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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seventy. It's time for comment socket with your host Michael kargil brought to you by Texas law shield. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms. He is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and the chief national exposure in such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill and good. Afternoon. Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Happy Mother's Day aid to all of those mothers out there and where in the world would we we wouldn't we be without you. Now two years ago today the world lost BB King and I tell you we may issue being beaten. Now before we move on to the show I do want to address something now recently. As some of you may be a weird they'll fight for constitutional carry across the nation. And here in the great state of Texas has resulted in some victories and some losses. Now locally we were lucky enough. T you have a house bill 375 pass into law this session despite the incredible efforts of the people involved. But we did still have a victory worth celebrating. Taxes. Or a license to carry have been reduced along with key renewal fee by 70% and 40% respectively. Now that might seem it might not seem like much but to people's screen being Dubai and barely making ends meet. And you also have lives and protect this could mean the difference from being able to protect their loved ones rest. Effectively vs not at all. Now as it's been shown some of our politicians and lawmakers have little concerned about their crushing cost the licensee. And transferring the renewing fees when it comes to firearms. The laws that that hype up the cost of fees are taxes and background checks and transfers to ridiculous numbers are still regularly being proposed. Now Connecticut's governor for example is proposing eight taxes highest. 370. Dollars to get your handgun license and every five years a renewal amount of 300 dollars. Without efforts like what we're seeing in Texas. Firearms will become a tool for only the fiscal prosperous despite its necessity. For those who live in worst circumstances. Today we have in the studio Jacob lab out he was an eye witness on May first 2017. Of the University of Texas stabbing. And also. He led the police to where the suspect was we will find out from Jacob. About this LT CU holder that was reported to be on campus. Also we have in the studio jog Griffin to associate editor for the daily caller. John will update us on and T for us and that violent organization that should be labeled as a terrorist organization. Also we have on the phone Antonio Jones the 2011 Doug Collins world champion. Like today Antonio Jones yet listens and X. I'd say now just between you and neon just got a third is out there I didn't tell black people got involved and dot com and so let me welcome it's. It sounds the guy on the docket what's going on in studying. Gloria Gloria. I'll do a great singer as this that's my recent sack and now the the you did it live edit it out. Yeah our eyes I'll leave and hope next time I'd so it's audio and how the world did you get involved in duck calling. Honestly I've solved by objection Dutch multi year one time Greene's sudden and Arkansas. Mossy oaks on a coaching and they've bowed low as well Brooke block it gently got a no doubt that he's under two that would have Arkansas debt so that maybe won't restore. NC and that tell people about Doug called a lot of people don't know about this because we're in Austin, Texas you know and this is a city. And they don't know anything about hanging there anything like that and also why. Why do you need to use do de Carlo I don't. And Carlo in circles the start I started out content and so as a kid. The guy that would blow in the all kind of controlled you know everybody shot when he says this year he everybody did you know they've got ultimately got what. May again step in and I always want the bigger picture up a little like it was cool to see that interaction not Hollywood individual. But the way the guards. Also this more about you being an alpha dog gets out the asleep alpha dogs say look here. This is around here so I'm gonna Clinton called the duck I got a here. They just like you know Vienna all to see the bird's reaction. And all the legal Rodriguez got below where that maybe they won't debate. Great crafted. Become better Matra. And so did not go to outlet a large company Richards goes along Colorado and I was like eleven so they get them that butch Richard bet. Would just like he would like that. Demand and a calling war. And that a source teaching people kids and all the and so. Playing that and got into the calling circles and of eventually you know great group Moeller Moeller. And so now we have you know calling contest that is sanctioned and on thank you and around the country including taxes. I gonna take is very real. Don't senses that it had to pick it. Actually the Gulf Coast regional weird day Astro and Eddie takes a lot. I'll be there and takes it into line. Dom bunt down. But he said but he's certainly hit it gathering here when you go to college got to listen to deduct all of them that the Talladega how would you continue to found other. I talk now you'd you'd like to 2011. World duck calling champion. Now what does that entail how do you become a champion. Well you have to win a state or regional event. Sanctioned contest before you're qualified to blow up the world who Stuttgart Arkansas could and so they take the top they have been. Mean they. Telephone 171 college around the country and in Canada and Argentina also those kind of growing internationally also and you know you get together for one afternoon and thumb on Saturday erupt thanks given the you can't have like four hours long and so well luckily enough to win the 76 world championship. That's and may I tell you would get it TI I was listen to the looking at the UT video there. And you were intuit and and my hat's off tee because that's. How often do well could be back a little bit we we really don't have to be blacks that actually given to this type sport. Trent I don't think that there's any. To win a title then. That magnitude I don't think there has remaining you know black individual ever to have done it then. You know not only order how calling bird. Because the court according to the new president they. A mainstream media blacks really don't give into shooting sports at all. There and that meant that if true would it says it misconception. That a lot of people a Mano a lot of the mainstream media hasn't published a lot of kids there's a lot of black individuals that do. Right but it and it's it's been consistently put look side. Now. I've been fortunate enough it's winning the world and you know grown a bit I just started a cult company and there were growing. And grown tremendously. And where you are welcoming. And trying to grow and it makes. To show individuals that Syria is. Individuals that look like me. Vick did this and not eliminate women who you know not only by ex army of guys and women. Everything you know geared to Turkey you know fortunate enough and output and M and had met a steel rims would not yet you had him on the show. And until huge in the sporting clay will grow and grow and you know ground and is quite. Hundreds warnings almost all that good friend of mine and got together stuck to want Strickland Bennett got around you shouldn't. But a hundred age rule wouldn't they are now issued Bos all the world but he got to sit display. And he's a cardiologist like yeah. That you know he did a little stuffed with. You know what that's probably individual just don't don't know what about the in the Turkey call. Circles and the world you know you get Napoleon nano would AK back out and country. That competed all over the country and wanted Tennessee State in almost didn't get on and in show on grant it's an outlook. Turkey calendar out West Virginia opened got. Is fourth in the Graham. Would just like that pinnacle of the Turkey told well. How alert we got like I mean I'm in currently then technically the ministry made the misconception. A lot of individuals that we tocchet blacks especially with god and it's back. Right let's not take it that a lot of individuals. Out of paying it and do it. OK so now how do you penalize sharpen up my duck call these deals easier the device that I have to use. Is how does that work. I would prefer you start out with a birdie be in this month Newberry and look it up all I'm pretty into October headed for a bit and it. But Allah you know it's just angry Delco to be anywhere go to Wal-Mart started out but we're. Rich and some two. Enabled on thirty dollar call my mom at arch is forming at Wal-Mart long summit got and there's no candy instructional. Stuck there all our social channels and various other company can't all count instructional dvd takes your. Any kind of strategic startup where that bank it's and so I would say start there and he's admit it can't crawl won't round. Start up Rollins. Basically everything you do on a duck of the route also bank's single quite. So you're probably and then you government quack in game you go pollen and then he start included all the good that was all wall real. That's what they now. How and what started GUN to duck calling DG was it your parents or you know what kind of treat you they get into. You know that no other in the pac. The into what started may make me wanna get better books well we've hunting. You know I wanted to yet. Still lots. And able to work more reductions semi multiple so what went to the next. That would happen and load her up and running right memorial controversial school and all of and it Latinos gavel state. And they will thank you. Multiples. Album you know arm and a cocktail like several different some flight like how. That that's cool and sort of talking with other individuals and I'd just add it. I wanted to do it ourselves you know this will not solve that that first level one at something not want to do and fortunate enough ago you know individuals and you know that particular company and and that was in that you know the pollen samples and it went from there. Nice site so I'm in Dallas let me talk asking about you you parenting situation like out. You able parents in the house hasn't worked out like began to read irony there. Had a single mom and the mauled or other. And. You can you tell me that's not true bad. You know a guy can't grow up you know and actually do wonderful things great things be a role model is Roland I in all be raised by one parent. She should know that canal. But did you know it was and I grew up in a small town in Arkansas like 12100 people Redfield. And so it was kind of weird yeah I'm imam mom. Great to me but I had a lot of friends in my town. That gear now basically took me on the announced whether Obama on the individual that I met they're not animals now do you there's an. ATE a veritable cougar call. Or critical Lugo. Doesn't I got a request so wanna Liam Neeson in less they say hey what can he do a cool coal for its online. Allow money. I can do other no. No can I just say demanded. That there's a well it's a but they'll buddies here and you might not certainly never any good. Out come on now. Okay actually I think someone's being funny with as they say cougar act I think because that Michael when Michael holes. Is nice looking young lady and low in season in older lady I should say. She dates younger man and I think that's what he's talked about. Oh am I to get it I'll get him for them I think he's mess with the rain as Mother's Day out and alleged that. But they don't happy mother's guide to all the mothers that are Lisbon the end and OB at it and enjoy your day. Now we can do occurred Alia. And CE year EIE looks like sounds like you're out Clinton bring down. I'm actually fit well. Well let me go. Gupta Edwards is burger month oh hell yeah kick at the end of statement yards so it would not talking and hanging out. I will hold on and and Antonio gonna. We're gonna take a little commercial break here and then I'm a comeback Tiegs I wanna know what type of firearm use when you go duck hunting what's your your farm of choice. And also wanna ask you about how open Kyrie in a concealed carry in all that stuff right today we're talking way it. Talking about in TiVo's also we have the world of duck calling that's what we're talking about also would you tee standing. It's time to ban knives it's time for more denies control this is Michael Cargill and Hugh. Are listening to come and talk. See it is my way you listen common talk radio what might argue. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right to the rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club that talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. You've made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. That's right they have. The Mother's Day to all the mothers out there including mine they is nothing like getting that phone calls on Mother's Day. You know saying son. Can you mail us 5000 rounds of seven point 62 by 39. Supreme chicken dinners up would. Act. Does bring to the deer that sort of talking about and then and then someone of course said they'll see your mother had to call yeah. You know that's how it is and that terrible side. Enough actually become a mother this morning as I was driving in it was sheer happy Mother's Day. Right so back and we're talking about and T for us we're also gonna talk of we're talking right now within Tony Jones. He's a 2011. World debt calling champion. Also later on the show we're gonna talk about did you teach stabbing. In some people saying they wanna ban knives and others saying you know we need some nice control. Well you know it's not about the tool kit is not about tools but the crazy. We're gonna talk about pairing teeing and some other things that involve all that situation here in in what went down at UT was there LTC holder in ball. We're gonna find out will get down to bottom of things you learned de Paris so let me go back and delegate Jones Antonio. Accelerated. What's what's your take on non. Unlike a constitutional Kyrie and things of that nature and you believe in that. Absolutely. Absolutely and you get every we do you personally. Okay absolutely foolish don't worry I've got to tell you go about seriously ill mother used to say it's mama. Long been used to and about first sorted out hunting. And I rightly squirted a guide to pay for this we've been going gagged look you model shotgun. Oh Stevens seat models could be getting pushed but. God it. And it fires mom. Bought it from me bring in the gun into the not from our safety for prayers. You know could she she wrote that used to happen. You know heaven that it. And so was them. Sweet talking my going to be that he had an. I'm convinced that let me have it and there are kept him closet. And mustard you know Mohammed safety course and all that had you know. Got all that before I was able to purchase. Oil. Less. Few months ago. Mom mugger actually completed or conceal a carmaker. Not know and out. I put a vote postal plays Grogan about about well. I've never stated today that mom I love. What actually be a concealed carry permit holders actually are armed herself which was really really cool optional. Human automated but I think he's going through this situation. What may have been Don Imus younger. And grow and up and actually began around it. And in how to properly safely you know say it through the house opened up more doors for her. Should be enabled him. One to get it you know concealed by Jay prim and I'll probably Cisco are thought that was truly cool and actually it was her. And several of her girlfriends that all went. And got this would choose. I also. I said that's like hash tag winning. Africa has day winning would definitely want to. Oh yeah well I believe it. I don't like takes his stick figure out now operate on your home year's big and put it back. We're track that's a way to grow. As some people outlaws and you would think that Texas is really this pro gun state as broad and some people thinking of what we're trying to working on we're trying to break down as much as we can't. Whom are. Now what's your firemen choice when you go that cutting. I love twelve gauge look at it and I have been LE BO dates and Kerry are always good. You know the banality. Eighteen chase. And eccentric just like in most but any of those Super Bowl action that should black you want to use screens although it. Now he get any training for. I guess and then. DL DL yeah. I'm got a chance to it yet but I go to they imputed US open. An arm around Atlanta and are working a couple of days vehement. Philip Smith I don't look go to Peru knit wit. And national African American gun associate yet though still yeah who's been on the senate. So we're gonna it's been a couple days I got up guns and talk. Cutting and this everyone of them all been you know shooting sports and outdoor recreational was going to be a plug on them look important. Oh man that'd be nice to be regained the I can't say and now what's your hand gun of choice. I would say not meal it's prettier. Any out like the Chamber's logical. And on millennium. Unlike those young 9011 would you deal blocked. I don't I would go nineteen to live I cannot I'm kind of a mile yeah. Al lobe out there like special force. Like that well on SS. And so what with the other organization helped pick up. And he's got their active and enacted. Special horse they okay and absolutely if you read suggested. You know these couple you know warriors that are active inactive were owned it. No doubt man are different height that you paid for led they're really cool people. Nice. I may not say it it's funny how can we find you mechanic and I don't calling a lot. That the government don't spread any of our Brody BM you know maybe Oliver bode into what. What does he calls it cold in Jill Zach I'll. Yeah yeah oh yeah just that led side but own logic you've got to look at but Brody BM dot com. And of course all my social pregnant is up and down and you know Brody BM on FaceBook and into. And Brody being isn't named your business. Okay are nice I checked that out Brodie being. I I'm gonna I'm gonna definitely looked and looked it up and check it out and stepping on a follow you down the road back on the show sometime as well. Awesome. To commit it out until AppleTV. Appreciate you have the media. Ownership and before you Google and unions don't come. Topic. But I got you on your box and a few RI about this. I'll make it sound like a field goal of the. Around thrilled there doesn't seem to get. It's. Could have been asked to. Attack. I. Expect. That they get back. Are married and I can tell you act eight U gas and mothers Sinbad drab in their cargo are all lord Jesus. All right thank you tell you. Are yet wonderful day. I guess and Tony Jones 2011 Doug Collins world champion and I till now we you know what. Add on May first at the University of Texas yet a young man go on to the campus they are who's a student. And just for no reason at all just starts stabbing random people. And let me bring to the Mike Jacob lob who would happen to be working on the campus that day. And solve this go down Jacob welcome the comments officer. All right so Jacob. Can tell me what we do and that day you don't have to say the name of the business that you working for anything like that and knowing if they wanted to mention that. Correct so I'm willing to Wear it for the first down as the first hour encompass. And everything is organizers are reunited they are sending. Perfect breeze you know everything. It was a beautiful day as a beautiful day until I hers are commotion at Terra Industries stance I was his guy went to another guy and stab in the back. At that it was it was fate because tonight playing way too easy like effortless. And she blew it out to semi. So I had to be this second person he stamp not the first or the last. He's a Cecil the last person last personnel carriers that was at in the last person was that the person to die and okay. The first run refers and they asked is on the back here in the heart fallout. Yes. A side and I automatically thought it was one of those collateralized because. There's a Turkey and and we are burly here's intimacy and if earlier figure of screaming at us now like when they see each other and they get excited Kelly you know this game today. He doesn't like to run for you activist and served I lived through it and that's where science for the you clear the knife. And other guy just moved back or his show that this has chosen lieutenant him. She went hand in his them to live human back like you know trying to trio of Atlanta had been Hewlett that the guys later is serious and assembly his hand like where the winless in assessing remove his tennis so book coming out he is wearing a white shirt and yeah that's that's racing in the US real late or this leaves few seconds we didn't you know is in real. And then we're we're in. Doing the break. We're talking and you actually took my my license to carry handgun course Kurt and I didn't know that until today you know lower the commercial break him and and I can sit up cause as to I think SE like. Thousands of people. A month I had no idea but you don't have your license yet and a wide and she heavier your license carrying him. So I didn't. I didn't finish I mean ninety point last night passed it but I did not get it because I didn't have. There extra money for our. So because of the fees exactly Minnesota in the because the license fee is a 140 dollars I should say tax is a 140 dollars and luckily there's a bill that was passed. This session the governor is gonna sign it. And so all week known as the governor society and for that eagle until lawsuits from the first of 2017. So the fee will go down to forty dollars should use virtually should be able to. Yeah I just read that day and Leah and I think getting my my brother says they talk about that and being in that incident. She alleged gun but it does but he's not really into it late late we are and I says it's nobody's like I'm mainly done on game issues Joan Beasley and I'm always gonna carry. Do you think that game or you're on the campus. And you had your if you had your guns would G and he is it. Looks what is it that. Because. First phone if they come when the been there there's nobody else worst of the guy who is working to dorm. Any as a baby stories period and an if yes or been to you Hugo in this experience just like thousands of students just want her around like she would have gotten lost in there. This is before classes were changing. Yes we expect to be exact time like they were it was about to be so experience and Gatorade this witness a man that have been terrible yes. Flop okay. And now never. I was watching and one of the media's did you actually have some video that hasn't been seen. And another two videos that you have there's one where the police. Actually. He'll tell the guys to get down on the ground and there is there's wonders and Mobil one was another one. Just two of the nine. Not three and that some of their own tuchman C. Yes there's there's two videos on YouTube right now can't. And and there's the first one where he's kind of run and up behind one of the cops because he went back to go lead the cops there to its initial one until I'm sure councils are but. After show the first copper was meant to go get that the officers back up so when he came back that's where the first. So you let the police to where this guy was. Right so in that might have instilled I. Because when you saw this happening to kind of tell me what what did you do when he's he saw him still looks stab the one guy what did you do and what happened what did you see. A necessity as a realized you know here's some facts and people. For no reason. My jerseys is into us because cops and renteria reached my phone has gone far away and just like three coworkers in the way Saito one of the girls are. We're supposed to call that Conan on and remember cedar funny just Ehrlich from Michigan downloaded. And somebody I can remember who's a minister asking if we had different Ursula Wiener from Ursula spaces UT it was high you know the windows were open. So I rented affront to closet doors you know to look ourselves of the Minnesota assays and I want to know wage. Technology are handling it doesn't welcome foreign source more people and says he's the last prisoner is that she ran like diagonal to the left side. So he ran at that point I can't he's he's he's so young that Libya Syria was like oh I swear him now what do you think he ran that time. You just laying it all of us through us and expecting them. You know she got stabbed in the that was the last person doesn't lessen the last person race that's so why do you think he ran banned because somebody for animal and and been institute here. And I mean I SR ISI mean you turn around a key to human minute to realize that here guys I'm. It would Linda and that it was Stan Jess looking answer is dead and this is declaring I don't know you're just working. As a suspect in and that's what I was thinking again. Yes they do get a minute to realize what had happened just like everybody else around him. And when that happened like I went making television I just not a suspect organs are Smart people and I saw people on the size. You know running around California farmers in the front side like you just he's a friend you believe you thugs in the wind tunnel vision lesson does he went on television right and whenever into her friend. I meant to close the doors and the windows but I can't you know I was focus on the guy and I son's organs as more people just there is imminent people outside of my my window and I. Wherever he's jumping out of the truck but Michael organs only I was at first I was out of the window like Kathleen my body out. You know people to move out and then as he's their walking you know away for because people. Just standing and you realize what was actually happening actually froze or Libya great I still don't understand why they do in the drill us next to it got actually asked the last thing she was suspend their head and she looked at the guy the suspects in the said that the got a guest and it into your luggage with forty seconds it. You know snap out of process. I could understand why let it tick me. Actually you do me a few seconds to realize that you know was really going on but before the last person carries for four people. And you it's everything happened within the semblance. And in this. And actually understand that because that we we have some things that happen all the time like in inside the shop I've SO one. Pass out Randy counter offensive one pass out in the classroom. I've had some one if you have we have all these weird things that happens sometimes. And you know people freeze B look in I'm just like I'll Taurasi hate you down 9018 you do this. A young dees Donovan as starred just given orders and move because people just freeze and you know what to do it yeah. I toward talking about in teeth as we just had they were all calling at the world duck calling. I champion from 2011. On the phone there and Antonio. And you it was a great interviews also we're now talk about the UT stabbing. It's time to ban knives it's time for the night control this is Michael Cargill and Hugh. Are listening to come and talk. Physical on the war it was due to come and talk to Michael Carter. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays at five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael variation. On air online and on your Smart device comes up thirteen seventy is the right choice. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael kargil. She say it's out about the mothers today are happy Mother's Day and also two years ago today we did lose I've BBC so we definitely miss BB king and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Right so we're talking right now about the UT stabbing. I we have Jacob lava in the studio and Jacob was eyewitness Jacob was the actual person. That led the police to wed this suspect was and Jacob was telling us about you know. How old these students and staff of the balcony and everyone was responding while this was actually happening the fact that Pete would just. Standing and it took them awhile to actually process. What was happening was is actually pretty normal. But Jake about what else did you see. Well I mean. Errant throws and there were girls there and have to suspect I mean a third person had disguised a runaway and so there weren't really paying attention. To suspect those working person. There's a stereo at them and as he walked away I remember jumping out of the truck. And when my coworkers saw us coming out to recycle making real that the state TA. That didn't matter skim burnings and you know be hand in India have people to get out of the way. Tested a staffer Doug. BC a thread in these be stopped you know I'll I like that. That's a good. Yeah I mean I didn't really sat and thought about it just happened everything having to create. A hysteria people tend to get underway and which in. I mean are too. Like the whole Foley it was clear Cephalon guy the top of the stairs and I remember KB on him to like move move and a source one of the costly here's a Spartan room. On the street does it. So they went over parts citizens does history. And beef and if you conservancy to campuses like little things like a lot of for me you need to have special permit to pass such as far behind those. And so he had gotten a call you know bit I mean just right there late because he side with him you know full screen ridiculous in front of everything that happened. So I mean this has moved in down memory and something out of the way he act faster. Because as a writer and age regulated humanist and I actually bring things down. Driving side when he finally drove inside you know I think there's been very jealous over his frantic and a lot of processing. Yes I'm guessing so. It helps and answers he comes inside huge base right so he picks or write a list of signs of a left. So you in the opposite though is that way. I couldn't believe it I Tehran say and hand my husband jumping Jack casts is that things and just maybe he was in his review here right. And then went on my coworkers actually like to disclose it is behind me every as young people to hand me and says who is like. So he's he is a look at the officer actually was going the direction would be boring is that going to direction would be were coming frown. Right I mean yes she was going the opposite way there's none of us Airways. As they ran behind him in right he's right today. I got through these patrol cars when my coworkers spoke to him and told them so he turns around he says Reitman says that running with him in the car and we both get there at some time. I don't know how this is his or briefest. And he just. Yet adrenaline going you're just like me he had to stop this guy I was running out and that's the super Manning is inside you. Aaron that clearance of regard. And once once again after. I hear her emerged well there's a guy at a public disperse and I get done to move to move that he was fine people here tonight and here's legitimate issue look at the suspect Lee. Is it is a series. And the socially trying. She's there's Nixon they'd like major conflict he was on his knife and he like they may play. Thirties or can I conflict in the history of him. And that's when the guy who Brit Hume Brit Hume he's done by. By Lou they mean I think is gonna sound in the face Emily and I I blinked on purpose there's a DO CE one C and ladies have been too fast like actually soundly so inheriting of the guys earn and use them here at Tehran's interests are anything he kept walking and other guy request. He was just standing there like the way it happened you know. Tom was a blue bag in the media like utilities and Hispanics well maybe here's your gender or something media storage is your videotaping the whole time. Once we got this airs tonight at dodgers' initial areas they do. Apple though Iceland. Then ecological and then. First of all. I was aware and he tells you know I was aware that ASEAN Adam I don't have enough I don't have enough space on my phone intact so I had in the back of my head you know like it. Yet again on Saturday memory exactly SS. Melissa the guy that he was walking to the into building you know with an ever knew he had to hit the ninth for his hand as I just I'm late almost or so ago in a Psycho running behind him a I was like 110% sure yours so that's a fun thing that it happens. There's little dizzy complied now this against stop it down and the guys stop to get down to drop the knife. He complies. Yes but you as we are because they got was about to look into the or. When the car was running up the stairs and I ISI mean he'd never put out his gun he put on his pacers after those arrears first the wrong. We know he got a nice if you watch way too much TV yet to lose. As in a lot of personal defense rises fast and key guests are very close to him late. You know chairs in front of prima legendary guy would of complained keep it is that right. And he first told you thousand to ensure his hands so he shows one hand. And being he says dropped the knife and he out of my he's just opens his hand he knifed trucks. And when that happened this is yours are beholden to or open the door close on him so don't hit the cup and open the door. Q what's inside and I seriously you know aunt of and a door close. Says and I spent on the nationals waiting for his back of directors territory you know while. And then finesse the second crews are coming up. And he's like that's so she's visit the first. Of this there was there is who has a wrestler in front of the Brent from the stairs the second cruiser drove by he passed them for some reason. I definitely like to say you know. And they keep preserve areas he comes back he has service arguments you know obviously is going to business cycle minorities here than it is right here announced as the two knives or when the sun coming up and moved away from knives and you just intermediary. Of resistance and as he posted tourism. Maple has only had to state their case there's. And. You know he was saying they would have pulled against as entities and yeah tennis writer for the magnitude of the situation yes at least I know that even even in the media as I was watching your media that your according. Yet she said in the release soft voice yeah like she did. I'm sorry tase him as hundreds hazards like eggs in any that was comply. Yes because they because of how everything happened the way day he studies in people whom she's there. He killed one he stepped forward and here are just working like about his business I felt like Hughes are some. And what he's earlier this little thing the people the public would review it would have looked at that. And a lot of guys complying. You know you're videotaping. He's complying began Democrat he dropped the knife that have a knife in him Kevin I ground. It with a cup till the dean and they would show him in the back. That would have been bad. I was I was thinking out loud you know and that happened right. But I mean that's how I felt that a lot and that's just me messing with you yeah. Germans at the end of it does that's a beehive the aren't you know authority issued on a more frank. I guess I was mad the factor they preferred to respond to for bridge was gone the wrong way. The fact that he I mean I seen videos of officers shoot people for having their cell phone underwater on their hands and these guys had just left four people in the we pretty extreme with respect which Unionists are. I. Affiliate I've told him I had actually agree with me and then and on the other side that you know I'm looking and his parents given interviewed. And his pants gave the interview and talking in and they use this saying worst of the fact. You know we knew our son had some issues of life and Bubba block console I translate that to mean you knew your son was crazy. Sleep they they knew that something was wrong with him. And sold it does to me this goes to peer into will be you know something's going on with what your field neighbors you know something is happening something's off with them. I need to get them some help or or something that I had to go to a hospital or something because from what I understand he does being remember any of this stuff now. And messages and that. I was I was talking to one of my coworkers are sexier Brandon she's she's sane every connection is to say in order for him to have a chance in court. It's been since I feel like because. The fact that he had a towel like Doritos is left pocket you know clean and nice especially if you thought about it you know you engines. Runner on me school with a towel and you're blessed target. I don't think he's just pretend he's playing around. That's that's just sitting in some hospitals some wind that because he think it's premeditated was all premeditated. NASA things happen and spur of the moment we just alms and snapped her true. That's the point. Also and he's knife you can see here I have some exclusive. Pictures of it and you can see today on his nephew who were inside so. I mean that can be for a period. I feel like to me she isn't gonna grant editor of citizens flag and I mean in the fact that he has and there's just too on different colors one of the total of the late. And and actually it's estimated that about everything and the fact that she was walking into a charm. Where you know there's they have the main restaurant there and at least scored just there he can't. There everything just is assembly here you know it is and. Well you know that's why next time you're gonna give you an eagle Ford and it's a license. You make you can all the time frankly this and that that's one guarantee in this he's there all the time in and that way you know you have to wait to see. Anything or you'll stop the threats and Michael so hypothetical situation. If he did have his CHO at this point the gun on him he saw a guy getting stabbed what would he be legally. Allowed to do you want to make sure you can identify the threat make you not finishing in the innocent people and you stop that threat was at threat to stop you pulse and against our list and first day to day all the people that have been wounded so he urban legally within his rights to receive that dyed it red in the face. Would I have to wait for him to term no. Hurdle I have spoke to rescue his old Brett are still there he's he's going from person to person to person to person in the US Hogan and I absolutely still threat he stopped at. I see in court. The major got Texas plus field is it takes libelous last. He's a gig I still did. Make cheeky text while she'll because he'll he'll need that yeah because that because he needs need to make you remember you need access directory sound in DC can't will be easy edition court of law correct me. And and next time you know if he turning camera. Heck rights and bullets breed information Franco Becky so let me go to John Griffin John Griffin is the act. The editor for the daily caller John. So what's going now within teach us what's happening here. Well Michael thanks so much for having me on the show. Here's the thing and teachers or anti fascists are new breed of American protesters and their violent. There and darkest. And they're doing the very things that they key is people on the right of doing namely this the idea of brown shirts the idea silencing free speech that's what these folks are doing. All while decrying trump all while protesting people on on the political right. Senator cornyn had to cancel his speech at Texas Southern University. I'm two days ago because of this kind of these kind of violent threats. Here's some people and our country right now Michael who just can't handle free speech and it's scary. So president John Cornyn I can't cancel speech actually had a withdrawal and a university. Commencement address and two other congress people were allowed sustained theirs. Because they were Democrats so this is the kind of division in our country is yet that's something that you know I wouldn't stand for number one you know. If I will say how does speak well safety I mean that was their primary concern but then again that's that's a danger what wire we have a place where people. Like in Austin on May Day at and T for us okay brandishing guns in the public square that's the other side a right to care. And is and is it in their defense you know this is totally legal for them to do that sure but there are some things that they were doing that wasn't legal they actually has an illegal lives SI also illegal mines while wells out there also. I saw cloves. You know and allege she have a handgun license he able LTC. And you have begun on you think you can't have that illegal Martha club and so I do wish that the Austin police department would. Actually you know start prosecuting people for these things gazette. You know what they do this protest yelling and screaming LS stuff they did have clubs that he and they also right there was some. Illegal mines out there most crucially whether linked to the blade was over 51 half inches now we need to start holding people accountable. The double standard Israel Michael you're correct and as the Austin police department god love them. When they're concerned about peaceful citizens like you carrying lawfully on city property but they're not concerned. About people who are hiding their identity. Hiding their face. Which by the way is always a precursor to a crime in most cases. That that concerns me as a private citizen and as someone who loves Texas we need to get that under control. Absolutely I so we're talking with John Griffin he's the editor for the daily caller also we have Jacob loudly in the steel he's told us about the UT stabbing. I would talk about anti says we're talking about debt calling we're talking about Stadler talked about the Second Amendment. This is Michael Cargill happy Mother's Day and you. Are listening to come and talk. So this is Gerald. Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app was your favorite shows. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seven. On air online and on your Smart device it's not thirteen seventy is the right choice. Like the. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. How about the mothers is today. Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out the end. And we're talking wins. John Griffin he's the editor for the daily caller are also talking to John Labonte. As an area that's out yeah exactly that seek Jake as easy night like he get my first thing right. He's that. I went our way Jacob labor he's the eyewitness at the UT campus of the UT stabbing and we're breaking this down a little bit. And the with a stop talking with with John Griffin with a daily caller John. So you're talking about in teeth as a little bit in the end and just how this group is ash actually. Growing to be such a like you know like he. Her well yes Michael in and you look at the Berkeley riots if you look at Portland where 25 and teachers were arrested for acts of violence against others. You're looking at it at a different America than we once knew and could as soon existed where we could. Openly and freely have a conversation for another in May be disagreed. Without killing one another. And these folks are more dangerous because. They're out there wielding firearms now and they're doing it they're doing and they're brazen way. And Michael that border and borders on incitement. Which is a form of protest an expression that we do not protect here in the states. We don't recognize someone's right to excite people. To harm others okay so do they have the right carry weapons yes is there it is that caring by these individuals. A form of incitement. Let's let your listeners decide. Okay and now now that Jacob let me ask you this. We have. This guy. Going from person to person and how people worth he'll still staying there and and they weren't really moving they were freezing. Do you think. What I'm. Do you think atmosphere aura of campus Kyrie is actually gonna change because of this at all. I would hope so to embrace your little people are actually gonna think about it. You know. Now I I do know what did happen is when that stabbing happened you'd see we had a nice deal that was before the Texas legislature. That day. The house is a matter of fact and because of the UT stabbing. They added an amendment in on the floor. To this build that said that Haiti if you're eighteen or under. Because you know basin this is because ET stabbing anyone to come off as being insensitive. Is if you're eighteen under you cannot have an illegal life. Here and I and any ego because we already know great John you know about Australia. Australia as they actually did as funny as it sounds to us here. They actually bans knives. Because people were using knives instead of guns which were prohibited. To kill people so you know it this is this goes back to what you talk about all the time article witch's tools. Vs individuals individuals of the people who commit to crack me these are just tools we got to focus on the individual right. Yeah because I hate the fact that you know this happens a UT campus and they come across that same day and say hey you know what. Well we're gonna make sure that eighteen under you know you can't have the legal life unless you're. Either and cold or a year with a parent or guardian. I think that's ridiculous because this guy was over eighteen years old. He was already teens are what are you trying to fix. Let no good tragedy go to waste and ads are not exactly I mean every time you Reese we respond Yeltsin feelings this stuff like that he. Is this ridiculous when you ban guns only the criminals have guns. Insane when everything else. That's and so what's it mean what's your response to that. Jake I feel like you any. If US and allowed to have and I've he would do. My guess is it's illegal to kill someone who looks at television is OK there's that led to what does of them and I differ David's roommate that. Change some definite gonna. These are images as. You can this make you more of a gun lover anywhere before this game. So no doubts whatsoever he sees this this September the first comes around you're gonna put your application in its license transfer. Awesome sassy it's a range practice and everything what's out what's happened then you get. I acre look 39 potentially and gets a little smaller and there consistently lists in yellow short guy got a big debt that was going on here. I advantage of a gallon. Islamic when my cousins had actually went in my way and elect had issued a real well and that we late. Now they traded gringos like the nineteen elect you better like from my hand if those way better. Loosely. It's still booking. Vassar has your data full size so. I and then hey John still I'm told me a bounce. A little bit more about and a senator John Corning I know he's getting tapped possibly. To be our next. FBI director certainly in the cars and so hopefully that actually does happen but I don't think that the Mets think that's. Probably against him in the wind is he doesn't have any any law enforcement X. We known that hasn't stopped a number of people taking positions like that with a law enforcement agencies so we'll see. As an am what about the brown shirts and of lectures it's all that about. Well I mean these are these are terms that were used to describe the Nazis in the Italian. Fascist Mussolini's black church in World War II. And when you look it's could these and you know we look it ski masks. And these these new uniforms. Of soap for of suppression. You know people who are trying to squash free speech. That's basically the same thing it's a uniform fist in the air. The group think and you know it's it's threatening people like car like our senator senator cornyn who could not speak. Could not go to give the commencement address at Texas Southern University. Because of these but these threats of violence by these folks so this ties in to the UT advertising was standing. This mentality on campus where does that come from our professors part of the problem. Are people being educated differently now what do you guys think. Can only think. Of course there. I mean are people being educated differently on campus for for folks like this to be a product of campuses so many cases. So many places all the US led to this guy anti aegis you know just to spontaneously start standing in for these anti Vista is a spontaneously start hurting people. Is this say a trend on campuses because of what's being taught early to sum up the. She's faced this version sinkers in he'd these guys were just like. They start using public anything you know there's a sector links there. But I actually dagger of Azeri and things just under campus and a source for him to people like a lot of witnesses barriers. There's certainly some pictures and videos they were going around campus. Other people were Italian house at a frat houses. Saying that are races and at that rate first rapists and all of this that. So a lot of other this is where scared thinking that. They're being targeted united if you belong to a certain fraternity. Because of these groups that are you know there. They're being active and. So this is a campus culture thing then that maybe we need to address. Michael what do you think that's possibility. You know I say I know what I what. What I tell people to do is you don't get those tools you need to protect yourself to protect your family you know what carries and pepper spray. Maybe each of the stunned and if we know what the university policy is because one that stabbing happened. That night I started getting emails from students and actually taken my class in the past. Anyone to know you know will wish they do you know as it will lead to the class right. Yeah way you have your license right yes OK will you have your hand and right yes with a large candidate. Well I only want to cure my he and and nighter those times when you know I think I need you will you know we even need what's understanding happened. Like what 10 o'clock in the morning at 9 o'clock one freeze well and after 1 o'clock in the afternoon okay so you know so that's why should always scary. She always carry you know could you never know what's gonna happen it was gonna happy you know with Cray Cray is gonna come out you know so. That's why concealed carry works in states where they handed because. People don't know who's armed and he's not it makes criminals a little bit more apprehensive about committing crime. Yeah and then what I'm reading is that this guy's this guy was exceeds his parents actually recommended if he gold to a neurologist. Before the attack you know so that tells me you know. At eight they had to thought that maybe something is wrong with their son. We think. Yeah I mean we talked about this earlier where the parents angrily we never saw this I mean. And then like a few sentences later they're saying we're keeping tabs on arm and we knew he was on these things he called happy pills. So he came tabs are you signing you know he's taken happy pills you know something's not right. Indeed know something is most likely reminds me of Colin buying when the parents who we respect the privacy. McCain says he was on pills can't be denouncing him I don't think it was he called it evidence. And make editorial I mean that you can see in the video on YouTube and I think I. Pause pause the screen and as I guess picture do you pulls the bit the links to the team in the video in their media are faced little or none that there. Now somebody going postal. But you can see on the dorms and his inner in the room. You know his Jacobs kind of brining select the cameras panning in on one of the dorm windows do you see that you know gun free UT. Poster that is those gun free yeah signs actual door they he went in teams and gun free UT because they let go of it but your window and look at the window above so you feel the infield he'll be safe and that bill and cousins gun free. Possibly. Act right. You can't I get should. They Jack colleges and universities that and a whole environment is really changing and it's not for the better released to encourage thought these two encouraged discussion. It's not it's a threat to you mean Michael would someone disagrees with us right. Right track. I think I think in the college you know universe. That discussion is still going on and there are teachers say colleges are safe spaces there places you go and you get questioned. Yeah I'm and I I you know I didn't leave college I honestly I think and I think it's the hatred of some of the college professors. Bettered that jittery this type of activity in and driving people to this it is they're creating fears that do not exists. And people creating those fears in their kids. In their acting on what they're hearing from these professors for religious young who are saying in a theoretical fashion to these professors many of them never. Leave your classroom. And do these things themselves these are hypothetical. These are theoretical ideas and they forget they're there they're professors there instructors there there they are. They're the leaders in these people are very impressionable kids and you're giving them these bad ideas in your costly seen in this stuff over and over again and some people are just not. Strong minded interest they don't have that strong willed the listens of that in Enron with two other. Then when you've got to teachers failing kids counsel to because of their perspectives. Being right leaning that definitely signals that we're in a different environments where instead of questioning and learning from questioning we're being questioned what she said. There are definitely enable others to let you know professors they get these students think in this way or. You know they introduced topics of white guilt. You know and and oppression. And they started in these students angry and they go home and I think that's where they pick up these you know more aggressive ideas on line you know throw these super. Weird web sites like Tumblr or whatever when Michael on that note what do you think about this coming to the public square and now with. Firearms involved in teachers in Austin what do you think about where's where's that line for your listeners between inciting that and open Cary. And then you know peaceful protests gotten honestly I don't have a problem with it out of him. I you can all the care that he and Dan with a license or whatever. You know I'm from with the loss of it as long as they're following the law then it is what it is you ever right to do that later protesting or doing whatever. Abbott that second that that moment that you break the law you know you hit someone you do something you'd you know. Breached the public peace then that becomes a problem. Sure so didn't get it becomes a problem but until then you know via direct to do it in you yes you should be and do it until you do something that's wrong. And then you know in at least they do they need to do. Absolutely Jacob. DD have like and you feel that you would have done ski you could've done something different on that day. Possibly. I've done about a lot actually and I felt like it did everything that it could've done. Which way has. I think he did great to be armed with a I'm actually very proud do you think he did a wonderful job. EU have anything so. He only thing you could do was you do exactly what she did you know yell at people ahead this guy say hate. Gather way this guy's got a knife he Ghazi the move get out this way get away from and then get someone called 91 once he actually did do the only thing that you could did. And I know that you know viewer care you probably would have done something a little more than that. But I think he did exactly what she should have done. So definitely for sure. Comes now what do you think about the media what is the media missing about what happened that day. I bring a lot of different stories. You know it's so people saying that those are those who carry licensed clothing campus on this. The red nose and the police that was there we can say against. So was there was no license to carry Yangon holder there. That you saw there one value did come along until you saw the last person steps so looking really honestly say that there was no LT CU boulder there. I mean is there was an facilities registered ocular. You know why you just don't you get what gone about his business like if somebody would have been behind him and stopped and that you know the things it was the right there instead of. Can someone told in this outrage he would stop curry because he complied exactly. He wanted to get caught. The essence of the Aaron. Thanks so what talk about the ET stabbing we're talking with John Griffin the editor for the daily caller we caught talking about in teeth does this is Michael Cargill and you. Our listing to come talk. Yellowstone was tight turns here and argument on this for more composed killed all incumbents who gets. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. AM weekday afternoons at 12343530. We make you smarter. Hopefully it'll all it'll make you some money and stay connected we talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Sox thirteen seventy is everywhere with the new tossed out to get it now has topped thirteen seventy dot com yeah. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. No yeah it was so funny and that was to proxy as I guess some people really appreciate that it's. A I think we're talking about the UT stabbings were also a lot of talking with John Griffin he's the editor for the daily caller. And that's John act as we only got a few minutes left here. And you were talking to listen though. But we're talking in the break there. That and police that another city Boston its noncompliance. With the open carry laws and yes so old that lawsuit still going on and I honestly at it what we're saying is. I think that the state of Texas the AG's office I think they're just you know that fine is actually racking up every single day. Now what the AG's office is doing that fine is like a thousand to 15100 dolls per wolf for the first day. And they don't allow lies souls to carry which is like in 2016. And then every second day or subsequently after that. That find goes up to 20101500. Dolls per day. So a lot of money is actually a lot higher than what the media's actually reporting. So they're actually there with within that you're there at three million dollar mark here. Susan in Austin and owes the state finished three million for noncompliance on the cracks and ask them why they're actually breaking the law when it comes to allow unlicensed owes to carry. Inside City Hall so you will see what happens and how long this is going to take will bankrupt in bankruptcy Austin folks I'm not sure. Not sure that's a good thing or bad for. And we'll they'd be definitely need to comply deftly in an even a CD. Or state agency be needs of all the law. You know incredible the law he nine that's the only recourse we have is C. This little told here that says they weakened filed a complaint with the AG's office and AG's office can file a lawsuit against that. That entity so that's the only tool that we have to get them to come online do with the aid they need to do and I feel that if we make an example. Of the city of Boston I think every other state agency ever Ed. Other CD. Into. It'll be interesting to see wounding an anti deficit make an example out of make an anon you're asking. Abounds. What was it. Before we went on a break you're asking about something I need to bring we've talked about hope. Your understand of the old bill TC older OK yes there was a big snack shack effort forget what it was. Maybe in two grammar stand champ there was a picture of someone doing a posting sanity when LT TE holder. And the fact that they did have their given they're he and again on the campus that day. But he didn't have is he in gun on him at the time he had to go and give it. In so. You know that. Is why I think disperse is not coming forward if the story is true. You know if it's true and that's a big if so. Because he didn't have it on him I think feet. They campus policy I think that what causes some problems if his gun was not on him it was somewhere else possibly you know. This car not security. Maybe not even in his vehicle there's no anywhere you gonna run from that senior legal only to your vehicle and be the comeback for law enforcement arrives and they did that week where you parking. You know on campus so yes leading he had it may be in a locker being somewhere bills and stuff like that wasn't on him. And I think that's the problem I think that's why that person if it's true is not coming out and saying. Hey I'm the person that was LTC hold their systems this guy he walked away whenever. I don't know. We may never know now we may not may not sway got to be prepared at all times. And Kerry always in sheet and in the face iso out of that pet Jacob as any anything you think we're forgetting to talk about Michigan all. No but I guess they feel like campus police and usually have more and more training that he was I was I saudis in Arabia they didn't the first cup terrorized. There on that actually pinpointed as suspect and and our same day he used to be he PMS of this thing and this is EPS and I guess that is certain pieces like here's. Hours ago at the last few years before he goes you know. Full time retirement yes. So I mean that race when I heard that. A uniter make it no wonder he you know he's training so they are these is spread the very first and he has to income or something like that. And facing the media late but I side. Q you have very much training. Me content apparently we think about that. I agree I think on the music things that he said look it was experience he's he had not experienced you know I need to use any force. And in a few years. You know he even mentioned you know make it become easier ways to address what you're saying is you know these. Officers that are working for the UT police farming comes to this job as the unit in the their career possibly for this particular person possibly in this career. And when it comes a situation like that you don't think that he was in a prepared enough to handle that situation. As I feel and then when I saw his act of coming. They were both you can police officers before. Actual police officer sort of the second one was a super shape you continue to run of this there's an issue that religion is just north Iran. You know just trying to run away to pass like he thought was going right and left. Day in India and in the first the first focus or Sheen he did note. You know he did not keep his distance between him and I suspect it was a pretty much in front of them so he's the suspect would not have to. Could I have main compliant in this officer could have gotten hurt that yes he got. All right and. You know yesterday at 32 years ago and it was a day event not many remember as a it passed by without recognition and without remembrance it was the anniversary of the move. The bombing in Philadelphia. The black liberation group called the move. Had to start from a man named Vincent left part who later changes name to John Africa. The group rejected modern sentiments such as technology and materialism. And they preacher rights of the earth and animals that cold. And that call at home. And they had many confrontations. With the authorities but in 1978. A daily conflict roles from the tensions between the police. And move. When the cops were attending to remove the organization from their communal home gunfire broke out. And resulted in the death of one police officer nine members of the group were sentenced to 100 years for their part in the incidence. Not for the group relocated to a new string of homes they begin to fortify and build up an armory. Now this concern the mayor and police who considered moved a domestic terrorist organization. And police again showed up on moves front door this time with warts according members to exit and surrendered. Now gunfire broke out. And thousands of rounds of mammal were shot out. Into the building and in a period of less than two hours. Fire holds is tear gases and other attackers were used to attempt to destroy it moves will to fight. But they didn't break. Finally the mayor and police commissioner game in order to drop a bomb contained. See for any data may substitute. On the compound killing eleven. Including five children and setting fires that will expand. And consumed 61. Of the surrounding houses. The only thing left were dozens of shared brick walls of homes still standing smoke rising out of the rubble. And hours after the blaze was smothered. We should reflect on the poor decisions of both sides of this incident. And definitely keep that story in your mind does that happen back in the eighties a lot of time we're forget about that. On whichever one down especially on mother's a happy Mother's Day. I want to thank John Griffin from the daily caller and come into the show I think Jacob Labonte for come into the show today and tell us a story about what happened at UT. And is always. Morton guns. Equals less crime. One by yourself well beyond. You'd listen come to talk it. With Michael card. Keep yours. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 trading began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven to eat the right choice.