CBS World News Roundup, 7/17

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, July 17th

Search resumes for man missing after AZ flash flood. Senate Republicans put off health care vote. Woman who calls 911 for help is killed by responding officer. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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A deadly wall of water out here waste within a matter of seconds. Medical matter puts off action on GOP health bill that Republican leaders really had no choice. Shot and killed after a call for help I am heartsick and deeply disturbed. Good morning. I'm Steve case that wins the CBS world news round up the search resumes today for a missing man one of ten people swept away by a weekend torrent of water. In Arizona's Tonto national forest CBS the glory of Erie Al says a storms set off the surge. Brought whether debris from recent fires. Officials estimate more than a hundred people were at a popular swimming hole at the wall of water debris came barely down Ellison creek and the east near a river. The fact wrong. Fourteen badly members were reportedly celebrating a birthday there. Nine bodies were recovered the youngest of them just two years old one woman says she's desperate for information on her missing brother didn't. It used to be the only kids up the game it's. We are taking our time and there's a lot of debris piles and we're trying did you know check through and make sure that there's nobody in there. The nine who died included five children and for adults there's high water in the midwest and Illinois governor Bruce runner has added Cook County which includes Chicago to his disaster proclamation. Flooding can be significant that we maybe calling for evacuations congressman Peter Ross camera present areas of the north and west to Chicago that are underwater skies are clear about the water still coming in so there's an urgency to this. I think guy and that's the message. Is John McCain's sidelined after surgery senate action on the revamped Republican health care bill has been delayed CBS's Nancy Courtis says so has an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office. GOP leaders were pushing the CBO to release its review as early as today but now that. The vote is delayed looks like CBO is going to take. A little more time as well and what senators want to know in particular is how the CBO. Will review a new provision from Ted Cruz that would allow insurers to offer cheaper. Bare bones plans to the healthy. Over the weekend the nation's largest insurers released a letter calling the crews proposal. Unworkable in any form and saying it would increase premiums for those with preexisting conditions and lead to widespread. Termination of coverage. Not to the White House CBS is Steven Portnoy is there he joins us with the latest on the Russia investigation. Late last week it was discovered that eight people attended the trump tower meeting last June ahead of which dirt on Hillary Clinton was promised. Including a Russian American who once served as the Soviet counterintelligence. Officer. On ABC yesterday a member of the president's legal team seemed to implicate the Secret Service. Hoping to get the president's agenda back on track after a whole week's focus on this meeting the new theme here is made in America. But that's already renewed questions about the business practices of the president and first daughter of vodka trump. The clothing produced with their names on it has largely not been made in America steep. In Minneapolis friends of an Australian woman want answers after her death at the hands of police. It's a beautiful lighten its regular. Forty year old Justine Damon who is engaged to an American man was shot and killed by police after she called 911 to report a disturbance outside her home. Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges says there's no video evidence to help tell the story. I have a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on. Questions that I hoping and anticipate will be answered in the next few days. Or new hope Pennsylvania there was a vigil last night for the four young men who were killed and buried on a sprawling farm and take them a sewn also friend of one of the victims nineteen year old Jimmy Patrick. And so overwhelming my name is meaningful so many people cared about these boys. Twenty year old man's been charged with the killings and a cousin is held in connection with three of the death. Overseas a military court in Jordan has convicted one of the country's soldiers in the shooting death of three. US military trainers who tried to interim basis last November. Researchers tried to unearth the earliest signs of alzheimer's disease or out with some interesting findings were live with CBS's Vicki barker. Although no cure for alzheimer's there's a growing concern that early treatment is the best treatment now researchers at the University of Wisconsin who recorded more than 600 people over two years. At temple an increase in verbal hesitations. Calming and on having trouble retreating people's names. Could prix figure the mental decline that can lead to alzheimer's. A simple app could soon help family doctors track and treat their patient years before a formal diagnosis chief. Oscar winning actor mark land though has died at 89 he reached stardom was TV's Mission Impossible in the 1960s. And went through our career resurgence in films in the late 1980s playing out philandering murderer. In woody Allen's crimes and misdemeanors. But how can I forget about it fighting for my life. This list it is like everything built. Land does Oscar was for his portrayal about all the ghost the in the 1994 movie Ed wood's movies historian Leonard Malta. He played some leading roles but he was really a character actor in the sense of not having Carey grant. Dashing good looks at let's say but having the ability to take on different roles to take on different cloak and man. One thing Landow didn't do was play Mr. Spock on Star Trek he was offered the role but turned it down. The father of the zombie movie is died accounting to get to Bolivar. Stock it. Ignorant writer director George Romero is night of the living dead in 1968. Spawned a film genre Romero was 77. Russell strainer played the character Johnny in the movie. From an artistic standpoint George will be best remembered. For the fact that he always stuck to his guns and that comes from that liberated. Creative independence. We're offering sportscaster Bob Wolff has died at 96 he called Don Larson's perfect game in the 1956. World Series. Quite a Sunday for Roger Federer who may have ended any argument over who's the greatest men's tennis player of all time. Yeah. It is eight days Roger Federer Warner record eighth Wimbledon title annihilating Marian Cilic in straight sets. The 35 year old Federer never dropped a set in this two week grass court championship something he calls magical. If you believe you can go. You know really really far in your life and I think I did that and I'm happy I kept on believing in dreaming and then here I am today. This is Federer his nineteenth career Grand Slam title. And it's worth two point eight million dollars Larry Miller CBS news London. In a box office battle of summer blockbusters. War for the planet of the apes took the top spot over the weekend taking in more than 56 million dollars Spider-Man number one a week ago drop second place with 45 million. Now the world is round for Monday. Steve case and CBS news.