CBS World News Roundup, 6/13

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, June 13th

A friend says President trump might fire the special counsel in the Russia probe. Jurors deliberate Bill Cosby's fate. Golden State takes the NBA championship. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Mike the president fire the special counsel I think he's he's weighing that option. Jury at work in Cosby trial deliberations continued today. Golden knights for the new NBA champs. Now. Good morning. I'm Steve cases. With this BS world news round up some people close to president trump are attacking the special counsel in the Russian investigation one says firing him could be an option. We're live this morning at the white house with CBS is Stephen port. On Robert Mueller the FBI director who proceeded James Konami is widely respected here in Washington but in recent days. Some of mr. Trump's allies have suggested Moeller won't be fair to the president. Noting he's brought on attorneys who've donated to Democrats. Last night on the PBS news hour conservative media mogul Chris Ruddy. Said of his friend president trump I think he's considering perhaps terminating. The special counsel that would require mr. trump to essentially run roughshod over Justice Department regulations. Which say that a special counsel can only be fired for wrong doing or other good cause the White House has Ruddy was only speaking for himself and not for the president. House speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview this morning firing the special prosecutor would be a bad idea. The president should let Bob Mueller to his work eight. Less than a week after James comedy went before the Senate Intelligence Committee attorney general Jeff Sessions will give his own testimony today CBS's that's recordings. Among the things are going to want to know about what was concessions role in colonies firing and what's not appropriate. Given that sessions had recused himself from the Russia investigation. An investigation that the president says what's on his mind when he fired Komi. They will also want to know if there are any undisclosed reasons as call me hinted last week. That sessions had to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. President trumps been mysterious about a book the Secret Service says it has no tapes or transcripts from inside the White House the president raised the possibility of them after firing James combing. There's bipartisan agreement in the senate on a new round of sanctions against Russia it'll be attached to an Iran sanctions bill that's currently being debated. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea. We'll style there's an open door. Look at your history. Just trying to open a door he says Rodman says he thinks president trump would support his efforts three years ago Rodman played basketball in North Korea. And sang happy birthday to leader Kim Jong Woon. A jury revisits deposition testimony this morning before getting back to work in a high profile case CBS is Matt piper is in Norris town Pennsylvania. Day two of deliberations where a jury could put Bill Cosby in prison for the rest of his life. He started early Monday evening after hearing from twelve witnesses on the prosecution side and one from the defense. Cosby attorneys saying he and Andrea constant had a consensual romantic relationship. And that he stepped out of his marriage what he did was not a crime. But the prosecution says it was since constant testified that whatever caused beekeeper putter route to the point where she could not make them stop. I juries are working another case to. All ought to. Get it out. He had you've got to get it I'd be very jagged like. The aftermath of Orlando can steele's death at the hands of a police officer outside Saint Paul, Minnesota was lives streamed jurors are now weighing the fate of the officer who fired the shot during a traffic stop last summer. Could a simple injection be enough to relieve the symptoms of post traumatic stress we're live with CBS is Vicki barker. Eight into a cure but military doctors who injected and a headache into the next of troops with PT LBJ made an immediate and dramatic alleviation of anxiety hyper vigilant and others into a enough they say to allow talk therapy and other treatments to do their work. The injection apparently non listeners responsible for the fight or flight response now the Wall Street Journal reports the army's commission to study to determine if the shops should become a hundred practice eve. The national basketball association's crowded at champion. Fans in Oakland celebrated as the Golden State Warriors vanquished. But Cleveland Cavaliers won 29 once wanted to close up the series in fine game. Keith was a second Golden State title in the last three years. And they did it with a remarkable post season record Golden State once sixteen games and lost only once. When it was over there was emotion on the court Golden State coach Steve Kerr winning is. Winning is fantastic. It never gets old but warriors top scorer both in the series and in the final game was Kevin Durant. Who joined Golden State this season specifically so he could win his first championship we can together and we continue to believe in each others who sacrificed. Who chancellor and this warriors team is not going away the cavaliers LeBron James you're going to be here for awhile but. They're awful steep Letterman CBS news that the NBA finals in Oakland. Hosting newsmakers of balls midsize suvs should take a look at the headlights. Jeff Gilbert of WWJ radio has results of a new insurance industry study only Hyundai Santa Fe and Volvo X C nine B guy group would have light ratings among the 23 utilities tested senior researcher or engineer Matt from below subtle Levin utilities including the Kia sorrento one Ford Edge got poor ratings. It's their driving faster than about 35 miles an hour they may not have time to see an obstacle and come to a stop to avoid a crash the other big issue with headlights later to oncoming drivers. Jeff Gilbert CBS news Detroit. Aren't chasers got a good look at several tornadoes that tore through parts of east or Wyoming's big super big super. The twisters caused scattered damage the mountains of western Wyoming are in for around a foot of no. The weather was just great off the Bahamas earlier this month when Tiffany Johnson of Concord, North Carolina lost a good part of her right arm to shark. I remember just pulling my arm out and just looking at it in teen that it was just this mangled stump you know and how I just their rock my snorkel mask and I scurrying to. He's undergone three surgeries in the days since the incident. The kids clothing store in Gymboree has filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection most of the chain's thirteen hundred stores will remain open. Parent company van Taylor Lane Bryant Dress Barn and other women's clothing stores says it's gonna close more than 600 locations over the next two years. Samsung looking to bounce back from phone trouble has a new issue here's CBS's Jim Shannon after all the pro. But two months after the SA hits stores users have found an issue that literally leaves them dizzy. It's the phones iris scanner the latest in security technology. Somewhat used as say it's left them feeling dizziness and even pain. Samsung contends of the iris scanner is completely safe but experts say some lies can be sensitive to the infrared radiation used in the bio metric. Jim Shannon VC BS news Democrat. Congressman Mike Quigley of Illinois proposed a bill that would preserve president trumps tweet as official presidential records or call us the act named after the word mr. trump created on Twitter would store the messages at the National Archives. That's a roundup Steve case and CBS news.