CBS World News Roundup, 6/12

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, June 12th

Orlando pauses to remember one year after the Pulse nightclub massacre. Attorney General to appear at Capitol Hill hearing. Court appearance in Penn State fraternity death. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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And a one year after Orlando mass murder we aren't in yet but we're all of them in the bottom we're gonna make things better. First call me now sessions anyone else I'd like to invite the president to testify. Court action in frat house guest this is murder of course on. Good morning. I'm Steve case with the CBS world news round up their tears and tributes today for the 49 people gunned down one year ago at Orlando's pulse nightclub. Flags at half staff churches will ring bells for the victims of the worst mass shooting in modern US history BS is Peter King is in Orlando. The serenity outside the polls nightclub the lies what happened the inside a year ago. First the death toll was set to be twenty that we have not poorly about fifty casualties including the gunman. For years 68 wounded survivors have received medical attention counseling and other health through agencies like the LG BT center. Executive director Terry to Carlo everything happened organically we found out what the needs were. And as they came up we may happen but to Carlos is unlike the rest of the world the survivors haven't moved on. Everything here is not rows of this is gonna go on for 35. Ten years city commissioner patty Sheehan is a leader in Orlando is gay community if there's a positive from this she says polls changed many hearts. Especially among religious leaders when anti gay protesters showed up for the funerals this was so this. Gusting to our religious community that they had an epiphany truly the memorial outside pulse still attracts visitors every day pictures artwork messages leave. Many people almost speechless. It's beautiful what's been lost here as beautiful that all of that scene. But there are no words to describe it. Peter King CBS news' Orlando. Well not a Washington attorney general Jeff Sessions is next up for an appearance before a senate committee has reverberations continue to be felt from James comedies testimony last week were alive with a White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. LA importantly it's still not clear whether sessions appearance tomorrow before the intelligence panel will be in public or behind closed doors. Senators from both parties wanna hear from the attorney general about his involvement in the firing of change combing. Sessions had recused himself from the Russian probe two months before Chuck Schumer is the top senate Democrat. The presidents and call me was fired because of Russia. How does that fit in with his refusal. Last Friday president trump said he's 100%. Ready to testify under oath. Tell his side of the Komi story but Republican Lindsey Graham is doing so in public would be inappropriate. Mr. President less to make a circus out of your presidency. If you wanna come to the Judiciary Committee and testify under oath we'll put coming right value in being the highest rated TV show in the history of the world but it's not good for our democracy. And even those were this morning the president may find himself in court on another matter. Yet the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia will file suit today. Alleging the president has violated the mold humans clause of the constitution. Taking payments from foreign governments via his DC hotel. It's the first lawsuit of its kind because it's being filed by states raising the questions Supreme Court has never answered. Mr. Trump's lawyers have argued there's nothing about his ownership of this hotel that violates the constitution Steve. Steven Portnoy at the White House Puerto Ricans voted for US statehood in a non binding referendum turnout was low it's not likely be Republican led the US congress will approve any changes to Puerto Rico's political status. The day of protest today in Moscow led by Vladimir Putin's chief opponent Alexi no bombing CBS's Elizabeth Palmer's covering. Now valley along with about a thousand of its protesters were detained at the last protest in March. When authorities were surprised by the huge turnout in cities across Russia. Of mostly young people who support the valley's main anti corruption message. But who are also angry about everything from unemployment. To state control of the media. His wife has no volley was detained today by police thirty years ago today there was a direct challenge to the leadership in Moscow. Mr. Gorbachev. Stared down this wall. President Reagan in a divided Berlin two years later the Berlin Wall did come down. The bill Cosby's sex assault trial heading into its second week here's CBS is meant piper the prosecution called twelve witness is over five days before rested on Friday. And bill Cosby's spokesman hinted the comedian could take the stand when the defense starts its case today. Last week accuser Andrea constant at her mother provided a strong case against kospi. Saying he admitted to giving your pills and sexually assaulting her over to our phone call in 2005. 'cause he has appeared in good spirits as he fights charges that could and a prison for the rest of his life Matt piper CBS news Norris town Pennsylvania. In state college Pennsylvania eighteen former fraternity members go into court today and adaptable pledge CBS's bill rake off Timothy piazza is father Jim is angry that members of beta Theta pine knew his son was injured after falling downstairs while intoxicated. It waited hours to call for help this wasn't. Boys being boys. This is murder of his mother Evelyn piazza. You know that he is laying. At the bottom. That the basement steps. For any length of time. You know most terrible. Prosecutors say the Fred members knew piazza was hurt but waited for hours to call for help. He died two days later CBS's Steve fundamentals are changes in the works at over as the ride services board of directors has approved a host a recommendation. And Hoover says it will release the details of what action the company is taking but already there is a great deal of speculation. A number of reports suggest that who Burris controversy or CEO Travis Kellen next we'll take a leave of absence and that Cooper's chief financial officer. And Neil Michael will depart the company. Gee he has announced today its longtime CEO Jeff Immelt will retire in just over a month in New York City. I always looked in the Broadway musical dear Evan Hansen took six Tony Awards on CBS best actor Ben Platt among them. Okay. Hello Dolly won for best revival and starred Bette Midler took coma Tony and had the last word. Kevin Klein and Laurie Metcalf also won Tonys. For the second straight year the Pittsburgh Penguins won hockey's Stanley Cup. Oh. And but so nothing game six win over the Nashville Predators did it on Westwood won the Golden State Warriors look to win the NBA crowned tonight it's the critically acclaimed movie love being told the story surrounding a landmark US Supreme Court ruling that happened fifty years ago today. Inter racial marriage became legal nationwide June 12 1967. After this Supreme Court threw out a Virginia law. Used to arrest Mildred and Richard loving in their home Virginia Tech history professor Peter Wallace Stein says the ruling had huge cultural and social significance with the mass pillar in the whole structured Jim crude he brought crashing down by this is two years after the voting rights act it's three years after the civil rights that it's estimated about 10% of married people in the US have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity. Jim crucial this should be done. I did two year old former president Jimmy Carter shared the love on a recent commercial flight from Atlanta to Washington he's shown on a Twitter video making the rounds shaking hands with everyone on board the flights. A roundup and Steve case and CBS news.