Democrats' Response, 3/18

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Saturday, March 18th

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Hello I'm Jeanne Shaheen senator from New Hampshire. I previously served as New Hampshire governor and during my years as governor and now a senator I've worked across the aisle to get paying staff and that's not what we're seeing in Washington right now president trump and Republican leaders in congress have rejected bipartisanship. They're tying themselves and not trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act often called Obama care. But for millions of everyday Americans. Health coverage isn't about politics. It's a matter of life and death. On Monday in Concord, New Hampshire I met with the former construction supervisor. Named Phil spent no luck. Like millions of others and my state and across America. Phil had been struggling with addiction. But thanks to the expansion of Medicaid in New Hampshire made possible by Obama care. He's been able to get treatment and a recovery and build a new life. I talked with the police officer in Makoni in New Hampshire he's been reaching out to families struggling with substance use disorders. He estimates that of the nearly 170. Families he's worked win. Almost three quarters rely on health coverage through Medicaid. The oldest ruin medicine is do no harm. But millions of Americans like film and those families in the Colonia. Will be hurt by efforts to repeal obamacare. And replace it with a Republican health care plan also known as trump care. This week than nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office told us that 24 million Americans would lose their health coverage over the next ten years. Including fourteen million next to. While premiums would go up an average of 15% next year few bio on health insurance under trump care. It would give tax cuts to the big drug and insurance companies. And top income earners would see tax cuts have nearly 200000. A year. Let's be clear. President trump does not have a mandate to take away people's health coverage. In dozens of visits to New Hampshire during the campaign he promised aggressive action to fight that appeal right inherent epidemic. He promised never to pat Medicare and Medicaid and that no one would lose health coverage. But with this new Republican plan. Millions of Americans will lose their health coverage. And those who keep it will pay much more. This new legislation takes us in the wrong direction. It will have especially tragic consequences for New Hampshire and other states fighting heroin and appealing epidemic. Our most powerful weapon in this fight has been getting people access to lifesaving treatment thanks while Obama care. Under trump care. One point three million Americans now in treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. Would lose their health coverage. Not surprisingly. A whole range of groups are opposing this legislation. Including doctors nurses hospitals and the AARP. AARP strongly opposes the Republican plan because it hurts Medicare. And includes an age tax that allows insurance companies to charge Americans aged fifty to 64. Up to five times more than younger Americans. Congress should stop take a deep breath and work together to find a better way forward. Let's begin by listening to the American people. In poll after poll they're telling us not to end Obama care. But can mend it keeps the most successful parts and fix what's not working. Let's listen to Republican governor John Kasich of Ohio who stayed is also struggling with the OP I crisis. He rejects the way trunk care when in treatment for people in recovery. I agree with the governor's call to put politics aside. Use common sense and find common ground. Many of my Republican colleagues in the senator also saying let's slow down and work across the aisle. Let's keep our promises to the American people so that millions to not lose their health coverage. And let's come together to strengthen what's working and fix what's not. The stakes could not be higher for the health and financial security of our families. We need to get this right. And that means Republicans and Democrats. Working together keeping our promises. Putting people first.