Let's Get Healthy, 3/18

Let's Get Healthy with Bill Swail
Saturday, March 18th

Co-Host: Dr. Rey Ximenes, MD

Annie Brandt, founder and president of the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation. 16-year survivor and author of the new book "The Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure".

Elisa McClure, ND, CNC, CNHP, CGP, discusses Vitamin D3 and its role as a key factor in overall health.

Dr. David Sneed, DO, from Austin Family Medicine, on how to get to the root of chronic inflammation that could lead to cardiovascular disease, including advance lipid testing and genetic testing.


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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills Whalen sock thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Actually you can 643. Live as part of the best and remember we didn't call we got a call last week so vehicles are now and I Ryan's passengers call if you want to. That was doctor regime any news are you lie in. Exciting in the Indy yes that's right. Humans are measures in the back of the class here hand you're going into sway those. Sometimes I got to watch everybody else go through it first before they got to me if sometimes there was ged and I noticed him in the back yeah. It's. You send them back to borrow from is we have to stories is so slow you know means he's oh are you wake him dad thanks so who's that blue area. You know that was to our plans Stengel and all of us there sentinel it's a good job additions and enhancements. Confront. We will get additional today. Number one is just every doctor ray humans wouldn't today and by the way you work it reboot worker recovery. Yes he's specialist. Yeah on the medical director routed to driftwood recovery and we see people for. Addiction problems is that detox plays out in driftwood I liken them I don't know where. And very nice place out there and people income and do a lot of work. With behavioral therapy in that sort of thing. We try to do structure it. More from a natural point of view trying to get away from the chemicals to detox people off certainly you know some of the problem chemicals. But even some of the other ones when we can and replace that with some more natural things and I'm doing some acupuncture out there and some promo therapy. And replacement with nutrients and herbs and things like so. It's been very interest thing and we're integrating that with what I do it balconies. Paying consultants so if I have a pain problem that. Driftwood I can go to balconies and try to address that there. Or five an addiction or chemical used problem at a Connie second take that over to driftwood. And in between we're doing the outpatient. Oh PO had therapy with beeper and morphine. I won't mention the brand names but the other reason why I don't yeah. And that works pretty well with his sometimes they give it. Well you are you're trading one for another I mean there's no question about that have regarding Sanofi joined by com. It's got a lot of different characteristics. And it doesn't think you can make to transition it's easier you know I've beeper or he's not the answer. The answer is definitely what you do with behavioral modification and you know dialect it behavioral therapy. Those sorts of things. But the medicine is the crotch that allows you to do it. That's that's where the medicine comes in and we still have to wean them off of that. Rude talk about that later in the show new business is it's important. To know we're you gonna go you know when they go from your friends in the end up tonight probably nobody listened the donor friendly roach or somebody. It's Israel's big problems we have problems that they got it just admit. Well I will admit that we never run a bit late to get any homes and unwilling to mr. on this and he Brandt. Good morning what a pleasure talking to you. You've been all right good. To hear well you're you you bring this great book in the I've checked Amazon that eleven copies left so you must be selling to death of the type of Iraq in order. Viewing platform. Dillinger who cure. You platform. Because you have you have serious cancer condition did you. I. I've had a number of period chronic diseases says that eventually led to cancer and I have you know listening to the addiction part of the show. You know I'm a big boom they believe very and the fact that an addiction that's at the root of a lot of crying because he's not not just talking. OP you're either alcohol or turn them talking like. Addictive behaviors you know. Workaholics. Drama queens you know drama trauma and you know. We have male or female we can all be drama queens and we can't get swept up in the drama on the trauma. You don't necessarily need a drug to have an addiction. There are law and you can get addicted to Washington a politician to even though we us and a lot of that lately but you know who and that causes stress. In your. Silver Stanley immune system. You're a disgrace booking you were actually owned. Her colon doctor McCullough as a great website didn't do a lot of information and are you where this last. And then then you're just wonderful to form. You know. But yeah maybe you know the good information we need to get it out there there's there's just such a compliment and such and at. An exciting opportunity. Well he and the doctor cross from really do after reviewing this for instance he believes in include. So the food is unbelievable we eat properly we will have some value. You know I think it's one of the more important things we overlook the you know we already are searching for magic pill and sometimes right in front of you with diet and exercise and and your mental outlook. You know what can we mention their stress is a big effect on your immune system. We'll look at all. Me. I think it's let's turn the things that that. We are looking like doctors and patients alike is the so what I call that the purple connection that the spiritual and recycle their immunology. The mind body in the spirit and we tend to go straight to the physical the diet and supplements and will be tax which are all. As you say it's very important to every detection and rebuilding the body. But we forget that there is an intrinsic part what we become in our lives and that's what we think butter salt and I relationship with. With a higher power and what made us from what you know has pulled off some power over us and I think those two things are part grossly underestimated. And I would like to a very large extent. So. And just when these type of behavior modification behavior. Is now part of cancer and cracking these two you go to other basically rebuild yourself from the ground up. Again and everything and and change what's toxic. Yeah a lot of terms of people are mistaken I'm boil it down in a nutshell you know and tell them what to do. I say well it's it's actually very simple and I I I paraphrase or even steal a little bit from Michael Pollan. And up and I would say you know eat real food not too much mostly plants. Move and smile. Food has pretty much hit. NATO. And yell fire and and and they eat real plan he put food source to reenter remember. As for tact and he's didn't do so it's not like your daddies are grand only. Through you know we are getting watered down. Modified food in a lot of cases and we need to. Green nurse and body somehow when it but the nutrients that are we are getting from our crude anymore. Yes. I reform farm and my dad had us where their fingers. We had to go out was with me to squash was and in squeezed to squash move through their fingers. You either want to use chemicals and not take that brought them so. Further five miscues were their with the doctor reasons. So it was interest. That's wonderful you have sent to can barely entered our schools are out these days as whatever you put then. You know. What you gonna build in your body which can get up. Well in 2001. You were diagnosed with breast cancer. We send the test has ties to the loop green and lungs. Which is really. I'm me. I'm sure they told you get your first together and often. Do you urinate on him you know and England which you feel you're three must to move. Yeah that's over there and kill history. I always wonder how do they know now that I. I mean why why why would you even tell somebody that went well in all it's a negative thing and a. And very. Scary statistic than their statistics are based on survival. Are people who do surgery chemo radiation all the conventional therapy. So that's what I came just like okay how does she know that my name I realized I did my appreciation of alleged that he isn't quoting. Studies we'll have the people that he is quoting an assistant computer quote it was quoting we're not meet they weren't even looked at me and since I had no intention. I'm doing conventional. Because I only had three months left while a bank. Trip myself up and burn and play and you know so I had no intention of doing that. And I thought OK well then I. I'd you know island thinking survival. For years at that point I was thinking let's see how long it can lynch. So with a different focus latitude that the pressure off to know that that wasn't me. Well and I love to hear that and they don't do we shoot two at all I mean that was discounted. And when you were you tell somebody things like that will you take Wear their home. Which is something that yeah or about we only hope among which are good. And and that also cause problems with psychologically because you know. Yeah so you didn't have any of them I won't say conventional but you didn't have any western medical treatment for your cancer. You're right that's a better way to fit now I did not the only thing I get from western medicine and I gave hormones. Estrogen and manage depression. Because I had an ear appear positive cancer. This is so. I did that and let those kit from western medicine. I Tamoxifen. And or something like them. No I never lose is never too much into my actual content cancer. Actually and so I don't believe in and at all. No I did and so direct injections into the belly which can go to to actually it was actually adjourned for prostate. That they found that approached. That you can production Shaquille recounts. So I did that every Sri Lankan Romo did a pill. But when you shut their ovaries men and geno get helpful and create front controller imitates fitness Trojan like substance. Seriously did tomorrow which isn't an aroma taste and hit her first two things for what I did from western medicine that was just. All natural and noninvasive and. What a concept don't feed the body. I don't like the right things right even when you do the right food that he knows what took you detox to really. Fully announced him the platform that put together starting in nineteen made chew with these different pieces. I'm really like it said earlier I just my whole life so I would get a look at. And I started with that I did a shocker was the Chardonnay and like shark now like collar such that the Shaq returned to dampening the shocker and put in the things that. I was working and first spirituality was the top shocker that it's not the header that they commonly dubbed. And my body was the third iron tuition immunity was. On the search macro. Nutrition nurse minutes apart and he talks with Serb. You know the belly area. Lifestyle changes was the those sexual being part of us and let targeted therapies where they tiger fighter right. Soccer. So the base Shaka and the and so those things it it will you feed the body in each of those areas you know for the detox your body in each of those areas and you green nourish the body in each of the areas. We look at that what you're just really restructuring your collection how many opportunities in our lives. Do we have to change everything. Good that bothers us and I'm for the ball with that I loved it. Yeah well you here have usually people who caused the book is is straight forward and you know you holy punches back you know people know. Which is what she read discomfort are you do then do you keep his life supposedly because. Right Minnesota are not allowed you dare ask word you are spiritual who prayers are. This were. Yeah or so let's just talk about the platform you have your books your because it's I've never seen it was really good because is platform. Is good for him is for your life it's it's a good platform for anybody you have to have cancer you can and most are probably you know what to insert a Dick. Evans leads people read it yeah it. So you look let's go through and if you like to just real quickly spirituality and been through that. Yes they're trying they've been true but there's you know what I haven't that is old science behind that some people think it's just you know woo and there are actually studies that showed that it voted. You know it helps prevent disease and cure the leadership of these. The mind body distinct and think and the way we. Think about herself the way we perceive ourselves. And that world. You know have a lot to do it wins. With how we get is intentionally fail. I met a lot of cancer patients. Have a feeling that they're not worthy and in fact there's a cantor personality. And if you if you're patient if cancer cracked feet. And you read text personalities of personality trait. I guarantee you'll see yourself in there and it's it's it's on the one hand and you know comforting to you know you're not alone. On the other hand it's like all I can I can actually do something about it. So that was very empowering for me with a mind body and nurse met me you know it should give me we've we've talked about it. Hear just how how important those. He. You know could eat good things and bring her body and strengthen the body he got certification. Is we live and attacked at pearl so they didn't study. The umbilical cords can umbilical cords samples. From newborns. And consistently found 287. Toxins in newborns umbilical cord a 180 of which caused cancer. How low can they are being born and toxic Pippen who are exposed to all the time. Like I think I think it's all American cancer patients say it shows that four out of ten can educations can be prevented. Let's lifestyle changes. In the way we live. You know going into your heck look at the way you glad are you to getting rest are you moving the body our youth. You know eating their I think Kerry is putting so many factions in the body like you know. Drugs cigarettes alcohol and not just that the chemicals and include him. And then illegitimate pressures Turkey don't eat from the outside of the around aggression further. Preliminary reading on a chemicals. And Muslims have toxic. Yeah implications. When I never. You wanna neighbors on different engines is German and he tells me that he's he's remind them certainly he's only three keys to Cha. Through a cell phone so he was he was telling about how they and they don't over food in Germany. This country now. So now they press and. You know when you go to Europe. Only. If you just walk into the country pressures Byrd who country grocer. We don't feel a lot of anything but freshman there's there's some hand. There's very little box it's mostly fresh. And we've we've gotten so far away from that. And just learning how to cook a move that is what I heard him now from all right. So I'm sorry I'm more I think there that you were you or use. Oh no that's all right we're just we're at the last religion as the targeted therapy can forever getting. There are therapies it will target. The activities. That sells the for I never you know I think was important with all the divisions I have both of whom are so important employment Eric Cantor because I knew I didn't want to affect. Any other part of my body didn't want affect any other solid squander effect the cancer. And although western medicine has to offer is a blast approach another blast the body and there's no targeting. Are very little they are starting to do a little bit at that they can live with drugs that they have side effects that affect the rest the body so. The carrier therapy. Of choice. I used the whole platform all from an aspect of the plug and play and I would nite set my original. Program. And and I feel I have you know hostile and look at tests of time has passed it and then after awhile. And see if I needed to change something but don't change one thing at a time but I did I contemplated playing played with its platform and so I've found. What worked for my body. And and you know people say how did you choose as my quad you know I did my research and I just made my esque catch. The only thing is with disease cancer and practicing you don't want patterns of the disease can get. Built in immunity to these feathers beloved. Plugging in playing near you basically. You know got a new opportunity almost every. Every week or two I was thinking it could continue. Neither consultations with people. I think it would be if such and such value information I was thinking somebody had cancer and they were told when you were told. You know that the you can given hope I'm sure. Well I think he and I I try I am I don't do consultations for money I am I'm not volunteered for the foundation. He volunteered for what I do because I believe that my way of getting back. So patient are welcomed her right knee and I although I try to respond every email might take take me a little bit of time these days. I trying to respond and that's in the bucket crowd really got consulting because I kind of felt overwhelmed with phone culture and so but with the way of giving them a place to start and then. You know we talked and with email sent. As petticoat on. And it welcomed the right thing you know that the foundation that's pushing me to actually charge for consultations a little bit from the. We have money or lose you get that money to a donation went to the foundation. In the short version hasn't integrated cancer physicians. Ohio eyes CP. Who were so. So you found is that yeah you. Banter for cancer. Foundation this is what I started in 2006. And one it has to two purposes it serves the public answers for physicians with that practice. Alternative medicine. So the highlight BP is the physician organization. And the answers for cancer. Is the patient. So we're best answer for cancer but we have an answer sort cancer. How much every year for the patients who played public clearly indicate that men and you know I've spoken different therapy pools. I had ideas. Well you hear the music because we're running until you build your own cure is so toggle the healing platform. But Andy bring him here AMD to meet you good Amazon. You can do which proved. And you become you can make your house you live from Austin. I'm not gonna work out found out that the publisher give us an offer. I would I would say that there is a great web site is best answer for cancer and I would really encourage people to look up. The insulin potentially nation targeted low dose therapy and this is effective for everything. Dodgers and everything has a very wonderful important thing that you put on your website thank you for. Thank you both Georgia and god bless you what you're doing and she got. And this and all right we're gonna get you back you can do that. When he's been our thought OK. Aren't I love it every race. Thank you have a great week. And they do exactly permanent things and feel like I'm really enjoying myself. Thanks again. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bills well rescued by people often favorite pharmacies will be back in just a few moments. Thanks for listening to let me get healthy with bills well on top thirteen 78. Often favorite. College slide inside once you've scored rely on. That's how I once he's six boards 35483. Well we've got cancer through a vitamin. As a very valuable thinly go handed him or they didn't they go into. We have Lisa McClure. Nature past. On the show from Bernie Texas. Another Texan. Misses are just got Texan children Harriet today Lisa. Great I don't know how I got there minutes. I just make sure your your house or thank you Bernie. I'm here yeah our web a little cloudy today but mass burning a great place to be. By the way we owe a lot of newcomers here in the Austin area from a third surgery in the country Bernie you spelled BOE or any. Is that correct is that all right Tara finish out of this prayer and had now learned that there are are you. You know tell parent when they're new here because there for a house. Banks are counting. And a and they say it better pattern Alice and at worst I don't know traffic throughout the it is that we talked his Texas talk we can you say it. So enjoy this this exciting thing. It's a new products. America has some really great products and you're not paying me this is not a commercial for humans but I just like the problems with him don't was. Was vitamin C La plaza on the CW is almost from the drink it doesn't know about the C. The good news is you advertised in especially. And they do pretty good with the was doing so I wasn't tough on EU domestic flavor but. I haven't tasted this. Well there's been one of my favorite products and I used it myself daily and unite it doesn't really have much about flavor at all in each. You can make it with anything that you would like to just turned down. It is it's. You don't need very much because this is what they call my allies cells. You need very little each drop me consider that kind of got past. 12100. Units and then so be it take very little drop and that drop. Well. Alienation much. You eat my Sasha when you say makes of these things you unless you release was concert tequila might have found that process. You know well hopefully get in the morning. A always looking at 5 o'clock somewhere about doctor no all the show me the eye doctor remain as is trees addiction that so that solidifies patients who. Who knows I don't save Aaron Smith I think it. If you're not drinking if you do get in the morning you know I wouldn't picture with copy but you know on the night even water I had and I just. Drafted in the mother my little of liquid herbal mixtures or anything like that Turkey take up a functional teams used in the morning at insecurity. Or any of those things. That's the way to do it to get that adequate vitamin BN and what I like about this can't it get vitamin. Very quickly. And you know and most of my consulting. People don't know their vitamin. And I think it's one of the most important thing we should know about ourselves. Al-Qaeda exactly and I'm checked out pretty good about it a year ago when the doctors and is coming up next. Doctor sneeze he checked my environment isn't. Most are by his low if you EPG yeah protected those when you check on the almost everybody's a little bit on the clothes unless they're on to some form of the. They're tight and I had an I see him there. Who. Knows I. I do. I anchored belt with a lot of women list. We look at vitamin. They're not anywhere near optimal well and it really kind of affected want to get an up and we get it very quickly within my collecting. They feel a lot better and things in the body work better because that you know it affects so every. Concept in body. Are reaching okay that person put a good topic because. You know the world is up to protect women's skimmed. I'm 75 years old or showed protective mask and who better. But so what you know for a man it is it is and have them it is now it matters except for you McCain answered yeah. Mine is not my husband's schooling us so far. Am so so we reuse slather own a lot of of protection. And some blocks is that why women. Are maybe suffering a little bit rock but because you you get that from vitamin. You bill and and we our tend to be turned. OK now we don't want to get out on a weekend and we do at slather on that protection. But there in little you know they'll have at summer phone Booth then they're big great app called eat. He has been vitamin. And expose your skin to sunlight without that. Protection and how long it should stay in the sun paid on eight questionnaire that they had to tell you about your skin tight. Where you live what what. How what the radiation into the sun it tells you optimal level than that I'd rather than go outside now and then come back here. So it's not that abdic did not youth. Hand it issue. Increase your by the. So I don't like York it's minutes maybe and. Yeah our ultimate intent on Sunday and when it is you know the carnage is tired of summer and that and may be out longer in the in the winter. So what they have does is is adjusts for the decisions. And that's why right now it's cloudy else than you could probably out although he's still get burned earlier but there's still this is really really cloudy. And I accepted that. When you go down the code that you know in Texas we can we have she taped up. If I heard it could be called the next day and going into the next or where you are going down to the coach which is one of Texans favorite thing to do. They will tell you OK now time he's been now get your head off put on her put on any. A lecturer. In instead of maybe flattering on. Sunscreen that might be a little toxic if you look at the ingredients. Lou is that especially among them and they want their son. Seek out well the ones who that are safer. Leader not titanium dioxide they say and also. Zinc oxide. Those Hutus that the only two that I know that are recite the concern here yeah was it the laws stuff and I don't think. They sure do. So that you way and it's a fun way because then you can track and he concealing your level par and then you can supplement. Also with that great product of my slight gain. And then get your level park at again and see where in Iraq. So it's it's a very easy thing to do you know bird is get kept it. Be it being numb my slightest. Product mean you don't need to really. Be overly concerned about taking it with fat so that you make sure you absorb the. Yes the Mexico water soluble my platforms so it easily observable. Which is great. You know they say that a lie about who sees a short it's it's almost as good as now the and maybe better some women's open because you about passage to look you have to worry about in the test and some little. The pro who diarrhea sometimes you get you know. Yeah. The other hypocrite this is a great all cracked out I have one that has KQ unit which is important. Addition for both women and that of course but a little bit cage you in and in. Another practice is Petri with a KQ and that my platform as well. So some people. That the wind can find the tinged. They're trying to get 6000 units searched six to 7000 units today. They'll take a drop or all of the ED tree with a KK which is 12100. Units in that. But look at tape since 250 milligrams. And then they'll pay more of speech just plain gay. The beginning of the basketball world by combining those two products. Well this is real proof that dishonest commercial ads are so we have in the store so I can tell you can restore a number. But it comes in dropper. Because it. There's 11 ounce bottle with a dropping. Oh sale on my drinking it but then as now just to drop just a drop or tea can. Let's target so you intestinal problem but you can have bulletproof. We can use of coffee. We have bulletin juices you can put your resident bulletproof and so bulletproof drop of buffalo as vitamin. I think that's going to be very important and bone health even in a very important all health it's really you know. So we would talk about cancer invasive. Because I mean vitamin. Notary or ten billion need cholesterol in order to make these three. This your first so I'm very uninteresting. And if they affect food and prevent alzheimer's probably yes absolutely. They're going to the doctor payments we called the area of vitamin but it's actually a pro forma I agree I agree edit a back there. Metabolic pathways in her body and cellular function but it affects of the 2000 genes. So those killer. Now you know they had the genetic coming along he's all knowing more about that but Indy is crucial to go to the function of our body. Well being a former society and tell you there's a vitamin. Yeah because it's not as effective as permanent teeth previously converted and they converted to this. But they they got a prescription. Nothing once in awhile we we might get here's your personal you know we cargoes and. Forward and trojans if mr. Well here. I think this is a these kind of things here's a good way to get a unity three sometimes LC people they go out and people give them 50000. A 100000. Units until you do that once a week and I understand that event and it's his seems to me that's not the way nature would do it. Would you be a little bit every day rather than a whole bunch all wants. This animus on our I really like this idea much much better. With a little bit every day. May be 12000. Units something like that and you can build your. Tomorrow they'll ask sun about retirement or you can overdose in the sun you not enjoy and try it in but the we really get the sun and you know that it does it does I suppose you could move my college sunburned. I think the thing. It's. But I like that outfit yeah but you are that good thing for download that at this remains is some truth. He had been lying there DV mine here an and reminder dot info is Indian vote and it created better. Look at it very big he is I hate it and I been using it occur a couple of years now and they do a lot of research on. On different vitamins can come and what I help people to give itself. And simple and effective way that and I think it's an important point it can't set Gately it's not a collapse but name. That's our bodies work. Well listen McClure what a pleasure having known your nature festivals guys and I'm a real I don't know what to go out for the fifth after nine. It didn't go out our record that I love to find out that burn is what could have happened. Thank you the last minute and thank you yes you have a great weekend heart and hello we're learning course that if himself. I was okay. Hopefully girls who think they should listen to him. Everything. People often we. Local ballistic Garnett being fully that in your cutting edge news and healthy and wealthy. Thanks for listings elect and helping the bills well I thought thirteen seventy breast do you buy people's confidence favorite. Line 5126. Or three life that's I want. Six point 35483. Well we're we are worth kind of home food. Doctor Davis and it's the room trying to can be made that it. Immerse you come up and who knows what annoys me. I'll just tell you the good about it and if you consume the show that we reject another way. And he he's been pricing twenty years more than twenty years and the pressure journal Austin and he's. He's he's he's at a family physician only practitioner there's only. Threw for most of or something there's not many left are Dutch immigration is the god knows there's there's a list of about both tough. To do family because Newton's insurance. Even. You know so somehow he's he's surviving this isn't so. Maybe he's out there working on we can use to help pay the rent. It maybe that's India. Because your private practice. Yes and it is tough and it it is hard it's very difficult as an individual practitioner because. You're kind of subject to all the rules and regulations of the big groups and it's very. The overhead. Will just kill you on trying to do you did I'd do individual work. Yes just the paperwork to computers. Complying with things you know you try to get into the insurance world. And then they that you have to fulfill these criteria of the government comes in and says. We'll give you a little bit to help win this by now you got to do all these things you know so if you you know get into the world you know there was talk about do you take Medicare or whatever. A lot of times it's do they take us you know a lot of times it's these are the requirements and it's like I can't. I can't do that in now. One of the things I got into a lot which is acupuncture. And in order to do acupuncture was an uncovered service with Medicare so I couldn't do it. And if I did it then there would be question as to why did the visit. So we had to stop you know accepting Medicare contends that. It was it was well enough these things out because it was not a standard care. Yes yes yes it they they they recognize it and they recognize. You do Henderson has an apartment of acupuncture yes it's kind. Yeah and they recognize the usefulness of it and everything this year simply didn't effort. That that was the that was you know what you know they got out if Saudi born doctor like you he can offer acupuncture or what we do with a forms is now. Every time some discipline. Prescription. Whom we I'm just make a requirement that shoot somebody tells him. That they should look acupuncture well I mean Natick that they should look at everything but I love and I wouldn't acupuncture be something good. Oh we had as an adjunct if you I I you're taking pain medication I think so but I hope we're unbiased you know I it's you know I really have seen a lot of the effects that can occur because really is to my advantage as a pharmacist just we just keep. Can pain medication. But we've we've sent people to acupuncture shall we lose that passion and my great so. Well I'm Melissa yes a great night that you know and I tell people that everyday I mean the only thing I'm interested in is what works and what helps run you know others that the patient I'm really not interest and in and I just wanna know what's gonna help them and I tell the patients I said. Might my biggest hope from a marketing perspective economically. Is that you'll get better and go away. Because then you go tell somebody else exact from the markets are telling us that works for me but for you as an individual that works as well do and honor and I started a business or realize the register was the place where. Who did you did you jamarcus did ministry particular patient trying to show that. Maybe for the porn just you. Assume everybody has an amendment found on the shirt he may be too important when you let people through part I know them they made me feel important there is. Is it all goes around yeah you know that. But a lot of people are into that tournament to challenged him well I think you know there's a lot of pressures on people to perform within a ten minute window in. All that kind of stuff well longer as you brought if there's a lot tells a peep co host of people on the show. And and Castro and knocked in cartridge pavilion welcome doctor determines that and one thing I'm. Because he has time he's tough it's usually it takes time now to news. Yeah of book if you look at that they're codes for office visits with their call of valuation management management codes. They've they're absolutely tied into time. And the one thing the you can put in your note that won't guarantee. Is you have to put a little time thing in there. And besides that you have a lot of other requirements. That half or religious. Current insurance companies are headed to was how have you victim have requirements. No it's not a gym too much time but if you spend too much time they may not they may. Not approve that. You know I'd say you have to make sure you document everything and that's where the time gets used up. Is in the documentation prod spend more time document in and I do seemed to pay talk legislation that's not right now. So it's tough it's it's hard to do you know where you're like a mother doctors you here with the group balconies Lou lesser degree to go game. We tried to do that in order to share expenses and make things work better and and I guess I do is still do things over their acupuncture and pro therapy and nutrition and herbs and a lot of the things that that I have done and the very helpful I I find them. I find that I like to practice not alternative medicine or western medicine and integrated. Or whatever. I like to practice medicine. Who end. He went. And as an observer with the patient the gymnasts they they just can't live up. Yen you know very wise attending that I had when I was way back many moons ago you know who's in medical school and everything he said. When in doubt listened to the patient. He said that's where the answers are listened to them. Don't. And I know the MRI and I know listen to other Asian and then they'll tell you what's wrong preach yeah. We'll tell you the futures. Where a lady commend the store I'd say she's in her. She's probably in her forties beaten but it looks younger yeah a moment. Kind of started a little bit and she got a prescription to prescription ones for had a role. Who wants frosty content when he says I like to visit we just north of Christian boot section under speed yet won the slowdown that's right and those together. And she started telling me all the problems she had me you know possible condition to retrieve. Some laundry list and a you know as a doctor I know pretty well you know he's very respectable. I don't what doctors do them you know author the issues and to view our guests. Who knows it is difficult to deal with was these particular we SR she's had to work really well. We're not kind of a society where we we we we don't do anything until body breaks down. You know if you look and we've learned from history. It's easy to find out that probably the most important advances that we've had in Madison. Have to do with really preventing things you know rather than waiting until they happen and try to deal with them then. You know just if you look back you know to played if that was in Europe the bubonic plague the black plague. Killed a third of Europe. And really how they solve the problem the problem is solved primarily by learning to pick up the trash. That's all they really did was they quickly in the trash out front because indeed the rat in which feed the rats in the rats had the fleas in the fleas had to play. And the and the fleas were fighting the people and giving them plague and you know it was just it was a simple thing like that than me a huge difference like symbol Weis was position back when. And he told everybody wash her hands. You know that made a huge difference in this is where we get into the gloves and everything that we Wear it. To stay clean to prevent they were preventing. Infection from mothers who were delivering. And the midwives and everything would you know Pluto as a blister agent and also a room in their lives involve grandfather had him as professor. You're. I found out. And then I found out that's from my dad who were young as three boys we had to hold. Hold in the hand are going to stay lean. I'm sorry not hold him because of the germs will go sister who at the funeral you know it was good exercise and we're against but I think it was it was kind of sick he had an airline Airbus was only Henry also you know I can't win that that is known to have found out. About what he's far too much. And I in new you know I mean just simple things like that to really prevent things and when it comes down to it you know we kinda go back. To what would we are talking about earlier. This idea of you know eat real food not manufactured food eat real food. Not too much of it because were ready to fatten his country. And mostly plants but you're not necessarily vegetarian and I mean I don't wanna get into that good run. But you need do need some animal protein and you know you got a movie got a stir the pot you got to get the oxygen in the waste product out you. Blood is he doing that's what blood does. And then you've got to think positive and I'm until people you know even if you don't mean it smile because it'll change your brain chemicals. Even if you don't mean yeah I look for things to avoid tickets for instance and so when Spiezio so Newfoundland and I have great hero Roger you know much like this in greater effect. And so if if I'm caught a nice lie we uses. You know speedy because you try to get grow going before I forget we're going back at that. Maybe I'll get a good company about it than we've always I don't know where was I don't you have her clothes that are going. Yeah just just drove quickly only that list here and there are some things left out when you do lose a ton. We have to check our website. And one of the one of the best events we have coming up and be like when that comes to remember our syndrome. They're controlling blood sugar naturally with doctor Henry Nelson she's in the Japan pledged Monday march 20. And and we as a us intelligence sleep system. And attack Kennedys and pay you done. He just pure natural plainly. But it skews it pretty good DC good program you know how like what they do now. And then loud disease support group reviewing Bosco Lyme Disease Saturday march. Washington. And the Texans this defense to 2002 Saturday. April 1 9 AM to nine to 6 PM 9 AM to 6 PM so. Go to the website peeves are tart comment you get more information about I just have a Lou live information that they real food and eventually fest usually do you but if you're paid Leo maybe not. And you can eat vegetables to us. Everybody's best of it that was your you that's right as much as you can. Mostly that right so then why he's in new platform recommend that guru okay resistance to run or about any pressures on local. A local. Author we have some great time here in Austin we absolutely do you know and so we're going to take a break now for week. And thanks for listening and hugest. Have a great weekend. I was really happy. Every weekend do you think that as you know. Internationally and through into the break you know publish your own. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy good deals well on Austin's top thirteen seventy tennis again next week. Saturdays from nine to 10 AM from. For more cutting ads help you can wellness information from people's Boston's favorite I. Pharmacy.