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Learn To Buy & Sell Cars with Randy Adams, for March 19, 2017.


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Welcome to learn to buy and sell cars. We're zero. Our night Covert sure. I'm ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. And AM arm by itself or the outcome I'll have a right wing Guillen. What's your basketball what are we gonna be a great day to play golf bumped on elect the doctor swain a golf club myself. But I'll be your heavenly kind of date that you really in joy and hope you get help forward. To do something you really and Joseph. How petered out. Only you know we're halfway through the mom opened in you don't have any money left in all plan. You know what I'll call or rates no claim that comes our bird the thirty day sees. Well this is learned about sonoco our dugout I had Al orchard lake a better decision and they were all placed book lab you'll see a radio play some here. Hello where have a great day and Santonio Texas an it labor and hope for I made his ex guy that Ian. To San Antonio from senator Tony hill radio station endit Alston. Man I'll multi and Alston odd tea low top thirteen said the they're really concerned about your better decisions are too sure about your education they're concerned about she billion. The best person you could make as while they got me on here they came after may they heard bus station out of corpus and they won't bail on here and Austin, Texas because they didn't care about you they want should be well educated. And they launch in and know exactly what you do on on your next purchase but you don't purchasing. How many tabs that you bold exercise equipment and you're not used that bubble yeah. Well and I tell you what I got a new show coming up the San Antonio may dim memories are of these dot com. We're working on all kinds of stuff. Own yet I buy and sell motor homes above self campers. I work with the evergreen RV dot com. I'll tell them into going along be it violates sponsor in the and the show what is going to be about Arby's. But has got to be about. Impulse buy it's about you know bank and you don't go uses scampered land slow much. I've got friends of mine that campers down rob port and border ranchers. And they go to other. 34 times. A year what's by and it's what's rain what's in these shirts. There and they force yourself to go manner because they haven't been used it enough or she is trying to why would your automobile. Did you have that impulse buying digit fuel also that beloved figure and I'll buy it. It ain't there no more all smiles all. And it appointments are still count every mall where and I just love the unit of by Bruce not to Abbott did come every thirty days. Well alarm about sell cars dot com my whole blood then I can give you enough. Information education. For you to be the right count bar. I guarantee it's the best way to go. Yeah if you're culpable await your drive and what your writing and he'll be the best sport. You can live with it you'll be happier what's happiness. Happiness is instant. And don't last long jaw. People would joy answer here we go again givers givers or triple takers or not. And when you use your. Instant jury motions Europe they UNG your desires to buy a vehicle. You don't like a bad purchase. That's why you anecdotal wanted to buy and sell cars dot com normal one find out what your vehicles were. Follow all the easy process not outer triggered by senator no longer. I was at for sixty days it hate it. But what the key is you need to know what you vehicles were you just your heart are after tax money. Follow these are process describe it tee I'll make a third market offer only. A knock on anti should become men put your bigger number in cut Cheney's take every little bit every little scratch every little problem it's a used car. Alana by your car wanna be fair way to a lot over it is super well. And that's waiting years I'll warn it won't make it even lower. We're Hanlon pretty soon. Well we're going gonna do it are they show as Mikey memories are B dot com we're gonna have the web site up problem and H weaker today. And they are Scholl start and now shall dominate for. So we want a bigger for you we want to take what. Our base the good the bad note about our base I have bald some ugly ones eyeballs some good ones that you know what. The best guy RBC is the one that G news. You get any shadow of you have not many problems with that you made a good parts just because you had inspected. And then use it. And but now vehicle we use every day. We need transportation. We won't be able to go places do things in its so great to have freedom. That's what does coaches why don't freedom. Even though our government wants to control us even though the government knows better than those for us even though the government. How come we have so many lulls. Yeah. Yeah or thought about while we need so many lulls regulations. Is the call's. People. Look at Loney worked more. Than relationships. People think they got to take advantage of somebody and they think they're winning and they think they're grinding. To make a lot of money off of that's why they beat you up when you bring your car in traded. Man they will they just they'll slate in neat thing to do any thing to get the unit cheaper cheaper. Should go to my web site. Describe because I'll make it off protocol are now you know what is for you showed the base shield somebody else traded in and retailer. If you China retailer. Somebody's got a car for sell your gold my website I'll make an offer all by other cars so they can buy years. Go to the other side of the web site are about cell guards dugout find out what your credit score is you need to know what your credit scores. Because it's very button. Spot out of birds or any problems with go to FTC that go. FTC. It's ranked Tommy Charles Dodd go. By your credit score go look at your credit and make sure that it's right. Mike sure that is solid no hiccups no problems stuff that you played stuff that would yours train and all. Go tell your blanket credit union make sure that you percent you know what interest rates don't they shop shop shop are there lots of people who have. Engulf her credit union that ball they got a great deal making had shopping and they found a lot better deal. I these banks like a lot of money credit unions. If you put a 100000 at a bike. They can go bar and it won't matter at 2010 so might go along to maybe get them some institutions can do it 31 sacks three may. Now how many loans is that and it they get 8% 6% 4% aside to get 5% filed pursuant. Only 2300 loans a 15200%. Interest do you like that kind of money on your money. They do so they get a sword to cut you a deal. That's why you should a lot of interest rates cheap right now. Goes by anchor finally figured out I got a hundred alarms I got to honor loans out amid 5%. Now my kid you know thousand Burson when you add it all up. So. Computer buying shop shop shop at Digg had done their figure out what category on Obama would talk to bankers top June. What got to bankers go along what kind of book talk to mechanics what they work don't go at top of the manufacturers. Iron Lady that was won't Obama. RX she lists in my show collections she wants Alexis store side. Talked mechanic said what do you place replace a lot of what should I look at I'm John about 2000 did RX. Yet problems or the more you know what I do what kind of night and Sunday wasn't gonna cost Mittal to slow first matter Shannon all lined up. She had dale what two columns go to college sheepdog or bank she got her bank situated. Well Boehner RX ship were look at. But she still wants an hour X and she found out she did her homework you need to do your homework you want to consumer. Report looked at it there's so many magazines actors got all kinds of consumer reports talked about it. And I wrote I believe the slope of that is to whoever plays the most money. I don't think that H you know it's 100% true sexual so don't. Don't bet all the formal deal if you read something Hershey subtitle Internet. Also you can go to Internet check out the manufacture so if there's any recalls. Salute you need to fix any thing right now they're bad situation Herschel when he recalls it's hard to keep up but. So you need go to for god can launch Jeff General Motors dot com Chevrolet dot com. Whatever product you buy and find out if they guts of recalls. Our class action suits. You know they're talking about class I've changed for all kinds automobiles right now there have been a lot of problems with. So you got to be prepared mentally physically spiritually that you've got everybody wow let me make that. Decision on what they'll be Guatemala you know what your cars worth you got you banking land up shop shop shop. So many people get her income tax check back in the man they run ended the first car lot may slip home and somebody almost vibrancy. Are filed modern bigger than bondage in Austin, Texas. She you got to be prepared I shopped hard it's your hard earned money. Just because you found somebody it's funny that you don't give exciting it's not that way I was playing yield about two and I told you before. Eight dead as broad those members sol. I think bigger version of desperate I think band sold enough cars the last 45 months. And they're fighting for every deal lake again. They won't cheer money you're the target you're. That person medal at a rate of 101000. And they're all throwing stuff at you because they want you to come their way they're thrown coach should same leg around real out there with a hook on. Advise coordinate their team trying to get you become an hook you up did don't playing field. Bail until a home turf Blaine. Lab out think about says wrong moves. You know I think personal way and Jim Solomon a dollar but debtor earlier today. How many people were a bully but these crazy ads up on an ear will be a good five miles you know opined that you know what that means they're desperate. Hey we got the best deal we're gonna do be the best they don't Wear number one or number one where how many number one is out there. Your thought about that. Everybody claims a big number wore number one this number one bad. You think they're telling you the truth. I made. Just like 26 Robert when he says both his speech is charming. Do not believing. For the sudden a bomb nations feel as hard. Speech. He's charming. Eight John documents not Obama and his GA will stoke DOD money. We're Franz. Won't spend money would make. You know spending money you make I don't like eating boat now on I'll make fun and pummeled lately anyway. A motel bar sales manager and a state that you are. And now you don't know what you're doing now I've got you and in control yeah I've got some money made on this one. On a lot of clothes that violence so it yeah yeah got his trade. 2000 cheaper you bid it. All yeah on Europe thousand cheap when you book so now we're on at 3000 cheaper we should. And goes like that a lot of tragedies gardeners. You don't do under do funding you as you would do that others. I that's that's film by the wayside. People just like that's why we have so many regulations allow good people don't treat people right. They wanna they wanna take ever bio bone dollar they wanna put you know what they want a sale. The over the world that want to do it. They are in control. The wall slew of taking behind G and this is a bigger magazine. While short for FaceBook rector of the camera. And that's what it says right there. But we'll also take heed. Behind you on guard customers' data is reliable sources for income throughout dignity stage in our larger us. Underestimated. To threat to all the dieters. The problem as I don't tighten up in serious that's the problem. They don't protect you they're not real fringe fitted retro. Friend or foe. Look for and take all your money away that's available now at your budget. Vote will. Yeah I remember who your date with. A brighten a book right now a core business. The mind of a wholesaler yeah. Where's a bunch of different minds but their you know probably five or six different minds once you do it in this business. It could should she Pratt takes over. Goes we got it makes so much money we're all of them went on all of the and we never show enough. You say these dealerships that sell when he and make a living. Then they moved their rail over your head up then I got a late forty's and make a living than most of their web board and they got to sell 100 might go live at. It's never enough. So I would choose educated male and physically spiritually when you walk I don't want to be a preferred customer. The card customers get dirty and all popped up pride sits in. And as soon you'll be happy color all manner in all lose friends of mine got sucked into it. And Maine is hurt. Care act and all active labor war the slow hard you wouldn't believe it. And when they walked out they bulk slump they dated Tim Barbara say 80% and 8085%. Of people. Buy something they don't intend about a and they paid. A lot more money than the budget allowed don't mention budget remember I told you about new tape the only get educated you don't have some entertaining fun. Go to YouTube look up Jim ziglar. He's all there eight teaches new car dealers and take your money and there's a bunch others once you pull them up everybody also come up. You can watch videos for ours matters. You know just like. Nolan the other team. You know with the Dallas cowboy is loved seeing. The table playbook and know exactly what's going on wood grain but when they lost to remain in the playoffs. What this December of that this is gonna teach you I want to teach you that's go to teaching. They don't show you on your emotions your desires. Your keep it up with the joneses. But I don't know how to work you and your emotions you and your feelings. And they don't make it all the money they cannot open. And they'll make you feel real lawn. Closing in warm inside oh yeah. And his love's gonna last for ever email. Yeah. You know you've also. That they do that yes Obama you can't. Yeah that no court is losing used to date there's not a special music news debate and a famous government ever bump. One of I don't know why add Shaq. Being productive. Being a letter. Being positive being the best you can they quit while I'm in the Shah. We elect a debt mistake you sign a contract. Man if we look through these contracts roller blade a lot less so when will be slash. Because people don't look at contracts what these leadership packing payments put indictments in and payments and anxious. How many times I gave column friends and lack they got a bunch of extra charges and what exists. Well we'll. And up di tale they don't they tell all our cars get a look what they you know. Dealers put so much stumpel beach goers malaise is unbelievable. I'm almost all of gad that was selling cars in dealership that he was telling me what all over trying to do it as long the bigger there's I don't know it. I came back a panel. No I'm no one of which you that position at all bayonet position. If they're allowed a wholesaler and bail out everybody else around nobody. 80% will 20% while I know that 20% that wall. A little bit visiting those guys a deal all the time what the and they don't warmer repeal they want to save the trip just like rock scope. And you PTA any tab and all please call rocks. Give him look I'll just say thank you. Response or Randy Adams show his phone numbers filed want to 7282131. Right. Please call admin site thank you for advertise. As brandy and show UNAIDS they'll end up thank you appreciate it and you definitely need to talk to own and expertise. He's the best he's the one awesome mop brand state beat get a brand new Chevrolet GM CB. So take your tab. Give him a golf club one to 72281318. I appreciate you colony and done but I keep. But you know just like there's so many lawsuits who don't talk a little bit more about that. While there's other lawsuits. Is because we don't treat people right. We treat a black. The dummies honestly we treat them who want all our money will go slay and do whatever it takes to get all the money. As Randy at a bar bonds sell cars that cowboy don't take short break we'll be back and a man and today friends and neighbors to do man. Our go to FaceBook reliable FaceBook where god Villanova report today thank you don't. And god bless the USA god bless all of taxes and god bless you. Hope you have a great day take advantage native birds are hesitating. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi I'm Ginny Covert and we had the best election about new Seve and GMC trucks in one location to. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that at the famous love overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your truck dealer. Let us pray that she covers several NBA games EMC seven as to how was anyone and that's how far on Friday covered Astra dot com. If you had made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. You know. I. He motivation. Knowledge in this great. Country everybody live again. Ever body should appreciate. Everybody wants to change. Will volleys cultures companion. Other countries and aid left their country they don't like. And they come to our country. And alana might get like their country. But you know. We've got to figure out how lived together how big the best we can't. Love each other. Big candy Chilavert. Man that foreigners are coming in San Antonio and they get in the car business left and right. I. But take my advise to do whatever you want to that's why you need to be well educated well prepared. But the good the bad the ugly like god I above the good the bad note if you got any thing this not productive any thing this Sydney in New York. Any bank that needs to be so give Mexico. At Johns rain in jail and solar is to it. You don't want no more. But at this job because did much money to get so it's not bring in much money. Good friend of mine had a car and her way and I gave her a hundred dollars for she's glad to get it out of her way. But we're bylaw late model bad motor bag transmission. Wrecked cars. There's shouldn't come he's shown us some units were working with some companies so if you got beat by and his son go to alarmed about cell car back up. We'd love to try to but from new Mikey an offer on it we're not going on. Do like auto trader buying Saturn. I'll warned eighth fairway the honestly the only rule Akira and face when I tell you some did and my words good. I'll try my best to be the best person I can be. But on the yours and not that way. Dude over it some of its not their follow overhead is got slow. It takes so much the live it's take so much billion business. So they've got to work hard and get every available dollar out of your pocket that's part of it. So you wanna be prepared mentally physically spiritually. There's so many web sites out there that you could shop owned your next purchase unbelievable. Unbelievable. How many web sites and her grow on every day I heard one I've never heard of people came and a ball rolled while his Ford truck for me. Yesterday. And I see cars dot com I've never heard of my truck trailer I don't I got there. Eight they said we found actually. Cars dot com. I guess every day slump on new web sites popular. And that's good for you you keep shop the world in no time Leno. And really get after it. And it's just like friend of mine called me he'd been shopping for new Chevrolet truck. And he shops the world is more than 88 does a good job it. But I found in the best trump the best prize should Covert and messed up four and he's gone through. Hassle free auto buying dot com yeah we showed up hassle free auto buying for the people that don't wanna walk and leadership don't want a flu that. What goes on god doctor's orders bought cars for three years. And they don't want to spend. Four r.s six hours eight hours in a dealership. They don't want take that chance of buying the wrong card they don't want tight to chance woken up and out apartments meant to three hours. Get beat up war now. And sign a contract they only messiah. So we'd we'd lost hassle free auto buying dot com. We take the fear out of Walton and leadership they are out of walk it up and out of pocket and make sure you get pray for you try to make sure you're dealing with the right dealer. 409000. Dollars when you're used to they are used to charged everybody just reunited Bible we cut it half only went on a radio show oops. But we will work routine and help you make sure you get the right unit. We wanna be here for you there's so many opportunities for dealers to make money is unbelievable. If you don't all the tricks if you're done this once every 23 years we'll show you done it every year. I made them this is is change tremendously. You remember 1015 years ago we didn't have time loans. 330%. Interest on title loans. Man don't complain about what you permit. If you go to honor a tough little place if you're friends or relatives or neighbors go. Telling ever body not to do this 330%. Interest they can overcome it. But don't complain about it. If you do that you're like it was huge mistake it Sean chill under all of us and Monday used to tell me in a one I was. First get a business 53. Years ago and I still remember today. If you there's no good you're no good that's why you need to write down Everett but when you're doing the deal. Go to my website more water you can alpha better. Right dad ever buying the sales and service they'll tell you any thing in the world to say. They'll tell you any thing this don't own and you wouldn't believe. What they'll take. You will not wait. I gotta tell me they can't telling 48 months 48 miles 48 months. When he got an app that apartment he did know of but he signed up all 84 months got home pull out his contract. Dull one great deal they had realized. He played a whole lot of money for that you 84 months. They cut his pay cut is finally it green all 490. Dollars a month. And somehow someway I guess and a little conscious some not sure many guarded it yet. They're cutting back to 485 trading five dollars a mile flat. But to get in for 84 months. Now he's going to play that much for that automobile you realize that Biden serious mistake many girls may courses always liked it. So they can all Maine says hey what am I gonna de. And so that's name date first off cut the extent award you up because of cars they'll award it cut to get back out. And in just go get refinance. The ghost they just planned to wait late dale. You know I swallowed one day out war that the referees. A shirt cap. But goes have you ever been tripped. Government hit from the island. Government take advantage of anybody ever jump start she. I sold mainly things going home and car dealership and you're not prepared mentally physically. And it's okay if you walk into right dealership with a little knowledge. But if you walked in the wrong leadership. With a little knowledge you don't walk out with a big big state. Don't culture a lot of money. And don't beat for a long time. But you know right now a lot of dealers lot of manufacturers award about millenniums. We jumped bulge don't care about possession. They don't care about only in any thing. So that leadership's bill and men are trying to find a way. So now millennium coming and the mayor of. Won't you do mom mom. Well opined that. We know that don't work. Let me try in their cars were something ten leg at Dubai and port they don't realize that a contracts minding. They just think someday the governments don't come in and amp ever body out. They're under Tooth Fairy too yeah I destroy him in their daily a big deal and he'll be dampened now warning. Well that's what we're work you know we teach so well. Have you mentally physically. Prepared. With all these ads that are going all you've got to take it with a grain solved. Goes some of these ads are all leases managed San Antonio. There have so much problem try to get rid of some of these guards lay got lease is going home for ever and low figure. But I had some people pull up my car lot the day. They're apparently. Older vehicle. Only sync was 22000. Dollars. You say that's hard to believe it was forty cents own law. And they who were way way past the limit on miles per hour stoppage was only 121000 miles of 36000. Miles. And then then they own forty cents and they were 60000. Almost 60000. Over the limit. Low forties should assess. 24000 dollar. They're sick they ask me what can't wait day. Wait let it go back I said already it's Elise. Well we're just going quit I know the payout. They don't studio that Palin I don't I don't hammering and hammering you well. So you've got to pay what you owe. UK get out these contracts. Let no problem. A smaller samba but they also take a look over there while those people were waiting to get an epic that apartment. But you're so special. We're gonna pitching hand. And then I put to guilt trip ball and you like your whole in the amount that you need to rush to your contract. And as you rush through your contract mutual. Yeah yeah yeah yeah and they don't act the Imus say don't do everything in the world they are but the other threat 580. Dollars on it. So many people play that dealer prep biking believe it. I'll amazing to me how many people buy that dealer prep I shouldn't. That's free money do the leadership. Yeah they meant to be honored to put somebody else but the charges 83 dealer prep you just gotta tell a no no no. Yeah I remember proverbs 2327. If you lack the means to play. You're very bad will be snatched. From under you. It felt great post your bid. You know they don't reap a year car. And they'll find it and they'll get it now they're all like buy here pay here which is odd that they put GPS's. But may be they go late already you know it. And they could track that GPS out of there they're gonna get their cars. It's more more prevalent every day. So you've got to be prepared. To play or walk more the tape so these people said you know we owe 22000. Homes and pay only what should we do. A certain probably better off buying a car could you don't go try and replace it with something else RT yeah. You know the car yeah in your and the car. One out mile the car. Goes what you gotta pay. Is going to be out the window and I come back. So the people says okay. Well thank you for the options cause adoptions should have been when you looked at. Figure it out there running unlike the car that's another problem there are more but they don't even like to. Scholl. They'll come snatch a call away. They'll show you they'll put in court over published when he team sub says the rich rule over the poor in the border. The bar or you'll end up being in Charlotte. When you borrow this money are you sign a contract. Lola got me in Charlotte. To the lender. How long's. Man San Antonio. Ousted everywhere there's so many repo time while we can't count. So much unbelievable. Why because people are desperate. Desperadoes. Other desperate for money. They gotta have quick cash and they run down there. How long place isn't sixty cents on the dollar for their car. They draw that they've missed the first month buying that are maybe in his second hour in the third I met some of and then they reek of the car then the people out the car then I take it the option like in mab San Antonio. And they sell it and it makes a lot of money these loan places makes much money you would Al low lessons and won't do it. 330%. Interest. That's what it is 330%. Interest. For a vehicle. That's crazy. There are no way you can overcome. Hate my bus like your car. Ditches and cheap transportation. That way when you borrow the money you blow it and then they repo car. Not too bad shape you Pete to you. Get yourself in financially good shape. Each its sacrifice. Is part of it. But mentally physically and spiritually you gotta be ready you know some people are so sick. And shake a way they do business say the way they handled relationships. And they don't even know they're sick. They're really dull. Everybody else ladies and everybody else knows it. But you know I'm rent sickness so take advantage pick sickness of lying to people when you know better. So much of that. And everybody else trees. Ever body. You keep itself but it Lance. Is that a problem. You always got just seven maps. And you know America's polluted by selfishness. They really are. You know. I'm proud water right Ingraham you know latter remains hobbled some British decent starts. Erica mr. cantor can't work. Yeah me for my debate. The so many people oh so much money only score just like those people lapel Nelnet police. Leases are my opinions are only good. Content for people who don't businesses they can ride a ball. I don't know Abrams TM little Caesar. Pizza places. And everything is kids and hammer all driver brand new cars they ride at all. They probably at least some more are open and closed Italy's. All manners of police in place right and sent them. Bragging about no penalty. On the leaks. No penalty on your vehicle. Own beliefs. Just do whatever you'll our desires. Problem is. Scott got you one way or another that is a closed in leaks. So whatever that car brings you uh oh and is said the contract. So you gotta be prepared for that those guess what. You males more money after you shoulder to this big hitter you make a biking you got to oval. So you gotta be you know what exactly what the market is exactly what you do. To understand what's going home. You know the real discipline and our Lola is self discipline. It really is and it's the toughest this. It's easy until somebody else not to waste money to mother right guard not to do the right thing. But. You know. It's easier said than done. We all like cartel as well like these late model car well have a good time. You know but do you hate she ran what kind of person hates that are. To get it going to do it a name it's a car there's an eight bank now. The bad breaks. Make oh she's she lied to fix the that your choice she fiction nonfiction go to work or not go to work. So we're trying to have you ready willing and able when your next purchase you know people can rationalize. Any thing if they had no standards for judgement of right or wrong. Like about that. People can rationalize. Any thing. If they had no standards. Or Ryder wrong. Yep you Spanish wrap around some people long and a lot tougher situation for that. As Randy apple are a bunch Alcoa dot com has some free auto buying dot com. This is stalled thirteen said of the you don't ever have give the phone number out today be too often people don't column I don't understand it sent articles well time. But also adult Bob 12643. Victory for patriots. One tape. 643. 5483. Yes it golly if you don't talk about the good the bad day it doesn't matter if you don't bust Berkshire. Check my sister. Our name's Danny Haney. She works at Bassett furniture home Barnett road you don't love this lady great decorate your home decorator and she sells furniture. Danny's numbers filed on tape 7717. 70. Steve we'll take a break. Are you friends and neighbors. Give us a golf. We love to tell you we loved that column called number here's one big. 6435. Or. 83 they owned and science for FaceBook lab that football number home Anderson up to that way. I need to get up won't face look you give it com. And being dominant office during the day today 83060. 715. Minus 830. 6571. Bob Mattis learned about sell cars dot com are has sort prix auto buying the outcome. And Sloan debate make it memories are being dot com. Like Q Johnny stay. Oh were partnered up together and we're gonna tell you all you need to know about it are they that we can. Wallets you know what the market is. How round one how do but sell on what you should do and how much she used one the little problems alone. But actually a great show. Goes on tapes too many people are b.'s that don't need to own. And you gotta be a little mechanically inclined goes out ballroom blood Jobe and I'll work don't Bundchen. We don't take it away will be right back boats. Thank you sales volume to tune it. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will beat it. Hi Anthony Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC truck in one location to. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All of that at the famous love overpriced that no one can tax. I'm not now not ever we want to be your truck dealer. Let us traded seat covers Chevrolet Buick and GMC seven as to how was anyone and that's how far on mining covered Astaro dot com. Thanks for making the right choice I don't know four I would get the truth if it weren't for you tossed thirteen seventy. Van every day something they've never has. Ryan. Ever find they do is right but you're wrong. Everybody's against them. Well just like about this a good name is more desirable. Than great riches. Biggest team. Is better. Then server ergo. Is your word good. Car dealers are have to. Now maybe 80% of the time. But I get lost sight of who you are. Do you know any more New York. Or you try to be somebody. Else. Are you trying to keep up with the joneses. You're less purchase. Are you still drab and it. And hey how do you hate your car does the car hates you back maybe you'll and the breaks down time undone all that breaks down OK fix it fast enough. I've got to BMWs not to drive me crazy. We fix the mom buying when it's ready it's ready to go. Weekday golf. So what else goes wrong. That's part of a one man might breaks. Urged to Gaza cars. Afford capable. So did you know. If you drug to be somebody have you ever taken all the personality of a car I've been noticed certain people. I told but delayed the other day that nearly hit me. She was bullish yet is boring and news. Russia age. And I did it's tale as she poised stop IG does oldest lady would girls gone. And Bob dobbs show caller of course. One and so you know people. Get a few things done borders most big it up a couple of days. It at all clean up just got an attempt to check it out good thing now drab and check it out make sure it's a good. Look up and it's my target go on outlook got becomes a lady with a brand new Mercedes still got the cardboard. Plastic gale a pro license plate. Details she wouldn't won't stop. Not at all. But she did it got to pull out. Should abandon O launched air went on to run smack dab over. I was on our road yet they elect them why. They like everybody else on the road world where irritate them. Odd jobs space them out and I used to not be that level tape folks I got so many tickets it was unbelievable. Look doubles back in the day when you Gibson can patient with a ticket and didn't achieve driver's lessons. But my and I got your tickets but now I drugs but even. That bypasses the main buyer I guess they think in some homeland just going down the road. We have we all respect for other people. Evelyn Los respect own taking care of our fellow man. Oh we lost respect it will wanna take every dollar Intel and whatever it takes to implement our car and we don't care. Does it give leadership care. If you get repose. How are no. They don't appeal repayment due. I'll then I appealed by. Which you've got to deal with the right people or 80% or repeal 20% would tell you the truth. And I deal with the ones that tell you the truth. That's why he'll love hassle free auto buying knowingly be asked which deliver the cartoon. I even picked up a key adding I did have a Kia dealer bit up volatile one that tells me the truth. So Gus took over the dealership that I know and I know they'll tell the truth in a Gibson best prices and they'll work whether it's. Well blab autos and Kia I've got to Hyundai dealer now I'm gonna Kia dealer. We've got all kinds of we get cheap ink thing that you won't. But you gotta be ready mail you might get decision yourself. Don't just start take. Sixty days at least ninety days aren't. People all will be looking every day study and every day on their next purchase is the worst and best month we have on earth. Horrible eighties money culture money it breaks insurers ever bomb tires ever took three years brags ever took three years. The extent of Warner runs out. So rights. Bought a car the other night. And had 71000. Mom and a warning was good as 70000. Miles. And it did not fix. I have does all of this. Well I didn't have complained that they really in my opinion. So. Crew had you become. Have you become somebody gated everybody else. You know like that talk about. The ball or will the ritual rule over the poor in the boer. Venus orbit. To the lender. Have you look let purse. Did you work too hard to play everybody else. And it animal thirds not being loyal. Partially marching orders yet tired then. Well day. Dave Ramsey's got to answer millenniums don't want to answer there's dealerships. And manufactures scared about millions. They don't care about owning by. And so what's happening in iron now they're little worried. They're stretching out the payments 84 Moulds is gone out there again a 108 maybe a 120. They don't care about all I call it won't rouge used it. Let's while they elect ride share energy bunch of them coming up are two or three new ones a key member of the legs don't ever Biden world's getting an uber. Or some similar to that. You know and so maybe a bit that it would go up at bubbles will have cars running the other half around I don't know. Might be cheaper long runs I've never tried it but I gotta go up put 6000 miles a month or vehicle. A Schwab worked out look out what I wanted to drop balls strong comparable. Shop where allowable slow starts error fortunately great. So I put. 67000. Miles on two or three months and not cost any money. I'm a bomb dropped an odd dollar car better Mercedes is something and I put those 20000 miles I'll just put all our grand marquis. It's gonna hurt to bag drop that don't drop the price and shorten points even more you know if you when you get back. Canadian market are it's just a tiny bit yet that nanny mark hurts a little more. The only at that honored in even more rules shall bag and then when you we'll let pass at 120 right now 11 of breaking the makes it tough tough tough. You name debate Dolan what you Baikal worked understand. Were the most you're gonna get out your car. I've got a buddy of mine just called me he said hey my car is suddenly 7000 balls. You tell me on aids seldom traded before 85 minute car please. He was governor 2000 TN rig last hour editor. I've got Romo lot right now won't take it out of shape. And real fast talent bowel he said I want another islander owned it loaded I wanted to limit did. Just like on drab and all better balls. Also okay. Next day. Most dynamic dates for every five to call whenever you're in presenting ideas way every try to find suddenly can't get it. A fun in the car goalie but we've made a deal. Because he made his straight for eight. And seventy cent vs 8182. And it definitely didn't want to go to ninety. But that's away trades a solid 3040000 mark Karr is loud don't travel a lot the slump. And then when I get up to seven days said said the 8000 miles he gets it something else. He wants the cheapest ride that she loves it fits his situation. Why people don't figured that weight back helped people that I had him on Pritchard brothel Texas. What it was no car guy and I had some may you don't cars link above to visit one day. And we became friends. And he said I need give. I'm won in Mumbai had were a wise man told me sit alone now so most probably shouldn't were 101000 upside down so what's my truck work. I told some 101000 upside down. I said fail and loses it said you just walk in. He said well you know. A buyout from mom members at new car dealerships. I said good or bad news he said I don't know I don't know the difference. A sudden they are bad was cajoled Tim dials too much on each unit. And civil would not members of my charge of that didn't. I said most of time it's not their ball sales might have to follow what the owners and the manager was warm today. Victim owners and no matter what rushed over wanted to be the best price the best service and do it right. The salesman that doesn't. But at the slant that owners have got big debt and big dreams and overhead and how. Cost of living. By got to make more money per unit. So they won't their managers sales managers all of managers in the salesman. To rip the people off we want to make money. Which story do to ripped all 568%. Profit great. 3040%. Note all like that McDonald's. Down 30% interest on the title all how wave robbery. I am at all bay against the law hey remember last week when Tito. On the house representatives and senators. Are not hurt let us. Continue along with title loans at 330%. Interest. It's illegal 27 states but not Texas. Where go boys despite the insurer report Edward go bald Eagles certainly album should you hey I got a new idea folks. We're working out a deal and a sharper closed the file management. If you're not doing well with your insurance company. Go to hassle free auto buy dot com I've got a system that despite those insurance companies to get more money. A war that would give guarding there's San Antonio output the missing piece and I needed. And I'll barring tried it and we got a lot more money. Then Muniz who's coming these this company wanted to give some thousand dollars for a car that we were 101000 dollar. And I put the package together a charge. 300 dollars. If I don't make you a pals if I don't get you a thousand more than what the insurance company. As offered gene you don't tighten up but it by over a thousand upped I don't care what it is just very hard. A charge of big companies but hundreds sub fifty of them and San Antonio and a new car dealers that I work with. But I'll work with you for 300 and like slate it buy it by gauging 90800. And that's always get you don't buy into the but this 800 did have nine iron in hand while most of time I get three to 4000 more. They'll teachers these insurance companies how are these. Contractors to come out and beats you up and they're trying to get every available dollar and sustain your tray they don't give you. I dealt with some people not long ago that have replacement. Cops. Am I won't tell you something they keep you in the dark insurance companies TP and a dark on replacement gulls go nobody ever gets enough to replaced that car. And I told you about doctor friend of mine. That got 20% overvalued. And I kind of chuckle out of malice and hey Josh. A supported for some over which baggy. Also don't Jolo where. Well on the day after a long battle. Eating get nowhere near what they expected teachers insurance companies pay pay pay their tab you don't have narrow. But I got that system go to astle three out of Bible are bound to put a website where you can go their Yemen insurers problem. And otherwise go to their just tell us give your call right now. And we'll look at the dealer will tape we help be or not. And it does Kate get a thousand dollars you know over the net over a thousand over 300. I think it's a great deal of people lit up they would like it's great deal. So god bless you this is Randy Adams wanted to buy and sell cars dot com don't forget who they put me at live longer forgive everybody. Go to warm by cell guards. God has every album black bag job above the good the bad over. My concern is just next week are AJ he has laid up 58 ailment San Antonio home greatest sport they look different show. He gives a golf bought myself a look the next.