Financial Safari, 6/18

The Financial Safari
Sunday, June 18th

The Financial Safari, for June 18.


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Again as stand today called it long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch while you work at top thirteen 78 dot com get a ring no top thirteen seventy anywhere and I knew their brightness place. Episode of the financial safari is brought to you tiger Phil embryonic. And seeing your taxes and insurance and bikers. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. When Barack receive incomplete this cannot be guaranteed either Peter Jay gruden or is gas reliable. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Well folks if you're like me. Every now and then you look into that nice guy that fast guy and you find that one bright star the one that never lose its on the north star. Not talk about how the northstar otherwise known as well Larry it's. What it has to do with financial planning and we come right back. On the financial market. This is coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. Coach you've got me excited you're reminded me a little bit of my trip to California it was the first time a lot photography was the first time I was able to capture the Milky Way you've got anything about that nice guy a Milky Way ethically kindergarten. At the FL LC the Milky Way much you see a lot of snicker bars though he has Milky Way not so much you know the history L Wald a Snickers and Canada. Now -- -- get this show we're gonna talk about how astronomy Ken -- to the financial world view and to my dad was a physics professor of astronomy teacher and and we a member of the big telescope and we live to Wisconsin when I was kindergarten third grade a member in the middle winner dead would decide to get his telescope out which I didn't mean my brother said the bundle up and go outside looking to telescope for hours sure we weren't big fans of astronomy back then obviously television or not not at but it's amazing what you can see when you look through lands compared to what you see with the naked guy district and we can't think about the financial world I mean we get these statements but we have no idea what our financial statements may mean yes and you know we get these these account balances and you know what is the balance who notes. Well I think that's true colors and I think you have a lot more experience and insight into this just because you meet with folks on a daily basis you were you really get a feel for not just one type of portfolio of the nanny and what folks really need. And this is looked at in the scientific community to go to study from Boston college center for retirement research at the old center there Boston College while and the title report was investment returns defined benefit first defined contribution plans now let me ask you and I wish I have a Gillis here but Abigail is on assignment this week and she are nineteen year old intern from UNC she's actually sick but you know what in the media world to say on assignment either they're on vacation this thing to each other client at a it decided infertile. If it. Thomas but let me ask you do you know and don't feel bad if you don't go out of the don't do you know the difference between the defined benefit plan. And defined contribution plan I do not know I'll loprete on Tampa all right so the defined benefit plans are the the pensions of all OK okay basically you work for a certain number years and we'll define the benefit would give you for the rest your life John Edwards we put it in writing. You work with us for thirty years and when you retire I'll give you the 2000 your for the rescue like that is a defined benefit 'cause it's defined in writing you know what it is now the one caveat we're on the on the defined benefit plans word that was after X. If the company goes out of business or declares bankruptcy you by not have the divine benefit and blow okay yeah absolutely not necessarily guaranteed defined and that's not the best thing. So you don't want that happened right when you do the most right and definitely not. Remember that in. London's. Think about it to define benefit I mean you work for a long time for one place and he stayed one place you know you might have got more money going somewhere else because they promised you would benefit for the rest your -- yeah I can't understand that element that's now let me ask you -- pensions of prevalent these days are they not -- think they died now like dinosaur you know if there's one thing -- learn from me on the show history there dine out like a -- for sure -- -- almost single digits -- only being on the article about 8% now it's pretty even that much while you know what what they've gone to in congress authorized something called the 401K -- years ago right also for three the year the TSB thrift savings plan depending on what organizations you -- for government or -- or or just a private organization -- you may or may not qualify for one of these plans -- a cut and basically they are defined contribution plans to you as the participant define how much you're going to put in -- contributes a defined contribution plan. On now what is missing from the difference between the defined contribution plan of the defined benefit plan is. The monthly or yearly fell out of your retirement account oh well when you retire in a defined benefit plan you know that each and every year you pull up. And there's a check for dairy I assure you in a defined contribution plan you could put a whole bunch of money and you decide where you put the money when you put them right you decided what to investment options. And right when you retire the market went the wrong way and yes nights we're gonna talk about later on the show about how the advance to protect strategy is very important for folks that are using defined contribution plans are putting money away you're getting a tax write off to put the money away. It sounds good right there does the promise Thomas when we get close to the financial reds don't. Plummet that would get you fired up that's the case that reminds me of football season and it does Gary put out here we go we we need to follow when you get to retirement we get that financial resolutions five or ten years out you really need to make sure that your money is accounted for and you know what's going on and it doesn't disappear again -- -- at the most yeah and makes a lot of sense a really sounds like it of the defined contribution plans are really only get us halfway yeah now and so because we don't we consider outcry about the fact that the defined benefit plans are available anymore or we can do our own. Defined contribution plan we put money away attacked and we get a tax write off and a 41 K for three BT SB. But we reached certain ages 55 to 59 half many of the companies we work for we'll let us roll that money tax free into our very own. Plan okay and I could be a defined benefit when we could get we can purchase their own defined benefit plan. Through the insurance industry many times so let me ask you one of the advantages of us well now you have any incoming never outlive you have a defined benefit plan wow okay you start with a defined contribution plan yet like Tarzan can get on the vine swinging from one account to another way to get to attack. Three and now they can have your money come to you in a yearly form for the rescue like you can never outlive sounds like scary no one yet and or legal where it is and hope that everything's fine and and maybe have a successful retirement so I don't like may be when we're talking about financial planning now we surety astray and we need to make sure that we have a money in the right place for the right time pro life and again. I like people putting money in the forward K I don't like them depending on the 41 K for the retirement income bunker yeah and it sounds so very important people know the differences. We're all gonna talk about other Supreme Court just announced a decision that is not gonna be good for us own our thriller pension plans are areas are inherited IRAs while they are not can be protected from bankruptcy or creditors. We're gonna talk about that later on the show and how important is then to make sure they have the right plan in place to counteract that or the right trust in place absolutely something called a standalone retirement trust may be may be in order here for most everyone out there who as a retirement when they don't want anything bad things to happen to have when to pass not OK while yes definitely solid someone to be so incredibly exciting show lined up here I mean I can't believe how fast the show's already moving but what I wanna do this for everybody out there who's listening. If you have any these plans retirement if you have a 41 K a 43 beer TSB. Number one I want you to get a copy of our 2017. For one K for three B or TSP survival guide. The whole series is over thirty pages long and basically shows you mistakes people make it shows you how you can not make those mistakes if you do the right things while we don't like it if there was a solution would you like to warn about the solution before after he made the mistake for all day long until it equitable what do you make the mistake -- is still way could counteract that mistake if you weren't about a right now hey you know obviously correct that on need to get a copy that so let me let me do this for the next 25 callers who call in today right now when when Thomas is the number out. Well gonna create a one page funniest review. Now this review indicate if you're in need of a full blown financial planner or not we're also gonna get a copy this investment returns defined benefit first defined contribution plans. Workbook for the Boston College again he does center for retirement research there yes but. What we'll do this is we're gonna help you take that mystery out of the financial planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now in your financial planning process. If let's look at where you are for your retirement plan let's look at where you are for how much income you're gonna get. For the rest of your life. And let's also make sure you're never gonna help with that income mistress number one board people have is that living their money illusion that we can counteract that we can get rid of that can women make that Horry was gonna run FT report. This. What working with your current planner or plan horde Pfizer is really costing you we can show you by how you could simply protect your retirement investments by using the right tools and strategies and if you do that you could experienced dramatic growth potential in other words let's look at where you are now. Let's make sure that you're not doing the wrong thing. Let's isolate and identify places where you may be over paying fees and not realize that you know let's also look at your standard deviation how much risk you're taking first how much return you're getting while and let's see if the sacrifice between that is to barge. And as we get close to that financial red zone ten years out of retirement 52 world basically just 52 or older need to look at your standard deviation. You may be taking way too much risk to get way too little returned while so let's let's eliminate or obtained Al some of that wrist to make sure that our retirement does not go away. Right when we needed the most okay we're also gonna do attacks analysis that could reveal to you how you could possibly. This is the novel concept. Reduce your taxes on our path that is not always fun I didn't. Legally by the way absolutely now the most important part of this whole process so as well custom designed and income plan for you. That utilizes strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement income and take the war he. Out of living in retirement. Folks this advice like this that shows you how important it is to meet with the financial coach who understands. That ins and the outs of the financial world now take advantage of this opportunity to meet more furry. Was still cap three idea and his team and he can make sure that you're on the right path and that path is based on your risk preferences your budget. And your goals their number to call is 88511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. It's when we come back we're gonna talk but they can be your own author of the author of your own retirement novel you can be in effect an incoming here. Gonna learn about what that is. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. It happened here topped thirteen seventeen downright silly. Welcome back into the Lori and consumer advocate Thomas looks them. And in studio on site coach Pete garuda now coach you are the winner of three XP's. To tell les those are newly added now off Olympics two Emmys as well as to Cooley who has racking up these award. CN I'm still have to let take my daughter out to eat on Tuesday night taco Tuesday she calls a general Jerry loves to eat Mexican food so now take. Doesn't really matter what my accolades are Thomas been 25 years though in the financial world has seen everything you have really have now seen everything twice unfortunately sometimes somebody I think people make mistakes they really should be making and they know this going to be making. But for some reason they keep making them and so like growing up my daughter Kerry was eleven years old tell not to do something what does she do right after a telephoto Shari got to get better at. So let's learn from other people's mistakes not our own mistake let's say yeah see this many times in the financial world were people know they are taken way too much risk. They know they're gambling and win the ball lands on the wrong category the wrong color they lose money and we don't want that to happen so. We want should of have this successful retirement we wanted to have growth would want to to have been come we want to not let them run out of money and and we plan to 121 we call it's all our plans go to H a 121 believe it or not that's what we do these days and socialist as what a little Italy 121 fine. You kids or grandkids will now benefit there you go with the reality of the magic of of everything is there forever money we call it and we wanna make sure you have enough money to do what you want to do whenever you wanna do would've retirement. Has retirement. Every day's a Saturday precisely you know every day's a weekend it doesn't matter what's happening I don't want my clients retiring with less money than what they start with a working with so to make it a 100000 dollars a year when you're working we will we ain't at least get 200000 dollars a. Your retirement there you go through that makes sense so it actually does you know and a lot of folks out there may be a little worried I guess because they Philip the process maybe very complicated. Now no a lot of people have different opinions you know between the different cellphones apple and Google all the something Apple's done very well as they simplify things they're known for that for the keeping things very simple for the consumer and I think that's something that you've done very well as well on I think folks need to be aware of is that this process is not something this difficult like you said you've been in the industry 25 years. And your team you really use use it I call myself a consumer advocate be yours well because you're out there working for the consumer and trying to keep things simple so people are confused with what really is of very important thing for the rest of their lives. We see things you wouldn't believe out there and people who may be some of some people are trying to do themselves to don't put an end and the plans wrong yeah a short and also sort likening you've all seen this I mean you go some where may does speaker on stage. And you wonder who designed or who who who dresses speaker hug and a yeah like there there are way out of style they have a you know to be sued dollar three piece suit on the just looks not good at all right sure know where you like something from the seventies right yeah absolutely yeah so. Which might have looked good back in the seventies Russia of course so let's look at this a lot of people have great plans and their goal and they were great when they get set up. Thirty years ago onshore you know if you're trying to gain money will take a lot of risk is is a good is a good player slow down when you get a retirement age during that financial red zone again within five or ten years of retirement or ticket to bond we need to start getting more cautious about where money is. We need to categorize our money in three different easy to understand colors attract first one threat. Red means risk okay all right easy to understand how does nothing wrong would rent but you have to understand any money -- -- you could lose OK yeah right would you lose it all hopefully not only we've never seen a case where people lost every single penny that sure but mostly can make if invested in land and wells in 2000 Florida couple weeks Gillick analyst tell me they have fixing pulls down there yeah this is underground water table and also of the Atlanta sinks -- you here on -- -- so what does it vested as a land the big single came and swelled the land and not there anymore so failure brands were Sarah at French who write if somebody was in your house in the land in the sinkhole and they sunk down maybe they're felon would suit you might then that would negative money people who boo -- artistry you heard all. The bill earlier albums that I could you know lawsuits fly around and it hasn't read his wrist nothing wrong with that again but as we get older we need incorporate something called the rule of 100 out of written about this and almost every book that I've ever written I wrote I've I've touch on the rule 100 disorders it is taking your eighths attracted by a hundredth. All right and are you get after that is the amount of money percentage wise you could take risk with the if you really wanted to begin OK so adult that I did in their clothes are pushed hundreds that resembled goes down by some 51 yet. 51 months under his 49 and got put ascent after that 49% of my money could be at risk of I chose a peg I don't have anywhere near that much money at risk OK yet OK again you could if you if I doubt bought a pretty big buildings that's risk money so that's testicle in the red typically a short tomato do you have about that much money at risk but that percentage wise yet as we get it where if for six year old 40% or money at risk but then. Where's the other 60% go and it goes in a combination of yellow. And green money counts okay are yellow is liquid money that is money that is the air force anytime we need. But Thomas you know why we colored yellow instead agreeing no telling -- not because you're not an earn any money and that money blah and you're gonna underperform inflation you're gonna do what I call losing money safely so those who would dispute money and build something like a checking account where you're getting maybe a quarter -- media the -- okay yeah sure you would see these stands for catalyst that certificate of disappointment well we asked what depreciation yeah you know it used to be a certificate of deposit or straight but nowadays let's say you're getting 1% the CD and inflation historically is around 3% in -- that's 01 minus three is what negative to very true right so you're buying power each year is going back and going down by negative 2% okay yeah doesn't sound like a lot until you look at what inflation has really done over the years. Let's do this quick little quiz are wealthier driving rampant despite this do ya think about what you paid for your very first house attack in a few young think about what your parents paid for your their very first else right now down 51 I'm still gonna use my parents my parents of when I was. Hello was I then I was ten years old cat and dad bought his very first tells for 34000 dollars while the barber North Carolina it was three bedroom two bath 14100 square feet Campbell even a 34000 dollars. So put on everyone's gonna have her own number in their heads trying to yeah now think about what you pay for your very US car and attack yeah. Most people out there listening paid more for their last card than they did the first steps and his council incredible and that my friends. Is inflation. And it is older and inflation doesn't exist anymore. Residents are it is very true give a lot of ice cream lately you know I had I just got some chocolates at the other guy is not what did fight so I remember back in the day wind the companies that I had fresh ingredients just milk sugar creek right yes flavoring whatever natural fruit sugar and these to serve and are you still buy it in a half gallon container OK yeah right occupation the half gallon container in my mind when you -- the store now looks about the same on who you read it it's gonna have to LD more dollars and not they take it down ounces instead of half gallon to their. All those funny little categories if they use that kind of stuff I got my attention and calorie yeah. Yeah yeah so you know it's almost. If it's a dirty trick it is at but they do and it end their be announced that it will bag of potato chips yet they get us tonight. Getting back the data series beggars like a giant bag into your pocket and is nothing in there right exact rounds on the bottom exactly inflation. While right so inflation exist so what do we do. Well number one that we put together a plan that helps counteract that and green money. Is money it's gonna be different rest of life look at some money wheelbase which always pop now new money every single year income planning while there's some devices set up to give you yearly income for the rescue lights camera live. People need to find out about that social category resting your money from red green and yellow and everyone is different but let us custom designed the plan that fits what your needs are. And your risk tolerances orca and every single year we re just. OK so if you're curious about this you wanna see where you are right now and everyone should. Again the financial northstar yet to find out where you are first so we can help you look up into the sky of your plan astray and diagram where you are right now and that we can. Again bagged Columbus back and they use the north started get from where he was over here to merit oh without a doubt and so we can get cue from where you are now all the through retirement using the financial northstar process to make sure we use red green and yellow money and have income planning techniques that are set up. To make sure every single year you walk up to the mailbox and there's a check and went four for a fact and it won't take no laws or two or three months like it's a Columbus and what we call that we all that there what flag on the mailbox the green flag at Belmont green on lag is money waiting for you so it's very if you are one of the next wanna call so we'll do one personally for you will help you diagram where you are right now while also put together your very own. Personalize and customize planned for the rest of your life. Okay forever money okay in the right place utilizing advanced or protects strategies and everything else out there. In our total retirement plan to make sure you are in the right place for the right time your life. Also help you by reviewing your tax returns to uncover your long term tax issues like higher raise capital gains and even Social Security taxes. Minimizing those setting up correctly to make sure you are doing the right thing for your family and yourself and also establishing your retirement income goal let's put put that green push pin down. Deciding where you want to have income for the rest your life that's money needed not only to cover costs but also money to to cover in Jordy. You lifestyle and retired of the fun things yes OK and finally. We need to do this this is very important analyze your current investments to establish the real cost and fees we empathy worksheet we have a decoder. Process and a Beisel the code all the funny business has and all the terms and your financial products to tell you what you really paying and what it's really costing you and more poorly what's your real. Riskiest. OK we will calculate the risk exposure level for you your personalized risk exposure level calculation. Looking at where you are right now it's hard to tell you like your statements who put out an easy to understand graph form. You are here right now which means if the market goes up you could get X amount but if the market goes the wrong way it will cost you this amount while socially religiously that you need to see that Thomas what happens China I'd rather know before. Like that show with a guy would get the newspaper the day before sure yeah I had them let's do that when we can do that. That in the play anymore new ya can help you it's it's about the closest we can get to the financial crystal ball that exist out there today. So something we're talking about resonates with you go ahead pick up the phone give us a call to make sure that you had a security to your retirement resources are being managed according to your goals and risk tolerance gives call 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Well we all have a password most of us do in the passport design is to help you travel around the world safely and legally to well let's design a pass. Port to retirement and we don't come back in the talk about the nine step guide to protect you best day which would contribute. To have a full stamped passport and guitar that much more we come right. Texas weather can change on a dime. I wanted to give you normally. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at sock thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. If you had made the right choice bought thirteen seven. Coach I see you have a passport evident now what is in there tonight of escorted noted Slutskaya I thought well let me open it up dead at the I'll do it with the mayor hey they're a blank pages what's going on here. There's absolutely. Nothing in there. And let me Libby Ari you said nothing to write I did let's ask sergeant Schultz not being. He didn't say he's not he's and it's very very important that people start with a blank slate and we're talking about your retirement plan yes. Tell us what opened up this passport and it was full of different stamp to different did recommendations sure would be your player. I'll know and love now be somebody else's play there yeah. But a lot of people that go to financial advisor in the Bible would go to the shelf pull something off the here's your plant while it's not your playbook is not yet you know totaling about two yeah ouster but most people I talked to they number one they wanna have income for the rest of their life they wanna have increasing income they wanna have no warrior that's for you but if the money's gonna be there when they needed the most news. I had a great op she did travel sun in my early twenties Al's latest funny did you talk to friends and you compare stamps or your passport where did you go and it was like a little individual on the culture history what that person likes. I can see the financial world being the same way your plan is going to reflect your dreams your goals your ambitions and its gonna be the same as yours for under neighbors. Parker Colin and I Parker's one of my planners and office meeting in nice couple the other day we found out what they were spending right now and be extrapolated that and forward looked at the into retirement what it would really cost and have retired then wanted to do and a until they're investments they had now designed to plan that would give them more. Then they then they would need a retirement while yet at the minimum this was a guarantee we we like the deal would guaranteed minimum stay is if the world goes to hell of a hand basket here's what would happen there you go yes 'cause I don't like look at I don't like given blue sky or hey if everything goes great his little bit because we don't know of course so let's plan for the worst. And hope for the best this okay so we have a plan that meets everything that you look for on the worst case scenario. Should make you happy through time it would make me very tactic we were aesthetic that we pulled the plan like that together for them yeah but you know what. One of the people on the family told us now is that. That is none of chance for a good return there a little wryly and what we said is like this that we can we need to learn more money we want more money than that way we cover all your expenses are we just told you this was the worst case scenario yeah right now I'm not gonna lie to you and say hey could be 50% a 100% more unsure of the could include Thomas what words that whole sentence do and life could yeah satellite could could would should it wasn't right and a stray bullets to a plan that is guaranteed to happen like we say or better alright okay so I would like nothing better to have better results too but let's look at what the worst case scenario would be and then if it if we. Of course it's gonna meet that is that's a worst case scenario. Of course of course though they must have been countless lying to themselves as some level because obviously you would talk to them about what risk global they wanted so it almost sounds like. They were putting themselves in a position that they really would've regretted later on. They were way out of tune as far as the standard deviation in other words they were just way too much risk for the amount of return they had been getting OK yeah it had been a long time to say actually set them reviewed or had a professional review of what the current plan there was doing to them or for them. And Yahoo! or second opinion basically because they've been going back to the same player over Oregon and so everything was fine short yeah now I'm scared to get Thomas people listening. Many of you were going back to your very. Same player every single year and they're telling everything's fine yet exactly how can get a real second opinion from the person who gave the first opinion not a street again now additionally we can't I can't so the objective to retirement of course is to pull up to have to retirement station. Every single year and have your count refill I and that's incomplete and OK yeah very simple I mean remember back in the day I don't know if you do or not but you bulletin gas station to get you hear that. That's held and Al who tumbled running would come to a three guys one Gabi Phillips taken out the other guy be checking oil they I'm gonna go be washing your windshield. Think early I never experienced it myself but I do nine Eddie Griffin threat this Zoellick met at an even in some states it's still required full service nothing New Jersey is required full service day Erica but what we talk about retirement. Again we wanna as a guide we wanna have we told the financial northstar here's what we need. Here's what we're gonna get in here is guaranteed of the door stars not moving chore it is the people you separate navigation because they know with standard it's gonna be there precisely that's where we designed incomplete and not going away. It it's it is what it is. Yeah exactly blend this is such a difference from other plans out there yet as we talked about this in the past south a lot of plans out there and again is looking for the blue skies when they're very well may not be. People saying you this plan may last year you don't so you 1995 years old but the. Man a yet now if it. I think he you know I don't like may this is this will WI LL period exactly no caveats no disclaimers no asked tricks it will do what it's supposed to do exactly and those are small words but it but I think when it comes to me being 95 years old adage those are actually very large words that that matter greatly tending in my my livelihood which is 64 years from now they don't pay 3131. Zone. And sixty fours if they guessed it this way and it. Away but it's never too soon never too late. To get a good plan order and so with the north star again it's not moving. And it the it's not gonna getting brighter but in our plans we do our financial more starts like income plans to what could happen. If your plan to get brighter as you get older one can get more money while we'll never get dimmer and always be at least the same. Color as the north stars are bright has and to get as much income as as as your told. And you could get more so I think that's what's overlooked a lot of times in this world of lies yes we did these days all the advertisements out there. People hear what they want a year but that they don't hear the disclaimer you ever listen to me pharmaceutical ad buy. Who act as if I try to listen to act understand about half the words yeah it well that at the end. And it's make cause this this and Antonio Noriega. And then they have to stir about the helical work for two million down a little woman asked my doctor oh I know really this show again we we are used to just hearing what we want. Here but in the financial world we need to hear what's truth and the truth fact is that true income plan one that is guaranteed for the rest your life stage 121 and beyond we call to retirement and beyond. It's a retirement auto pilot and financial cruise control it's not going away a straight and it's not gonna be any worse than what we lay out for you but we only lay out the minimum guarantees. You get a could be more. Nevertheless an end if I was buying something would not wanna know the worst case scenario an Atlantic are we to one of the worst case there. Have slowed the one word that comes to mind in this conversation is reliable reliability yeah hope Volkswagen got a lot of trouble because they were lying about the gas mileage and where they get brighter future they are they were over accentuate how much gas mileage you get sort of like when you go to planner and they say you're gonna get a lot more income if you do much when it's a coach be a -- no I'm not big not guaranteed you're not paso and of what I wrote about that the book have you been talking to financially aliens did then again that was your practical guide to translate the complex financial universe to protect your portfolio. From being zapped. By shrink races this book is eight years old now as early while and everything and it is still true and that's pretty funny that we don't have to take it off the shelf we still it's still sold on Amazon while. So it's it's just important Thomas of people get the right plan together for the right time of the life and I know a lot of people out there listening and saying gosh these guys. This guy's a hyper coach because he's old Augusta and I'm excited about what's available out there for folks that are listening who want a sure retirement for so they don't have to gamble with. One they don't have to wake up the mill night staring at the roof. Wonder whether they get rid of that popcorn stuff on the ceilings into effect at a counting sheep do whatever they do and and not knowing if they have an income they can depend on. You gotta dig a law and F I mean speaks for you coach you know I work with you every single day here and I see get mad when folks are taking advantage of you get happy when you see those plans the together that help people out. So I mean is understandably real hyper here on the radio. Well Thomas 25 years in the financial arena not a single complaint they don't matters to tell you something it should I may give us a plus rating with the Better Business Bureau in the national ethics association all the things that really mean so many we are fiduciary is which means we put our clients' needs ahead of arson that's a novel concept but it's not because I don't do that. But it all boils down to the fact that all the pieces of your financial puzzle need to fit together so what I'd like to offer is the opportunity for all radio listeners. To complete a pledge revue with us we'll go through with you will look at where you are right now we'll do your very own financial review. To the next 25 call OK we'll talk to all the different retirement puzzles. And what to consider for instance Social Security at what age should you start taking that benefit and how does that fit your overall income picture that or should at all. That guy. How much risk you're taking would you portfolio and is that amount of risk appropriate. For your age and the amount returned that your actually. Getting very very important yeah how much you're paying in fees and commissions would occur plan and do you really realize how much you're paying. What about the tax implications of your savings and is her way to save money in taxes down the road. By pro actively planning now. And do you have an income when a place that will be sure that you would never run out of money all the way through retirement to H 121 beyond. All these we go through as well as inflation adjustment calculations seeing what this really gonna cost you live in retirement. And all the different aspects of the nest they guide to go through nine different steps from the taxman to nursing home inflation litigation probate stock market bad brokers and just the overall. Financial confusion. So if you won the next 25 callers will go through that with you will customize it for you will make sure that you understand completely what's going on your financial plan not just now. But all the way to them through retirement. Folks this advice like this that shows you how important it is to meet with the financial coach who understands the ins and outs of the financial world now take advantage of this opportunity to meet more furry was still cap re I he and his team. And he can make sure they hear on the right path and that path is based on your wrist preferences you were budget. And your goals their number to call is 808511636. Again is 800. 8511636. Are you folks State Street as we discussed many more topics on how to set yourself up for success and retirement when we come back. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take allow it to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 trading began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen cent indeed the right choice. Thanks for making the right choice I don't know what I would get the truth if it weren't for you toss it. And resources to do. A time and place where all your hard earned money works for review and not some guy. Yeah tax free so. Call them capriati's. 36. Again that's. 16 36. I wanted to bring up topic that we have talked about on the showed the strategic development process I know this is something that you are passionate about it as something that the model here at the show and I was just took the we could maybe break it down for our listeners out there really get into the meat of it. Yeah there's some simple steps by simple steps that will look simple some work ethic and a that can can put you in the right place for the rest of your life a cut and no sentence they retirement right the rest of your life I mean we talk to people in their forties who are retired. And I talked people in the seventies who were working instill work because they like to work that's right so it's all about you what you wanna do in and that's what we do the total wealth index. And build inside the the strategic development process okay and then we use all that and we incorporate into what we call you for just before a lot of times the total. Retirement plan exactly now at least we start by reviewing tax returns but now. If you like most people April 15 comes your pilot you put away diplomacy to get short of slowly but what if we could go back and look at the last three years and on cover. Long term issues maybe you and realize that you're overpaying ha so that's a time where we incorporate the super wealth transfer we turn taxable money into context of money OK now I have paid taxes Julia now but but then we have future income. And we have future legacies. Leading money toward Mexicans that are tax free exactly very important and that puts you in control by the way. Because you know we all warned about they were distracted by the market going up and down. But what's the main enemy of our retirement plan. That's. Is the main enemy because I have people come and every single day what coach these wells got a million dollars had to keep Amerada. To de mil or is in my retirement plan at. Well maybe your own daughter and I have to say let's beautiful looks good on paper but don't you don't. Yeah I'll now turn now one thing the 600 which has ten. Don't worry about also yes the longevity we're living a lot longer but we have ways to combat that easy Aaliyah and what do you say Thomas what is your well I think people get in their own way. The SE get your way yes which all the time a lot of people won't pick the phone up now called the getting their own way they got a very easy to pick the phone up and called our number. That's right and our goal here at shows and hope you make the best decisions have yet any questions about what we're talking about or how they apply to your own situation. Connect with Phil Caprio ID and his team his senior tax and insurance advisors by calling 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. And so then we get a plan together for you but I so we look at taxes and then we don't just look at we've if you look at holding off. And little what is that is taxes and I'm with you and vodka to what you would do let's run a and he can't hide but we can do things we can get right up in Texas face. And slap. Right so we can put ourselves to control we can we can pay taxes at today's numbers as we know what today's numbers are exactly when I was growing up of the thing I hated the worst was a guy that had the ball would always try to make the rules up. Don't kick ball and we are told one guy neighborhood who's paired with bottom the fancy new balls Astoria. So. What we would do though is you know what do you do during the games he change rules on. But I know this I get four LC get three. And I'm not out limit those kind of things yeah well you Emmitt of course they don't have not. Westfield really an admin so that's what I just as they keep chains liberals on a strike it enough and honestly creatures are located development process puts you control we also help you by establishing your retirement income goals and look ahead in the future find out what your going to need a -- we had at least hopefully twenty or 30% of that money did you lifestyle money money to do what you wanna do when every wanna do it area and we create income plan we also look at your calculated risk exposure level what you're currently paying now. He wise and also the risk you're taking the you don't realize that we put into real number if the market did this your money would either dropped to this or gain that depending on where you are row again and you know it all gets incorporated into the right plan for you. And again the main board in this whole situation is customize strategic development process customized means. It's all for you it's not going to these the rental house you spend a summer vacation or for week when every trying to put a puzzle together get to the last piece is not there a short yes that wasn't real putt that was a puzzle for everyone. Yeah let's put the puzzle together for you. Let's complete it with all the pieces at the customized win and that's what we do. You know financial double talk in sales pitches or just rampant out there are finally folks finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk folks that you need to sit down and get a financial road that put together and still capriati's of senior tax and insurance advisors will translate for you that complex financial world. In the clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now. The number to calls 800. 8511636. The next five callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly a roadmap to do you know where you need to be so in short folks. He had nothing to lose called now over five chances to win today. The numbers 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636808511636. Yes well that's clearly showed Thomas covered a lot of great things and folks I hope you enjoy the show this week and for Thomas let's go behind coach Pete we'll join you next week right here on the the financial today. Yes currency here hey. Information on this with a different purposes only and does not. Constitute investment tax. Months information contained. Sources that are deemed to be reliable and I. And receiving complete this cannot be guaranteed you don't Peter Jay root for his guest. Why the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified for. What guarantees can easily. Financial strength and claims paying ability peacefully company individual should thoroughly review the contract were specific details of income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are still. And here you come here and there. 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