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Saturday, March 18th

Segment 1: Correspondent Steven Portnoy talks to Steve from the White House on the budget, health care reform, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's lukewarm visit.

Segment 2: Correspondent Jeff Pegues reports on new charges from a 2014 Yahoo cyberattack. Reporter Larry Miller in London reports on the Uk's response to a White House accusation it spied on Donald Trump during the campaign. Foreign Correspondent Adriana Diaz reports on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's trip to Asia. Reporter Dale Gavlak reports on a deadly attack on refugees off the Yemeni coast. Foreign Correspondent Holly Williams reports on U.S. Medics on the frontlines in Iraq. Correspondent Cami McCormick reports on an apparent rise in sexual assaults in the military. Foreign Correspondent Seth Doane reports on Mt. Etna's explosion.

Segment 3: Correspondent Terri Okita reports on a court ruling in Europe that would allow companies to ban employees from wearing Islamic headscarves. Lauren Comiteau reports from Amsterdam on the results of Dutch presidential election. Correspondent Mireya Villareal reports on newly released documents related to lawsuits against Monsanto that claim its weedkiller Roundup causes cancer. Correspondent Omar Villafranca reports on trouble with the Dallas 911 system. Correspondent Mark Strassman reports on the "Wheel of Fugitives."

Segment 4: Correspondent Charlie D'Agata reports on a dad whose kids made him unexpectedly internet-famous. Correspondent Deborah Rodriguez reports on a what's sending toddlers to the ER. Correspondent Errol Barnett reports on some smart kids competing for big money. CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. Tara Narula talks with the CBS This Morning team on how food can help improve your mood.

Segment 5: The CEO of a company that makes 'milk' from peas speaks to CBS This Morning. Correspondent Dana Jacobson meets some very talented brothers on the basketball court.


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This is the CBS news weekend roundup the week at the White House. What's next as it fights to press the GOP's health care bill. It's skinny butt and American that exceed in life. The front lines of Iraq. He's taking a vacation to come to them listen. Plus we can hear the rumbling you can still see the steam coming from the top of this volcano later. I'm Steve Dorsey to CBS news Washington here. President trump kept off his week at the White House meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel French. Affected Germany they. Chancellor Merkel speaking to reporters through an interpreter. Urging a more moderate immigration and refugee policy my. Haitian immigration. Integration are so he watched on apathy are in traffic just have to be stumped but this has to be hadn't done. By looking at them refugees as well giving them opportunities to stay in their own lives wet day. What's your reaction now from correspondent Steven Portnoy yet the White House Stephen thanks for being with. You bet Steve. Steve what do you make this visit the two looked uncomfortable at times how much middle ground they actually share it was interesting that photo op in the Oval Office where the president to take good pictures send it back to Germany but he didn't shake the chances and a lot of reporters wondered why even when photographers prompted an issue cans they NG cans in the presence and have her stern look on his face but at the joint news conference here on Friday the president said. That day he's looking forward to a strong working relationship with the German chancellor he vowed he would have strong support for NATO but he urged. NATO countries particularly Germany. To pay their fair share contribute at least 2% of their GDP. To the joint in North Atlantic. Treaty alliance it was interesting to hear him talk about he's desire. For fair and reciprocal trade policies but I think the major headline from Friday's news conference. Was the offhand comment the president made turning to his German counterparts and to have something in common perhaps. And that they were both wiretapped by the previous administration. Reporters laughed at the moment but it was really striking the president turn to another world leader and again repeated his claim. That the Obama administration wiretapped him as it was reported. That Angola Merkel was the subject of NSA wiretapping. During the Obama administration and yet no questions about wiretapping from US reporters right called on two American journalists neither one asked about. Wiretapping both German journalists who were called on. By Angela Merkel raised the wiretap issue. How important is this US German relationship their powerhouse in terms of economic activity in the EU the also are Majorly. Supportive of our military overseas especially in Afghanistan. Word you see is going from here if these two can't really find the program. Well I I think it'll be interesting to watch how this dynamic in this relationship plays out. You know certainly it's did president trump talked about the need to to to strength in economic ties. A bolster the Germans support of NATO. Uncle mercker herself talked about. The effort Ian. Afghanistan. It was using that she brought with her to this summit here at the White House the heads of Siemens the industrial giant and BMW. Two very large German companies that Americans know rather well. The intent was to prove to president trump just how important direct German investment easy in this country are let's come back home now. Stephen and talk about this GOP bill to repeal and replace obamacare is passed through third committee this week one more to go before it makes it to the house for corn speaker Ryan. President trump met with some conservatives Friday at the White House trying to earn their supporters North Carolina congressman Mark Walker. Who chairs the Republican Study Committee. You're looking at some of the top conservatives in the house don't take our word for just look at some of the scoring things Gary Palmer John Ratcliffe. We stand united today to move this sport for the American people we're very proud to do so. Steve does this mean an easier path ahead for this bill it helps every vote counts and we'll see by the end of this coming week just how successful the president. And Republican leaders are in getting this bill through the House of Representatives speaker Ryan can only afford to lose 21 votes with initial Republican ranks. And the president huddled with members of the Republican Study Committee. I which in the last few years has been leading conservative. Thought leader within the Republican caucus but I'll tell you it's not the most right word. Of the right flanks within the Republican ranks eighties towards the end but not on the foreign what's on the far and is a house freedom caucus. And members of that group say they are still opposed to the obamacare repeal and replacement bill. As it has been devised and as it's been passed now by three house committee should mention there's one more to go it's the final stop it's the rules committee. Were all bills ago. And are often tweaked before they hit the floor one thing we do know is at the White House and house leaders have been working on what's called manager's amendment. That is something to be layered right on top of the bill that's already cleared the three previous committees just before it hits the floor. All the last minute tweaks that would be aimed at getting this bill through the House of Representatives. And after the Oval Office meeting here at the White House where the president huddled with members of the Republican Study Committee. We learned from senior. Republican aides say they they achieved agreement on two. Tweaks to the Medicaid provisions in the bill. Aimed at giving states more control. Over how Medicaid money is spent in the states. I also is designed to slow the overall growth at the Medicaid program overtime. Will it be enough. For some of the conservatives who are opposed to this I don't know late. In the week we saw a letter written by four Republican governors complaining. That this bill. Shifted too much of the burden of Medicaid on the states. Our before let's go I just wanna keep your take on the trumpet administration's budget plan and so forth that we know about. Big cuts to US soft power things that foreign aid and diplomacy and public media here's what. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said about it I can't see how this budget can survive the light of day to Stephen how much pushed back do you think Democrats and Republicans. Are gonna give to this budget. A significant amount wanting to keep in mind Steve is that Washington is ever really seen. A budget quite like this no president has proposed the kind of drastic cuts to federal agencies that this budget suggests now. It's also important keep in mind it's just a suggestion. The president proposes the congress disposed and this budget did seem to land. With kind of a thought on Capitol Hill you had Democrats and Republicans saying that it's not to be taken seriously. However it will shape the debate and set the terms of the debate. Ultimately will be up to congress house and senate appropriations committees to decide how much money should go into each count. But this is the proposal of the president and it's different from anything Washington's ever seen before which means it's the debates come may be different to. Correspondent Steven Portnoy at the White House thanks Steven you bet Steve. Coming up on the weekend roundup now it enough. Wars there was an unexpected. Explosion. Here and later being Muslim in Europe and what an important link in the EU. It means for many workers there in a landmark ruling the European Union's top court decided employers can and workers from wearing less than jobs. Warheads cars in the workplace that and more on the CBS news weekend around. On the CBS news weekend around them and Steve Dorsey. For the first time over the US government has George to Russian intelligence FSB officers with hacking. Justice correspondent Jeff the gates has more. Prosecutors say FSB officers Dmitry do crew guys have an. And hired one of the world's best known hackers Alexi blinded do most of the work. From 2014. To 2016. Court papers say Abel lot and his team used computer code to infiltrate Yahoo!'s database stealing user names emails and passwords. They use that information to access it counts of Russian journalists and politicians. As well as US government officials including military and White House personnel. Blunt also used thirty million accounts do facility and a spam scheme that netted in money. In all 500 million accounts happily Yahoo!'s total of one billion were compromised. Acting assistant attorney general merriment court. We will not allow individuals. Groups nation states or a combination of them to compromise the privacy of our citizens. The economic interests of our company's board the security of our country but there hackers. Were able to go unnoticed because the agents do good kayak events such skin. Maybin familiar with the US cyber strategy prosecutors say both worked at cent or eighteen. The FBI is rushing contact first cyber investigations. And Robert had an act is a former federal prosecutor. They. Pretend to be collaborating with us to try to do something about the spread of cyber crime in Russia. And come to find out in their rooms are fostering it. Russian media report one of the officers indicted here in the US was jailed and charged in Russia with trees it. Meanwhile the UK denies accusations from the White House it's spied on Donald Trump during the election campaign. Britain's electronic spy agency GC HQ has ridiculed claims are carried out wiretapping on the candidate Donald Trump. And provided transcripts to President Obama. That charge made by Fox News commentator judge Andrew Napolitano. Was given credence by White House spokesman Sean Spicer during a press briefing putting a public accounts in common sense together. This we shall lie in a statement GC HQ to announce the claims as utterly ridiculous nonsense which should be ignored Larry Miller CBS news London. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson wraps up his trip to Asia this week and CBS news foreign correspondent Adrian ideas filed this report Friday. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on a mission to find a way out of the region's most pressing problem. And increasingly aggressive and capable North Korea. Just last week North Korea test fired missiles that landed in the Sea of Japan rattled Japan which hosts more than 50000. US troops. In the face of this ever escalating threat it is clear that a different approaches for. More when asked he gave no specifics. At new approaches but any strategy will need China. The only country with real leverage over John secretary how would you get high enough on the same page as the US to defuse the threat from North Korea. A China it is a major source of economic and trading activity with North Korea. So we look to China to fulfill its obligations and fully implement the sanctions called for. In the UN resolution. On Friday Tillis and travels to South Korea the US is currently deploying a controversial missile interception systems bear known as that. Which could be halted by South Korea's next leader. China vehemently objects attack over fears its radar could peer into China. But cohesion is needed between China the US and South Korea to deal with the north north. Korea and its people. Need not fear the United States or their neighbors in the region who seek only to live in peace with North Korea. Despite these diplomatic challenges the secretary defended the White House has proposed 29%. State Department budget pact. Adriana Diaz CBS news Tokyo. At least 31 Somali refugees have been killed in helicopter attack on yemen's coast children are reported among the dead dozens others injured. The Somali refugees carrying official UN documents were traveling from Yemen to Sudan because of deteriorating conditions when they were attacked by a helicopter gunship about the man dead straight Coast Guard authorities in the currency rebel stronghold of who data said the gunship possibly an Apache helicopter attacked the ship while the refugees were traveling on the currency geo Catholic for CBS news Amman American medics on the front lines in Iraq. A few miles from the front line. Americans treat critically injured Iraqi. This woman was hit by shrapnel from an ice just want to. And she's losing lives because. They need to stop practicing pain. Kyle's play is normally in critical ten minutes in Santa Barbara California. He's taken a vacation. To come to the war was done. It's scary and an adrenaline is at its maximum it's peak. Everything fades away when we get to do what we're trained to do. Think colds in New York City medics and they've been sending teams to natural disasters over a decade. It was his fifth first time they've come to an armed conflict fail everywhere and they've just medications here. Yeah. They aren't cool 24 rallies that it because these war than at the stocks got. This time it's an Iraqi soldier teach in the high by shrapnel. Another man has serious brain injuries and is nothing they can do. Kathy the par is routinely get held his hands as he passed away. I don't know. He knows there are times when he knows holding his hand or felt anything that. I didn't want to be a non. Seen decent who has changed when she told us and I just wish the world to really understand that delay idea now. Polly Williams CBS news moose who. New data indicates military sexual salts may he be on the rise sexual assaults increased at two of the three military academies last year the survey also finds sexual misconduct is on the rise all three the increases come even after the military came up with new programs to prevent assaults and encourage victims to come forward. The report also comes amid a growing scandal involving the posting of photos of female service members. On social media along with obscene comments and threats are Kenny McCormick reporting from the Pentagon. A volcanic explosion from mount Aetna on the coast of Sicily is injured at least ten people are Seth Doan is they. We can hear the rumbling you can still see this team coming from the top of this volcano. There was an unexpected. Explosion here. Journalists and tourists have been appear on Mount Etna watching this lava flow. Which generally moves very slowly but yesterday there was this freak explosion as this. Piping hot lava hits no end in caused a surprise explosion. Sending tourists journalists scientists. Running for their lives. Up next the sun usual Graham try eats one unique. Game show is offering will be attuned to a nice warm cell on the CBS news we get around. On the CBS news weekend around them and Steve Dorsey. A European Court has ruled that companies in the EU can be done there employees from wearing Islamic head scarves and other religious symbols. More from correspond material keep it in London. Although due to the today. In a landmark ruling the European Union's top court decided employers can ban workers from wearing Muslim he jobs. Or head scarves in the workplace as long as they establish a fair and broad dress code. The judgment says. An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political philosophical or religious sign. Does not constitute direct discrimination. The decision applies to private companies in the 28 nation European Union. The conclusion was based on two quart cases in Belgium and France where women were fired for wearing head scarves. Human rights advocates say the judgment weakens equality and encourage hate crime. Muslim immigration in key campaign issue for conservatives across Europe. Tuesday's decision is considered a victory for French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Who wants to eliminate all religious symbols in the workplace. Terry Keenan CBS news London. The prime minister of the Netherlands has defeated the leader of an anti Islam party to win a third term. Exit. Accounts the keys I think. Victorious or we took told supporters that after a break and Donald Trump the ducks have rejected the wrong kind of populism. Holders down played sports show in saying which it is not predicting yet preliminary talks on forming the new government are expected to begin today. He could take weeks or read in months before the country season new coalition. But it's likely to be another cent direct alliance meaning Dutch voters who turned out in record numbers once again chosen for continuity. Lord comatose CBS news Amsterdam. Newly released documents including internal emails from Monsanto. Are sparking more concerns. Chemical called good life OC in its popular weed killer roundup may cause cancer Maria via radio has the story. Hopefully that'll solve the world's. How reckless Monsanto has been with people's help after aggressive chemotherapy you'll London and doses cancer is in remission. She's a mother of three and 102 plane using the weed killer roundup led to her diagnosis a non hodgkin's lymphoma out strap it on an out. Squat round sprained. A federal court unseal documents in a mass litigation lawsuit Tuesday. Raising new questions not only about round of safety but also about Monsanto's research practices. Monsanto issued a statement. These allegations are false. Our biggest issue when Monsanto's position as they controlled assignments hurled Robertson is a lead attorney in the ongoing lawsuits. The day you write articles that are submitted to the EPA they have control of the lab studies that are used for registration of like to say. Mendoza is battle with non hodgkin's lymphoma stove league a year and a half of her life. She vows to keep fighting for the sake of her children and just wanted militant buying it for what they believe this right. Just like their mom now Carl Robertson and her law firm expect to file between a 1002000. More cases against Monsanto in the next several months but still with multiple studies coming out with conflicting conclusions about life the safety scientific jury is still out right now about the product safety. Maria via array now reporting a flood of ghost calls for the Dallas 911 system may have slowed emergency responses causing two people to die. More from correspondent overview Franca Mitt unhurt Bridget Alex is living through a parent's worst fear. The mother had left her son branded at home with the baby sitter when the six month old fell and stopped breathing. I would never elect no mother. No violence or go to pain than I'm going to white male the forty year old baby sitter was on hole with 911 for more than thirty minutes. And never got through to a dispatcher. The city says the 911 system was jammed but what's referred to as ghost calls from T-Mobile users called may deny and 11 unintentionally. And unknown to the color and then appear on a dispatchers green as hang ups. By law dispatchers happen called those numbers back which bottlenecks the system. Mayor Mike brawl. I want to problems solved immediately. If it's takes longer period of time I don't know why. T-Mobile says company engineers have been working daily to find a permanent solution to this problem of Florida sheriff's department is barring a peach from. Popular game showed a catch crooks. Here's correspondent mark stressed or Brevard County they'll push our spins the wheels. Misfortune for fugitives. Puts it on FaceBook and wait for testers to call this email up. For the last eighteen months here I. The studio with the sheriff's office has become must see viewing in Brevard County Florida you're watching will you have a weekly program. Sheriff Wayne idea the show's pat say Jack had the idea. We'll get you into a nice warm shell and the personality. To host it when we put someone up on the wheel fugitive. Our citizens start sending us messages and contacting us Ryder. I'd be screened so we will put the names and photos of ten wanted fugitives. And highlights an unlucky winner he's got no bond. Dozens of fugitives have been arrested or turned themselves in this week we're gonna look forward to Iran Maurice today. Last month the wheel picked tee on gay he was in custody within a day. The fugitives watch it it's amazing how many of them when they're arrested say yeah I saw or my family notified me about it. In fact we've had fugitives or say yeah I watch it every week to see if I'm on the wheel which like this week's their lives Alicia leap. Pack of fugitive a leash impact posted on FaceBook that she saw herself on the show. But added she was going to the beach where police tracked her down. They ended up having a taser so we put up on our FaceBook page on ten K has been arrested on the same day what about this connects with people one. A little bit of humor mixed in it too. People at least in our community and I think in most communities throughout the country want to be engaged with law enforcement so it reaches out to them and gives them an opportunity to do it. What are. There's America makers gras social media is a new weapon for a law enforcement look at new song I'm talking to you. The Louisiana captain clay Higgins nicknamed the cajun John Wayne talk directly to criminals. We're going to identify you arrest you and puts you in a small sail. After that I'm gonna have a cheeseburger here. The YouTube sensation led to multiple arrests see which one of these waves are gonna get to spent some time at Brevard managerial. Terrified he's favorite show was ladies night there. But critics object that his approach is nothing more than public Cheney it reinforces the public's blood lust for seeing people punished. And also reinforces the offenders sense of being rejected and excluded from society. Preserve public shaming today us. As I said earlier if you don't wanna be on the wheel fugitive don't commit a crime or Brevard County don't. Don't refused to remove all of them because our team's gonna come after your community is gonna come after me. Correspondent mark stress meant reporting from river county Florida on all we you'll love miss fortune one. Coming up on the weekend roundup nutritional psychology. Prescribing food for thought. The idea that food plays an essential role in our mental health please follow us on Twitter we have headlines at CBS radio news in time. Steve underscored the receipt. On the CBS news weekend round. On the CBS news weekend roundup and Steve Dorsey. Life after. Internet theme for one parent are marrying Kelly's four year old swagger has been watched 86 million times it's turned her father Robert in to a global Internet sensation if you already owns Biggs look at where. Question how did chaos unfolded Friday during a Skype interview with the deep sea region I think what are your children's just sort of average has professor Kelly tried to keep Barry Bonds due in law little nine month old jeans. Followed quickly by his mother young and I can't. In a frantic bid to keep the kids out of the shot. I should be. Kelly later explained that Marion had been an NAD property boot after celebrating her birthday party. Would be. Thirty seconds into the interview. Points came in. That or not I could do your relations with the north might check the video instantly triggered tributes and copycats. Like the one featuring Press Secretary Sean Spicer president trump and Carson and Kellyanne Conway and any. Live out and late night shifts that you never know. Is why I love kids and no matter how seriously do you take yourself kids will mess up your. Sure your dad can say I'm going on the BBC but the kids are like no quit going on and then. Kelly thought that was the end. And his TV career but it's in the opposite. Today Kelly politely pleading to be left in peace if he's happy is and we saga has brought laughter to sell Maggie. Charlie Dag. CBS in Milan to welder scary moments for parents now a new study on how often toddlers are sent to New York for an injury. From nursery related product CBS news correspondent Deborah agree this has more. One child under the age of three is treated in the emergency room every eight minutes in the US you can blame strollers car seats created. Parents we assume that products that are available for our children are safe. Unfortunately that's not how mr. Tracy me and center for injury research and policy at nationwide Children's Hospital most of the injuries happen when kids fall from a products. And about 80% of the injuries are to the head face and neck says these communities Meehan says manufacturers need to do a better job of alerting moms and dads to problems parents need to pay closer attention to recalls. Deborah Rodriguez CBS news pizza scouting ground for some of the world's brightest young minds and it's got a quarter million dollar price Errol Barnett. Ones impressed. The cat. I'm. Led on by cheers from her. A fellow competitors the drug right dose was awarded the first place he sits on treating brain injuries. There on the dire warning tell us. And drowning was one of forty high school senior is vying for the title a sort of looking at desalination. This the non jury of young minds. Yeah I have had it behind this you like to maintain active. Must explain the projects and concise way there's like thirteen thousand lines of code that I had a right to get that thing working. And salute to the judges are like what impressed me with the fines. That computer simulation planet formation wow. A huge disk. God or something during their recess I discovered evidence for warming planet around I nearby stop Blake COLT trained for this moment by inspiring even younger scientists. I'm gonna move it over you're gonna few details and rate while engaging these young kids in the blunders that stars and planets you wanna be a moon. Right to come up here he's homing in on how to explain his own discoveries to be able to can dance knowledge and decides small anecdotes really has helped me understand my own work better and communicate. At the basic levels so that I truly do you understand when I'm down. We'll Blake is finding new planet's critique did do is using computer software to find the cure for cancer. So you turn this physical manifestation of the way DNA is structured in team algorithms. Exactly and I think that's really powerful because by the than trying to use the experimental biochemical methods in the lab. The computational method with my locked up so much faster. Isabella Greco wants to know more about gen device so she put together a survey and found this. Eagle and then an associate jobs. We're more likely to be wealthier members I have read here and having not seen this months and also people among likely to have plus everything about ten minutes as you got. So this really exposes gender bias. I'm it also exposes something about the ways gotten the attention. Borrowed a sit and he is the society for science in the public. Has run the competition with a corporate sponsor first known as the Westinghouse. I wanted. To win a Westinghouse Georgian Coppola as was the winner of the Westinghouse in 1976. Thirteen years later he went on to be the founding scientist of regeneron pharmaceuticals. The competition sponsor now. What does it take to inspire young. Teenagers minds to get them to be the next generation of scientists. A realization recognition. That it is so important and they can get recognized. And they can actually be here now one of those heroes isn't Ronnie dobbs. I want brain injury to be tackled out of fundamental level. And I mean brain injury by all tigers of your generation game traumatic brain injury. I want to see all the people who suffer from these conditions to improve their quality of life. Foot soldiers for the future sites. Errol Barnett Washington. Some sixteen million adults struggle with the out of major depression at least once a year CBS news medical contributor doctor Karen rule spoke with. The CBS this morning team and new research now and how nutritional psychology. May help improve your mute. Well it's the idea that may be a psychiatrist should be asking you what was on your dinner plate last night what did you eat for lunch. The idea that food plays an essential role in our mental health and the same way that we think about it playing a role in cardiovascular disease. In our blood sugar management in our gastric Hasselhoff John look who just did sunny morning we talked about its effects on cancer. So it's it's something we don't often think about. But there has been recent research in its emerging field in the last five years the cellist that healthier dietary patterns can reduce the risk of things like depression and anxiety what's the connection to the brain is of is highly metabolic organic uses a lot of energy a lot of nutrients it's always on. And it depends on fuel but not just any fuel like a car you wanna be that expensive high quality fuel that means. Foods that have the right nutrients the right. Vitamins the right sources of protein because these form the building blocks. For the newer transmitters in the brain for the cellular structure of the brain for the enzymes in the brain. What does that unexpected things that people might not think about that you think you should type of mood booster that's a well who's there yeah they're healthy dietary patterns for instance the Mediterranean diet that's been stay inch and shown to reduce risk of depression. But there's also specific nutrients and vitamins things like the B vitamins Omega three is. Iron zinc fully magnesium coal mean these are some other things that people can think about program addicts pre by addicts. And the idea is that when you eat these foods essentially many of them can become the basis for the brain chemicals the neuro transmitters. CBS news medical contributor doctor terrorist new rule. Up next got milk or not on the CBS news weekend round. On the CBS news weekend around them and Steve Dorsey. Fewer folks are drinking milk these decently from towels sales of plant based milk. Have reached more than two billion dollars as the dairy industry calls on regulators to define what milk really use one alternative ripple. A brand of milk meat from yellow peas. Co-founder and CEO Adam Lowery spoke with Charlie Rose in the CBS this morning team so how does it taste. And it takes great actually this thing if they didn't taste great averages say you know Charlie that it's not a good is an acquired tape let's say a thing I've what is today's life again. Yeah it doesn't is anything like chicken yeah. Yeah no actually they protease. Protein is flavor of this all proteins are flightless we think of protein based foods is being really meteor. In the plant based world like soy. But we use peace because a really high in protein. And if you get really pure protein it actually has no flavors of these products ripple takes a lot more like dairy milk a glass of milk has a current approach team. All they know which is the most popular not under not only has one. Most people think that not know oaks. You know would have protein because they're from nuts and nobody is down almost a very good week right but all are no plans one gram protein cashew coconut milk also pulp popular. They have not right so we made ripple to be dairy free the way it should be which is a great source approaching. A lot less sugar. And really creamy and delicious the way that milk should be I wanna read you a. The national. Producers federation said which that supports the daily. Pride act they say quote the labeling a plant based alternatives as milk conveys a nutritional equivalency that is not accurate accurate. Why do you need to call it milk why don't you call it a different product will. I think the dairy industry is playing defense because they're losing a lot of customers. The fact is that no plant based. Product is calling itself milk without calling it a plant based no core so I know 36%. Of Americans prefer plant based notes so let's define it in a way that everybody can enjoy it whether you want it out of the utter a foot tower where you wanted to straight from the plants in new got this idea from what weight you just fed up with melting your lactose intolerant. In a word I started ripple. For impact to be what gets me out of bed every morning is trying to use business to help people in turn help the environment I started. A cleaning products company called method before I started this business and started ripple because I wanted to create. In paction really. Big way and a lot of mainstream people not just people lactose intolerant. Are trying plant based products now. Ripple co-founder and CEO Adam lo re speaking with CBS this morning our final story a March Madness one this weekend about. UCLA freshman Alonso ball who could be the top NBA draft pick after just one year in college and his talents on the court. Run in the family. More from correspondent Dana Jacobson. Lamar how many hours you think guys have spent on this course hours and hours. And all well and they are. Five to our donors and there's proof. Look at that and all true. Lavar ball built his backyard basketball court with one goal in mind all. To turn the three ball Brothers into ballplayers. Do oldest Alonso took backed him. Middle child Lee Angelo. And the baby. Well Melo right. So was this. Hey let's have a family basketball players are very honored Erica. It goes to know we're going to embarrass you got the right things. I had a lot of short QBs but Tino was hole. Could book. All right mayor you know what. We get three boys Tina did you did you know this is this is what you are now as the platinum thread to camp was going to be among girls. Lennar and Tina ball met when both played college basketball. And just as Lavar predicted the couple's basketball genes work passed along to their sons there you go home. I'm a library and 13 of all real. There's going to be the big ball lovely. Of course those big dollars started off small and. This kind of contradicted those people that big ball isn't too small is dark but after we finish will permit trail. They know the big ball was war. And soon Uga they weren't so little. When that word a big ball of voters to the boys trained with their father of seven days a week even on holidays sick. That dedication led to success. It last year all three played together chino hills high school in Southern California. They're on court chemistry up tempo play and unlimited range electrified. Packed gymnasiums. As they led the school to its first undefeated season. And the state championship. And as his life easier you know when you get to play with you we live live theater today. This year has UCLA starting point guard Alonso led the nation in the fifth. And propelled this into a number three seed in the NCAA tournament. Forty miles east of Chino Hills. Brothers happy. Now this having all three of you there that you're now on the air get more shots this year. You know that the 92 point game August. The dollars and 92 point. Payne just weeks after the Angelo put up 72 points in an hour or videos of the Brothers now regularly go viral. This one has been viewed more than half a million times. I told people. From aboard gonna put a ball over here soldiers originally deferred income monthly comparable Brothers and now it's up in the show. On the small house man. We'll bar ball heads might notice doesn't exactly hold back when it comes to talking up his schooling. Didn't mister curry did it. Those comments to TMZ sports comparing Alonso to NBA MVP staff Currie. Are just one of several headline grabbing statements Le Mars made recently. Leading to criticism from some sports writers and analysts peoples that you need to just be quiet and let. You can play ball accuracy was not certain what two words don't be you don't mix the ball ball and stuff. You forget that I even found 15 of of him on my. Relevant it is a better be shocked if there's enough. I laugh because whoever they try to compare my boys who he's gonna say they're better at it doesn't matter who is that's what he believes. The bars high. That's fine with me it's. That high bar leads to competition in almost everything this tight knit Family Guy who's winning we're. It's also created an unmistakable bond between the boys and their parents. Whether or not these three basketball phenom all end up playing in the NBA as their father has predicted played hard. You know there is one place you'll always find him playing ball. Hope every T shirt and dive back you know part of all is over everyone tested. Oh. Don't Kennedy. The lone grove consider bringing you guys go we go you know right gentlemen I don't know any time. Dated Jacobs in meeting the talented ball Brothers and we appreciate you listening to the weekend roundup please keep in mind you can do a search online to find past episodes search for CBS news. Weekend roundup. We can round up it's produced at the CBS news Washington bureau have a great week. And Steve Dorsey CBS news.