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Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Welcome to real estate radio I'm your host Jason stands wanna share your real estate stories call now at. At 51 C 6409610. And now here's Jason stands. It's Sunday fullback central Texas is real state radio I'm Jason sell your host branch manager of in our mortgage in your consumer advocate for all things real estate. Appreciate you guys tune in on KB DO TV and of course right here on talk thirteen seventy. All on your radio in oral and and LS number is 181407. Sean was doorman co host and partner senior loan officer Carol mortgage was gone. Nub in other Sunday at the houses and they treat you mean I'm bad guys good good good start to a yeah Yuri get to show don't yet hot it's hot it's I'm ready for September and October to come back. He had no control we got a couple folks who think for you go here guys if the show would be possible without the help of our partners so Sean tells a little bit about dot com offers. Pat offer your closing office for six American title on these guys are simply just stop the best in the business side early mornings late afternoon Saturday really needed quick closings. Legal legal issues union attorney got in house attorney right there in our office. On these guys are great don't come to you on the most locations all over town. On disk of you know I can't say enough good things about the mayor supports five years so appreciate you a bride Tiffany yes you can argue Gaza there have been do business with the notion so three yeah long don't sound so also did caroling assures roofing we've also got Bob Rihanna shall become in later tell us a little bit about tough those guys in which you homeowners need to know about your roof. Also or apps doing fantastic and our approach and what almost 2000 people now so if you want our app XP here's what does you can shop poems get interest rates. Calculate payments you can Texas asks questions to release it to get your pull up your phone your text atx to 31996. In the follow directions. And that's that they're so simple check that out to also a lot of rules state radio on FaceBook account real say radio Jason son's FaceBook up. Gotta look communication going there had some great questions coming last week so thank you all for reaching out to us and of course our tax line's open right now 512. 64096. Tenths. Shambles come up and so many men we've got Steve Kline and Chris Dodd was to apply custom homes will be here to tells about a couple there. Products are working up on north Austin Georgetown. Area. Like Simeon free us from assurance roofing. It's coming in. Talk about maybe order roofing needs and that also lots of low mortgage lender. Got a mortgage coming up global blood mortgage matters yes well in trade talk to refinance and also you know we are special guest on now he's only behind the camera but Tom Murray soon did you exposures and come on talk about those guys and what they've been doing on the user. Two time you in me nominated you know production company and they're going behind the cameras but that would give the game he loved it from Marie sooner or later but still without further ado Lama I've got to a sales marketing manager. Chris Dodd. Was steep climb custom homes and mr. Steve Klein himself. Welcome to the studio how we do a gentleman. We're glad to be that's for sure we'll get you very. Well we're happy to have -- and I excited you've got a lot going on line going on it Chris we've heard from you bunch on me Steve's fantastic Evian in the studio so let's just are brought into it I was starting to wonder how many episodes that my company was gonna be on before I got to. This is actually awesome talking to Chris yeah. You don't look over there it's thank you Erica Sophia bush is get into it I mean you you've been doing this quite some time and got out let's just start off with your design and build a mean that's that's kind of a point oh just get on immediately so kind of tell our our viewers and in our our listeners up a little bit about the process. You know Jason I think too many people make the entire process too hard. Be you have to listen you have to understand. You know in my career if or I think this is my 36 year 27 yourself employed. You know I've downtown home projects attached the attached. Two on our 40602. Million dollar homes. Is the commonality with all of it is. Is is people in their mind hair of what they want in terms of societies in inning and and architecture and in materials and stuff Gary. In the other hand is your checkbook. It does seriously where you can have for her found or homer for a million dollar home. What what is very normal is people's realistic expectation or between these two were. Only about 20% and also I mean folks don't kick yourself too hard. If you cannot have everything on your wish list included in the must have list Jeff Jeff I know what we've seen a lot as. You folks just can't visualize that process it because they kind of got that tell you the blueprints in their mind well because they've always got the pictures videos made you know that. He need to break it down and pieces. The longer I'm in this business it is it a kind of view myself in the last server years that that. Bliss has a home builder yeah and Morrissey a professional advice are you today. It's my job to. Understand what they're trying to achieve it's my job to go evaluate their site so my job to hold their hand get him. Through the construction. Landing in the in the mortgage lending process with the creek people. It innocent she do you need to help people put their team together for their project. The way we approach the process is quite simple in and it's. You know close to thirty years we've developed and we and we tried to fine tune at all time. To a preliminary concept you can't stop the process. There's no need for complete finish blueprints. Sit down and put together a preliminary budget today let's take a look at what's his home wants to cost car. If it's within realistic expectations. Then must make some more decisions. Listless decide on different materials different finishes. Then finished boot prints there and then go to hard bid to acquire neutral takeoff. It's not uncommon for us to do for far for more budgets. With a single client on the single project and at some point they say okay we know exactly what we wanted to do. So we view this partnership. Good communication. A lot of trust. In an extremely accurate information. It's got to be you know me you've got to have a build its whole thing about tough you know that it was from my vision is you've got him. I have people that she you can work with I mean how long's it take to build. We made money stay think months to a year and a half so you have to have. A lot of trust them a lot of patience if communication is all of it big time and you know there's lots of builders out there so you don't set yourself apart is it's it's that process. It sits there during you know it's the before it hits the prepping. They just gonna bring in people took to kind of realize that that there's a there's a reality here you can't have it all into emotionally ready. Actually so sometimes somewhere and during that process is going to be emotions that come out we'll are different. And also I mean I think the base issue is the biggest complaint I seem to get which I don't ever differed about Steve Kline as you know kind of honesty transparency right debate. The biggest call I was get from borrowers as they're 7% of the way down to the house and oh my god we're 151000 dollar short now writing a builder told them you know four months earlier no problem you know. You know your budgets for vows memory get this done and in the Dover things they got him on the hook. And they're just gonna roll with it you know and and and that's not always the case some I mean we've had people that. You know you can especially you don't lower your loans for that amount you go back the bank if you're Losman for and say you know when you're fifty grand I mean so I think in the yeah honesty and transparency you know I would all right Steve Kline is super important. You know nowadays. Well what their wants and needs of 15%. Yes is telling them up front. This is reality you're probably going to be 1520% higher than what you start whereas so we need to make sure. We stay within that boundary or whatever that is definitely has a few years to menace is real state radio I'm Jason Stubbs and are joined by Steve Klein esteemed Steve talk custom builder. If Chris Dodd does Sean Finnegan over here appreciate you got to an end. Sequence where where you guys building I mean Berber obviously in central Texas but what parts of central Texas and know where she got built. I've been in business for 27 and a half years we build literally from the Gulf of Mexico all the way appeared in the hill country. Lot of ranch is a lot of waterfront golf course. Pretty much anybody that has a beautiful site they want to optimize their site. They wanna build your dream home. And they're just not sure how to put all the pieces together. We were talking earlier in I think one of the one Bard finished rules in this business folks never ever become emotional thrill stay here. Tree like a product it's gonna it's gonna cause you problems. And as Sean was saying don't fall in love too early I mean if everything everybody knows everybody knows of somebody. That has less than favorable experience designing planning in building home carried. Take your time go through partnerships interview the builders then aren't I saying for years if people would select. Their family home builder. The same ways if slipped her family doctor of their investment advice or they're bankers and insurance advisors setter it would be rare you found. Some really had to listen favorable experience. Up that's great advice out there. And dummy what advice can you guys give somebody that's out there that you don't they just just can't really visualize that that you know building a home. He doesn't think in new home you know they're looking at inventory the less that you got somebody out there that's. You know been want to do for five years and what advice can you give that person. That ticket her give them a little bit of comfort tour they may or may be able to have a conversation about Doug build a custom home. One of the things teased as everybody when he sits down with the news. Time with the move leader has looks like that's fantastic hands feet and then people just tell you and if you did Austin as long as we have. You know if they can. Tell you what that movie looks like in there and we determine these are done it or we know how to get there to where they need to be put it is going to attribute this picture of him how dot com you don't like like a boisterous logon or does that's what they're bringing the blueprints of America. As far as I know this is the effect of. Show my age a little bit they used them in thirty years go with pages torn out of the magazine and I I've always said. I see Mindy she being about fifteen dollars worth I'm mag and I just how well today it was technology people shows you know we like the front of this home. We think we like this kitchen. We believe we need this number of forums here. In an. It's all good place to start so. Definitely so what we're reduce them now to take a look I come walk around a couple communities that you guys have so I know we got some homes are complete and we've got some some some options for some completely just custom builds. So let's stick around stick around a more costly plan here. Again and stay up today called it long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch while you work at top 1670 dot com get a brain talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind of their great. The right choice. Welcome back to show central Texas we appreciate you guys stick around and if you just tuned in appreciate UK BDO every Sunday at twelve noon and right here talk thirteen 70 AM. Sean Finnegan man how we doing so formidable good deal. Back for another segment got Chris Dodd does sales marketing manager Steve Clark custom homes. And the man himself Steve Kline welcomed us back again guys we got another segment let's get right to it I know that we've got some some some we've got some communities got some homes on the ground we yes Dixon line homes completed in the ability to build custom homes. We will go. Let's start and Boris are you a star Maurice on porn star I have four inventory of homes that will be complete. Big key part of the end of August. Beautiful new product eleven foot ceilings corny kitchens to NASCAR garage. Homes. All behind the gate. The new swimming pool in morningstar's now open. The plot to walk entrails dog park right at the corner of Ronald Reagan and 29. We have thirty through Glasgow neighborhood. I'm half plots are green rebel lots so we have four houses that are be ready go by the end of August so we're ready roles. Antacid so 1431. They'll pick 29 point nine tomorrow right around right just had lots going on out there than mere three areas fans he's in mid three semi Shantee how difficult is it for folks bought homes like that a new how many pre approvals do you have other folks looking for house's. In the mid threesome and and lower I mean it's it's tough it's tough to find a rundown and they also need multiple bid situations ones that are out there yourself and wide margin does decide to build in that area. You know Jason. Historically we've always done I am lecturing Helms he wanted to kind custom homes. When the right piece of property comes along and I have a development background. Haven't done a lot of development does not surprise me I've completed at least twelve in my career. Morningstar is a boutique or upscale neighborhood you're just like going to the BMW's and Mercedes dealership and you want to feature she want equality you want to service you want the peace of mind today. He just don't want a big one considered so by using the same materials does the same professional trades same suppliers that we do on our. You know 600002. Million plus product in a smaller home. You conceive and they're just there's they're just awesome what are some of these features that your putting in the east this smaller type home that you put in the lord and you know typically in a smaller home you get a certain Grady cabinets now or perhaps flooring. Etc. You walk in these homes in immediately. That the level of the cabinetry carrot tops. The plumbing fixtures light fixtures. Did it screams of you know a larger home just so gourmet kitchen double ovens popular. Farmhouse sink design overhaul oversized island custom made cabinets. The overall standard and this product in the amid the ceilings kind of gives it that green and feel it is done I mean all we seen as we see a lot of people there's there's there's a demographic. But this home is perfect for. In its amazing you've got older folks who just don't want to big yards and one of downsized in the testimonials that don't know how to use lawn mowers and they don't want Johncke. But I art are gone and they don't want big houses and I mean that's 33% to about 30% of our animals and young professionals divorcee is. The the list goes on it. There used to be that in order to get a smaller home with a smaller yard you went to pure production run and you got what you got. So when we get an opportunity just from the small project like this. This is the only gated it. Community. I believe north 1430 won't miss. Goodness so it and that's that's a huge deal. So doesn't mean you are in touch with dusty Klein and take a look at these cells give us a ring 51264096. Tenor shoot us a text. And we get in contact with a Chris what else. We have. Between home and sage creek complexity treats its own one acre. Blog it has a ton compared to jump freeze in the backyards doubling your room for pool house is four bedroom four bass 4036. Square feet. It's 689000. Dollars. It's a gorgeous house and he knows got a custom made all white cabinets. Very wide open and amidst trees in the backyard just traditional Christmas trees I mean there are dozens. Of trees on this one blocked the entry is amid. When you're designing this house I mean obviously you know you guys have created this you know from from blueprints but a deep when you look at that lot did you take those trees and guitar usually it is just an idea that that angle but how we see a lot of money but that's very good yeah right. Yeah I don't doubt made you you can't below those who don't Austria voted no. Or should they were two driveways away your two entrances. East of samurai hills country club Kerry and Chris. Price difference between similar sized product a 200000 miles less tax rates only to borrow one to. Enjoyed fees or foreigner details a year verses four and institute also Munson absolutely beautiful little battling them take neighborhood 26 slots. I invite everybody come on out it's it's as. Take a drive this weakening currencies and sage creek in a lot of people who just haven't bought recently they forget little things right like qualifying shot only two point 1% on the tax rate I mean that can be thumbs up or thumbs down on via brigade in there I mean that's that's not been everything else out there is running hovering right around three. It would submit a difference and different you know you're talking 3400 dollars a month a you know for every 300000 dollars you know I'm 1% difference being a big deal it is so what about tough when Barbara would. Love great words gray will we have three wood or home going right now. Once complete it's a four bedroom four bath home right at 5769. And two smaller houses I have. One that's clear and four square feet. Four bedrooms three and have passed right at two or. Four earned an 89000. Dollars what does that right now. I mean result of one acre lot Guillen lots of beautiful trees. On each book all the parlor that we have so we we like to hang out and treat neighborhoods. Columnist in that guise of yours and this is real state radio on Jason's house and we appreciate you guys were here every Sunday twelve noon okay Biggio and also lots top thirteen seven he got shot Fagan Cinderella off loan officer within our mortgage Steve Kline and Chris stocks decline custom builder. And act as we've we appreciate you albeit in here and if we were not done we're not done. I want I've got a friend out there and is looking. Must think about liberty hill area. In on the try to give mouth out your way to have Communist and we heard this too shall we don't handle well there you go but I'll I want you kind of walk. My body through the process so he Christie calls you says hey don't have a conversation about building a custom home you what do you tell what's up process look like in. You know how long can they expect to do you. You know a lot of it depends on the person that comes in the front door remains so again first you say to him was a movie you're had looked like. And what do you look for 400 bedrooms you want. We're really going to be used for how many bathrooms you need. She won't be room to a game where we want to study how do you live your life. Then we can help you since we have over 85 floor plans to choose from could take those you can modify those plans. Or can go. So down Stevens. Soup bread just drawing a mean. He didn't whip out a plan in no time flat and people look at and say that's exactly what I'm looking for. And so that's Prosser we go through usually takes three to four months because we're pretty detailed during that process. He's about a must build a house. And then you're limited revolved. So Stevie just slip over that bed don't nap and grab your pen and start design and you know I have no doubt I draw upside down backwards. And there's about well you sit in front oh me if you draw through. The client's mind in front of Buena I don't know how to explain that. I'm. An end you know the other thing is we didn't keep. Homes. Under construction of all time that are unsold got the call B level all the features to finish is no different than a full tilt custom. But the reason we have homes like there's actually people coming three location companies. They're realtor brings him out. They absolutely did not one building now. They can't find what they want okay so they do. They do come out with your realtor and you've got to have homes finished four people purchase because they've got they've got to get their life's going in a certain amount of time. I guess not everybody is designed built from scratch right. Yeah no doubt so I mean just his four as the got the whole process goes to meet you guys have a a great process and you do. What are some of these other builders out there. You know do and that that she got stinky kind of have a little bit of it not advantage for a little bit different to me what's that big differ. So we have Steve. I mean for fear of the tornado in years is knowledge to you know do one of a kind customs you know and end. You know the different styles like most humbled and have a certain style building. Where we don't have a certain style and we build houses from 200000 dollars to over a million dollars. And they come in all different shapes and sizes you know I've seen houses he's done in the past they've gone from French provincial too. Tuscan sorry colonial Georgia including emerging everything we're all over the place so there is no set style if you come in tells what's movie is is going on your head. We can make that a reality. It if they don't wanna do that you wanna buy a home it's complete that is inventory on this they've done I mean the finish out her unbelievable. I mean the farmhouse sink is fantastic I mean some of these. I mean just the colors in the flooring in Maine who does all that stuff. We've we've got to be in house design center of we have a brand new show home. Christian groups like 5000 foot show home it's 200 square feet. Nest on highway 29 about three miles west Georgetown or halfway between Georgetown and and and Ronald Reagan. And MF that homes that are for first simple reason people can come in give ideas talk to us about their piece property. And we key you know we can drift into her 45 neighborhoods that are liberty hill Leander round rock. Notes ever so Georgetown so concert what's next for you speak. I just keep doing what I do I love what I do I enjoy going to work every day I enjoy working with people. I'm really not an office guy. My truck is my office today I love to go out on the jobs look at framing public foundations make sure everything's correct. We're not a large company Jason as you know we do about 25 million a year. But I've been able to still maintain a first name relationship with every single client and I don't think there's a lot of builders that are able to do either anymore. What I love about you guys it's issued to me you're in the access to use. Chris is obviously available. Almost 24/7 a prize should save but I know you were quite a bit but if it's it's the local its accustomed it's a real deals not these giant steel conglomerate builders out there that. If you want to talk to Steve he can find that you can talk he's got this Vatican hello business if yeah if we ever Clancy. The only time they can leaves on the Sunday and meet with tomorrow Sunday thing. It is where this. So fantastic very gusty classified custom builder Chris Dodd we appreciate you guys sit him with us we'll get you back on soon and keep doing what you're doing guys doing a fantastic job out there and we'll keep an eye on yet our guys got more comfortable around. If every talk radio program worth the same. What would be the fourth the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on top thirteen seven Michael variation. Welcome back central Texas we appreciate you got sick around this is real state radio I'm Jason styles were here every Sunday at noon on K Vizio. It also right here in the beautiful school Westlake studios of talk thirteen seventy a helmet got to enjoy bosh on that again now a senior officer in our mortgage. And the lovely Rihanna minor with the church roofing welcome Michelle and Angel get in the into roofing I hear just a little bit and stuff that tough people just don't know what they don't know but before we do guys a little glitch in our Tex lines open for all year old state questions that we just had Steve Kline on a Steve Clark custom homes along with Chris Dodd who you touched those guys just reach out to a spot 126409610. We would help you with your next role state adventure your mortgage questions your how federal state agent. Also what we try to do is if your small business out there. And you wanna be a part of our show just reach out to us some and we feel we've had done UT goes on and you reject Craig but who's on next week credit from Craig has Peter Pace scenario prevent O'Neal's poor Nielsen. All different insurance folks I mean you name it you know we've had a we've had a month deftly got so out of reach out to us small business out there umbrage to those 5126409. 610. Also we've got a new segment Tug that we're doing so if you're homeowner out there you think about listing your home and you want your home on TV in your real rather contact us give us a call we cannot just come out take some pictures indecent views and put your house on TV and get a lot of attention and take that Lincoln sent all over the world and people like stuff so 1512640. And ice extent cart without further duke Rihanna what's gone on a few houses and entry here. And it can pretty good today. Us and is apparently censored and I can't complain well good deal all happened roofing I mean. You people just it's not something that a lot of folks know about I mean obviously roofs were most important things has do with her home but to we have a lot of clients. Sean and I mean you've seen this to me you we got inspections it come in or folks are looking to purchase homes and a lot of people just don't know they have roof damage and a half went what do you say to them. Yes so that's a big thing that I ran until like on the daily here I. And Texas you know our big thing and bad weather we get hail almost every year high winds so I. Alan I'm talking to people the average you know homeowner is not out there locking their roof. An even if they are they often really don't know what they're looking for as far as hail is concerned which is our biggest thing here in Texas it is an enemy. We've had I mean how many you'll sums that we had in 2003 about yes I think she doesn't 17 here in central Texas we have a small wine and Westlake. We had wine and 2015. And late clay I. And else 2014. And south Austin. So I mean we have this service at least expecting it shows us held damage like from the past seven years. So they can pull that up within a matter of minutes pull up a specific property and see over the past seven years you know the exact tell activity that's a courteous via almost. Every year you have it somewhere in central Texas. I'm where were we live. We've got we are a little hill yeah. It and done next thing you know I mean they're getting these business cards like through my door jamb so you know I'll walk on the front Norton that was that. Pretty good solid business cards in my house and he's got stuck in there are selected their put one in the door. In Dallas or follow with another Warner wide but I mean they're like 23 cars what was going on an open the door a bunch of large fallout. And I mean it's what with what's happening there I mean who are all these people. Yeah I mean any time you get a house and the the refers are guaranteed to follows that's how a lot of people actually find out that they might have damage is that seen as someone comes knocking at their guards are richer and there letting them know that you know hey just because our. Are any. Holding her ribs are you still have all your shingles doesn't mean that you don't have hail damage and I feel like 90% there is a rare place. It's all all the shingles there are no obvious holes. And most of time you don't sourcing leaks until later on down the red spinning on how severe and hell is. Big I mean most people think that because it's not dismal that it's not there. I've I've heard recently 46 surfers left the door. How is that something they come out unilateral and often they're you know Ford Fiesta as with you know Arkansas license. And Smith knows the refers to gouge out your credit is now. I mean that's the other thing in my neighborhood right now Lotta people are problem critters. Especially the towers get in and they they I don't know man they did. They somehow weasel her way in those tiles man and it's a pain in the butt to get it repaired and fixed and you know those critter I mean somebody had fired on the street a couple of suits is a squirrel chewed through some wires I gotta do their roof I miss our thing I don't think people. People think about you know a lot of times into the look for other places they leaned into you loose so I mean you're talking maintenance yeah in this general who is there some type of yearly check or give something error every 23 years I mean who would talk me it's a little bit. Yeah I felt like her miss the homeowners that I talk to be they iron. Kind of digging out when they're they got to sell their house or you know after health star and they may call on house committee. I come on check it we always off fairly different actions that would. Transactions. It's actually was I mean so what let me in are you physically going out these houses and talk with social tells a little bit about that means that process and how does that work. Yes it's called us and they say you know we think we might have held him understandable look at airport and see what it looks like in that area will go out meet at the homeowner. They actually you know get on top of the ridge and take a look at it will look for the held I'll also look for anything else that might be going on so. I'd like. Their rift that's going to make sure that the flashing light scatter around that make sure that everything is secure properly. Just there is general things that we look for and if we see that anything looks you know. Like eight TDs and attention and then we take pictures and we let them come a minor now. And that's for seller I mean sellers and buyers are all sellers and all buyers should check everything out before they sell their house because if there is on the wrong you wanna get a fix before anybody comes to buying sends out Specter out because. Anytime there's an issue and Garcon how's that hasn't fixed. It's just gonna wanna know buyers marijuana either get a lower price get more credits commutes. If there's another issue it just gonna compound you know also has other leading Fossett and the respect now. I mean and the the more things you can eliminate before you put your house the market that might get from this are. It's just gonna help you get more money when you sell your house beat and same thing if you're buying that house. You want to make sure that refused indulges necessary take the sellers were fort. You know because as I learned now I neither is a problem we got to face you know right away but yet and you move into a house two weeks later got a leaky roof. Made a unit that's a little late at that point. That reminds me I'm glad you brought that up Rihanna owls with Dan caroling on the under her shirt ripping yesterday and with Chris Dodd of Steve Clark custom builders and we're having a couple of adult beverages and there is a buddy on the rules say agent somebody in my current subject is accident he just sort of talk and he goes man. If we bought this house it's downtown it's pure and beans and the route you know deals like how old's refuse it it's for years old males like common raping a pales as well. Week it was replaced by insurers with hale. But the company. Justin stand behind their their work so. It's a three year old house its leaky he knew when he bought the house if he tried to kind of work on and tweak a little bit. And I love you so much oil they're pretty quick there's a conversation we had yesterday but it was AA Russa had been replaced. Through insurance from a a big storm. And in the quality just was not there are so be it in San body wasn't in it wasn't a war teeter ensuring thanks so. And that's a problem with the storm you know the concentration on offense and you know the the vote the bad word their places around certain surfers but I mean. You know that guy with those you know Arkansas license plates and slide a car with a added Tommy there's a decent chance you call him any year that number may be just think you're never gonna find that yeah yeah you know curious yes there's a promise turns review call modern find them. They're gonna come back to make right fantastic school of thought if our listeners our viewers wants you to come out not check other house and to make sure their wrists okay how do we had contact with. Yes they can contact me at 5125. I 01290. And that. Q what she can't text that day I can let you know within a matter of minutes whether or not your property had held damage our lives and hail impacted area. If your relative or call us we'll check your listings out. But you know free of charge each of the market Brady. We also do things like payment at closing options. Quick turnaround times F 512550129. Era. Keep up the good work and we'll just sit around and protect us a little bit of a mortgage but tough to free up and sit around with us and national turned to see you man you know obviously we've got a lot going on out there I mean this is of the heat of our season we've got tough with who were busy busy busy and and everybody is in his towns movement and I don't think many people sit still enough maybe Hollywood AKA Austin, Texas but. What's going on I mean we we've got a couple refinance as we've seen who these people what are they don't. I mean actually the main refinances were doing right now are a lot of folks I did either home equity your home improvement loan cost you know 20112012. On the markets or come back. Holland and they do know it's going to be second means that in a home equity loans that are may be shorter terms or work. Block home equity loans or arms were there fixed for certain period of time and then they started adjusting. They're taking those are raping and into one new loan winter you know existing loan. You know and I'd say. The one morale right now there their total loans about a hundred or 195000. They did get a loan to take out they don't wanna put a pool and back in 2013. And when and if saving them about 400 bucks a month now and you know combine him on a one payment options are not known anywhere they're not gonna leaving nearly twenty points and they can stay. And we're seeing them about 400 bucks a month. A lot of folks you know if you didn't FHA loan about anywhere it's a two or more years ago. You know the average FHA loan if you're around 200000 dollars you'll probably pay about a 150 dollars a month and PMI. You've she did change you have 20% equity now it is I mean even if you puzzles two years ago with his crazy is the market you know because you put three and a half to 5% down when he bought it. You know your pain a little bit of that principle off every month in overtime and then just depreciation and Austin there's a decent chance. You've got 20% equity on the cost you nothing gives a call to find out and I mean worst case or even see the same rate or you just. Drop a little Buffy raised you can drop that. FHA has a conventional doesn't Wear. You can't just simply dropped repeat a lie if the if you preside us up front on so he already dropped a few miles you're an initial and primary insurance yet they're images it's it is it's just added money you know it's it's really sad and money. It is Ali hit on a client that we ran across recently I'll bring up any names but we want to sell or our house on north side of town and no we are and we're asking top dollar Ford. In just couldn't wrap our minds I'm gone doing close with with our but couldn't wrap our minds around paying top dollar yen. So it's like you know some of these folks who want ups you sell hiding get a deal on a house down there that's not what's happening out here we are. An answer the other is the other folks right now live this mean big dip people are are realizing that right they're like wow I can get. A lot of money from my house right now more maybe more than ever caused you to get easy but don't you actually go shop what you're gonna buy. Like Jesus and there's not a lot of deals yet you're sure you're gonna sort of house swap in the near to pay top dollar fell and so why not instead you've got all this equity. You can happen equity and on. Putting that especially if you like a lot of neighborhoods like that school district exactly remodel that to put all that extra bedroom at you know at 400 square feeder redo the kitchen redo the bathrooms would have put in the pool. You know you can take advantage of equity that haven't admitted you can make your money back on that obviously you know probably pop up some disclaimer but you know basically you if you invest in your home right in you have that right coming base which he does and rules agent that really kind of shares what's going on but if you have a smaller square foot home in an area that's hot in the depreciating and you add square footage. And you can get your money back plus some more and and you're adding square footage you're adding that value that's value even if if the market takes it down taking heat and prices start to drop a little that you at a square footage so even if let's say everything your neighborhood right now sell for 200 already square foot. And it. You know it corrects itself folder goes I'll bet next you know it's a 190 dollars square foot. You've added 400 square feet right so you still added value to that house even if the market goes down a little bit. Com and that might even be better when that's my wife parties like hey we just bought a house you know we can so. You know obviously still what's re model little dead personnel I wanna be you know I don't wanna have. Be you know by at the top and and then things it makes me LG three years and I like. You know you're kind of stuck in half like we got it right there guys got to take a break we come back up more Rihanna shirt ripping shots again Errol and in RL mortgage and a will be back. Texas weather can change on a dime will. We're running an Internet and doing here normally. When the weather turns severe turns to us for what you need to know on air and online at sock thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right. Choice. Chaos in the wake up and fly right on tour. Thirteen seven. Back the show's central Texas if you're just tuning in this is rules say radio I'm Jason stubs if you suffer through that break we appreciate you we're here every Sunday at twelve noon on KB DO and also right here in the beautiful Wesley because studios about talk thirteen 70 AM. So what does reach out to us we will hear from you and hero. You're on your rules take questions you got mortgage questions we will help pew Internet released adventure so what result was 5126409610. For an hour after the show detects ought to be open in all of us if we can't tuck into some questions for you if you need help with you have countertop surface. Any type of of industry to kind of falls in that role state or or or home buying process and reach out as we don't talk to you. Found somebody in back enough so we have another round ma'am got a little bit of touch or ritual were quick here at the in the show but tough before we do that I want to introduce some resume Gonzales a visual exposure come may and welcome to the beat the front of the camera trap. Does Marie shows he's he's producer did you exposure but tough men I mean we've known Trevor question Thomson first time that you've been a sit in front of me so a man well what Michelle what. NT Jason I know I'm I am usually in the back we have far run over your doing everything announced today. For those who are listening to over the radio waves we are from in this for TB KB viera TV. It's their real Syria were just stabs. I'm and we are the producers for the televisions show additional exposure. Been around since 2010. And most of the stuff you see on TV via all the programming from nine to one. Is that you expose yourself to shows and commercials and Promos in Destin and all that style yes we have now we have gone into. Probably over for 500 homes now since we've started to us our seventh year going into our seventh year. So I'm not a realtor. I've I've definitely can be in front of the camera but I am the one behind the camera helping those realtors present their homes market their owns. And in that house looking fantastic in which is what I wanted to yeah definitely will a malicious hit tell us a little bit about just services for you guys have me. You let's talk about it builders what he does doom with builders. We offer all inclusive videos production services anything from marketing for social media down to television this. Two commercials TV local commercials. We are. A team of two so we are Jacqueline trades. We will come down and and you with your team meet meet with you were a company. And see what best fits your immediate needs. One of the biggest things that small companies. Especially in and an Aussie and that did they get a little afraid of doing video production run as they have the idea that your production is it is expensive yes it can be. And and a lot of folks now turn to social media as their phones YouTube. Facebook's sciele snapshot style type of videos is very raw. Very up front page here and I'm in my bathroom on in my car drives were walking through this thing it doesn't matter. And there is a use for that type of video and video exposure on social media. Man you just go down. The third top 500 companies and they all use high and production video to market even Coca-Cola and all the big ones still do it to the state because it works. Well I mean in with you know with the channels of distribution right whether it's your FaceBook YouTube snapshot. Email blasts all those things. Do would you take that high quality footage you know without use and you know that. The cell phone or W you guys come in with I mean even just your equipment alone is second to none mes best money can bar. If you're trying to sell how else. Obvious you're trying to show detail. You that's where the important things come to come enemy during the break we're just talking about how some these trends and people out their film itself with their. With their iphones and it just equality has just absolutely. Just taken a dive it's part of what I mean it's hardly a hot. Apple yeah it's I can Larry kinda like Blair witch number I think shallow slow medium and the doors but they didn't isn't the doors locked. I'm sorry let's let's go around the back like a Mike you've you've got that when you've lost me. It is mostly it does become a thing where if you turn on the camera you wanna beyond in front of it. And it's gonna come natural. We do YouTube stars or. Chest as rare as real movie TV stars yes there's. Thousands millions. And now billions of people out there that can stream themselves that's all good if you're realtor out there you wanna do that go ahead and but keep it to. The social media. Outlets that that fit that style definitely. Your web sites probably shouldn't have those type videos on definitely I would suggest. Who says if burst of laughter website doesn't have video on at this point in time you're. It's like you don't even have a website. Now video helps your web search hits anything that Google sees as video content it would try to put it up as high as possible to get out there so. Don't be shy get a good production occurred video out their branding yourself. And and make yourself look presentable. Listen 33% of the homebuyers in 2017 are going to be no annual deaths. Denmark that mark is not a long years yeah and it only keeps growing the only guy is trying its. In a all of that growth not most of that growth 80% of it is gone to the suburbs are so you're talking on the manuals move into the suburbs why. Price for ability to find and and one of the things that younger folks want to do here in Austin why Austin bring in someone who deals is because. The small business overseas a huge. So you are small business NEC of many many small business is which is good but we signed 9% small business gross number one in action and small business growth and. Curiosity which makes it tough phone not the mortgage guys yeah because it ends come qualifications are a little bit more try to sell for a while right doesn't feel real loud and that's that's the kind of but those are the kind of mortgages that you mall mightn't. Expects you're soon millennial like myself small business owner like myself. I am gonna need these services firm professional mortgage you know how to deal with. You know. Hey I work its fur lift or Hoover or whatever other shares serving and sites. Web sites freelance work all that is extra income not a lot of people on our stand. Do you years. At and they just need somebody how to guide them through their home I'm probably a mean I want homes Yahoo! when you want to play and I mean I'll I'll save me if you if you're out there and your bowling alone. You know you're yourself importer not to mean to meet set is set to your plan. The dominant car and two years and enough said this for years I mean on the buy two years don't do it don't wait. It adheres to thank at least get a plan you at least give us a call and we can kind of have a conversation with you on how long's Tayshaun. Not all team fifteen minutes Graham what we can say is here's exactly where you stand today. Here's where you need to be in two years and here's how you do it also gives profile 1264096. And here's tune and I'm Jason Stubbs is liberal state radio I'm joined by senior loan officer general mortgage Sean Finnegan. And up producer master of the camera in Indy and many other things summary showed Gonzales did you exposure there is to all of you talk to that rule throughout. There here's the story from my personal example here because we are selling homes through television or commercials. Not like my producer Ron sometimes not my son hamburgers more service has one time think this is one of your biggest investments and you wanna get it right the first time. So why not have four K ultra high definition video of your home. Today my weight down is available you can call us we can do that for you. Listen colonials lightning the stats from the ideals choosing realtors is 89% 89% in knowing you will choose a realtor compared to. 87% of janitors. 85 of boomers to see the trend is going out no O'Neal's want to be guided by experience people and so get out there shall yourself out there you go one of the few that has a good production video out there for people to see you and you can also be proud to show on social media networks. Zach video. You have to worry about you know. Self he cannot and does a guy and and you know walked into the house all in Prague if it can work it can grab some attention. And don't worry about the views just do it because you saw about their it is a single I wanna touch on there's a couple things out there that tough few we've we've been here for years in the army I've got to four and first one is out of touch on the new 3-D scan. You know we've heard about the the virtual. Home tour for I mean I'm years we've been saying that six or eight or 91012. Members since I remember getting into this it's for a virtual virtual tour and it's not. A virtual tour it's a slide show of pictures for most of the time and and that's that's confusing to people. The trend for marketing usually comes from the trend in video games and the train and train the trend in video games is virtual reality. And four K or try to finish and that's where everything's got got so if you wanna see where the marketing trends are gonna go watch video games watch would be video games you're doing. That's where it's dark so we do offered this scam it's an actual three scan your house is called a matter or camera and we. Contract as we go out we do your. We do your home and you can walk through the home. Like he would. Through like a street. View of the U Mathieu Eugene Mercer some you are these guys you get Elaine Q and you can send that to the California this is our next week and they click on it you can walk down the hallway you turn look I'll let your neighbor you know you look out the window and suddenly do an image you can really do that and is it is it is amazing if it were were run out summary Scientology touch on drone put drew quick wasn't so popular and how do you guys do. Okay so John footage is really popular it's gonna considered popular but there's a couple of rules that are still kind of keeping you back in certain areas. Construction is going to be the number one business. For the next couple years it's gonna be using drones. Real estate is actually pretty speed pretty far down there on the list goes to have a lot to grow when it comes to aerial photography and aerial video on her feet. There's a lot of new technology coming out and treaty. And those types of immersive spaces all the time educate yourself and it. If your web site feels like a video game if you can click through really easily if you can see videos if you can see three tours you are. In a very small minority of realtors were doing it right for the next generation of people weren't. Brady to buy homes fantastic -- Marie sure appreciate you coming in and and I may get if from the camera Marissa Gonzales to Joseph exposure a shop thank you ma'am thank you very much special thanks a steep climb custom dollar's decline Chris Dodd also assurance rooting out there are a patent law firm guys also is that thank you for tuning in and make in this show the number one rules state chill in central Texas scene next on. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811. That's waiting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirty teens and indeed the right choice.