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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. To learn to buy and sell cars with your hopes. I'm ready to share with you. To know about buying selling and trading and dealing with the card. They're paying. Bell bonds and taxes are stranded at a bargain by himself guard god god. Thank you can't say thank you. Down there big bright opportunity dead dog she don't Father's Day we'll talk a little about father son situation that goes in the car business. All there is always right suns always wrong and how bored don't let with my sons to make sure that they show you want to make a mistake. And don't try to screw them too much but to god business is so crazy on the tell me it is why all in world upside down. Changes ever sixty days. Over here it is just going up and open up. And we may even topple a bit about overhead. But to Albion a father own. We got to set a good example and sometimes and I don't like elves are good examples sometimes. I know my dad wasn't a good example will we just got to make the best of what we've got. And what I want to do is just Tokyo little bit about. Probably some situations in a little bit. But also we're gonna talk about the market will go on talk about self discipline. We don't talk about the child and ask you know. I'll draw on that does sometimes there's a lot of grown man out there. But my leg got childish ways you know it just unbelievable. And how many mobile search all this enroll what we won't is. You know we've got to have our way we've got to have a new car new Truckee even though we can't afford it. We walk and of these dealerships and they just take care not all. This is sort of bond for 84 months. The vehicle loses money and if you can afford it that's fine. I had not had several friends lately I've got him some new Chevrolet trucks was right now great opportunity out it to. A Covert bass drop the coat managed 121000. Awful exhibition brand new Chevrolet trucks. And there's a great opportunity deacon at forty and you understand what you're doing. That's what I'm trying to do explain do you and they should understand exactly. What is Costin. And what to expect. And how long you gonna keep that we on the ball well. Assist the you know on system that. May be this is the most changed. Which amendment process or write a book the fifty years. Of changing in the car business new car dealer use coordinators wholesale. All options. Now multi AM trying to figure out how to get it down the 150 pages shifts but they're so big so many changes over the years. I'm not sure I can get it down buffalo. Might beat a thousand pages who knows but systems. Would consist of do you operate on and I know that sounds a little odd ball right now. But to have we've got systems. And power laugh they we live bug. And we were raised by and we were talking about a and thanks change and and so what would you mentally physically spiritually ready to make better decisions. I keep top thirteen seven Digg.com. Also the poll number here just gaze she want to cull Lynn filed want to. So export three 483. Has filed 1264354. 83. And I'll tell you we've worst singer and so much. So much. Bad credit right now. Exhibit called people of over ball. Are is it because we don't care. People. So the final title mop tie up next mop there are I don't care about my credit. I don't care but the commitment I've made. Two bill lending institution. Yeah hole. We don't think about the time factor make decisions today that tail mark they productive. All the time no we'll able to serve. And work trap but trapped. We're trapped. Goes you know the first twenty years of our lives were growing up trying to mature. And trying to understand what we need to date. And it's so difficult to understand why are steps. Our water our growth areas. And didn't act childish ways out of Ghana have what I Walt. You know when you're young if you got a lot of toys you're expect mull over. You're expected always to get whatever your little heart desires. And there we grow up and we still got challenged twice. We don't tight close. Right steps right decisions right. Motives are right priorities. Because we're thinking about ourselves first crucial shellfish. You know I was all norms drive and the other billion. They seem like your buy reward to cut me off. Seemed like I was in the way of everybody. Else druthers they'd love to watch. And everybody sing like that. I was all their road and I was bothered him. Well I have we got shall shellfish should always thank batters ourselves. Always sold shellfish that there's nobody else in this world let us. Take about data made it. When you drive or you courteous out. Oh do you look at for the other person didn't let them do you wave on through an up an intersection or you want it's got to go first. Not that there's too many times have we were thinking about nobody but ourselves. And that Al samarra ship. Candidate with us and whether our relationships with our families. Well our friends because you know we don't sing yet but they didn't. Yelled back explained last week you experience and experiences about the car. And then it becomes a relationship but. Hasn't become a relationship. We you know big bar and we'll ever day mostly down motion by a tour. And you got to Michael's buying votes. And it here shell shell fishing got nabbed the biggest baddest Mac daddy had there. Sometimes it's like him should get a paid for and it should dobbs is say parents are relationships. What's the biggest calls an abortion they say his financial. You know and so. What's the worst investment we make on earth. It's not automobile body trump. Especially these guys about these new full will drug diesels. Paula good drive around in a ball do us all air and help or not they don't work. You know. So. We're gonna talk about a little bit about. With childish ways we have. What's gone on our laugh. How we handle it. Well we expect expectations. Have your expert donations of your lap down and why. Tens of what goes choices that you made. We're expecting more or out of others. There were willing to give ourselves. Our league. Depending owns a shoals first dude just the flat. Are bad choices. Can't just make those decisions. And sometimes are bad decisions. But he told me into any setback in the forties so now would be the king of the road. I will look great in my neighborhood I would be better Bob ball better my neighbors. We got to figure out what is going home. I've been talking about also write another book I'm trying to get to books done at one time and it's better train wreck but anyway. And then the book is large amounts sell cars about that are not selling coach. Rohrabacher radio show a lot about a lot of stuff lets this go on elm. And besides that changed is of the business but I won a book chapters talks about over it. People don't realize how much over is is it. Run a business. You've got insurance you got taxes. Yet employed text you've got health insurance. You've got utilities you got might as she got up keep. And so that's why these dealerships or look at their tremendous amount of money each month and each month to keep the door open. And you and you're expected to walk in there and beat these big hitters who are well trained. Dog on exactly what they won't. San Antonio right now. There are so many ads to you good to be true if you hate cheaper car. All in word don't take care if you hate your payment. Come all of them don't take care if you have been watching old car kimono and what don't I cared. The problem is there's no free rides no free lunches. When you walk a bit dealership. We don't take care acknowledge you're gonna hate there's a new one and some mount up they might not their hated first six months or a year. But give the Mike and those pilots breeder no money left at the end of the ball to realize that. Still all in 101000 too much now yo 20000 too much. And these ads. You know. It's unbelievable. Another over it. Fought it cost the old radio what it cost to be on TV what it cost billion of paper all these web sites. Everybody is she may achieve. They won't cheer business they won't sure money and they won't Jabil home field advantage their home field advantage. They're all cheap Cologne in their bagels sell you something. Goes limitation so they can't sell you something if you about their blood. Have got dealerships that won't deliberately to your door. All kinds whatever flavor you won't they've got it. And then delivered cheered door. I recommend dum bass drop. Goes up no rocks forty years we've never had a problem we'll have done business together. And a multi Jack uses stuff is there or he's given all the money for the trades make it real tough for everybody. He knows the market he does a good job. And that's what his tightrope that he's out I'll slow in the business but he's been car dealer's lot album. Expectations. Weren't an what is the owners and the managers expecting out of I'm of these. But I Jewish. Now the sales people how much you're expected to make per unit what are they want to do with ever customer that walks and analog. Number one they don't want you wall number two they will say your car number three don't want Michael bunch money on. And you don't know which angler come from. Out of mass singson. Lately absence of people bus Muniz Spanish bonds so bad. And so I don't know they're experts at spending. And they'll just keep going around and around and around circle. You don't know what you're buying you don't know what you buy and foreign finance sit while cutting interest rates it just goes all their knowledge of people come out of there. Trying to figure out what only knows they've got to play. You know for 500 a month. And warning have to tap noting no lieutenant. Bob Bob manager by camp manager senate time. They won't sell me his. TrailBlazer about a year ago. And as to what yodel and didn't know I asked him good it bonnet and is he didn't know. He didn't know any thing. So we had to start from square one. Did is blown information. Call final play off this call fun out there who impaneled. How they want to get paid. And here's a bandits did and knows a radio business well. But don't know his personal business. Forty blown how long he'd been tight and don't get some kind of idea that you know he didn't have any idea at all what what he owed only. But the usual to keep you in the dark. Hey budged only keep it dark blue light you get the dark due to the duke of leadership's. Twisted huge big target. A bond told you about a couple which got sun after a pardon dealership. Should I got a late model car goes where real trust sold to another day or but we're picking apart first. He gets up to the lot this guy he's pretty coolly he likes somebody try to figure the scale was Cornel. So he gets out the card becomes the salesman already committed to him he said. Renny I had barely get out the car one well they showed at. A civil war have nation well. They ask why don't we go to exchanged names everything scoop last may elect above the Uga I they would drive multiple. And isn't he sounds too. So would you like but new Altima. And he'd get around I thought yelled yeah I loved beloved new solar starting it in with a price. I'll monthly prize here they don't obviously Trey don't know how much he's got down. But they're trying to committing and up for it deep price. Has started 500. Dropped to 450. Why now. What would they have made if they got 450 playback instead of the 270 to eighty what you should they. Q you've been paying dearly for that you'd. Well I hate giving any shape. I'm here to pick it apart I'm not here about a car had no Digi about a car I'm just here to pick apart follow returning bleached. But as she is the example. How hungry they are out there are Muslims so hard. What goes or try to get every shale it's unbelievable after they don't want you get away. No no no no. Definitely not. They don't she go anywhere. They're all chief Blair. Combines a unit from mail if you're a bar at any cash. I have got another show also ruled Kate TSA dot 15 AM on Saturday night eight to nine. My jacked at town down as making memories are the dot com. Evergreen army and John east the only every grain are being in San Antonio online news brawls folks. Enjoy about booking sheet just sell the book he's on the same side. We got together and I got talent but this idea about telling the people about truth behind solid our base and homage show like announced it I was but Arby's again and have been. And lady kills me it's in the military. So as I've got a long armed and it's a point four foot. Troop slug their side in the other and all I need to Charlotte is not the whole work out we thought we were going live minute. But. My fiance decided they want to leave. And so I'm certain there will RV I don't need anymore. So I also wanted to say Al Warren I'll buy you are based she said. Oh look around 181000 opponent and I'll take 181000. And I said okay. I said that before about this final would be fair with T take it back to worrying about you get 41 but yeah. Asa did they tell you had a great deal unbelievable price yes they did. And I sit there and they said that they were your friend and I were taking care every oh yeah they did. Yes they did a book called in to all of you know the two goalies some money. You know understand the situation. And you explained to them that she would love deceit 20000 dollars up out of it. And remind them that they should all ma'am we catch all of deal a great deal. Man this strength is worth the money just remind them all things they say do you when you book the the tamper. She did she called me back next thing she said mr. absent yet. So I still sold to be an asset okay and are still buying us a good did you call dealership where you but she said oh yeah. They'll give me 151000 dollars for play units worth a lot more money in there. We agreed on 181000. Because us fushi ozone as what she wanted but she shot come to find that should shopped a bunch of places nobody want to buying things. They do that she bought it it was less than a year old and there were scared they're not offender. Was she gave me the price now went forward. And that's how that deal work. Here's a military gal. Trying to do it right serve our country. And it camper of people sell a cure for 415 and at all for 151000. Back. What kind of deal Zach. And I just wonderful take care of little young and she's in Madison season and the army but she's a medic. And here you know. Here it is a big X think about that but about that at all. We knew we won't fund we wanna enjoy at five. But we need to figure exactly what we need or won't span. Was don't want all how we can handle it well we're gonna dig. Well yeah I'll look before you make that purchase too many people. Not. I'm part of a lot of people Bob motor home and go back about it no one and go back about third one. Trying to get exactly what they won't instead above it to first not have to lose money and pass along the other. So keep that in mind as she making memories RB dot com you go to that web site make it memory or B dot com. Ever greens now are being done commonly brawls from Texas and thank you John tasty thirteen and up up that we've got a great show. Top of wishing to listen to it up I can it be good. You know Bob I've changed when I forgave my dad my dad never came home Cano is let's solve will enjoy older blacks all. He wrote it canyon lake takes a lot of people don't know that Clint Black wrote to solve. And the lights are only nobody's home because girlfriend lifting them and canyon lake Texas they were living up or to time. And she'd split with the child they had together. And doesn't. My dad was that a weight blood cell but nobody's home when he was there he never lets you do lose and most of time they wouldn't home. And so I'll have changed weekly gave each other. And forgiveness. Is a big part of my laugh that's why not tell you about forgiveness so much. The causes of a big part of my left guy I've yet clear. You gotta thank straight you gotta be to make better decisions. Became run around with Jolie and clogged up messed up. And got some problems with some people. And because you know born you're subject to bust something. Out dueled. Sultan and make him jealous. The trial will come they use reward will come in you. And if you end up buying something you can't afford. Our make a mistake of some cash. In follow her son situations. Boller is always right sons are always wrong and manage the car business it is so right. But I've watched other businesses and so on the same way to soldier got new inner energy and new ideas but on all dad's not want to hear but he has no intentions. Do and what son says we got to think about word they came from what their past dark. How their father are grandfather's reacted. And it and so. During follow state college you're dead Intel and I'll let you tell it that cheap or. This is Ryan Diem foreign to buy and sell cars that come thank you for treating and tell you friends or neighbors should tune in to us. Would love to talk to you we've got phone line so Bob wanting. 643. 483. That Casey ugly won't line. It does a great job thank you Megan. I keep on top thirteen seventy and all of Blanco Iraq's Covert it time give old rocks a call. A multi agent Greg Gallo didn't busy winning. All the storm brought tears filed want to and 72. And 1318. Think about buying a car give them a call back about blanket on from the show given McCall. And will be right back god glacier will talk about all kinds about the good the bad and the totally about cigar business. The. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet in Thailand Ginny Covert and we had the best election about new Seve and GMC trucks in one location to. In that color style and with all the options you can wind. All that at the famous look overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your truck dealer. Lettuce and grated cheese covers every idea kinsey NC seventeen how was anyone and that's how far on Friday covered Astra dot com. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. We need this happens it happens here topped thirteen seventy downright silly. Feud. You know. Or change yeah. Ovation. We are. America I'm a little better. All Blase every week the wished everybody loved America desktops and the world. The us open and all the changes it's proven this. It's prudent so many years to have the rights as all people write things going on. And you know all out. To finish up what I was talking about father son relationships. It's easier. To build a jaw than to rebuild. An adult. Like but adamant. It was then double their children. We've built which are now. We won't have to rebuild and they went becomes metal. So many parents should follow others are are neglecting their children. When he's spent time when them we need to be a great example with a what goes they might follow our footsteps shall dubbed dark footsteps are not right footsteps to follow. Tolerant about. Lots of times people look over blank. Hard relationships. And financially and help. A Schwab worked at all. You know to receive instruction and was behavior. And the discipline of the wise is installed fullness. Righteous. Justice. And integrity. Thick but detriment to receive instruction. It was behavior. And the discipline of why this golf baldness. Righteousness. Justice. And integrity. Well that's that's what we need to look it instilled that our children. And steel that are our family. But we've got a lead by example. Which maybe do some of these crazy crazy things we didn't. Expect ever going to turn out Arctic boom we're making bad decisions. So you know how old load. Given this operative Tony to give back to serve view the education chief to let you know what's going well. And worked owned you know. Childish place. Water we'd done about childish way east. That they've delivered us any and we're just walked we're just like that we know it all whatever body sees the way we are. Ever body say these are childish ways. And so. No they understand. You know they were doing. The wrong thing enter wrong time. Bowl week thank nobody else sleazy but they dig. You know. Father's Day and not provoke your children anger. Do not. Date Daisuke key. We got to teach our children discipline. And instructions. And quit big a mall in the head. And to teach you know but that way week Italy have been Gallup. In a better decision making have we went straight to bat. We've gone destroying it and you know understanding we speak we understand we sculpt. But then as that starts ever and ever and starts with the thought. Everything. And so it's ever find starts with the fault. Always thinking about it. Do we understand you well understand the process about a car really. No it's changed so much how can you keep on what the card to your team David Cook Tebow wouldn't. And after that. We thought we thought we do what we were doing. We thought that we could handle any situation. We believe the salesperson tell us that. That done. We knew what we were doing and we knew how much it was go Costas and do we know the future. Do you know if you're helps good your jobs good. You know they if you gonna keep your job. So you know when albums which all our top like a child up all black at shall I reason like it channel. What won't bow when I'm the team but am I did away with childish things. Oh well. Some people didn't put away childish things. But some people. Hang onto it. Oh I don't want to. A war to be a man and man's body. But when it comes to make a decision when he comes stood at make it a right decision when it comes suspend in the money. Do you still revert to childish place. You know it's a test. We speak we understand we think. Is your systems. Under test. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet in high end Ginny Covert and we had the best election about nation Evian GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and what's all the options you can wind. All that as a famous love overpriced that no one can tax. I'm not now not ever we want to be your truck dealer. Lettuce traded teeth covering Chevrolet Buick and GM CE seven as to how was anyone ambassador out or on mining covered Astra dot com. Guess the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. AM weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter huh. Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice you had made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. I tried I can't get no satisfaction. Actual last part just the last car you're making these refinements that are too. Just market's upside down the new car dealers and they're urged to many new car phone market. Yes it's a great tablet Bundy garbage you've got to watch out what goes some of these big usual like a lot of money you'll. You've got out built Hamas says the bar to buy and sell cars dot com. First off I don't what you vehicles were. Go out there and look at Lackey were black walk around rich but yet hard. Understand looked strong and what you don't. Looked it ever a little data ever little scratch ever a possibility. That she got. And find out. You know what you Garza worked described it to me I'm not honor trader bank sinner. I'm not gonna tell issued to come in but to then number in. Automatically catch 22 point 5%. And then. Take or ever will be scratch and yet there is it's a used car is not supposed to be Brandon I'm not I am brand new prices. Find out which cars were at least you know were you stand. What you fort today. All by your car if you don't try you can't and a little money fuel retailer yourself and a little more money I'll write a book about it. All look how to sell your own car what to watch out or what to dig. But it feels so only their own that's good. But what check out what you're doing a book those people are stealing. The cars that titles that are repugnant people sales don't show it itch your house. So I'll have a good chapter Altamont new book about it. And then also. Go to alarm about sell cars that come. Go to FTC dot Uga FTC. Dead give let's save this website to go three. But now what your credit score is a look at your credit. Understand your credit make sure that everything spite far reaching plate or make sure there's not been left open the chief ball was closed. Make sure there's enormous stakes. And if you need to clean up your credit of got. Kindle Peterson that's in Corpus Christi all used to work for Dave Ramsey excellent excellent guy is shipped a lot of mile listeners. Just Arnie ball blew a Lister a man at last we beat. I've got his phone number did make column DB is full amount. I'm Brooke he can d.s and corpus but he can to help you would you credit right there and Alston central directions. Did you credit claim though no one is good for job it's good to rent stuff is good for Goldman get alone. You really need to your credit cleaned up is the best thing to do for you cited Joseph a lot of money. After you've got you critic turning debt go dark at 345. By each credit unions. It just had a friend of mine. They told me sit out got a new credit union and all credit union and they've got to same interest rates. NASA will go with a new piece of why I said. Believe bureau lot of credit opened a year 01 and get new relationship working with a new one. That way you've got more options that you need to borrow money and so what makes sense. To shop shop shop. Lots tab you'll find a buyer like go to achieve great Satan you get money to two and a half percent. Slaying of a lot of Mike your hard earned money after tax money. You wanna waste. Your being productive power being productive all the time. All of my mom money work out warm by the right decisions. So you found your bank you found a great you don't do business with. Now let's figure out what to what you want a buck. You've got some guy and I did go to consumer report shop the Internet top tier. We can't tell your body shop. Has got called me that you sit and outlook this car and he said he's got. Different colors on the body. And so will make sure you take it to a body shop make sure. In accesses his car affects things said Carr faced a massive but obvious it's at night work assert there's a body fit right he should not really. A setup like gonna have a body shop which they unit before made that decision. Eight get a mechanic to look at it what you're trying to buy. If you're not mechanical entire don't have somebody in your family your friends that are can look at it we're too good to get a second opinion. Because sometimes these guys we'll take you here had an all. So we want you to Mike that right decisions so you know your I can't tell you what I walked into parts store about 45 weeks ago. And I asked the bad apart for a eleven. Cameron and I said oh yeah we got plenty of those we sell a lot of those are civil evidently go at all oh yeah they go a lot. We keep a lot of Mona and we got any oval but tell me that. Those cars have that problem shortened cars at certain problem you talked in the body. Europe parts house. And ask them you know do you sell Ali's Bartz yes Euro. So you know what to expect if you bow livid Camry. It is cheap fake she's got a note got to make a deal when your mechanic. And you got to know what departs gone in apart would very much money and it would much put out. But at least I don't now the above eleven Camry the check in July and now there's a chance it's going to be cheap fix. I have do you talk to them go to consumer report would go on the line. I talked if you're black it's iota talked a franchised dealer in their mechanics. Asked of the event. They probably date but that kind of vehicle or what would they recommend. He's done it don't mechanic talked on what they like to work go what I hate to work on we'll tell you that. So you'll know exactly what you need to do on your expertise. And after you've got all of that figured out and you might get choice. There are so many web sites actor it's unbelievable. And more every day in all of got a new line. And some of these and she claimed they'd they'll tell you what is so best price but they're not look at two car. There are car people are computer pretty cool. You might be related to car. I'm not totally story years ago Brenda mine wanted to forearm for his son found one that was eleven Randy sell off fell one for four grant. I'm so wound but now all national or miles in your class at some drawl it all now. Also he bought it come without bloodied it'll look at two title I got a chapter in my new book about ligament titles. Don't the find out at salvage title and a lot of problems any broad debate goes sell us a man. You know it's way Cadillac. You know it needs to be a lot cheaper what you're talking about long story short it finally in depth Sullivan car. Took a big loss we found his son forerunner putting minutes out of last month. That was a year ago they still loved the unit had as much problem. So. You need to. If you bought from an individual you need to look at Italian need to make a copy their driver's license you need to match up the title to their driver's lessons. Even address them know what's going home but dread dress that they've moved recently. Know that you're Dayton went. I told his story before was somebody yell I have heard there was a guy with a shepherd last picked five Chevrolet because San Antonio Texas. They want to 45000 which is all over the money on the car. It was a super NASCAR deck of cynicism won't DB 45000 won't give you pick in 2000 cash. And check for 30000 dollars all league Zoellick cited. Sold it to the but two days later they thought she'll blaze back up for sale 31. 32000. Are recognized as cartels guide Lisa Hank forty doing yourself and so won't need to sell a car on his soul rot away emerged these government. They give him a story. And so you're always thinking well I guess I'd guess that could happen. You know Owen. Any civil I'll just buy the car back gases solve all of our prompt somebody else illegal gifts while word he's glad probably in hopes. But anyway. Another guy that given 30000 for the car. Let's check comes back 30000 but he signed a Bill Self for 151000 cash. So it looked like the thief. Ball to car almost square for 50000. Bad check Kate back to gag came in won't ranchers phone number. The guy gets ripped LT sells his car for a fifth Dana though the gap that's it for thirty but he can't go to Baghdad goes he bought and honestly the other guy. Man it's a mask and it can happen and happen do you. So you've got to be ready. You know to understand titles understand what the scams are out there. Oh another gentleman. I found that shook her last 10 or four wheel drive decent four bucks for a goal but to but they're gone shaft. They they had that million questions and I have but boy being what they should have been talking about. Come to find out gets talked to him is his son's a banker a chased by cannot do business change mine. Sean was also sixteen O four and Bender road. At the bike. Sought Dell and I got daylight. Album which hit the bank get the mind wired right there to the bike in a deal will be done. So I get stock in these big forward and Warren money from my bank that bank. They admitted scam but ever body in the world I had people call a constant constant cost. About John about their unit tried to do PayPal they every could give him that good job sell the unit for two weeks for outbound. And ever scammer the world was doctor trust scam mob somehow some way to get to drug its title probably for free or very little money. So you've got to be ready for this are so many scams in the car business and get worse every day this biz is changed tremendously. And don't look like he's going to get even better. So go warned about sell cars dot com after you've got duct ever body you need to talk to mechanically set appointments that. Figured out what to go to bat get on Internet. The shop for a good car you know a good deal starts with a good car that's the key a good deal starts with a good car. Do you need to start with a good car you need to look at it. And some dubs these cars a big hit so hard and put back together specialized salvage value got to watch suburb shot might have some I have. And you've just got to stay on top of it. This is your hard money you've tight taxes on some make a better decision. Take your tab don't get a hurry. And I am Bob de unit they'll work for you your budget of spam. So you found this car look at new market a market was certainly a market. New market so that there's all for less than thirty days old market. Is past thirty days and especially banning it a 120 days they've all let cartoon I'll try to sustain. Something's not right about it so you need to do you know you need to understand I'll explain destroyed. And stock market was march our main. November December was our dollars. And about seventy dollars and you'll above that stock. You wanna play a 131 place seven. The market suddenly he's not a hundred anymore. Which one do you wanna play and that's the same way the car business. You can't sub by Zelnick car for the last six months he's got too much and it and then Abrams Sully came and l.'s sailor. Needs to find money only. And that's what you come and say hey. You know this is what I'll give this is what I see the features what the markets go to bay you know I need to bug the unit telling you bonafide bar. And and did it. So after you you've made that purchase. You've got it done you know what you're trade is either sold to me you shall somebody else. And Blair's cell you can trade it in within the jamaat traded from the dealership. Right now the dealership should try to steal all the trades they can't except per. Jerry added that straw man he stuff phone may. He steps up Ernie knows the market is doing a good job. But there's Santonio. ETech card in there. And they'll try to convince you don't want nobody else wants. So it you got to understand what you don't want you trade cell and you'd trade traded in or whatever. You later. Decision on the unit you gotta mechanic to look at her yet somebody check it you checked although auto check. You've made the right decision you're comfortable about it. Trade your car in sold you don't Euro. Make sure the paper were getting done. Lots to have Sheryl lately. I've seen a bunch of people by units. And no paperwork. A lady of those but drab and a caravan around the six months since she boat and no time. No tablets anywhere. Those good leadership she bartered off they give her the song and dance. Should I cash for she's a nurse. And she's not give her time. License are about to come out this the year if you bought a used car promoted either new or used their sports treasurer. Not cheap. They give you a title. Their ballot should blue state. So after you've done your business you've got it all together I might get sick or fake sick or clean inject just changed at all. Make it all last make it worth while. Don't do it in a hurry. But I cure your possessions. You know refusing. To seeing that in from the big inning. That's what you do if you don't take care of that car. I didn't think this -- change old take cure rather watch the tires. Watched a bright it's. Watch ever thought. At a San Antonio they got a loan limit to collapse. Warnings. I sound like a big big deal. And I'd buddy buddy used to sell cars go run and had a ball for sale today. Job Bob Bob my car bound by a lot actually cork. Mean I'd sit well I'll buy you Karl give this should escalated but I'm going over what they give us your laughed out more. And so on get up today John Byron new car. His goal gives a left out more. Said the car you buying. They give forty for a 100000 miles yeah. Why are you need a left town forty now. Well he's got no miles on in his got a 100000 mile Warren. Learn how we're just take care said your word about a over a 100000 miles one which direction what somebody hits it or if you get a severe hail storm what if she'd awarded anymore. I'm a year by the extent of warning your pain these prices. You're going to elapsed time. A forty place there you'll overcharge you got to change all where you've got to do whatever they want to do all the vehicle. Oh all lady went mariner to that. Saint leadership and a charger man 180. Dollars changer in the Greeks. Owner vehicle. And had unbelievable. It that kind of money. Denny is unbelievable. But she's she's had to do that to keep her award. Do you Dex how big make all that might then laughed out more because cheap four to five tabs for awarded coast. If dismay. I've got to ward eight I don't Bob Ward. How way to the awarding runs out and then the manufacturer or somebody will call you. And say you awarding a lot cheaper the deadly car people we'll. And you get affording them. You can give Jewell ward if you expect you dated and not lose a lot of pre boarding bow warning Dave Ramsey says never about awarding. They've made those mortgage companies make a lot of money. So. But Doug got a new one running that may ban when you got a deal will choose to sell our warnings. We eulogy to be our rapid area we will achieve this we won't choose that. And you know if that's the key. These rewarding people would they be worn those cars yeah cars if they would make it money. I'm scared to either make him play any of money. And the dealerships Michael a lot of money ended the war don't cost that much money. Our main. They make double what they sought for most of it only east. Salute. What's don't want delegate gap we need to talk about GAAP as I have talked about it all time. GAAP. Is a difference if you're an accident and your car's total. That failed efforts in other words you hole a lot more money then. Then what the actual value the cars. So that insurance pays a gap. So UB Italy's even on the vehicle so if you put a lot of miles on it. You need to consider gap which also need to save their homeowners policies. Has admitted cheap. Credit union probably sales at any cheap price. I don't Randolph Brooks and say. San Antonio desk. Security service sells a lot cheaper than to dealerships. Serves a lot of vital building a home buying their. Now also a gut shoot out goes I didn't mention last week. One of my listeners Boston's a dealer I got so many coordinators this about a show I'm so happy about it. But they tell me sit day. You didn't mention. How bad catalog chart 27 states United States. It's illegal to have the title. It got in Texas. Where you or rob the people who put his office 330%. Interest. At 88. And house state house representative. New brothel they didn't know that. The title alone. Places got 330%. Interest he thought I was crazy. After he checked it out he found out it was right so if you bar fire piles guilt and hundreds of ball. For 27 months you pay back 25000. For any 5000 dollar all this crazy. Take your friends take in neighbors tell you wrote did still ever body do you not do it. Not worth the money did not do it for sure. Is not worth the money. Eight gold alarm about sell cars that come describe your car helped by your car. And that way you continue your business. I felt your what are you need to dig a ditch cheap transportation. Roads then played six months at mad hatter. 54 under a 5000 dollar won't cure to pay back board that you ball or take your friends tell your neighbors tell everybody not to do it. This is brand AMP learn above sell cars dot com you work for a company. Are you all accompanying need guts of buying and trucks that's sit around you're not used equipment. Give us a call we'll black. A black trainers about motor homes. Fifth wheels were above all Kansas stuff all I can offer are all I'll hit you with evergreen RV declared on consignment. That's were I take my lack of psalms the Johnny state and in new bras bullet. All every grain RV. Above the good the bad and the ugly about Rex about bad motor cars but they've got to have some kind of begging to go to law to buy and sell cars dot com which. Car and I'll blah I'd love to buy your car. So it's like about debt you know Sharpton should over non productive blues and back do you have ever mall subtler things can go wrong. You got if you work for a company or you know come near you own a company. We black cargo bands I've got some great deals don't 1617. Cargo and fifteen passion your band's forty. You'll love it. Got some great deals also blow balls NASCAR's. A lot cheaper than. Karbala. Are a lot cheaper than Ben CarMax. Did the skull we did exactly what you want. We still have hassle free auto buying guide com issues the web sites not up. Tips call it my office 830625715. Wolf. What are you name will blow it or you've got will tell you what you trades worth. We'll have any way that we can not Bennett business over fifty years and new bras for Texas. I'm not going anywhere but I believe location just cross a street. Overhead overhead over it a multi year over here it is clamp tremendously in the last ten years. New guardian or use guardian over here he has got hired are get much cheaper and cheaper. I'll war to be able to do business would you write fairly squarely. The way you should be a check mark price is checked our offer. Get a second opinion. Give me an opportunity to press below market show Blake model car lite bottle ban a late model truck. Give us an opportunity to get a second opinion. Work with people will blow over here. They'll tell you the truth 80% will will rip you off 20% that think there's got to rotate the troops. I've got sold to dealers listen to my show. All of Blake got 1213 seventy great great peak flow. I'll load yeah I love was going home. Thank you buy it again. Thank you Casey thank you all the people who work there because you know what the owner of the escalation or June educate. They won't choose to be your best buy best decisions. I usually spend your money wisely. Administration has is taken care of bay and that's why I Telemar level because there won't you to do better there won't you'd be educated. And they're working hard to achieve their position that are cut me a better deal. Thank you Iraq's Covert thank detained Iranians my sister she sells for Richard Bassett furniture. And her phone numbers twelve want to shoulder at 71. Solvent. Seven or you have to go by others tell JD LO sweetest person in the world. Got bush all of you late forgive everybody Lil longer. Thank you very sticky. It makes it. Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app was your favorite shows. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven.