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Sunday, July 16th

Come And Talk It, for July 16.


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Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen 70 am listening to keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven. It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael Cargill. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael kargil. Good afternoon. Austin, Texas the Latin music capital of the world. Less praise the lord and pass the ammunition I tell you today weak data show for you. We're gonna have digital ripping innovations bear that. Roofing come being out of the Decatur Alabama dad's given away free AR fifteens. Also we one have monster raids from black guns matter on the show is gonna talk to us about. We know what's going on between him or his thoughts or his take on what's happening between in RA and black life isn't mattered to him a break that down. Albums before we get into you much to ray and walking him to the show. Let me welcome addition to rethink innovations exact and Craig is out of Decatur Alabama welcome to come and talk it. And Rocco eight and today all right so how he does and how did the heels of Alabama. When you are out we're living the injury that you can and a bit out and busy lately business being good. Oh I bet that an an ad at say yea you gain even he did a lot of good press she gets the little slack you know but a lot of good press. I aviary that you dig citing wave that year trying to boost your business. Yet been and the quarter item you reap it's been over who overwhelmingly out on that would you know negative. And there but we we got it anticipated that what was gonna happen so yeah it the Augen. Me a look at a negative what can he possibly slick say MEL I watched that video I tell you it it really quick it's built in the America you know was all about the fourth of July is all about independence and what this country was founded on. Yeah you know liberal enough on video that we already geared towards just like he's an independent. America Uncle Sam. You know everything is great about this country. Unfortunately. A lot of video left wingers. That it is amusing and we prove we perceived and death threats and telling us the special places to put the guns. Death threats from liberals adult owned guns adult like guns don't have anything to worry about you don't worry about. At eight they don't even know need to get as they don't have to begins we got against. You won't get and I'll show you against the uplift in and for those that don't know what commercial we're talking about take a listen to this. The bad news. Doubles our collective. The site once they've they've been. Exactly it's up under additional briefing innovations to guess what I'm not here to talk to about repeating. Rifles. I'm here talking about AR fifteen rifles. If you sign up for a new roof with did you review of patients there get your free AR fifteen a rough last week complete rivers. How's that sound you can't know dump truck says make America great again I say make America good again. Now some humor obviously there's a hit man a selecting gimmick. Again we keep saying. We'll come Augusta navy veteran at the 88 next year's horrific up he's not a gimmick. And this baby's body either tear protect you your family. When did. And customers. Gets a coloring to be gone for you people who. I'd say and that's that's mayor correct if you don't like that act there's something wrong with EE needle like debt. Obviously thank you sit on the unit saw its uncritical good. Right so tell me add something a little bit. About a digital innovations in did you roofing innovations and what that company's all about. Well armed you know Chris and our votes were two relatively young on doors and we had this idea that says it soon. Really generate leads for other ripping copies so we were like got to restore. And became increasingly difficult view. I'll find other refer is that that want it are we say and just because of the industries that we thought it was starter over the company could we had so much success generating leads. And we just. Took off north Alabama we call our marketing strategy. I UGC disruptive marketing and that's designed draw may you know grow marketing aspect on being able do low budget. Propofol. Todd video she really inside. Emotion they did our first our first launch was was pretty successful and so we've just been. It's been really really busy last you know last month and things went really well our company. I for those people they just joined us on FaceBook there. We're talking would digital roofing innovations there that company added Decatur Alabama I hope I have that right. And their yelled they're giving away free our basic error fifteens. They've yet get a route from digital roofing and divisions. And in some people upset about it they're kind of you know irritated that you know why you give the way in the score so called assault rifle. What did you guys. Right now you know as an over the required here that they are detained not in the fall I hope I'll. Yeah you know today. People don't understand. Legalities behind it takes to quote unquote give a gun away obviously we can't handout AR fifteen. It is a voucher that when they go to local gun shop and get the proper procedures are not legally but he would consider our our. Darn it you mean you tell me that you just not gonna just. Give it some Red Cross to carry they need to adapt to a background check. Yeah I mean I met imagine we are we're following following the law abolish the pages. What a concept you know if I. Had to pick something now that I didn't like about the video I would say I was shooting gotten out of a Ford truck. Don't look you know we had a we had a quick congaree abuses video well. And done it turned out honestly go to that the portion of doubt. Screamed more controversies as to not count the whole goal anyway. And if we get if we get it if we can work it out or I can add. We got a truck out there who'd done it. Yeah than not this is you know more American than Ford had died or something like that you get a Beagle Floyd album with a bit which is a 125%. This. Brought on hit it. I didn't know I I got in addition to my out my cold calls a June 9 denies my you know she's our our cougars you know and as I kind of what I'm. And when I seller in the videos she perk up like there was no tomorrow let me tell you and so I was like yeah I don't. I. There are letters. I got what a bullet you know that I'm 32. Single really the just the there's so that burned it to you know. And available. Are. Instead the op Ed but if you want. They're the second thing that he did complain about you know. I need to make sure that it before he do you next media don't skip leg day now. I would like I get mock wanted me attitude you know and you can you can't be genetic them all you know. And no matter how and the squad department I can help you there seek CG nine. Do you keep on don't doubt at all. You have to fly units and I don't go anywhere the because I got an apartment there Antonio on the net now Zach believe me when I say this everything is big in Texas. I. Then you have to look at FaceBook glad to see wouldn't talk about. Yes I I leg press 500 OK yes that's is that Amara. But I girl is right aren't bigger engine has got some Basil herded to the dive for let me tell you. Thought about oh yeah absolutely so deftly etc. I think we tagged you in the media team and we yet we tagged get things done immediately. Also eyed so left so now tell us about the positive you know now and know Andy given away any are two teams should ship. Well again we've got what if you are people there were issues that we got Paula got Bob did right now that we felt lined up in order to receive a voucher. You know obviously Luke most of our clients or mortars you know people that we know we're gonna. All on the first place and at those that a ton upon the feedback I mean we've gotten phone calls all of the United States. Several international. Bob I don't know if you saw an interview with doctor Morgan on good morning Britain that they they came after me pretty hard. I can't say that you can't they've been Syria's. Don't have. I thought I get that it's all good upbeat when night they've been it been a great oddity that pretty quick mark community airport Alabama has been overwhelmingly positive. And yeah we got vouchers lined out Ali reason. A disabled does better in despite myself. That you're the number of other defense applaud that can be blind out all these they are forward so it's it's been it's been a really cool experience mis spoke on what you weeks. Ease if we can't take those guys series they get a cent in a lot of you guys. Have to be and guess. And why isn't it Ali is Celine. Like is on all of majority of people I Neil died in auto deals are in the lead to have like twenty accidents out here. At least ten people gonna die by the time we get off the show he would today. So yeah I'm in deathly not I don't fire people and eight people per day and that 96 million. What I see and I have a are now it. Have the environmentalists then after you because of your comment I thought it was hilarious because I say that all the time. Dizzy yet any about. About recycling. Right yeah I got the mocked up onto the big recyclers he was like a tablet state debt and are told are updated you know. That up and I'm pretty pretty pretty adamant on is that recycling actually causes. You know more damage for bargain bin and yeah being Smart. You think things over again brought in a way to put on your own orbit beyond that when we're gonna spread the word. Yes I say that all the time. It. And those in Europe there are we even though I do I own a business and my employees are always getting on me about that and I try to explain to them the way the whole process works and it's a very inefficient process. What they're doing and her nonsense and I've sent emails to people explaining it and they just don't get it. And I find it funny that you say. That I couldn't stop laughing that was to me the funniest thing. Somebody got a lightning. You know zinc I think he'd electors. Not an army are here what do they applaud the yet I mean to find out that at least I do complacency and a few minutes. Sales are ready Medicare and Watford according to actually you're right so we may start doing squats. If those guys they were on FaceBook add that that list the they commercial that we're talking about we're talking would digital roofing innovations. And nick is a commercial with all the controversy. The levees. Don't start collecting. The site once they've they've. That's exactly up owner additional repeat innovations to guess what I'm not here to talk to about repeating. Rifles. I'm here to talk to about eight. If you sign up for a new roof with did you review of patients there get your free AR fifteen rough left we complete rivers. How's that sound we can't know Don Phillips says make America great again I say make America good again. Now some humor obviously they're saying it may have a select again. Again we keep saying. We'll come Augusta navy veteran deputy eight and a half years horrific up he's not a gimmick. And this baby Dottie either tear protect you your family. Well it did. Heard. Gives a color and get begun sport you didn't. And we're talking way digital writhing innovation Zack and Chris the owners or did you read roofing innovations were also done a talk with monster race. From black guns matter this is Michael Cargill and give our listings to come and talk. This decision. And it is just the fickle thing you're listening to keep coming off big money talks thirteen definitely. Again as stands today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen 78 dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind of their Greg's place. We need. It happened this year there seems to me the race. Welcome back to come in socket a and now here's Michael Cargill. I would talk to when digital. Think innovations with chocolate sacking Chris Adams Decatur Alabama and I'd tell us about the free Arab Sid -- given a way out here. If you will get a room done by dint and I tell you it law how good your ribs. Your son did our our words. Are that the ventilation. So it to -- out there and that the meeting in Beirut. This is cultural hub on a fly you know there. Need inning W coming Austin, Texas that do those rosy here at I ladies I'm telling you now. So late I listen here you can't first got to give the July 1 because you know he got to survive that first and you know in late day. And this and we'll see how really do bedrooms. Why do I properties. And seals caught it and properties let me tell you she's a business owner so you don't come directly. And and we just found out here and their size and there's sized 37. Double Deon ZA they're not home sorry my mistake 38 double d.s. So aren't all right right so so you've would you come eat you need to be in good shape. Run run they put a lot watching I believe that the area look what we we goalie privilege model. Are you desolate talked about solar so what else is going now appeared in it is Decatur Alabama right. Yeah that's what else is going on out there. And it it is our amiga but that's for sure. You know I felt we we've headlight. The worst rain in the last hundred years. And still at an odd great and kind of crazy I lived in taxes for five years though like Texans are. You come out here and then run the company we were you know originally we were gonna kill the business up from San Antonio to Dallas. And now we just got to visit north Alabama that we decided to kind of there were tearful often and are trying to grow the business from here. And two we got where plans on getting back up effectively been resell. Cue from from Virginia for reverse. One including you staying in Scotland and Antonio Dallas market so woke will be out there against him. Let's have a little bit about more what now appears it was piers Morgan correct. The area hopeful all peers. Eight it's like he's got it. Infatuation with an AR fifteen rifles or or what you would call assault rifle in general. And it just like he had like he had no problem of handgun policy we have a stake in the nose you got all argue. He's not a hand a debts particularly in drugging gain. You'd activity it's from afar outweighs the need any thought the not dealt with from us from York city or any other you know semiautomatic rifle. And luckily we bigot got silly and funny beyond within. And then it's funny because I whenever they need help will be here than the seed in the United States. When everything in our country we're rid yelled down my 11 in him here comes the US. As in no love Bosnian right. Yeah or be mopping it did ya I served overseas Deborah at all although other military guy who really. They they were developing their real adult or logged in. What frank well give a damn what they think in the UK I'm out of their install emerged I'm here to take care of people multi Alabama and USO. They don't like it you know we've got to be our city we really don't care. Things exactly because this is America this is you know firearms or what were founded on that's that's how it all begin because you know. You know we want to do wanna be a part of that country would start all new you know new world and that's what we did. And that's how well it. I've got a good question for you got them I'm watching your FaceBook a lot of people or people in the studio would do all golf packing right now. I so I don't see. A 45 in the thirty special. Are owed it all I left mine in the car okay suvs now cost about. The end engine nice she's working on what she's working owners. We're gonna give the wall. Yeah I. Not that of the we're sitting here it. A couple ought not change right now you're getting ready Plano. Calculations take blog like nineteen Zeum trees break out and everything CBS and you begin that. I had an essay Glock nineteen. Yeah that that that the home protection. Let potential and our. Eyes. They're oh in the kitchen. Well they don't get as in Texas we were getting rid Iraq you know hired illegal lives in Texas stars center of the first. So after September 1 will be in a walk down the street here in the sword. Oh that's right in in any gains game thrown his own day. I love it don't yell out elected to prod when late at the you know the LTC law detectives thought on it. You know you're gonna have ought to come out that whatever now they're not figured we were gonna. Are we walk around Dublin and out you know guns period neo. You know forty blog on there if all the com and vetoed do we dug up and enable our control I'll executive brought my how many people didn't. Did note here to be honest with you. Lol you know you you're right you don't see it that often that much yet. And I think people need to do a little more in Austin because I think got to solve some problems we have with some of these little liberals are around here in Austin. So if somebody told a little more open to hearing you know it was solve a lot of the season. And these people will go back to California Washington stayed very new York and New Jersey where they came from. Man until he like all I often feel party and stuff but I don't think that it. Lived there all common in there areas around out there create all the weight and rivers and so like there's there's bit. It's not my spot you know I wouldn't let that is a little bit I lived in San Antonio for all valid ballots for a little bit and I did tell me off and on meet the great and it's a beautiful. Beautiful city. But and you know vote but let Peter if it is pretty bad and Austin you know I'll respect you got hurt for all know on the port down here. Exhibit doubles the complaint she had probably came from the is from Austin. We got a couple we got to go a lot of bed. I've bad bets they gave you they came from it begins in Texas the death thinking is from Austin know what you have to do is they are why they are late for re not. And then it is actually have a really. Get a view of downtown Austin from where we're sitting in the studio here we can actually a University of Texas would see the tower. How would you single to cap out of the capital just the tip only the tip of the capital. And then down we can see it although the billions of debt got a very nice new view of downtown and we we can see the the Austin Byrd in Austin has a bird he nailed it right just got one this year. You know released yeah it's called the cream so we see the train all the time killed the skyline. It's quit quite a few cranes here because they're building new buildings you know every single day it's it's crazy. Yeah okay I've driven I've made that trip drop between Mediterranean and out quite a few jobs bill. You can I can see actually if I joke about it you can see at least about 45 trains right now from where we are. And it's. Yeah I mean it's so blown I mean there's there's 1000 and it's only other than they're spending data and it and it going to be the next saw them in terms of explosion and a population and has just really the last kind of book. Affordable. Big city live baton intact is now meeting the other Metroplex is the other expense for the live and all that and you know all the charge expenses have been accused them. So you know that the migration San Antonio you you see that court or down 35 you know it's going to be almost like one big city over song. That's right and I tell you it's it's really been great talking you guys Zach and Chris all the way from Decatur Alabama are really enjoyed that hopefully I. Zach when you give you get a chance to come back to Austin or San Antonio to visit family or something like that. Definitely let us know your fears so indeed she and hopefully in the studio on this Sunday. As we can chat with Jesse nothing's gone would did you roofing innovations because you guys have done great things out there in Alabama will look at mention footprint and don't forget. I'm going to be I become a few up pack my apartment and August all we'll be enough. A will be in Texas within a month. All right cool yeah Disney will deal with a date would you lie. And let you know just say I sell trained I don't know I would make all the major Hewlett. Again I I heard that. So I. Listen make you remember it seems she gets old train that really get over it just you know just think am wound aisles save leg before at and T Boone in three. I'm in fourth yeah. I ate egg that's my girl out there. I've been thinking guys I eat I thank you I enjoy there this year days. Yeah aperture and. That's did you roofing innovations out of a Decatur Alabama those guys are doing great things given away free. Now let me bring into the conversation Mars terrain with black does matter. There's a single one back and forth between I'd be in Bahrain and black labs mattered I don't get back in feasible I dense matter. Totally different organizations can catch with a totally different. Concept nicely a black labs mattered and they're going back and forth with the NRA on some deals on line in the NRA actually respond. Did this week. T black labs matter listen to this. According to the black box mattered video apparently the only people capable of racism against black people white conservatives. Get these greens the state of play. How come under the leadership of bringing. Politicians liberal organizations and they're billionaires for the last fifty years in our inner city communities are still in disrepair. All the while. Areas where these women politicians than billionaire founders. Flourish but they're not the ones declared war against black people all no no no no it's the NRA because they need to do you know where they said yeah. And so footage of violent white liberal protesters destroyed property and black communities are. I can agree that the legacy of white supremacy racism. People in communities in this country and it's wrong however the I'm calling everything that attacks the white liberal agenda white supremacy. And turn. Inner city schools are disaster they're embarrassingly underfunded and have been for decades. These places seem more like training facilities prisons and do schools are in a city schools are underfunded because of the NRA. Schools are largely funded by the property taxes in the local area. So it's no surprise that the most include areas have the best schools. To Chicago and their territory education system under the leadership of Roma man. These people will bring tingle in public housing. They can afford to buy a house in the beautiful suburbs Chicago with a good school system. Particularly in the north side Chicago either where despite the strain tax base and schools are magically better. These families can afford it because they're living on a single income of households headed by single black mother. To question did. Now no one being can explain all this what did happen it was in 1994 o'clock. Written by Joseph Biden and signed into law by democratic president. And locked up. And the black fathers for the same Kenny drug offenses that are now trading millionaires and I don't liberal white kids between dispensaries in California. And this is nothing new because for decades. Communities have been run by deceiving liberals and Democrats who promises to start the new moon during the election cycles. And then disappear once they're in office. All right so that was that. Cullen new war with the NRA. At tellem us you know and actually kind of responding. To black lives matter on the deal than they did a little earlier. So there's is back and forth it's going on so let me bring into the conversation. Marched parade. With blank doesn't matter much welcome to come and talk a certain. Heroes go out you all right so you is gives silly today. Yeah actually today and it's awesome man so I met. At our our shop we Evelyn shut it opened in and it honestly not a little pact in the air we get some work it. Okay I see it as a starter and a he's one's open. It now and I mean it's been a slow opened for the last week or two is this progress and you know we got like a little bit not firearm accessories pollsters. Apparel stuff like that trend to print shop as well so you know has been going good out didn't die hard opening and a little bit after we UT law and order and is joining. Right he is it's hard he'll start something new from fresh got to paint you know Oleg can that kind of stuff it's a little. You know she'll being in things of that nature so maybe it's a lot of work. So tell me you know what shared take on his back and forth with the NRA. And black labs matter. I'm not my position is you know I think that the social conditions that will create it. Bad. Made. And black lab that and that there are three. I think that police brutality I think that you know at certain Warwick saint in that video. A deal with you know the crime bill would be a pretty much made everything you know being felt like. President you know school to prison pipeline I think all of those singled re. Anybody pretend like that's not what happened you know that they've got a misinformed and audio line. Don't think it'll both of the type of social conditions that would creep you know that exist. When necessary for an organization like a black lab matters inception to be create. I think that we also have to pay attention will actually be happening now now that hundred million dollars or whatever term that it. You know ones. Given. We've made great strides that black guns matter with less than a quarter of million dollars. So someone has 102050. A hundred million dollars. I've got to he would you do with the money. Now right after that money brought in the thing that you work you know fighting against are now changing. And yet your your your primary argument is something else did in this look like you know you just creating confusion. I have to be objective and could meet that was done and look what look like a month drought situation change that is what it is. Also with so would you say man and make sure we're clear. Because black labs and matter and got end of a large sum of money from somewhere joint sorrows or someone. And you're saying once they receive that money they end their message change somewhere. I mean it it it to a certain extent even if elected didn't change YouTube you have to build saying. That are in alignment with fixing. The things that it has social conditions that are incorrect so for example what that black gone mad. And we see that a large portion of one in law enforcement officers are you know shooting sit at them. Baseball furtive movement and we train and our environment with the resource that we had we train all the people that come not classes about what furtive movement is. And how can not do one and with the procedure. All and when you indirect law enforcement the actual solution that we use our resources towards. Check that thing so of these issues with you know black what matter deal with more social injustices or job creation. And it you get a hundred million dollars. I need you training facility. I know when I did the ten million dollars you'd damn sure won't be building could be a bill that ought to be manufacturing. Fire arm except for read at the bare minimum. You know. It is no doubt about it one of your wealthy investors want to sit down at a comic technically they're right now. We won't make it profitable we all make good business illegal occurred ten million minutes or twenty million people. Because you daddy Carnegie got to become sustainable you gotta be able to sustain yourself rather than just spinning spinning spinning. I write I holed a lot aren't hassle what talking with monster raid with black guns no matter what talk about the the fuel that's going back and forth between the in our main. And black labs matters and Cole I knew or had a good response to black labs matter. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come in talking. Physical on the war in your listening to common pocketbook Michael cardinals. We know Austin trafficking via. Challenge. These continue with time Saber traffic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice sound off on the news of the day with a topple online ads on 1670 dot com it's on thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. I we're on the phone with monster ray would collect guns no matter what talked about this crap you going back and forth between the NRA. And then. Black lives matter which actually is not a back and forth really black lab manner is saying that the NRA should take down one of their videos. Glad that's kind of weird because of black lies matters saying that aviation have the freedom of speech to say certain things. All they should have that freedom of speech and so should the NRA. Have their freedom of speech of saying whatever they want to seal their video so I is kind of funny Howell. In you saying on a one side I want you to say something but hey I wanna see what I wanna say that makes no sense what so ever. To me but let me bring back into the conversation monster ray would black guns matter much. Yeah Omar I think there is basically it is the First Amendment issue and I think I'm done with the First Amendment a lot of people pretend like. You know they don't want it both ways I mean we we and I have been victim a victim of that I've done it. Outfitted something that you know I'll I would like to be one way and then all I have the right see you know we've all made that mistake it's a mistake but let. That's what it the balance of this. And like on the matter we date we understand if that you know that we welcome middle path. Noted going to be certain situations let each organization you're not gonna agree that this thing about BLA many an area to agree with that thing is think about all built. Organization a movement that I agree with you know and I think for us that black on he got on the matter we tried as we don't try we walked all more. Balanced path. I'm not gonna pretend like home for all law enforcement I despise crooked police are despite. I think bad law enforcement should be the first guy and gal lock under the jail. But at the same column also you know we are not about you know just because your law enforcement you've got to be to bad guys know. I'm not at that that pain would have brought you know brushing we you don't do that I think right now what happened is a lot of division and you know extremist. Type of mentality at Lotta extreme it. And people aren't you know reaching across from being objective enough. Understand other people's perspective. You know that very dangerous there the way too had disagreements about. Key points and still respect the other person's right to do that. The right to express themselves and their right to defend themselves and build that platform that we stand on that black gun. We'll what do you say about an album my problem is a lot of these issues the problems that we're having are in these cities that are run by liberal. Democrats. And my problem is the black community or the my theory to minority community continues to give their revolt. Still the liberals that are put them in the same situation is that therein like Chicago Saint Louis. I agree I think that that back on the issue of you know educate o'clock core component will be good our senses. The laws the information and make it true that people to come out let's begin the good representation of what the law. Arnold neighborhoods OK if you're at Chicago and you know OK I got a lot of oil card and you could you tell him. Thank you that four card that did it that identical weight in that knuckle the Second Amendment that it shall not be you know if frames. Well yeah it's being infringed because the people that you hired or elected. We're going along with things that were anti gun and you get that demographic data to make me start it clear that up real quick they go wait wait wait so. You need to tell me that people that I've been voting for have been Alameda follow principles and policies that are in opposition to my own personal interest. Well that's absolutely what we're telling you based on the facts not debate on race. Not even debate on a political affiliation. Based on now you start getting back that that demographic our demographic understand that you need to pick people and also especially on the local level. Based on their policies and what they get. So if what you're getting behind it's something that is. More and alignment with in late may expect me in relation to the Second Amendment and trying to restrict those rules. Then you have and understand it okay I'm not rocking the dispersants yet because they're black. Yet because there why jet because they are Republicans got because they're Democrat. You might wanna look at independent think you might want to evaluate that person that you all of those people and it encoding and checklists that give people and citizens and ball. And a more formal and more all political process. Because there's a word for that you don't get conceivable for the same person over and over and over again you do the same thing over and over again. A respected differ results. I'm vanity exactly. You know and so right now we've been under the quick look and ignorance which has been driving it since saint. I doubt the black on matters to make sure that that demographic that's been underserved and like new war that in the video you know all we got awful just all talk. Don't you go. You have to actually get it point. My constituency that million people they brought what we faeda black and better across the country we go reform. And Nate and you're trial all gonna be informed in the global pulling the wool over people's. Because you've been driving that insane and it looked like a wolf maybe wicket genetically pre is all that you live in that neighborhood. You did genetically predispose to be silly and an incredible no. Scared that that the network that we've been. A 58. Or not ignorant. My job. That make sure that that ignorant Palin listed. We inform the people and what that proper information in right now it. It going it and make the faces that are not insane at all we won't make logical. Military and strategic decision based on the information not based out of fear or tradition. What a concept what a concept what do. Pages is. Album here in studio I had a question for it found youth violence a book called this nonviolent stuff would be killed you yet pack took. I guess for people that aren't really on that it it basically touches on how guns made the sore right through impossible. And I guess keeping that in mind do you think. Gun laws are rooted in racism at at any point. They are they were from the inception. It will created meaning is that that is to think it is like you know going to the united that you guys get an academic is that the bank and he got to -- how he ball. Gun control came from emancipation. We will kind of beat these people up for a long way to stop. Now they have all the people for their own liberation their rightful citizens. Even though it still life and bigotry happen and we want to create law to stop them from having firearms overthrow or defend what they believe that put the baker all gun control. Unfortunately my other mile wide American friend my and it America's friend my Asian American friends. It's brave tyranny in no absolute power corrupts absolutely. And now everybody's freedom not yet the original you know. Intended target no pun intended. Antibody which where woods wears on which were freed slaves. Right. Bet it would that this is like crack. It was and as we drop Robin Hood. OK but then it spray and now you know that other Americans that are affected by that but that the freedom that we had. Are being slow to order a bit and attempt to slowly erode those three and because they can't get they goal initially was dissident group of people I tracked 400 years. Matt you've got places in California that is that predominantly get black and they they behind enemy lines in regard to the second and then met hoosiers. You know skeletons Newton a New Jersey. Even Texas ineffective and it would have a rich culture of respect for firearms but the blog in drove pro loopy. You know and very restricted to human rights and a gonna affect all racial background all Americans and that's the thing we're expressing. Don't think that because we've got dropped all fidelity can't spray it. They've never tyranny and M restrictions on American right are viruses. What do viruses do they eat up everything right there and and they spray so they can continue to if you exist. Our job because he can't do route but what we are going to and have been doing at black on the Mets but yes for sure. All gun control. It is really great creation. And from inception created. Supported Rudy. It racist point blank period mama beat our ability that it to kill them war right now we're at war for our freedom. But from then our own country. Now what's your take on constitutional caring. I think that constitution to carry excellent I think that a person until they do the wrong tree would fizzle. And the right to defend themselves as a human right. I think that if you haven't done anything wrong are restricting your creative about it up a senate and a lot of my classes. I can score some I go to the gym I'm in great shape. I can take the police and school somebody gobble up I can do that I am physically strong enough to do I'm really strong. Are we banning school because mod my school some odd oddball. Where did go on my scoop somebody's eyeball out my need to go to jail immediately go to court first. They won't be religious school did Burton Bible out well they were trying to kill me all ahead with a boom and I defended my public school or. And it was so bad that day and a school that got oh okay well you go to jail. You are in jail what that time and then you pay your debt to society or school bring the curtain oddball. While we're getting to a point where we're telling people in the name of their security. And we have to create more and more and more all of well but think that haven't even happened there was a movie about that called a minority report that was a book about it. Caught 1984. You know aware of where we're restricting you know our human rights people at somebody footnote in Opel and probably straight on you do not. Agree that give our own freedom away in the name of security prisons are the most secure place on earth. No freedom at an imprint. I'm sorry I don't wanna live in a prison and I'm not going to not the founding fathers created that situation or. But not with you know we for countless wars about and I'm not want to mix it. Nobody knows at this information and what are they good let me working class people across America they don't gotta be concrete jungle. It could be a phone. Where organizations are coming and telling you UK quote certain crops because of the fact they have a a patent on the particular feat in that you gotta I am from the and I get you profit margin that take your your family be direct at America. Is now being threatened that the hood. The only people that are it will look across America. Seem that they've been you know being duped. I their elected officials and people want this year to lion's share rethought its whatever and I have equality for the rest of us. We don't continue to wait those people that the job is not we don't type of American. Once we have the information we are not going to settle down and get into obeyed that it will pay because you know all we cut from. Album outline. And it's funny you say that because when you look at different mentality is across the country. I look at like you know I take awesome now look at east Austin. And there's a certain mentality beard. You know of of of people that urges suppressed. And or all oppressed and they just don't have that will that drive. To you did do better you know what's what's the what do you think the cause of that is. If you can what you could invent the person could be depress depressed people are easy to wouldn't it be because it also confident competent people know that they can coach. Have you overcome convince people that the things that they want our unattainable. And all they can do it could be that one way especially if they don't have the means to defend their beliefs. You can definitely controlled them that's what happened. A lot hundreds and hundreds of people coming our classes and every city. It could debate the hope and and positive and confident in what we're talking about we got saint. Oh the Second Amendment when they created it it wasn't for you I don't care what the reason look for this mare match. Cheery I'm an American that it theory that mom and confidence built that confidence built. When you get people to say also that the elaborate a little bit of it you get them on to develop economic and let the pressure. And that will bear that will bear it did being popped at least dancer. And that it is that this constant air dampening because you wanted to make sure that these people are jetBlue won enough just to be battery for system. And that's not cool not cool that power and empowering people you know but it thicker than you have to quell what band. If you're a president that doesn't want equality because you say you have. Six billion dollar issue at sixteen billion dollars I want to see because somehow they isn't enough billions. And what are we come back from the break him and ask you Marge what books do you read what books you recommend people read we talk a little monster rage would blood doesn't matter would talk about the medial going back and forth between the NRA and black labs matter this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Britney blame and I did my football venues from Michael cartels on coming top kids. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael variation. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael kargil. I was trying to educate you a little bit you'll learn a day let me tell you that we're talking about this back and forth. Feud between the NRA and black labs matter. And would talk with a modest terrain would black guy does matter and lodges educating us. On the history of gun control where it all came from where we are today. And what we need to do to come back disc in to stop it right. Did in his tracks listen to use the video from the NRA the response to black labs manner. Cullen New York. Chicago and they're still pour education system under the leadership Roma man. These people bring tingle in public housing. They can afford to buy a house in the beautiful suburbs of Chicago it's a good school system. Particularly in the north side Chicago either rare despite the strain tax base and schools are magically better. These families can afford it because they're living on a single can ton of households headed by single black mother. To question did we. Now know one thing can explain all this what did happen it was in 1994 crime. Written by Joseph Biden and signed into law by democratic president. In a locked up millions of black fathers for the same. Any drug offenses that are now trading millionaires had a little white kids and we dispensaries in California. And this is nothing new just for decades. Communities have been run by deceiving liberals and Democrats promised this isn't. Art than the moon during the election cycles and then disappear once they're in office. That's a view if an east Austin. And you're continuing to give your bowl to the same people and you are complain about police accountability you complain about your property tax your complain about. How how they're forcing you adding your community and you're moving up north but your putting the same people in office. You gotta stop. They're not doing it. So you got to change your vote it takes you to do that. And talk with monster ray would black does matter and marched tell me you know week we got to give people given some knowledge you know. What books they need to read sneak educate themselves. They need to read it and let's see only gunship they need to read in the negro then it got. It needs here and at that gives a great understanding. You know firearms in and it's traces or it and how it manifests that'll patella. They need to read. Or some other ones well. In new Jim Crow. Should definitely be back at that and did the whole post Al races in the ball then. It's not an overt it's a lot more overt and out of the use bet that link people interdict their pink and indeed a lot of back and slavery by the thirteenth amendment. On they should read. Two to another excellent or good people agreed. All issued read. Mine can't. But it would. So you can see exactly how people use or press the tactics to convince people to give their own treated the way. You saw. Yes the great idea and they don't want all the little people the gold three books right it would change your perspective you get perspective from a firearms the respect that you get a perspective from out of print present day at a prison industrial complex work. And you get at a perspective from someone that you've information. To condemn people to operate in their own debt interest. To create every scene that was very. And millions of people die you know and in Hitler didn't it didn't take all about war it was elected democratic. You know also I think go there that the good affect the Opel people have been trying to understand you know on wider Second Amendment is important. Why did they need to use. People could you can pick it about it you know firearms and that can Jarden how to feed. The negative portion of the prison industrial complex. As well let. A book it shows them how to be able to see when there is you know policies. And people that are pushing policy. That are anti freedom and with the potential while they. Now and what advice he half the people said. Very just still determined to vote. For that party that they're thinking is going to Helton. And save them but only comes around to and election time. And gives them false hope. I think that those people are free to make whatever silly decision that they want to make. It date if they if they know and they can show them I walked him through. And hold that book that the new Jim Crow allowed that section of that book deals that. You know they've created you know it Clinton crime bill and all of that particular thing that would that would design. To be not enslaved black men pretty much a bucket show you that. My feeling. And if there's another what Alex. They commit resembles that and you choose which if you're right you choose to you know pick this re up on the same thing. I can and Tuesday though OK you're awake the markkaa. You know also put those people outlets say hey you do have the right to be believe one of the and I have the right is stopped talking to you at the prove that you wanna consistently decently I'll adult comedy wake them because this fresh mind. That we can give the information to that would evaluate information to make a decision in the direction of freedom. And the polls to vote for their own lately it because they didn't like somebody else or they didn't do pick become the do research on policy that the people that. Seemed a bit cooler. You know also that put out that they that'll people that wanna consistently well in the direction of their own demise. I am but my eyes the NRA he is not it they Perry is not. They're not for the black community why why would blacks and why should they join organizations like the NRA your or any other organization done over station out there. I think that when you look at it it well probably more on the belief that statement is one a look and around a lot and Ari members to. It when I signed up and an area act we will mares was. Pre activated at the mares was hey I'm African American a black name. They line up. For you will be. There's not a prophet. I think what happened that people again they don't he would be able he would eight. You know what it would have a packet to become a from a with a reason behind it it the other think that if you don't have to do and and I don't. At their website you can join black don't matter. Rejoined the Second Amendment foundation you should be involved in you know the National Shooting Sports Foundation. He should give them what the role of organization that can more identify with the opposite. If you feel more comfortable that you like how I found out now like I'm in the neighborhood that you truck. And I could speak to cultural issues that its social issues that you like or not been addressed by other organizations. Cool donate or buy a T shirt black and matter and you're meant that it. It out out out that Audi QB we might be in any given pummel its grant social media whatever would have. Amonte to race faithful inmate gates PO UREU. To have a conversation me and it would really no question I probably that Yeltsin you know Obama called U right now. It and then if you if you think that the work we're gonna cross country more tactful. And it speaks more the European. White black Asian Hispanic don't care male female don't care. If you think or mired in what he's talking about it will be cool to meet art and support and bad acting you do that. Now let's do some work ballot involved itself which a local politician. Let's start let people in the community know let's you know I hate it got aunt pat back. They're not an alarm that would do it defend itself where we need is self defense but mulls. You know they've got what they attack our personal freedom and do the work don't just focus on whether it NRA and that they don't need you to join. You community need to be active. For your community. And you being aware and informed what you choose to join our organization or not I'm black and if you shoot a good at all I would prefer you do would be more informed and make it is on loan on on a ballot sad that we you poll which your money. And we useful with fear in the ballot box in the in the direction there. Reserves in the direction preserving your freedoms. As far as like what other organizations can mutual anywhere available but dogmatic guru he's. I know complicated process that you and identify with. What we're talking about we're going across the country hair having these events and if you feel like donate a new book the book 5000 books. Great you're already a member. Already and it. And that is what it it. Now what about the Republican Party why should you know also called minorities. Actually vote conservative. Why does their races. Big reason one. It says that in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic. For which its name. Republic is a group of people individuals and states and collected making their own decisions on things they go to the democratic process. What it relates to all groups things but I still happy individual rights and democracy. And that's to the republic forward sustained sometimes people get confused and democracy that shining saying well because we had to practice. That that means that you can bet that reason why you went democratic in a lot of people don't recognize that you know you just pick and at democratic candidate because you you you hit it like a day. Red or blue lot of credit Wal-Mart that would decrypt. My dad voted Democrat in Oklahoma ball real Ornette without it will be evaluating the bag and we'll let the Beckett the most productive thing for your friend yet that. You know as we look at that big an and that that you know all nut shell that kind of like how the ball and it's like bigger than that you should be evaluating. Who did either how did not see it may be I wanna be a big baby got don't have to get people ought to quit. They've got don't have to be Republican or Democrat they got a look at independent or libertarian. And then make a decision Michael back to Republican couldn't be treat it enemy bullet if you if you. Only been told Leno that you only have a certain amount of options. Still that's an old what did I got to inform yourself so what if you're just doing their absolute bare minimum and chipped sand. All of humble actual supposed to report to Democrat line. Well you may be unit noted Democratic Party years ago created the kkk maybe you know it. Maybe didn't know that you know every year when you celebrate Doctor King born days. Maybe you did not know that you know odd duck became with a Republican maybe you didn't notice it was there but if you didn't know. You know maybe she get more informed before we get maybe knee jerk reaction that tradition and fear. You know that put out that those people. And then act you get all the information. All a lot more information and then you decide to make that decision you make and from well informed super well rounded perspective not yet. All because that's what I'm supposed to do who told you. All major bank debt who said it was OK who cosigned it and even bigger while wearing all of these are you in that direction. You know. Now what do you say to people that said well you know minds. It they Democrat part of Republican Party did a swap you know like in the fifties and sixties they you know they jump side. And and it being switched the and so that's why you have that change. Well okay cool to change that's great now what are your policy pregnant. The same thing with that you wonder what the constitution was. You know created album out you know my aunt says that work you know inflate that happens that's not me make an ad out in advance. So you know the history in America for a black man has been very tumultuous. Would that be the case I'm not gonna knock exercise mar Second Amendment right of the sudden that happened back in the day. I'll let that actually more reason for me to find out which side of it is more strengthening meet president Lee. And not be tracked by the history no based every understand. Those have been negative port deal or should you don't repeat. But at the same time. And still all exit it back to back him right now for what I want. But what are lodge guns are bad if we were to eliminate guns altogether from the United States. That would probably solve our problems. Not that would solve our problems then it's gonna be open seat and an America from every other country in the world that definitely is being given a waiter. That's what whack. What happened would be it all little country that unfortunately. And we gotta be honest American people for our own interest. It would create a certain point we were believe we as American citizens and we allowed our government to do. And all people that even though they held their countrymen and women you can't have firearms but we have the government of going through. It'd be open season on. I'm sorry Warrick before the firearm that was it was ward. Can we you've got that effect about to have a bill passed that think it makes ward did not openly carry a whale. Ask has passed has passed as. We'll go into effect September the first is gain of drones will start on September. Right Adam even though with a little doubt they'll mess that bush. It's agreed Juarez Frito monsters don't. Freedom is freedom you have electric Airgas order you shoot it on would have been okay. Both things have happened before. Ohio. War has happened throughout the existence of human history. If the person who had the bigger all bets stick to defend themselves usually wore. This plate of America which created because it became from we believe that term loosely and I wasn't born. We came from the tyrannical government and founding fathers wrote something down but I'm going to take advantage of now expect in the relations of that fire well. In all the bad the decay could meet meet more people won't bat out of the thought process not a victim mentality of all when they wrote okay. A hundred years ago I couldn't even in all. Seven years ago I was able to sit at the back of the bus. I'm not at the back of the bus. Thousand years ago you know 101000 years ago excesses built the pyramids. You know people this song. You know can it. Timbuktu these things happened in antiquity in history so when contact America being a very young nation. You know the progress that we you know full force that we may of this built on the striving to do. But I'm not gonna get because certain things happen in the path not exercise and take advantage of everything. Every single thing that mark you know my eldest. For war or were subjected. To due to edit the defeated market and I don't submit adult submit. Right well listen to my story would black doesn't matter this is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come talking. He knows don't cause such sensitive and archived on this someone who called fuel only come through. Texas weather can change on dime you. I wanted to learn and getting your brain. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Thanks for making the right to place I don't know where I would get the truth if you aren't you tough thirteen seventy. And from then. I'm print and. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael's car yeah. That's eight dollars and hear it listen the monster wave the flag doesn't matter and he's just off I just don't agree with you I had nothing to disagree with whatsoever. It's just it's hard because I'm trying to think of things that you know this. To sneak peek in just I'm I'm tries anything I can find just disagree and beyond that I just can't find nothing there. It's like kind of like the work that I do so it like that you've got to we take a very fresh approach and understanding. We go again if more of the middle. We got to respect each side its people better get normally because I'm a member of the NRA also have a different organization called black doesn't matter. And I'm I'm not waiting for the NRA to speak got a whole cultural issues but at the same I'm not saying that there handling everything right. We walk a middle path that we are objective. And it says we are objective. You know we're gonna give praise and criticism from both sides and because of that we have to make sure that you know we as well rabbit is formed as possible. Is all and so could you don't wanna get you know. Sidelined. With some you know some that information or something that you didn't study all ills that that's what makes it very you know and we don't judge we don't gut. You know we don't go all because your Republican because it Democrat because you're liberal because it'd been on the day we could go OK well let's deal with the most productive means. All unifying people. You know whether that can fire on knowledge whether that's due. Cool T shirt whether that coffee whether that's been a conversation. You know we all citizens we're all humans and we're not gonna I'm not gonna. Is not somebody that's gonna be some that not based injustice. They are old they are allowed to have their perspective. I can give you the information and the fact. And if you it is opinion based they'll have to respect you opinion but I can say cable that secure opinion that's not actual fact. And because today I think that people gravitate to can work it you know we are doing because we take there. Like what kills me is you know after this deal last election year like last year November. People just really lost your stuff. You know after the election it didn't build in their way images. Really just went preserve wooded aced. I started unfriendly and people you know like on FaceBook in just ex communicating their Salem members refuse allow certain family members to come the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and things of that nature all because. They disagree with him on und. Hon who he voted for who they're pushing for an election I think that is ridiculous in your dump the loser now. Correct they're losing out what that's cool it's always the practice always hide in the beginning. Until equilibrium Geithner went you know I was W trim somebody early went flat screen televisions spurt came out people like well thousand dollar. Like for that he'd hit a fair. I've got like a bunch of them in my place now any like 300 dollars map the big one or because god appointed. You know even even though really. I like 2000. The economy saying that is. When there's been two paradoxes. He and someone walked into an election or someone and other single you know it it since they're they're a certain level of extreme reaction. You know and it also. It is at the bottom media you know but in reality. It'll settle in equilibrium you know it is to take off and then your plane hit recruiting altitude. And you for awhile then you land safely. It's the same thing right now I doubt that the make sure that we get everybody on an understanding it's a little bit of turbulence then be going up. You know the little shaky but I definitely get them today today crude and out to. They can relaxed on a flight that can be they can get work done that they need to do while there on flight. And then they descend to cut down a share that information about the people you know they have the right knowledge and not shaking from. You know that's our job you know what then and whatever related. Politics. Firearm safety social issue. Cultural understanding. Race relations all of these things are critical components to make sure that our citizenship it won't. Regardless of your background and all of those of air and that I'll work that. Now tell me oh about black doesn't matter in what exactly are you do and around the country. Well we're presently on a fifty state tour. I've started the thirteenth city tour but you know we granted a city that a lot of people still wanted to so we do have a we are fully funded. By the people between now merchandise sells online. Which we could quite common and shot between people donations we've raised about 50000 dollar over the last you know eleven months itself. Our overall goal of the 150000. Dollar to one support everybody's salute everybody ad supported. All of the work we're doing it because that you. On the other thing is if anyone else does. You know like the work we're doing and if they want to support are both fun and it will finally got come back last black guns matter. A web site and official black guy on the matter dot com or on a fifty state tour we go to it we're going to every single state in America especially in urban areas. They inform people because usually go urban areas within the lack of control and it also a lot of crime you know violent ignorance. Political wanted to inform people about the process but legally obtain a fire on getting them politically active so they can overturn some of these human rights restrictive ball. And I'm they can know how to maneuver and you know instill exercise their freedom. The other thing that we do they conflict resolution and the escalation in the hall of firearm and let people. It's not the cool thing to do just because I got it done you know so we we know we speak to a lot of people normal thing we apply. Bold tactics we lead it would that we also link will. On reputable at all attorneys. And firearms instructors from that same community because when I leave I go to the next city Jack and help people like you back but. The fire attribution to people that are you know ranges that are in your community. And we develop that relationship that the local business that that's good for law abiding citizens that good for the community. Because that develop more bit. You know so that's what we do we're like oh we we we are walking energy. Conductor we generate. We generate energy in alignment with respect for human rights. All America in the places that needed to mull. And develop and generate relationships and business awful that and it's being dinner. How can people find year website or find young line. It is Don they can get all this stuff all about social media Kamal web site official black on the matter dot com the official black don't matter dot com. Honest they wanna hit up once we're there it's. The lack does matter but it's BL KZUNF. And ATP are. More personal and the granite at march 2 way. AJ PO URE. Our own article on meet the biggest thing anybody to appear to step that would talking about in the work we're doing you can Google me a ball late. Arm but if you appreciate the work you would do on the if you wanna bring about huge city you can go to our web site indirectly BC outlook you can bring it out into an event. As well let if you just want to support. We are fully funded by you met him when. If you want both struggled on the UK its full funding dot com backs last black does matter please take a moment he'd worked it would doing researchers. It worked it was doing and if it's something that you want to you know that you think is necessary. Least support Lee's support the so. Done dozens of dollars already every day on you know like coffee it's neck and things like that. What how much money are we investing at the things that are actually. Informing people that needed the most about think that we all. You know I respect for the Second Amendment right to defend itself. It also again if you wanted to donate fifty bucks on your book the ball. 500000 bucks we actually looking for RB we can travel a lot more and a lot factored. Every day more people at a man I tell you mines out at death of one thank you come on the show today. End we're gonna get you back on later on down the road apple hold on them I guess alone ask you about is always more guns equals less crime. Flattened by yourself again you can listen to come and talk it. With Michael card. You do eulogy. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy.