CBS World News Roundup, 7/14

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, July 14th

Revised Senate health care bill in critical condition. Court expands exemptions to travel ban. Suspect confesses to the murders of four men in PA. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Revised senate health bill hits headwinds it's unclear whether there's a planned thing. New court ruling on travel plans family exemptions expanded. Suspect speaks in the case of missing man he confessed to the participation of the commission. Four murders. Could. Morning I'm Steve cases with the CBS world news round up by a day after it was unveiled the revised senate health care bill is already in critical condition. CBS is Nancy Courtis on Capitol Hill says key Republicans are weighing in on. Maine senator Susan Collins said she will vote no so did Kentucky's Rand Paul. Do you think the new version is better than the old version Chinese worse. I mean the old version repealed mostly obamacare taxes this repeals about half the obamacare taxes to build uses that tax revenue to pay for mobile Lloyd addiction treatment. And it puts an additional seventy billion into a fund to stabilize premiums on the individual market but it does not roll back the deep Medicaid cuts in the first version. But he's sticking point for at least half a dozen moderate we have come to a decision. This far the only holdout who has gone from no to yes so far is Texas conservative Ted Cruz the new bill includes his proposal to let insurers offer cheaper plans with fewer benefits I think we've made. Very significant progress but his backing won't be enough to keep the bill alive. And that has even supporters of the bill like Lindsey Graham casting about for alternative everybody's looking for an idea that is more Republican. And does not run into the concept you're taking money from poor people to give it to rich people. Well is overseas but mr. Trump's weeded passage of health care bill must happen. Just before the president took part in a colorful French tradition. I'm really confident and do day parade in Paris. Do you glances in honor this year as friends remembers the entrance of the US into World War I hundred years ago. The US flyers the thunderbirds opens the traditional flyover at the start of the parade. Then American troops were among the first to look down this housing easing ahead of their French counterpart. CBS is Major Garrett reports advisor and Trump's son in law Jared Kushner has updated his White House security clearance three times having the names of more than 100 foreign contacts. Some Democrats say here's security clearance should be revoked because of his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign. A federal judge in Hawaii has ordered changes in president trumps already watered down travel ban or live with CBS Jim Taylor. The rolling drug administration's interpretation of the supreme court's travel ban instructions for to narrow that when the High Court said there must be exemptions to the band for. Bonafide family members it meant a lot more than mom and dad brother and sister's son and daughter. Decisions says grandparents aunts uncles nieces nephews and cousins. Are also members of the immediate family and are also exempted from the band the order stands with the administration appeals chief. The suspect in the disappearance of four young men in Pennsylvania has can test to killing them. Paul Lang is the attorney for twenty year old Cosmo DiNardo. In exchange for that confession mr. DiNardo. Was promised by the district attorney. That he will spare his life by not evoking the death. And investigators were led to a farmland where remains were found by a signal from one of the men's cell phones. Now to the Middle East in a fatal confrontation at a holy site sir. When gun battle erupted is three Israeli Arabs opened fire on police. Outside the mosque a boxing here in Jerusalem the site Jews call the temple mount to Israeli policemen were killed there. The gunman fled into the mosque compound and were killed by police after Rick chase Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack in a phone call. Two prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Robert Berger CBS news Jerusalem from the upper midwest to parts of the northeast heavy rain has brought flooding CBS's David Greg knows in Findlay Ohio. A new wave of thunderstorms tore through the midwest overnight. The torrential rain was relentless and areas already covered in water it just wouldn't stop. You know you just keep Salem police to step up. And that's what it before. But nothing missing here to the northwest and Wisconsin the fox river reached record levels cresting at more than seventeen feet. That is two feet above the highest level of. Courted and drug administration's considering rolling back Obama era guidelines on sexual assault on campus CBS and Jan Crawford says. They've been criticized for sweeping up innocent people. Critics say the guidelines however well intentioned have gone awry. Former student Jonathan NJ says he was falsely accused of sexual assault in 2050. The pendulum has swung so far to one side. That it's it's guilty until proven innocent and many cases. The 2011 guidelines lowered the standard of proof for sexual assault and all but tonight cross examination of witnesses. Supporters say the guidelines are necessary to protect and empower sexual assault victims irate that lived in my dorm they just keep him every day. Alyssa Peterson is one of those big debts her organization protested outside the Department of Education to persuade Hamas to keep the guidelines in place. And telling their rates in meaning they'd steal accommodations. You can't claim that those have enormous consequence for survivors. Or paying tribute today to one of the great at CBS news Douglas Edwards who was born 100 years ago today. CBS news presents Douglas Edwards. But the minute developments from all parts of the world. It was what he heard on the radio they grabbed his attention in march of 1938. I heard the first. World news round up I said that's. Where I wanna go down here is Douglas Edwards with the CBS world news round up. Good morning everybody. The crime then went on to become the first network TV anchorman in 1948 on a broadcast that would become a CBS evening news. So this was a fifteen minutes CBS news broadcast. It was CBS radio news with picture. He covered some of the biggest stories of his time he was there when the Andrea Doria cruise ship went down in 1956. I'm glad that I have privately about him lying. Looking like a colorful look big and bad news about another. Doug Edwards anchored a daily network TV newscast of one kind or another for forty straight years of record that still stands. Japan is working on a scanning device that aims to detect nuclear material used in dirty bomb officials hope to have it working before the 20/20 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Conventional X ray baggage screening machines can't detect the presence of nuclear materials. Or Japan has refining a device that uses neutron beams. It can identify even Trace amounts of fissionable material hidden in luggage within a second. Authorities are concerned about preventing attacks using so called dirty bombs which are easy to assemble and can contaminate large areas. When he craft CBS news Tokyo. Mr. Graham lit up overnight when beyoncé posted pictures of her newborn twins the note read or Carter and roomy one month. Today millions of light poured in in just a matter of hours. And that's the world news roundup for Friday the broadcast is produced by Paul ferry. Steve case and CBS news.