CBS World News Roundup, 6/19

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, June 19th

Van plows into the crowd outside a London mosque. Seven Navy sailors killed off Japan identified. Southwest sizzles in heat wave. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Van plows in to London pedestrian season is being treated as a terrorist attacked. Deadly accident at CS was not a small collision and there is a big puncher. Southwest sizzle it's too. Good morning I'm Steve. Kason when the CBS world news roundup of vehicle has again been used as a weapon in London this time people outside a mosque where the targets were alive in the British capital with CBS is Vicki barker these. Londoners had just left the mosque after late night prayers for the holy month of Ramadan when a man collapsed as people crowded around to help him a white van plowed into the group this man helped subdue the dry. You know what to do that by. You know innocent people knew us I want to Kim was and it's. British prime minister to reason may be just a reminder. That terrorism extremism and hatred take many forms. I don't determination to tackle them. Must be the same who ever is responsible the man who collapsed is dead ten people were injured the 48 year old white driver is under read it believed he acted. Alone eat well CBS news national security analyst Fran Townsend says this could inspire additional attack. Has called for Ramadan attacks and they'll take this attack. Clearly against you worshippers coming out of Hamas during the holy month and turn it to their propaganda used to recruit to inspire. There's another week to Ramadan. There was a moment of silence today in London for those who died last week's high rise fire had. Big band sold officials say 79 are missing or dead. 2500 similar buildings in Great Britain are being inspected now. The US navy has identified the seven Americans who died when their destroyer the US has FitzGerald was hit by a larger container ship off the coast of Japan. CBS is Ben Tracy has more on what happened in the frantic effort to save the ship. This sleeping quarters for 116. Sailors flooded seven died including gunners mate second class no way her and and it's it's just. The military nineteen year old Seaman Dakota rigs he was a volunteer firefighter before he joined the navy Q is this good. Strong. Hearted person in Schuyler click who survived told his father of the crew used a bucket brigade to keep the ship afloat. The pumps weren't enough so they had a bucket line to keep the ship from totally sink in this like bucket at a time. Well for the first time in Syria's long civil war the US shot down a Syrian air force fighter jet after it'd drop bombs near forces that are backed by the US. CBS news military analyst Jeff McCall's. The United States and coalition partners considered their right not to hesitate to defend. Those forces in Syria most little loose there in democratic forces. And the Kurds who are actually conducting with the US calls legitimate counter rice's operations in the region. A Russian diplomat called it an act of aggression. And a day after firing missiles into eastern Syria Iran says that action will be repeated devices militants threaten the country's security. A member of Donald Trump legal team denies the president is under investigation. Live this morning at the white house with CBS is Steven Portnoy. In a round of TV interviews yesterday a lawyer for the president shrugged off his client's own tweaked out last Friday in which he said quote. I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director. Attorney Jay secular on face the nation I wanna be clear here. The president. He's not under investigation James Coleman said it nothing has changed since that last week the Washington Post reported things have changed that special counsel Robert Moeller is investigating the president for obstructing justice. Secular says his client has not been informed about and writing which does often but not always occur in the course of federal investigations. Secular says we might finally find out this week whether they're art tapes of the president's conversations with James Coleman Steve. Well Trump's son in law Jared Kushner is off on a mideast mission this week along with another White House aides CBS's chip Reid has more. A White House official says Kushner who joined mr. trump on his recent trip to the Middle East we'll hear directly from Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas the official says Kosher will likely make a number of visits to the region. Water dropping aircraft from Italy Spain and France are on the job in Portugal along with more than 2000. Firefighters trying to put out wildfires in the central part of the country one has blamed for 62 deaths. People had very little time to flee the flames. CBS is meg Oliver. A huge wall of flames ran over cars and trucks some 95 miles northeast of lives and that fire is still going strong and officials are searching for more that down. Forecasters say record highs for the date could fall in parts of the southwest in Palmdale California triple digit temperatures expected all week. Your outside is pretty high. Just like you do any price is really high Nina LA you when it looked a lot in just. In Saint Anthony Minnesota. I. A few hundred protesters marched yesterday denouncing the Friday acquittal local police officer in the shooting death of Orlando can steal. He's the black man's shop in his car during a traffic stop last year the aftermath was lying streamed on FaceBook. The officer Geronimo yeah and as has been fired from the four. A new report published today in the journal pediatrics has gunfire kills or injures at least nineteen children in the US every day. Boys teams and blacks are the most at risk researchers looked at hospital information from 2002. Through 2014. The way one man in Colorado sees it kids and Smartphones can be toxic mix CBS's Dan culture has details. Didn't her doctorate father Tim Farnham says the danger of Smartphones to young children is akin to cigarettes or alcohol he's leading an effort in Colorado debate in the sale of Smartphones to kids under thirteen. The kids are playing out there anymore and there's certain critical stages of development that are non. Government supporters have to collect 300000. Signatures to get a question on the issue on next year's ballot it's his retailers who sell a phone for use by a child under thirteen would get a warning and then a 500 dollar fine per second offense. Outside Milwaukee 27 year old Brooks teppco one golf US open it was a two point 16 million dollar payday largest single day prize in golf history. CBS is Tom Foley has the latest on the congressman wounded in last week's baseball field shooting. Wounded Louisiana congressman Steve Scully remains in serious condition at the Mets store Washington Hospital Center he has undergone several surgeries since Wednesday's shooting at a baseball field in nearby Alexandria Virginia police his condition was upgraded from critical this weekend he did send out a Father's Day message on his Twitter account he mentioned his wife and children he suggested people take the time to be close to the ones they love and he thanked the many people for their prayers support an outpouring of love it's deported. His tweet included older photos of himself and his family Tom forty CBS news Washington. Weeks ago or California desert turtle named Otis slipped out of Kathy hi cinders Holman Sebring Ohio by pushing openness sliding door reward money and FaceBook posts followed he turned up over the weekend and a fire house twenty miles away. And that's the CBS world news roundup that Steve case and CBS news.