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Again and stand today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no top thirteen seventy anywhere kinda lose their brightness place. Welcome to learn to buy and sell cars. We're zero. Powered by Coburn should. I'm ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with the cars. No pulse the nines is central Texas is Randy Adams are a bunch so car but got bottled here have done a great great day I am. Happy Mother's Day don't them. Others out there for a ruling BA without our mothers lab Vontae I had a great mother. She got on almost thirty years old but let me tell you something she really brazenly in my sister all her own. What were super poor. We barely got by out. Blanks are super tough. That you don't want my mother and steals some planks out waste Al what they've absorbed a meal I wished a little aren't meant. And our debt they'd she looked at made just a couple of days for she gagged she said Randy the most important thing in your lap is to raise your children right. Ma am always total is an event. I wish I would really understood how important Apple's thirty years old. My children were yum. Al's mom buying focus was providing and being successful and rock and roll and try the five mile away trying to prove myself. And and you know my mother raised me and she'd go to told Dave Ramsey's class I guarantee you she could end. And my sister. She raced two great children Tiffany Shannon. Man they've done shook for well our sister's does super well I animal give a shout out to my sister can't detainee. She sells furniture Bassett archer home burn it wrote a big taste of the great honest wonderful person. She's a sweetheart. If you want a interior decorator if you wanna buy us some furniture. You want me to Swedish person Walsh was persons and not only is earth you'll ever may yet can't detainee at Carl I'll give your phone number. That's problem today. Settled 71757. Boortz Bob one to eight. Saw the southern want Shelvin. 74. A lot of she's a blessing bent on blessing in my lap on today she's a real sweetheart. And give her a call it Bassett furniture and give her collar mobile lets your mobile number I gave she's out at bat. Vernon road and I'll candies have a great Mother's Day because monetary issues. An outstanding mother that did her all her own. Killed the husband won around a whole lot. I didn't see even the children's labs much. Just a little bit and a limitation on candy did an outstanding job. But you know our kids absorb everything and they're just like sponges racially won't we big. And sometimes you know we wish we could have done some of things were and we did. You know that's what trauma Olin and names how many. We're talking about buying and selling cars and good manufacturers would Daley urged those slot on the just everybody's word about these millenniums. All by hand or are we gonna do with book. All mean you know they don't wanna own that. They won't stretch payments out for amber wanna. I tell you wat they don't want a Lil black their parents lived. They don't all big houses with big pine nuts cause stress on relationships. Goals and problems all relationships. Calls on abortion. No money left at the end of the month work detained jobs to make ends they like almost claimants. That's what they saw. So yet they don't want only not that and then we got in the entitlement. You all why not mother told me accountability and responsibility. Then I got a bike it on my home life she taught me how to work. She tell me how to get things done like a site she couldn't tell Dave Ramsey is. His program. You know and the reason not been successful is because her. I appreciate it now get are few things from my dad our go to things that I don't wanna be I can't. And that's where our Blarney symbol Indians don't want to be. Like their parents. After all my sons to work out taught my sons to be the best they can beat. Do you have desire to be the best you can they. You know we didn't in the purchases of car arch yes you can afford one as to gouge the cars a Ford can't afford. Wow what you can at 145. 450000. Dollar Mercedes by. He can afford a brand and 80000 Bowe. Take my last day what are your oil our desires. But look at your budget look at what you can look forward. Make sure they start go to college Tressel knew. Ed and no money left to end of malt and bad part about it we don't know what they economies don't believe we don't want to go musk or doing. You know I'm sorry but these liberals and a book called. What they hate. They'd come prejudiced. Goes if you don't agree with them I hate cheap. They become so prejudice they become haters hate everybody based model like him. They're they've got their sales in general train wreck. I ate freaked he had Everett body. Live blogger real quick story. One of the things alarm as early age trying to prove myself right. A Bible following don't let deal you have to go to another showed a slide out about that. But anyway. I've had to prove myself right and I would argue we cue for hours to get over up point I guess owls like those liberals started day. Man I didn't hate each I didn't cushy. What I would sit there for hours. Trying to convince you to think like I did feel like may understand where a governor from wont to do a little black Galileo. And that's what they become. What happened to free real free choice love care I hate to give everybody a little longer. You know that person you've got a problem when they don't know when they don't care. You run around cared as baggage. As they could care less they don't know of their evidence jolly old to have been your miserable. Yell at. Illustration given debate the other day there was also. You know there's a stitcher psychology teacher and college one of the college won the big college is probably universe to Texas. So everybody bring up potato. Date for one per per person that you hate. Or media. And we'll go put this day. So it brought and a budget but take a somber all want some brought elevated hey nobody saw bro wants some brought up fees some brought five or six. So that put him and his plastic bag baked added that should get up a bunch. Tiered around a little while so are at somebody's got patent five or six people care this round all day. That's what I hate your care around these liberals care morale hate for somebody that doesn't agree with the I didn't agree with Obama. But I didn't Haiti. I wish the best form published the best for our country. Only the best to prosper I'll order a country do the best awarding the help they a warning do the right and make it right decisions. But added Haiti. I did both formed neither time did warning but I accepted. And now we got these liberals that won't accept any blame this amount of dollars so you carry this. This sack of potatoes around and they start to get rot and always stake in east dale care derail. Is still cares thirty piled Shaq and that she. We got to forgive everybody lived longer be happy being content well we've got. Agricultural buyer. You know. We've got to study our behavior problems and understand that a person's action reflects his character. So if you're dating somebody 'cause since somebody. You know destroying property. Your character is showing. And you know why we all see it. We always have that you see exactly how those people are conducting themselves. I second Tim Big Three man says their folly will be cleared that everyone is so true. Your file it will be clear to every war. Sold. Let's straighten up lists patent beat by point your mothers elaborate she is not pass a servant in there. I think a barrel on all the time a waste. Al what do listen to or more accepted her more. Accepted her ways Bork expanded her current culture thanking. You know is still right now. I hope it's not too late for you wills quick story that we'll get Greg Hardy and Nick's car business. Let's look at also on the curb and has got us going in a flyer shot to send his mother should flowers for Mother's Day slowed girls crashing it about 1012 years old. Gal walks up to nurses little girl saw rob should yeah only got a dollar industry dollars to get my mother ropes. And he civil component here I'm born gave me the three dollars for your rogue so he goes again. It's a wired he'll set up to since his motion flourished. You know about four hours away. And then he buys the groceries the little girl's says would you like to take me your mother she should always GO that the that would really help me and oh I'm so thrilled and so they he gets McCarty take certain they go to the cemetery. And she lays that far. Owner mother's great. The guy gets back to his car. Text it'll grow worse she's staying on. Any edge back to the flower store. Cancels it order. And he gets in his car and he drives for hours to go see his mother. They're older idea. The more I understand how important relationships our. Where we might we've got another show and you'll catch you don't Saturday night don't take TSA about fifty and senate Tony as Mike can memories are baked. We're talking about spend quality time when your family and your road ditching your friends. Quality time that you're make it man works like it about to get tab relaxing cleaning your mad out cleaning your your thoughts out. You know do we take a left hand to do that and our laps out so. A little book. Roberts on public the last solutions and add to their learning let's listen to our fellow fellow loved ones are still are friends or relatives. Spend time with them. You get chance tennis center go to go to our website make it memories are Beatty dot com but out of butter times we're gut topped can't stop there. And were gonna do alone vapor in should step up just hope we're open to show that we're gonna and it opens six weeks. We're open to show a really start trying to dig in and sing him. Yet all square we spend our quality time. How much we love each other really. How much we accept others. And what we're did friend or foe let's get back to the core business. Go to warned about sell cars dot com. Easy process of describe you column by your car. I'll want to buy your car. Your truck and I don't care of the good the bad yet but I don't need 6568. Cadillac coupe. They don't stick to buy Chevrolet I got it would go look at a Ford or. I've they'd go model laced up 32 stuff got column 34 roadster street original somebody's got to look for a 34 original. Wrote shut tillage about should recoup 55 she did you pick up does drive a hasta good old line. Late. Friday night about at a night club. 9 o'clock not foam blows up shared a born a man allos latest Horry got a plane ticket he's ready to complicate it backed. It's in the money it's a whale built into it but oh cars bar hopping out on late models trailer and that's what I did. But I've been in the car business since 1963. Quick quick deal that. But that was buying cars out of both Georgetown texts. And es arm and stripper Clarence adopted motors Georgetown. I hate it forty and stick to what sports and EO I leveled by an army and allow level. You should read your blog only scarcer point five dollars go home Mike's money yes it sure as the butcher won't problem. I got there are replying but the money takes a while just float she should when you show a unit come on back up predicting you know when you sell the unit and a deep in the title. So rode a bus on McDyess suffered. Know what happened between new bras for and I'll stood and that the between Austin and Georgetown in 19631964. On Maine I would bet that you would have believed it. Compared to bend and tilt by always diet pitchers that I wished I had my phone it would took pictures back there and and so. I've got broad bus back upper took though. All 4940. Is a club group first wanna vote delegates shouted up ended up got to run good as little bit of a mechanic at fort just. And my best friends that's an hour robotic car for for your my best friend it's time Charlie Brown. So I sold it to in my hand make 25 dollars and went paperwork and fifty cents and 75 cents an hour. And I made 25 got I made a week's wages on one copy it manned up all our might all bloody world and I get back up there. Or my dad's extra but giving the 25 dollars over cattle are still got twenty but my pocket goes up must spend this money on each say that. So where techno Assad or. And here let me tell you should know not played yet. After he sold for five of these yet to give Obama crossed the land. Should after he's so forth by of the season you start playing missile a rode a bus back up there. Got me got me go to another one Tutsi backed cleaned it up solely by another 25 dollars man around town I've got this deal figured out. So after about 45 and I had one start but summit and that's how I got a business isn't as fourteen years old I'd stolen cars continued it through Rask who. Went to two years of San Antonio college wants busters southwest Texas. But in selling cars Bennett. I'll load the business. God's blessed with the talent I tell you that. This has been a blessing in my life. And I just love what I do. So. Limit to pay a more open up the last cub like but I got don't know why Goldblatt today's producer he always does a great job. Well talk RT seventy IQ talk thirteen seventy to tell you friends and you relatives out of state to look it's up all top thirteen seventy dot com. In San Antonio home and the next RO BO KT SA but 58 AM and one also don't wanna have them. But I've got a lot of out of state police pursuit they show it's KT SA dot com JT SA dot com. We've got about a hundred listeners and and Colorado. I've got about a hundred you know all how I got a bunch in Florida all over United States should tune in all root. I've got friends of mine in Oshkosh Wisconsin chill out Darnell. He elicits quite a bit. And listens also sing tell your friends and neighbors all over the country were tried to spread all over the country back. A lot of talk to Burma's B twelve because I sold so much of their product about being a sponsor on the show I looked up to interstate batteries. Love to talk to them. Discount tires. Oh we've had good luck and set a tone about Toyota these. It's editorials are parked iota if you want an anti go to. I guess she's the best price delivered to your dough. Or brandy Toyota. Delivered to your door at the best price that's the big type of leadership argues they deliver with Dave Hooper one for me. Down and Corpus Christi that the people shop the plane off fogel. And bought off what they have got delivered that Al stated at the walked into the leadership yes we still have a hassle free auto buying guide com. But it's not up right now also a fuel made it did that process member of the processes honored 95 and we do the whole system you don't have to walk at a dealership. Would make sure you bought the car you know intend to Bob goes 85%. Of the people. Good walk into leadership by something they don't intend to bad bustle but they can't afford. Seoul hassle free we'd make sure your finance and set up make sure that she get the best price make sure you get plenty for your trade. And make sure that you have to battle it out for that apartment. Say Alex sponsor for dealers that do it and do it right just like rocks over. He knows that you do it right. If you're educate and you do the process right you've got to continue to do business rocks over out of this bowl forty years we've never had a problem. And if bodies a factor. You know that he could be a problem we've never had a problem. So he understands bus system my program and he loves it because he won't she could do it. Properly cricket and Allred that Brooke is so you're in control of the deal. Not a preferred customer now out of the eight or you walked into dealerships that place 56000. Ball. To be all bets on that sponsorship. Bosh bosh ships a lot cheaper children dealer or not stressed out to make a whole lot of money all the vehicle is side. And it happens is I know allowed. Managers are used to work for dealerships that are holed that program. And I said man we love those preferred the up because so Walt did and we it's like a lamb born slaughter. Man we might plenty of money don't we clear the first one clears our 6000 dollars a bulk. Sponsorship. So no. Do you want to be that out what she beat Ku cup clicked in control confident exactly what you did choke company teacher teach your children. A unique you that good example or bad example are you while millenniums or not bind they gases. And fine cars are not all alone not that. Well must teach at the right way. Well I hate it's easier. To build which all. Then to repair one or their battle to think about that meant it's easier to build at all trying to Charles. Then it is to repair. An adult book calls if we don't trainer when they're young we don't educate them we don't mineral we don't global we don't care about a when they get to be an adult I've got a friend of my. This 32 year old sons were train wreck is because she banking always laughed. The boys and I ignore. She's enabling them to do whatever he wants and I keep old job in changing that the crackdown Maine it's a train wreck. So we'd gotten as she came to repair and he's meadow which came repaired. Her best friend said he's at 32 year old and a six year old Brandon body as bodies door to believes six. So we want you to be ready to go for your next purchase should go to learn about sell cars dot com. And follow basic process I guess it's time for bright condolence. A cycle patch that list good I'll be right back tell your friends and I exited and we got so much talk about I got Dylan home land thank you Megan. Thank you Tom thirteen seventy. God bless you tell your friends and neighbors that June and we'll be right back yeah. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will beat it. Hi I'm Jenny Covert and we had the best selection about the need Chevy GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and what's all the options you can wind. All that as a famous love overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever and we want to be your truck dealer. Let us pray that seat covers general idea kinsey NC seventeen how was anyone ambassador out or on mining covered Astaro dot com. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the fourth the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays five to seven on top thirteen seven Michael Berry show. The right choice. Her age yeah. I. He motivation. Okay. Yes America I love America out of Texas. I'm I'm dale born raised and browse for Texas. I'm proud to be an American I'm proud that they actually I'm thankful live here I'm thankful to be free I'm thankful we have breached the age. Against all odds I've got all radio airwaves. Tell him to shake Christian go to bed you know it but car business people we need to know. You know. Wisdom is only effective when you put it action. You know we've got to put it action we got to put our wisdom and action. Hey can you site noting yourself. Or thought about that. Did you should know that big double cheeseburger by Greg big piece of bile I scream moment. Did you say note to yourself. To their brand name 80000 dollar Truckee K up border Mike diamond song. You know what's a home body freshen union glad something. Boy oh. I had somebody tell me the other day sit man I just couldn't sell cars or forty mainly should not try. And sit under direct pressure. You know he got distraught to discard the truth. He said my and I it's much pressure all the managers and that team leaders and the and the area closures and so I was under pressure to show up on so much pressure it calls made a lot. And so I just signed doing any buying up Kurds solid car. Just starts at the owners at a general managers. That's why some of these dealerships are so successful some not quite there all my money goes lead. You know they they know how to sell and selfishness they know how to pick on the myriad emotions. Your thing you it's your desires. Wishing you never die a main October Jew or the secret it was if you got tab spin go to UT. Almost shell it all by all my FaceBook Errol also off. Jim circular CE. GL ER they when you blowing them up you don't sing I'll arch. Of gosh training and sales people how to get every label already pocket. Entertainment. Very educational. It's like a look at it take its like University of Texas looking at that playbook of listeners. I don't know what I hate to shlinder. Bob favorite team in Texas Texas a course and Los sector favored taking zany but it makes Oklahoma. Anybody I don't care I don't know if they're played checkers auto more Oklahoma to win. So. You know. Dash like get that game play when your what's that you take 'cause he's got as there's a hundred classes up they're training people. How to get every available dollar audio pocket do that and take your time go that parents say that. But until we are deciding now owe to ourselves. And really study and examine our budget budget will jobs education adult mentions budget does salespeople don't mention budget. I got butch. Nominating Warren Buffett's got a budget he can you know Willie kill boy well every walls but he knows what he's given away what he's doing. I guarantee. So we've got to learn to say boat ourselves still a lot of stuff that our laps. You know. There are circumstances. Over which we have no control over all by hand you know our rarity in a word. You know who were born where were born in the senate you know for instance. But there's a lot of others that we can't control our decisions. How we make of how we thank quote we do what we say. At the heart of the matter is Sicilian org didn't nature that is that we all inherited all wall while away. Owl land yeah. I'm proud of rounded out so proud I'm youthful pride greed keeping up with the joneses Matt. But hey I observed that I can afford that. That's a way that works we inherited debt nature. Saw Judy examine what you're doing it can't find your budget find out what you gonna spend what you gonna do how you gonna spend it. Because there's only two kinds of cars if Ford can afford and whatever man might bright spots you know. You know the boy is that you attain. And the more conscious she become the crazier you will appear to others. And all but a new car. You know I spent too much money. You'll have a great big house. Well. That's what happens to everybody. Yeah oh wisdom is only effective when you put an action but are you following a parked car or you apart car. I don't wanna be apart Karl will be productive only a mad chair I wanna help globe and reach out and help people they get low upper hand. You know quick eat a mullah. Man I tell you what at they might gonna wanna address. I don't all wanna. A bit of water bottle our desires but I don't care. You know I won't be the best that can be us might decisions today. They'll play off two more. The decisions today on buying a car. But goes we don't like about payments. It's amazing to me so many people call me for hale. And the first question answered how many famous do you alone I don't know. You know how many like me jewel Ricardo. You know what you already know. Bio. Not. Account manager in San Antonio. Much to say he's vacate disable mobile alert from three to four clock but 15 AM. GO. He was a troubled me to get rid of his ride one of his drugs such an OK. I said doesn't. What you all I don't know a sounding kind of chill I don't know. I said Kennedy and got it phonics I don't know I said you don't you bought from god do know that. So we're sit around. We don't know what we know who we owe it to how much we owe a civil shall. I eagle solid if you don't know what it's owed to how I don't I get off if you don't know where is going. And you don't know how many times might be just laid off by going 02 at all are all a bunch more now. Who's got ditched that. That's radio station was scared to charm really spine in my. They ended up sitting and Whitney. And we had taped shows. For two months. And after two months is when we come up with trucks showed his vehicle. An easel Lawny gut you know didn't know. So what what are you are certainly an are for two months out of rope. A must must not done a good job on him. Maybe wouldn't pay attention Jameer didn't know. You know. You know the content but we find that Arab and the opportunities. And success. Of this leftist emperor. We expect our success to be permanent. McQueen click quickly there golf. Well opting out quickly is now. You get depth wine and car and a man I was at a dealership the other day. People were bolt ran date 48. And you know I got the best for your round DiMicco. Would regret it chip brand name forward delivered here you're. And so these people were all out there taking a picture of it. All they were so excited. Let's elect a guy just laughed and his brother evidently it looked like it anyway. There are protected pitchers of so happy. Almost cracked. Let all them they bought 874000. Dollar. For these soap or buff for what Robert romance. Who. And the truck they were trained and it'll look like it add much value. I hope they didn't like the playing missile medals Dora. What goes on detect a symptom. It is not going to be it's not don't be harmed. It's not gold you want to don't keep forever I doubt their shares they may be bloodless 1% Dave. So. Here's this man is he slow happy about just and true that. But when he pulled all of the lot. Almost felt like that Geico commercial relationship money flat off that motorcycle rider. Almost felt like it was a sign boy and money flat out back then truck as a guy goes down rode. Well. That's why today used. Think about how long you don't keep the vehicle this guy's got 84 multi but I have an airboat to deal and this flood and mud dealer that I was there I was picking up cars. There that ball off this dealer and he's not want Amare recommend dinners. But anyway. I overheard a conversation while I was I had to those other cars overheard the deal. Sounds like he stretched out and he's gonna go down a road. 84 months from now. He's trying to guard the Beirut the truck. He normally were stopped them. Hard game to play. Hard game Detroit. But anyway. Andy was part to try to get he had betrayed it did look like it was worth much and actually the super dirty. Tires or golf course change but spends money on it to get it going let my teammate debated take care I don't think it would take care of their cars. You know the more you take care to more scholarly work. So. We're watching that. Go to my website to learn about sell cars dot com describe your vehicle. And opera got BVL phone number five point 8643. 5483 feet like give us a cult 128643. 483. The guy touching you there's no dumb questions only questions don't want you don't ask. So. Go to our website to learn about sell cars dot com describe your car or not are triggered by accident or not gonna type she the company had. And did put your pin number and catch your knees and teach football over rules scratch dance ever buying. If we have to fix opted hours so that we're gonna have to cut price if you don't tell me about it. I want you know exactly what you cars worth exactly. What you could do with it the options you have with a he excelled debate Triton anti traded in and little money to hit it to ourselves somebody else and a little more money to it. But I have options you know which cars were doubled to be fair market. I'm not gonna cut its chief dazed and ever rule then scratch and it's a used car understand the program. Member of the goodness 63. But Baghdad and back up and the other day from San Antonio they've been the car my actions sent Diana and he said. Also buck are by about prone. And and sick you beat me up or assert those balls don't. Has said he got a NASCAR and said well I've glass door dings and scratches Scott deals bottle asleep. I said that's normal. This is a ten year old car. I'm I'd expect that debate brand now not by and a brand new price. Khatami should man Comex beat me up and beat me up diet so well usually big CarMax. Nine out of ten tenths. So it sold the car industry. But I want to buy your car the good the bad the ugly if you got. Old cars over trucks you got new cars and trucks I got some fifteen bashed your brands that are bargain got some cargo Diana lay out cargo when that a bargain. We sold four cars off monologue Saturday morning our shared it. So this is good we're out naslund all the time. I'm get a lot of cars ball from our listeners of San Antonio. Also a little slow but you know it probably come around one of these days. It's a gimme a college office 83065. 7159. Or go to our web site learn about so Karzai cop. Down three you your friends or relatives everybody go to alarmed above sell cars dot com. And go through the system. Find out what your credit score is go to FTC. Dot go to FTC. Gut group go there. But now it's your credit score is that look it up examine our chicken bat if there's any problems get cleared up it for you thank you need to type pay it. Any tie galactic did it done. So you know exactly where you stand. Clean it up if you need help clean up the credit he credits rules solve tool are real bad. I've got a guy and Corpus Christi they can do it from corpus right over the ball rather of the computer used to work for Dave Ramsey good honest yak cheap cheap cheap. That's brush up saint. Give me call my office say 306571. But now I've got your guide to credit score got cleaned up. Now stand to go to credit union are you bank. And shop a bunch of fun out to best rate lady. Optional a cartoon a friend of mine. She went to her bike it was 8% asset don't know I'm Jan your new Christine good to do that. You need to go somewhere else so we shopped around without founder 2.3. Well I think are a lot of money that she's single mom she needs the help. So we got her great deal great car great interest right is she super happy but shop shop shop. There's lots did eye some Marmara hungrier the other shall Bob Hurley knew it others. Sic get your credit re glad debt ready to go to the adopt a buy out of a grudge. I outlets that Parcells said the day walked in need apart for a tell you to camera. And other parts guys should we got although we sell a bunch of them. Let's did you sell bonds at least he should all are constantly we sell a bunch that we keep a bunch of stock. Well I told myself to. Innocent sees cheap easy fix but insulted you need to know unit talked cartels. Upon considered bad let's say 2002 in camera you sell a lot of parts did you pull it up system when he did you know we did have a customer. And say how big departure Shalit and say you know what got issues you have with he's got a coerced. Top QB can't tell you buddy shut up to everybody around Sri fiddle pitcher but I just see if it's. You know you're up by a sudden it's got a lot of headaches real culture a lot of money to fix what man makes brakes at all or is today. You don't have to spend the money. Dell has tampered no bright. So all right this is Randy Adler to buy and sell cars dot com. I keep thirteen seventy tell thirteen said we'll be right back at him managed to make sure you tell your friends and labor institute and are they just talk about the system or why are divide sell cars that come. God bless you tell your friends and neighbors that didn't interest thank you thank you don't. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi Anthony Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC trucks in one location to. In that color style and with all the options you can wind. All that and that's saying this let overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your truck dealer. Let us pretty cheap covers an idea kinsey NC seventeen how was anyone in backstop or online at covered Astaro dot com. Texas weather can change on a dime will. It's expanded again. Normally it. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Chaos in the wake up and fly right on 1213 seventy. Half tracks. I hang yeah so yeah. Held out hello can't get why we'll stand side note to yourself. When you're in control over yourself you'll be satisfied. When you're not in control of yourself. You might the bad decisions you know you do something wrong but she just came work out of that trap yeah rebellion that trap before. Oh man on the day I tell you want to sign though a bad hair walked that she's done that. But I've decided my guitar and Italy over my cannot tell you Delray get. More experience so they had pretty sure of last year got anymore wisdom but I do have a little mortgage prayers. So you're at Randy you've got to learn about cell guards I've come you've. Got Jewish graves credit score you cleaned it out. You tell to your bike he talked to Craig in value token you apart chest. Now you dog mechanic I got a body shot now you're lit up consumer report. You get online you're doing your research a little work actually be a little money a lot of work we'll save you a lot of money. So what do you do it Bubba take my biased new or renewal or desires. The problem is. It's going to cost you money you. They walk in there and they came to handle the sales people they detained Helm what they're doing. They can't handle that should do a tremendous. Talent the tremendous. Classes and it and training they'd gone through it. It's tough. That's why hassle free auto buy dot com. They used to be a ball land now we're working out of my office he'd go to learned about silly email me are gimmick called my office say 30. 657159. And see exactly what I'm talking about because we take to stress out of walker leadership Balkan and at that bar to make sure you by the right unit. Make sure your credit is taken care of make sure. That derive trash right dealership. That's a big deal. Goes out deal with the only the dealership should tell the truth of which bears the Mala ol' ball. You know the ones that want to tell the truth is there right I want to do business with the otherwise known I don't know. I have no desire to have to do business with a big you've got to watch out. Maine we won't dinners to Mike money. We want to abide by a 679%. We don't want the bike 304050%. And 80% up try to make that pick 2%. There's 20% don't get a live I just think about a rogue state right now we're getting up at. Trucks or 80000 dollars. All the dealers should make a little money 656%. Only 80000 dollar vehicle. You know. We want might not it was just don't want her might get 304050%. Owned news. That's the key. So valued you shop shop shop leaked out to everybody Tel two mechanic she'd done your homework. Desktop to figure out what you are about you make that decision. And you go shopping. Near market gold market know market is the market scored all right now all bark it if dealerships owned it November December. Subs don't hit it too much money. Lap because the market is it's not a time now except on national low miles clean stuff. So the market. Hate to think about it November December. Mailed it to. Is just sheer fault they only two that. Do you want to help their mistake they're misfortune. Do you warn a tight for their mistake. You made clear on the new market it but it's a new market look calls. Well it's just like I don't know fish. If the fish is a bump though they discounted price. You know how old fresh fish out all market trust was going home now even though it might be late. I these salesmen are trained to show you stuff this only unit they've Chinese stuff that's got a bonus Sony. And SY 85% to walk index these sales are trying to get all the money they can't. It's just like cute if you can if you can make a lot more money it sure work. Thus doing something a little bit different. What do you wanna dates. A you don't make more money. Are you gauntlet past which it blamed salespeople who owners and managers tellem they here's a bonus 500 dollar bonds they should get off the lot. So they're gonna work to elect an extra 500 bonus. So we want to make sure. That you're ready to do so now you you didn't think shop and try shopped the price she'd know what you trades worth. You got blue beat Kook calm collected if you walk it leadership. Make sure your rent control make sure they sell a car. They switched mammal take some moderate so many people talk about got into the dealership and it just slow he just so. You know well I've ever awards are great while it happens but most of dove instead. Most of there they're just want to get you the whole field advantage. Home field advantage they want to get in on it dealership where they make money. By. After you've done that. Make sure you don't bring you try again and until after the best prices by eight then bring in the trading him. That's finding did debate Jacobs say mate you did to make it that's fine. I'll iced tea if you got a trade but if you don't want everybody I understand that take. So don't bring it up now a good friend of mine that works may drive scholarship may we got tell about his daughter. And all quiet she knows how to do it she knows how to buy cars sit really that androgynous they're really Rogers and oh yeah. She knew what she does. A civil how does she do it had my curiosity up you know. How old rule are Al wanna know I don't understand. He said he would have her eight total may said. This is mob budget she told that this is not budget this is what I can afford. And how all right new car. And he thought that was great called Manny is excited. He was excited as she knew exactly what she Eagles span. And she has got to control our sake you sure Roger. Said all yeah yeah so is she walked in Tel 300 was her budget. Yeah I said good. That's like a poker players show what his pain that's like that vacillate each shoulder pain. He she showed ever buying up front. Now the sales and all he's got to do is figure out how many claims she can make it bumper and how much money can buy. The coast she's dating a figure that she'd go live with so they don't find the car that fits the pay back to makes the most money. She show and her hand she she she laid down a poker hand and let all the players look at it. That's the latest. So he was so excited I hate to boost the global. But after we talked about he understood. I said you know. If they strap it up that quick as it did date bumper Weller bunker fifteen dollars but does not much. Unsettled and also led to two months. I'd say extra thousand dollars they picked up or before the other two at 3000 I picked up before she Boller civic. Are made out I need smaller car that outfit she bought on the Fayette. So. A bite to it by mail a lot of money power but you'll ever made. You shouldn't you give me a partial Balkans say this is about budget. Yes. We try to put it into it anywhere real helpful but they don't look I met. That's why I had some we're delivered a truck to a new cart later. And must salesman not settled above my driver dropped get out the truck is set for salesman it. He says eating may have a chance at tellem Ali was due it was delivered a truck to ease our office. Because they were all top plays him Mikey you don't know why. And they said man they got excited he said I got excited. And it should file ads tell ops dropped his truck off I'm not trade median. Yeah all body is set for sale it's your lot now. But all in all I said they kept saying can you count filed honored to bump they know what I was back. They were ready set him up at 500 a month. Figured he would know by Chile's trade. All my and what they excited they were excited they had a by easy one that walked you know a lot welcomed by an idea what blood and that it would. So. Dole roulette. These salesman run up there and take you filed under the bulk and closure Butler who goes they but B make it that money at 280 a month. Although cars they are you hit they're make it bunny at 240 to fifty in my own little bitty cars. So. What you do me. Your next purchase are you done better if you aren't any thing. You want to change the way used by are you liked Adelaide that they had this headache she was convinced she knew exactly what shoes do it. As she told them exactly what our budget what she can look forward. And then they Sheila don't pick a car out for. Well. You'll them you know show your poker and I'm telling you. Yeah that's what she did you flashing ever lagged it ever body and this is that this is what I can afford this is what I'll do. What do we go to and he. Evergreen our main that's make it memories are babe we have to show Saturday night thanking John. Man that day was such we put a show there is traffic is doubled. Indy bras bullet that he can sides trailers and motor homes and all and he is a new ring true. Trailer to a slow way Rio may now level. So. Johnny steep banking for members make it memories are B dot com and and you can get a chance slip up every grain RV dot com look up his phone number 830. 655500. They got a big selection the fifth wheels and campers I've got to pick it ain't like new camper. They have reduced down to 21 that if you wanna pick dame fifth will it looks like ninety slats. TARP takes as easy to pull. Not too big just right so as I've got it give me a collar office 83065715. And a that's Randy Adams at Randy Adams ankle are devised sell cars dot com. Well we're almost at into the show and it's been a great opportunity for May become apparent. Topped it all blow listeners thank you tell thirteen seventy thank you Megyn thank you safety get a chance call rocks Covert. Colin mayor's office. He may not answer a dad works saudis but he's they're all buddies this man works and works hard. But still rocks the college his numbers viable until you. So when two victory. 1318. Column is thanking for the show should thanking rocks were sponsor Randy M show that's all the excitement. Ask. Lauren about sell cars dot com free. Pass a pre ought to binds not updating more cheap called evolved to say 306571009. Despite rocks for planned. For the majority of the show his phone numbers filed one take seven to eight to. 1318. Connolly a message say rock's like for. Sponsor Randy Adams show up trichet and how did I appreciate each and every what are your listeners I appreciate joke just like golf form and diet can help. He is the best in the business in my opinion on cell and general motor products and they've got a Cadillac and a forged to. So give me a college fuel beta LP and purchase a new unit 8306257159. So it next week we don't talk about all that stuff that I and it got called me. The other day that as may well how he can pull his trailer easier better not we gave them that system. So we're working don't work at all got stepped up work and don't try to get my website better. Yet though. But you know were out working hard I don't know what you get laid it don't matter but how much of your life are you trading. Value is determined by a sacrifice. But us working. But what is your tab worked how hard do you work. Are you wasting your tab and effort. How Long Will be the best person I can be a woman spent that time was put a halt today the older you get the more you worried about spend and dad's. But two words you want Spaniard tab productive I wanna be productive I wanna be your venture out wanna help you for you to be your best. You've got to work it. Heavily Lyle stood silently you are is it because you work in day and I try to play for that tolerable Bayless fog will be worth a lot when you get. Make it last claimed. Are trying to be somebody else. You have stalled that lately he's trying to be somebody else somebody that your not. Because you know. How good name is more desirable. Than great riches. Well character comes up you know went when times get tough one to pressure zone. Well. You know I don't want people lob because there was truth to come out you know come out later and then you're trying to scramble. To make sure that you are not too much trouble. So you know but utilize in our laps die unit in our lives. His knowledge relationships. Work and pleasure. In the proper place. This is true satisfaction. When that jets valued our labs when doling knowledge. Knowing how to handle college. Older relationships. Low. What's. Love what you do and and and a pleasure you have what you do. You know true satisfaction purposes in our labs. This is Rendell blurred about sell cars that come thanks for tea and an LP tart in every week. This year and go to art above sell cars dot com be sure gimmick com I'll just say 3065715. Months. We're all hope of making a difference in your lap I hope you're focused we need to focus on what we're dead. Hey what you focus on is you become what you focus Sony spent money what you focus all these dregs they're a river. You've got inflation this is Randy Adams did indicate this say about it gave him. In San Antonio whirlwind three to four bears got bush I'll let you. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811. Evan trading began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice.