Fit Foodie Festival & 5K/10K

Inside Austin
Sunday, May 14th

“Will run for food.” That’s the campaign slogan for this year’s Fit Foodie Festival & 5K/10K taking place on Saturday, May 20 at Old Settlers Park in Austin (Round Rock). Amir Hajimaleki, Fit Foodie Headlining Chef, of Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar and District Kitchen joined us on the program to speak about the event.

Expect to eat your way to the finish line and celebrate at the post-race John Hancock Vitality Village Food and Fitness Festival, featuring bites from local restaurants, a beer and wine garden, mini-workout classes, and so much more.

To register for this year’s race, you can visit


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The news. It but he is back in the Austin area this year it's. Being held on May twentieth when he seventeen. At old settlers park costs and taxes are. You know slightly north right up there in round rock. The data includes more than justified caned beginning it's just a day filled with festivities as that these headlining chef. A mere idea Maliki has put it up before ramble on about that some. This can go straight into the interview with Amir. Amir welcome to the program before we get started I wanted to let her listeners know actually a little bit about you. Your shaft and you UV you have some history. Went. Nokia hungry so let lets us get our listeners to know you're a little bit. Yeah you know my outside shot I don't. Bishops' agenda not stopped kitchen bar and often. And you know there around the country were at different. You know I concepts throughout the country and what do you think of Ali's Donna would look at Hungary is. It is if you don't help us organizations that that set out to raise money for. You know further sort of for the thought process and as far as you know whether it's about catering food to. Fundraisers or. Providing. Gift cards for. People be able to comment and and you know you're part of this. Great not. The house is your first year with my fifth foudy. Yet but first here did that put it's exciting I was a part of a little bit of what they did last year but not to this extent. So. As far as representing. Men and I have two lining for them this is definitely much fresher than an overly excited about it. Yeah and how did you well it's a process for that like films did you approach than where you were you approached by them. How does that make you feel there are you somewhat honored by it as well. Absolutely have and it's great cause. And I think it's a great message as far as to keep people healthy. You know so. An and you know that junk and and our volatility. You know what they really do putting together to visit is just too. Promote a healthier lifestyle if people don't exercise yet still they have to eat. How about what they want them and just introduce and just you know. How to eat little bit battered. And still make sure it's safety you know that will that we've gone diets and you want to they've achieved if you don't deviate. He's sacrificed a lot at Indy you don't necessarily need to do that. Amir that they really doesn't sorrow for just food source office early in the morning with a five K correct. So yeah. What what does this in jail as like a five became a festival or where people can come NA and try to from foods from from not on the arrest number from different ones correct. Absolutely so you know you. Get that the race begins at eight. And do you defensible is open until eleven ams so. So what you don't have raised you know there's activities that are going to. You have obviously since Bush's fight. From. Russia conflict districts. Oh how did you embargo as well as. How far child and kept saying. And then there's going to be a demonstration that I will be doing in the and we'll be showing people how to make. Bob are by and at the typical case is going to be something really light fresh protect people Atlanta based home. You know the but but also about productivity that should the other for example to get fit this demonstrations like dogs. There's gears and cartons and you know people come not really into it days after after a run you know. And and you peel it and get that settled in this result. Sees sets him up okay and that really grab my attention because I really do love those low is our he's speaking about them little pokey vols. Yes so look you know we took our shots right now are a spring and summer menu. Pretty. We have you know the police so that was terrible chips so and one of the things I'll be talking about it. You know how other things you can search indiscernible. Some people sort of just inside some people you can make a trap you know still delicious and that is a great healthy. Alternative to you know chizik NATO or some of the things that we're we're so caught repeated. Yet while also claim protein diet I believe as well twos which probably which would want after five K. Absolutely and it will be server that was you know cucumbers a couple of and so. At least you're getting a lot of good sat there together so nicely and fresh tuna. A lot of pros and twenty cents so that it's great meal and after you after you do run and you need that you know some. Absolutely MM you know what you're demonstrations. I'm pretty sure you'll you'll give out information and I'm I'm how to. Well aware of purchase. You know your food and and that and the time limit on one what she should make it as well correct. Absolutely dazzle all go through it you know it's to be about a twenty minute that also laps when it's time to really discussed. Or he can sources from what additional flight you have on an if you want to just make some at home and how many days is that okay dissent here a refrigerator. All the different ways you can serve it and not only that but. If they can do poke it with two but you can do with Sam and you can do with a lot of different things you know so you really customize it to hiding like it and and and it'll make sourcing a little bit easier to adapt to different options that. Well Mary now you said here in Austin and I just only her listeners. With a little bit of information about you where where is your restaurant located. So those substitute a bar has looked north up at 640 and 42 point two a lot of cross recorded university. Ten. Fisher kitchen until the circles these felt thought that up a slaughter lane so. And so would definitely have we're we're pretty far apart from each other but it can look south district that the place to go and if you live north supposed out of that place place to go would offer. Lunch we offer great happy hours of both fresh front Drudge on the weekend that a bloody Mary bar on Sunday. Which is just. Lot of fun so. Amir's so. Before we we owe him in the inner BI I have one question for you and it's just some you've you've done these fronts before. Aware you'd have you done these events before so I despondent. Task fuel around. A do you have anything that you like to add about the events and and that the meaning of it. You know it it it there's so much find I hit it you know. It's a great way to spend a Saturday morning in. And so all it you know get a good run man and man. I don't gaps goodbye then you know they've the other town's southeast goody bags and so that is it's a lot of fun and and not only that but it's perfect cause you know you got. You know he's just looking really supporter really great nonprofit tend to eat yet the same time we did get a good exercise and and I don't think you'll learn a few things about how to cook some that are. Or but there's so many other things that are going on you know and finished slot on so one thing I would say is. Now I'm soaked it all and enjoy it's a great way to spend a Saturday. And and you'll feel good leaving that you're here I'm really helping to kick up some. Well Amir had nothing to so much verve. Coming on the program today in and Linda letting us know about this. But I really appreciate you. Absolutely and then there's there's going to be more information of course some www. Said we've run dot com so missed I hope people get out there register come down. And enjoy some. Completely that are good time with a. To register for this year's fit but he just visit fit who do you run it dot com again that's that booty run dot com. A. And.