Austin Humane Society's 6th Annual “Pup Crawl”

Inside Austin
Sunday, May 14th

A pawesome time for a doggone good cause. Ericka Miller, from the Austin Hume Society, joined us to talk about the 6th Annual “Pup Crawl” - an event taking place on Saturday, May 20 between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Rainey Street in Downtown Austin.

The event is celebrating 65 years of saving animal lives in the community. It’ll feature everything Rainey Street has to offer: a variety of beer, and assorted food trucks. But with the party in mind comes a goal to raise $6500 for Austin’s homeless pets. 

If you’re unable to make the celebration, but wish to contribute, you can always donate items from Austin Humane Society’s “Wish List,” which includes items to help care for the shelter animals such as wet dog food, puppy pads, peanut butter, rubber activity dog toys, and more.  The “Wish List” can be accessed by visiting


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Welcome to inside us and earlier this year we had Erika Miller with the Osce humane society south by. Talked about a car raffle that they were holding. The big success for the Allison humane society just doesn't sop in the month of April. They worked year round. And Erika Miller is actually in the studio right now here to speak about their sixth annual putt PP thrall not of pub crawl but the pup crawl and that's happening may twentieth. From two to 8 PM on rainy street Erica welcome back I think you so much for having me so. Let's get our listeners a little bit of information about the pup crawl and pack what is it. So the pup crawl is happening on May twenty and calm on rainy streets in as our sixth annual and he mentioned and it's just what it's incidents at the pub crawl so. Dog friendly. And we'll go from non bar to bar with drink specials and all the money comes back and to the animals of the Austin you society. It's cool so it's not it's a nice little gathering come now and also like. What a perfect street to do it on because everything is right next to each other exactly. In the height of the day there's you know. Rainey street is shaded yes comets not indoor you got a lot of outdoor spaces or afraid to you to bring your dogs and stuff. So. How do how does one get involved with. Let's see you go to our website Austin humane society dot org and then just click on the pub crawl banner on our homepage. And a dress jury there we have wrist bands available right now they're 25 dollars and that secures some drinks specials from Tito's vodka as well as a pup crawl tee shirt which is still in the works for the design is to be unveiled coming appear soon. And then we and also have sponsored ships if you or your business you gonna do some of their coworkers server group of friends. We have different sponsorship levels like the lab blogger or that patty Porter and and those are different levels and you can sponsor and then your name will go on a T shirt your business name on the T shirt. And you go on our our promotional materials as well so we've got all that going on so grab your friends and sign up. We also just and finalize the bars that are going to be going to say is going to start a bar 96. And then move on to luster pearl. Then container bar and and Clive are so should be a fun fun day and again it's happening may twentieth from cute 8 PM right there on rainy streets salary. And that's six hours. In the sun. Should pace yourself yes exactly drink just as much water for yourself as you as your dog needs to drink water and every part exactly. But you do have a goal to raise 6500 dollars correct it. That is cracks that are 65 anniversary of the Mason said he started back in 1950s you so in honor of our 65 years our goal is 6500. Dollars so fingers crossed that the grinning get there I think we can do it. You party had some wrist bands purchased a party hats and sponsorships made tell. We're excited for it's always a really fun event it's on presented by home source mortgage which is such a great sponsor of ours or really excited well. Erica you know you had such success with the raffle yes and then you just had the Hyatt regency I guess they got. How I think you again for coming into the studio and speaking tour her listeners we really appreciate you having a Sonnen and spreading the word about these osment and that we have gone on you did speak about it being kitty season right it is so are you guys handling Metairie tack knowing it well do we need to Foster. We do need foster's we have lots of foster's we have lots of kittens that are now in our adoption program that are looking for good homes you and I tell you what on a daily basis we have kids coming in whether it be left in boxes or good samaritans have found them you know. Throughout Austin and brought them into ice and we are working with them or putting them in Foster homes these boxers are amazing they provide round the clock care. Every few hours they're getting out and feed them to think the baby hack into so it's a lot of work but we have a great network of Foster Foster care families in our area and so they're doing a great job helping us with kitten season so far. But I think I mentioned this last time can season is expected to be longer because we've had such a mild winter a sore already seen Akins and were expecting it to go for quite a long time so if your interest in fostering. You can go to our website again that's Austin humane society dot org. And look at Foss stream honey can also just email our Foster care coordinator Amanda who is fabulous and she'll get to go and shall just to a one on one. I'm kind of Foster care orientation with few and then gets you going right away. I'm and you can email her Foster care at Austin humane society dot pork and chuck ET Al setup and if anyone has a spontaneous wants to skip all of that and what are they able to visit you at any time has an office hours yet they can come in and them and meet with ice and if Amanda's there and is available she'll be more than happy to pitch through the Foster care orientation is real brief and talked a little about the kittens or at least that you on the list in the next time we need jewel McCoy are right and sweet yeah. Well Erica. We tackled it pretty quick out you won it. Leave our listeners with anything that you like to add widgets and we just really appreciate everybody coming out these events like you mentioned our car apple has been such success so we. Really thank everybody for supporting us whether it be coming out to our events or coming into the shelter to make a donation or to adopt an animal. We just so appreciate the Osce to median and the surrounding communities for doing such great work for us and helping us and we need them. Grateful Erika Miller. Thank you so much for joining us. Again that's the pines and puppies with the us and humane society at the Hyatt regency. Hos and that's. Right on the lake give you need any more information you know him as an awesome humane society dot org. This is inside us and them will be right back.