount of their portfolio in stocks that's pretty nice. Not having to worry about it. A lot of exposure a lot of exposure being out in the stocks and that's why it went private lending strong you know a 30% drop in the stock market is a 30% drop in your portfolio. A 30% drop in the rules the market he still has an installation their private lending yes. She feeling getting out Unita maximum seventy cents on the dollar Branyan and by the way that's. That's one of our core tenants prime lending a noble capital is we don't leaned on any real state more than seven cents on the dollar of the completed projects and that's why that actually exist yet we're we're talking about losing real wealth could be hours if you're in the stock market note I'm not real estate antics of that takes awhile to me and we go up we've all seen it we saw the recession we saw what happened and we saw a real estate throughout the country lose value amid talk more about geographic real estate here in a minute. 2000 were flat if you have been invested a dollar and when Cheney refers 2002000. Nipple that same dollar out December 31 2009 you'd have gotten a dollar so it was flat if you would have done that it 200789. A dollar would have no worth a whole lot less he had that's not the case of Germany and. It's not an a I would say though the some people would come back and stock market on the separate incidents say. Yeah they decided as you know held on a little longer and on this but. You know what people don't realize is timing and how important timing is a you know the real estate market and stock market sure and longer timeline these things come back. But when you're talking about having to wait three. Eyes maybe more in terms of years. For your investment to come back because of the major market correction if you're turning 65. At that exact moment this is a disaster the ball yeah it does is it this. Terrible it's. They call retirement permanent unemployment if you have no income. And that happens it's a total catastrophe happened in in didn't you just don't have the luxury when you're planning. Indeed the final stages of playing suited to get to expose the stock market you have to think of alternatives yet. You know what am I real estate specifically. For us we're focused on single family residential property why why is that the key point for us. We're not talk about multifamily were not and commercial industrial whatever when a segment that was from a single family residential property. Why is that important anywhere you think is I know there's a reason once tell me. Well because people always seem to please let there you don't you just Imus that's right where we donors session you got a business guess what you move out here office. A machine you know you live at home you know there's always summary need to lift. And less than a check rat not decreasing in population. And Texas not least on decks Israel in Austin and especially in Austin and Dallas he's in the major markets and Austin are all growing debt we actually have to beat fastest excuse me for the fastest growing natural is Indian Country year after year after year it is about. Fifteen year run for these four matures piano Austin and Dallas are always at the often adds incredible I mean I know there's a number of factors that which we don't have to get into today but. Iraq I mean we're in some of the fastest growing real estate markets in the country but. You like I say that illogical like coma if you guys are a bubble and I'm saying what I don't have a crystal ball personal. But I will say this when you look at unemployment. And how low it is in these cities and you look at job creation this is these are sound fundamental economics exits. You know it's we're not talking about a speculation bubble which is what happened in the 2000 sing a speculation though where every person on six houses from behind and you literally only how specifically for the appreciation and that's the problem. Yeah we talk about this whole time two man in you know it's funny it's at these key indicators are artists. The as good as few as strong as possible all the times we we go about it every single week every single month we're talking we're looking at the market. And it's just not changing it's getting better it's it's it staying put we're weren't healthy market you're in Texas. Yes a predictability is important we talked about that from a recurring income I mean predictability is key. If we're not if you don't know what's gonna happening you know winning comes income then you've got a problem and you can't plan for that so. Idling wise as the predictable it's alone. Now I did the borrower makes the payment. And every single month naming that payment or they don't then when they don't you it's time for you take the properties like the maker mortgage payments that your bank just like you make your leg pain and tears to your landlord just like you make your car payment it's a pain it. Yeah it's it's not only for the toll is payment but that's securities. Ranking and we're not talking about realizing gains after they build a new house twelve months later we're I met every single month it's a loan payments they're making them they're borrowing money they're making payments all the time and that's and that's the beauty of it that's if they don't make payments. There are things you can do. But he maturity of these guys make payments is this what this is their business that's right this is their business how to make money that's how they're living you know their purchasing this property with money that your lending them they're bringing some of their own cash to the table. And in this is it for them I mean this is what they do for a living ranks of their whole objective is to flip a house is to build a new house it's to improve property and whatever it is and and again we focus and sing the same residential real state that's what they're doing here but we talked about predictability and we talk about what comes in the don't make a pain. Because it does happen but that's the why ain't this asset class is so important because you have the security you actually. Have the first lien. On a piece of property and by the way you could do other more aggressive. Types of investments in this which may do get into leaderboard timeout first position leans. On single penny residential property in the state of Texas. I go back to predict a billion in total catastrophic situation. These are single family houses you can put attendant in there and property will earn some type of income. That's right there's always some type of cap rate that's not available to you in in different types of investments through this this console to prevalent and well you know I think his dreams do you think about it for private lending. You're able to earn in through us it's about 68% on your money and if something goes wrong I've got tangible security in my back up plan is to use it as a rental property I think about government my backup plan to this income strategy is in other income strategy. Insurance right so what's your backup plan when you is valuing a stock up you socket and if that's not a great guy to play do you what do you do I don't know a year right you know you got to sell it and try and that is something else with appreciating and going in the right direction but with real estate I love the fact and in privately and in my backup strategy is another income strategy apple is I think that's great guy has proven itself. Time and time again we we've seen it. We've we've lived it. We've we've proven it so it's it's proven itself to good to us and now we can say with a whole lot of confidence that this easily goes. I mean analysts say you since we've had this program in place that none of our clients the last or principle which I think is a great great thing to us as a company. And and how we have protected their principal and they're still learning their income. Yeah we restarted us into our prime lending program and no blessed recession took only 2010. And an is actually running I I immersing right here at the show but. Remember that day you know we're deep in the heart of the recession and everybody's trying to figure out what do I do you know this is a big deal and this is this essentially back to basics this isn't really that sexy but Meehan is this predictable is this offer security. This is like actually at its core this is really foundation owing importantly there. I remember having the TV on in those days and in the world is coming to an end in. And everything's just the mess any TV Internet phone different form of the phone of course we have tape and all everything is like. The the end of the world is near the end and here we are protecting our assets they're they're staying put. Yeah the rules say market fluctuated in shouldn't quite a bit in certain places. Our assets were in and could in good health. Yes or am I capital preservation or is appointing him brought up in this program we've never had a single participant I'm losing in their guns on this program which I think is. It's a nice track record it's definitely want to always keep a bit. The great part of it is the reason that true. Is because of how it was designed it's the fundamentals of this type of lending everything we been talking about only ending on a certain percentage of the value. Only in announcing the thing residential where the backup strategy is another income strategy only doing it missed it Texas I mean these are all reasons for why this works. I think in another really important part of mrs. It's an alternative we talked about diversification not tied to stock market good this is. An alternative product I think if you go to you just the random investment wealth management planner. Chances are they're gonna count say won't I don't know if I can offer that or I don't know if he should be just it why is that Mike why is that around. There's a simple answer to account opponent opponent because everybody your account I think it's good they don't get paid. I Yahoo! and I think that's yanks they're actually don't get paid an end if it's unfortunate because it isn't mentioned a minute ago. The majority of the country the majority of the world's wealth has been built on real estate and then offering it to so that they have to say easy knowing you have like gesture you made that com. Intent it's a big deal so the the majority of the wealth is in real estate an except how many of my advisor and that's not something we're talking about. Hello yeah I don't know I I'd have made a comment the other day to somebody and they're asking for advice in this and is my advisor and and again this isn't a knock on advisors insist as an asset class they advisors need to be talking about it. And I told him I said if you are not talking about real estate with your visor. You probably ought to be talking about your advisor. And that's gonna help win so how does this stuff work you know if this actually ever reaching question in for us it's. It's it takes an education we're big on this we don't want to our customers to just sign up and get a check other we do you have some people that insist on doing that we actually put people through education. I always say I hate by the way this is what's going on. With your investment this is how we behave this is how we operate we want you to understand exactly how this works. And so. You know we wanna talk about who is it that's paying the money on this we're gonna get into that a little bit here I'm going to back from commercial. But important actually going to be teaching some of those in talking about some of this. That's an upcoming events MD eighties and dates so if you're listening on write these dates down actually coming up here in June on June 26. In on June 29 wreck Cheney's kissing couple events where you can learn more about this and other income strategies that we offer answers several of our company's. So what did in that I'll give you did that Tynes the locations how you get there in a minute. That you can actually learn more about it and going again to our website at real world blueprint dot com. That's where you can register for these events you can learn more about what we're gonna talk about on this show and connections I think Ronnie do articles some for the Maria. Yeah annex this this all sounds great right so let's talk about who borrows this money despite the money there's a there's a need for it were to come from. Yeah I mean the degree creating net returned ranked somebody's up there by and that money McGuire an environment money could clearly negative paints a pretty big grade to fifth they're going to return. That's a big deal so who is doing that these these guys are guys that flip else's these guys you see on TV these are the guys that are that are making a business out of investing in real estate teach the active. Boots on the ground investing rules that we've actually got. You dozens of the dude strongest investors in the state and come to us on a daily basis to finance or projects those guys that are that are following this man knows the guys that he's frightened he's going to. Yeah a thousands tried to stick around Lucio get back from break. Thanks for tuning into the real world blueprint if you're ready to see how would you heard today applies to you can go to the real world blueprint dot com. And click on the schedule appointment Clinton to schedule your complimentary financial consultation one of our skilled advisors or these aren't any advisors. He's advisors are the architects behind the blueprint. The unique way to save your income planned for life. If you're not ready for such a commitment that's okay too. And click on the event registration and educate yourself at one more free retirement blueprint workshops hosted by chief financial seeding is very limited so do not wait. Real wealth blueprint is a noble capital production but your financial as a wholly owned subsidiary of noble capital. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. Every weekday afternoons at 12343530. We make you smarter. Hopefully it'll all sold make you some money stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back to the real wealth blueprint. Giving users secrets once reserved for the 1%. Thanks for joining us we're talking about different types of mailbox money and specifically we've been diving into US I think. So before you broke less or Tomas who is it can actually borrows this money and it says the investor that we're talking to his earning 60%. What's on the other side some is to be paying some pretty big bucks for this type of money right. They think about. You think about all the house is in your neighborhood you think about all else is EE drive on the way to work. They're going over you're going to have grilled severe rehab Nikko for you think about the palaces leasing on TV going through through some serious rehab. Those guys need to get their projects funded somewhere desolate I think guys on television like flipping houses or whenever those guys environment like this and found some of those guys are even our clients clinics. It's great to tell them out there and in doing good work. Home but it's it's just. It's a real thing and and guess what there's no lack. Of as you mentioned in the news go there's no lack of people moving into into Texas. Yet he's of these investors to these environs money so there barring money and they're flipping property and filling their filling the demands right now that that really really make sense because because that's an engineer's insult people always come in and pray Indiana house that hasn't been a dinner and they were seen in 3040 years I mean truly what's the life value of the house allies there's a reason why by the way to consumer mortgages thirty years because that's how on banks think house are gonna live forged kept treated. Right now he notes that these in conditions that were also improving these neighborhoods these loans if you think about you think that one house the the ugliest house on the block. It gets improved and also in the new red shiny happy think about he. Neighborhood the main idea nice and then you take that you get in the first three have on the block. All of a sudden your your turning you know that it just turning the page on the neighborhood it's it's a really good famed. Or for investors who are investing passively as a really good thing for those industries these guys on the street they're investing active. How totally and I think again boy you know to some degree it's it's good for the community I mean you're taking often times. The eyesore on the street and fixing up I can't say how many times. In undermine parents' and you know we're going for a little drive and everything in his arms so glad this house got body was such an eyesore you know I mean that's the guys are doing this they're buying these houses they're fixing them up and they're creating a a new experience for someone that's moving here that wants to live there and you know and again like you said always people living in Texas and you play salute and you don't eliminate house has been updated in forty years. Yeah we we mentioned no capital number times that's that's who pays the bills around here for the most part. But I know these these guys who actually go to the world capital legally they go entered through the different entrance if you will and that's streamline funding stream and when he is the premiere. A private lending firm in the state of Texas are doing loans all over the state these loans are. Are pretty fast these loans are predictable they're reliable and it's it's exactly the capital the peas. Flippers if you wanna call that need to get the politics out the ground and frankly do was success. Right so if you're flipping houses in your listening now and you're saying you know but that's actually I mean I flip houses. US speak with it's it's actually streamline funding in their website pretty simple streamlined funding dot com you can go there you can learn more about barring this type of money. Don't listen you can actually fill out there there. The formal line it's it's on the very first page the home page is easy feeling to retrieve forms Boone click hit the ball in the system no signs in the needed to Taylor alone for you nice let's bring you back to our side he'd actually undersized so by the waist UN funding is a wholly owned subsidiary of noble capitals so. It's a different brands the brain that we use to speak to the individuals that are borrowing the money. On the back of renewable capital we're talking about. I don't DDD investor the Linder I wanna be doing is protected I want it that low. Or risk I want those types of things I want the security of being the first lien holder. I wanna earn 60% predictable. Income crime that's. That's really kind I ain't that I believe that we're addressing right now mostly so. To kind of talk about that he. I do they get to choose who it is that they're gonna a deal lender on is that something happens in this program. It's it there's there's a little. Take your preference that exists out there but it's really is it the program is so much more efficient for the consumer of the of the product care and of course for TV for the manager of the product. To to investment fund because there's different ways to attention this and and fungus when we do we talk a little bit about that specifically by. We bring them into the market stood for indication of how it works where their money goes and how it performs. On but yeah it's a good pick your preference there's there's some guys who just want to. What you deal. Yeah I think to find is it's it's also provides a lot of other benefits so. Instead of just being a lender on one particular house and that's that's putting all your eggs and went a little explosion a 100% there's so as much security may have a net product you have no diversification and which is a send rest essentially. When you're not buying your money's being pulled together with a lot of variety of other participants and assets and assets in you're getting. Enormous amount of diversification. Price of one property goes down has an issue and hasn't produced net income. You know that's not an impact you directly immediately right takes quite a bit of those properties set up arms that's that's the whole reason we organized through funds you know it's beautiful thing couple that with the fact that these Arenas that he cents on the dollar there's assuming feel states and there that's that's the thank you so that's have you found out totally so. OK I I'm listening now wanna I wanna participants how to aideed let's give you indeed the correct dates and the times locations that are coming up in June. We actually having two different events. Young ones and Austin and one is in Dallas. Where actually there are have listeners in both those territories are announced we want to have events for both of you. But in Austin the first one is actually coming up it's Tuesday. On June the twentieth. At 6 PM Truex in the arboretum. So if you wanna go to that event in your in Austin please go to real world blueprint dot com and you can register for the event on the website. But for those listeners and Dallas the event is going to be Thursday. That's 629. At 6 PM. And to get rich reluctance in uptown so again her either listener if you're into Sudanese events I'm going to real wealth blueprint dot com. If you scroll down and register for the events we can click on events at the top there's a little could push Orkut right there. Emissions an event. Order to deal fashioned way you can actually just give us a phone call if you want so our phone numbers on that side there's an email where you can reach us we can schedule the appointments on there as well. Yeah you know we we cover a lot of ground at these events that we're we're talking about private lending today we cover a whole lot more ground that he's been sketchy over seven common retirement mistakes a lot of people don't realize or even mistakes but I mean if if you're curious if you're if you're listening you're curious about 60%. A returns an and that's really where it would piqued your interest. On I do that urging you to go to that website because there is the space is limited I mean that there's only there's only so many see that these places and wanna make sure that we situation. Yet totally in humbly to buy dinner. Stay dozens looking ahead how. Posters that I knew there on that which is nice but. Yes we have two events again in Austin that's Tuesday's sixth when he at 6 PM a true it's an arboretum. And in Dallas that's going to be out of Thursday's 629. At sixteen immature it's an uptown integrates either there's a day which I am I next week from. So we're gonna pick up where we left off but a little more predictable income just leave you a little different twist image that he was probably lending next week it's going to be a surprise the we're gonna be doing predictable income and take to essentially guys so another form of predictable income. That everybody can look at can build another strategy can put in their blueprint like it. Yeah I'll tell you it's you know we mentioned earlier on in my intro if you will that and that somebody hears them ten years ago who lets me open that is lending business and down. But I fear if you're not familiar with this this means means she knew them. Bomb if you don't know let me show it. Easily he's a genius of the man and then he's going to be one's gonna contribute this show a whole lot into it over the coming weeks there isn't our guest right next week via the I can't wait for the listeners get him and he he actually mean. James and our partners that that's happened CEO he's he's he's he's the man outside where he is he is heavily involved in this and frankly one of the architects behind them for. Yeah and summarize army says he's the founder and CEO of noble capital until actually be speaking at these seminars as well these two different events that we just talked about. In Dallas and also in Austin so. And you wanna cure jade and speak and learn about a variety of different topics including the prime lending which are really dove into today. As well as some of the other topics on the o's strategies that we have. Being register the event. Yep but it too if you're if he'd just wanna go to web site visit. These are some note tell us what you wanna hear it's mostly we should be telling you because at the end of the day we are coming up with some content that we built. Over the course of the last fifteen years are at their clients have been telling us so. So tell us they wanna hear but we'll bring it to its the next show. Yeah so small that's on the real well blueprints I wanted to say thank you for listening to us on our refer show we have to talk to each unit and again we'll be here next week's. 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