8/10: Life, Loss & Legacy

Del Walmsley
Thursday, August 10th

Only weeks prior to this podcast, Mason, son of fiancé to CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, guest starred on The Del Walmsley Radio Show to share first-hand perspectives of his generation – the millennial generation. Not long after, he was gone. On this show, Del remembers 23 year-old Mason to explore the meaning of life, loss and legacy.


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Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app was your favorite shows. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven. Until they tell clumsily radio show. Tells him. The questions everything I had to empowers you to return to your. And make your life. If they're true. Next hour we'll change your life. Now you're okay. Diaw went for. Don't don't want to radio show. As for the hydrants and help begins miracles don't want to there's always. There's always working on your financial. Future but today my friends. Is today in morning. It's something completely different. And the show's going to be very painful. For myself be painful for almost everybody listens to it if you willing to hang in there and listen to it. But it's very important. It's important to understand. Who life has meaning. There's something tool like it's more than just getting up going to bed getting up going to bed. There's something more to life than just existing. They're. We you have tragedy. In your life. And you start to think about that stuff. Now. My fiance and I. We lost a child this week. There's her son. 23 years old. Under car accident. And we all grieve and always. Pulling toys for hope you can. Relate to me grieving publicly she's private she's grew weak general private grieving with her family. But I grieving couple. Because. To me. The only way I can live through. It emotionally rational existence of life. Is try to mix rationality and try to figure out why. What we did where who. What makes all happen. Now it's very easy for the average person to. To go wolves just God's will. But God's will. Doesn't make the decisions that human beings make. Human beings make decisions. That in their lives. Can beings make decision not to do things that within their life but they don't. They make those decisions. Which as to what they'll let everybody thought you were just born with a Decker cars stacked against him but our sun. Melissa sun life future son in law had everything in the bucket that Hillary crucial week ago. Get everything the bucket he could've been anybody want to being courted anyone and do who's Smart who brilliant. But loving people loved him. Great kid. But he made decisions. Parent. My grieving. Is not here I'm not here today to grieve for. Our laws. A hundred grief for everybody's loss. Which would you what amoeba that. I was thinking about the stuff from last week as a gone through this pain. Gone through Melissa which has you know ten times subpoena I guarantee maybe a hundred times. But that is to go through it you watch some deals go through that pain you ask yourself this question. Why. What is it. About our society today. To make system patent. A week ago. We had a picture manager visiting to have him on the radio. He told us that he had no plants no future no desires and dreams. He just wanted to live the way he's living. In the way he's living. Took his life. Things that he didn't believe. Are what took his life god didn't take a life. Communist and figures like president and figures like. He did things took actions. In and open the loss of life. Why. Doesn't ever just occured you should ask yourself why. We do the things we do. Phillips out of pain. So moved out of struggle. So almost as I don't care. I don't know. But I know this. Is that. There's a tutor I think the greatest walks. And you know you could argue mean you can be Melamine Gaby what do we wanna do is what I do. I step authors say things people are not willing to say. But the greatest loss is not the loss of this beautiful person. It's a lawful what he could have been. Every. As the film remembers rally around the dep. They looked each other for support. And wolf. What I look at is. Why. What is it that allows people in our lives. To believe that their life means nothing. Commenting is Kidd thought that was noted bulk cared about us what do we mean by that. I was watching issue new difficult hard knocks. Him. And his kid coming out of college. Was in the show. Who get up early morning 5 o'clock in the morning and he would listen to. A self help speaker mullah I think the cellphone records plus brown by his voice. Having listened to him before by his verbiage from what we talked about it was like. Why don't you give help your beat the best person you could be why are you all wondering generalities. It took somebody important. Why are you not doing everything you can do to be the best to have the best to live the best you can bulk it. Know it's interesting because our side he's given up on the content. The kids today don't care. The young lad. Who's gone. Was on the radio I asked him the very question he didn't care. He's got Brothers and sisters who right now to mourn them. And I don't know they care a wouldn't put those words in your mouth open. I don't think you any of them have a long term plan. But why wouldn't blame them. Because I don't think anybody has long complained. I think well I get ticked at that goes are very root him I don't think very many people have long complained life. I think most people just get up and exist. Day after day after day I predict. There. He said to me. Because. If you we live your life to wean yourself off speaker was talked about and to this football player. You can do everything you want. To let can be incredible. But you. Have to decide that you wanted to be incredible. You have to get it from day say I've got to fix this about my life I got to fix this about me go step. Two feet further this way. One foot further this way. And when you make those decisions you take those steps. How do you know one but it time. I like and have alleged for years people 56 years of age who broke. Bad credit. Have nothing. And one of how light it is it didn't happen when you're fifty or sixty. It happened when you were twenty. And decided to restart making bad decisions. Or maybe you never even decided it all you can make bad decision you just made bad decisions. You know every one of us myself more than most did you. I've done bad things that are like done wrong things on the right word would be bad wrong stupid. Things in our life. But we've survived that. The answer should be why. That was subtle about. It why did I do. Why would you keep doing. The same thing indicating no results in a we define that our entire lives insanity. If you keep on doing we doing Q ball give you indicated you keep thinking of something different by doing the same thing you must be insane. So the insanity of all this. Is that our society has given up on itself. You don't what's been attributed Donald Trump. Forty years ago. Maybe 1015 years one I don't know. Gave this interview where he said do you realize if you don't take care of North Korean now while they have nothing to defeat us this someday will be looking down the barrel of sixty dukes in right and market city's. And I guess what you've heard. Kim can you. Which sixty nukes. All Indy US. My friends. We take these actions we don't think about what they are. We just believe that we can get away with. We can push off till tomorrow that which is important today. And then figure we can just live with the results. Because what to say about this holier. Let's get conversation going who also what. 877711. Fifty to a level right back. Don't want to review. You're listening to the tell monthly radio. Changing principles are just a few minutes. 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That's my passive income workshop dot com. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 630 in May thirtieth weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Thirteen seventy. And conventional wisdom just sets you free from the man on a mission to retire road America one for. No one's. Welcome back to go through radio show today we're talking about grieving. And what do we grieving over well my family is grieving over lost so when. Mason peck a young child. Porn three years old. And dome. Drew we've been going through the grieving process for a week ago. Then. You'll look completely different human being and everybody else I don't grieve privately like everybody else does. I've looked fairly grieve properly for a week now. But I have to Republican you have to make sense of this stuff and to me it makes no sense at all. When someone doesn't complete their life's. Gold. Futures to publish it that you gentlemen we have him on the radio we can go to an ambulance schools. And you know good and we're not judging here don't get me wrong this is not a judgmental. Conversation. This is. I actually sat. He was willing to live life day by day by day by day and everybody else ghostly keynote but dale felt that is what life is about how. It's about living day by day they're getting the most out of life. Those people the freest of all of us for the applicable us. That's very sure. Fours are not the the mother and the father that raised with three or four kids and they grow and go to college to marry and have kids and grandkids. Who's to appear. To people actually make it through life once you don't. Now what I would have talked about today's is this is beyond my grieving. That is why we are grieving is be logical about it but the question is. What. Are you doing to make sure that before you die your life is where you wanted to be. What do you wanna leave. Tears else. To your kids. To the world what is your legacy. That's a pushover asking what it is you're legacy. Then. You know when I asked them that it's not in the mean weights and it's a loading which like. May be legacies just to a lived maybe that's what it's all about. But to me. Like Lucy was about getting to where I wanted to get and I got there and done. Like I gave myself 65 years to get there and 61 already made it everything you ever wondered me. And that I look at somebody's life that was on completed the picture at the masterpiece. The beauty incredible. Talent. Was never utilized. That's what makes me more. That looks like we have some in the fall what she brings some points to bear on this topic I think it's David I can't tell which were from. Our either David. Yes and I newspaper based and I even don't ran are also lost. Hey David from Daytona camera and your paid a big voice calling it yet you know you don't want kids don't jump to kid you got. Oh I wonder if there's more to you won't want to go there. And that's probably haven't been right now bill. We had no fire my ball dinner I have a lot of fun have a low ball me and I guess about what appears off balance all and I was I was blown out there. And we have a family friend and improvement in that. And he worked as a life. He was when he retired he said what he was gonna do and all I can and so I hear you must be done about souls bothers. Or 65 or spit at 65 Lugo. And Ellison's earlier rule when you say you wanna humorous now you wanna enjoy life now. And you know bill on FaceBook you know I definitely enjoy life. At the people of each beard. You can do it you know enjoy it while you can because life does not close the family and so accidentally go all about the players. The patriot. They know me to sign. You know I don't know that you know that that is so truce is you don't know do you if you don't if you don't get it now. There William to get it and especially durable player but we get an interest in stories that you brought up about not even thought about this but. Steve Davis is dead in my deadbolt but on the same day does that a freaky story of what. That is the the units on a story I guess I'll slapper weighs about you know your dad has. And I'm and that's what I plan on him that's why some of what you look for those but I mean like yours sir what gets the way have a good life great life. And I mean you know what you have India on I guess a couple weeks goes on like. I mean anywhere so scoring is the kind of story that I made suppose so much fire in people I mean. I don't know there's just he just watch star of the slowest city here I must be dealt thank you both those without without saw Portland that I'm open that I have now. You know that a goal. What what are you going what do you think about what do you think about that generation. That's coming through now. Of young people they have no know plans for the future. Have you thought about her daughter didn't have it done now that bite either. I'd look at damage it blows my mind what are these kids thinking that there's no goals in life for the future. There almanac of figure out of the remanded immediately and Beebe says about my Generation X. generation that they are that are fair let me or. I think we really made its duty people of the movement. My oil because. I mean that's why they have not by they have Mobo yes improper so what is up about here. Okay deterrent when Warren I mean do you want howls you all are. Well yeah I guess yet whatever happens and I'll work at the bar. Like chips are like I like money like bats money bright day. The pilot like us. I've got I got two kids who work bars and that's. That is today I get paid today and catch a goal might come on I'm happy. Yep that's a look at my download you know like I've used the news. Like there's the well he got a book open in Indian iron in minutes. In some like that billion up in our ten years yet have a plan if you have a plan you like a boat would know whether. You know one of the things I used to always say that I haven't used in years is that if you don't plan for success. You are a lot of might the opportunity to plan for failure. Yeah it really really is true I mean I mean do you think about it I can't even imagine. At 23 years of age. I've accomplished very little. I think I have my mind that some athletic stuff by them but you know really very little had not given anything to society. If I think that you know what if like had not been old come back and give to society and create tens of thousands of people that have made choices in their lives and are different because we can't perceive about it. It just to me I can't even imagine that that he would give that up. So. American the only and. If you don't some that you can never get back though I'll open you can never get. I agree tiger that aren't actually about a very stake you've got bush and it. There. Federal prolonged time lot of people out there that. Know. Me and they know this is the way I grief agreed differently and everybody else I got to make some sense out of it. And it's really difficult to do when most people are being emotional. And just you know feeling the pain. My penis to be. Just be ground up into little bits and put that into a blender and made insulting. I can't just have pain propane safety doesn't make any sense there's got to be something good because of this young lads situation. We figured out. We look back. Don't want to. You're listening to their tail once we break here. Changing principles are just a few minutes. Longtime lifestyles member Curtis Payne. It's a real joy for me looking back. 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What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics but we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. The wisdom to set you free the men on a mission to retire or. Bonds. Welcome back to go Walter British show today we're doing an unconventional show it's shall morning. My fiancee in losses on. And a loss of future son in law. And we. In barely was morning that for a couple days down that went to curable stop you take care and they're gonna have a week this weekend. And to me the way I mourn is totally different everybody else everybody else's breaks down and what's to remember. Loved the person. To me I want to mourn. Why. What is it 23 year old kid. Have this happen to him. What is it about people that are fifty and have the life sixteen have no life. What is reasonable people. That makes life so difficult I just don't understand. Why so many people on this earth. Could have so little. Understanding that they have told only to grasp in the life what do they want. Some people don't even care vision when we have on the radio we go didn't care racism but really wanting. You know. He got what he wanted to. He wanted nothing you gotten up. Other people. You know. They complain about the government doesn't take care of me the world doesn't take care beverage analyst about the world not being right. But the bottom line is. If you're right. The girl's right. It's all to you really us really comes down to what you believe to be true. Yeah. We have people. It's amazing. To Kumble lifestyles and had incredible results. And there we have all the people come lifestyles. And they complained that because they did nothing they got no results and they expected something should have been done for them. But the truth of the matter is. In the world gives you back what you put into it. If you put in caring and understanding and belief in growth. And you get all the swings back. And what I Citron. And I go through my morning my morning is why can't. There be more people to get that idea. That if you open up other people's throat do what they want you can have whatever you want. But our society is going that direction. Or recite his quote and quote progressive. It's going the other direction and believes what I want I need to get and I should get it right now. Without doing anything for it or toward being able to get it. Completely dependent we got a call by the way our number here protocol it is. And do this 8777115211. And eight what everyone to say it doesn't really matter how old now on the line is Randy Randy Wolf from the show. Barlow Dale Farm I out where you at all. Yeah I heard you can about a radar last weekend a play or not off. Global bank fees leaving tonight. Like what just take day by day. Yeah I don't really nice guy though is now that I'm a very bad law been like I'm very sorry about that. Well thank you Randi appreciate that yeah so on yeah mother infant brother and sister because they need to hear that. So what do you think well this Randi what do you think well people who don't have any goals in life. Yeah all human. Or daughter. It's in a failed in both our old mark was that a fool them. Beat those two on PL I saw Iowa Leo once and to have a lifestyle. Bottle like me to work every day or forty or sixty hours. And I did take all my daughters to look at all David B share one McCree criminal my. Gray market yacht Allen there are short them update things working. What they're due to bare it all into it dog is a nickname. Oh they're big hour big power with them. Together so there are you believe they knew was going on stage just that that ball or turn the question more of them. Because all these days in a nobody apple you'd like what they've what apple. Nobody implant what they're on a dual school already one tall. Sure that what do you think that they're ready what you why do you think kids sort of goals anymore. What's happened our society. They go bitter bitter battle let all like I like all my in like what I want what you. I haven't I don't mobile two other battles or get a oh my money right now. And money and end it there but we definitely played a game like that they're way up I think. Traditionally thought things tradition getting worse or maybe every day. So all digital wanna get him a good quarter make mind up so that want whatever they want the underdog card like what just that I liked. KG and at what age do you think that they start and they start to think about that if any Clemson people that are fifty going get on fifteen and still broke. They Manuel made decisions your entire life that brought you to this point. You know and outfit to your your coming in you're listening to paying attention and took only think about this what is it and where is it that. That people would. Without being overly ready without being overly work all action a horse. I don't want people to go out there and and lived to slave life fighters want people to welcome go OK I I wanna play in from collectible. It doesn't mean the plan that and you by the way. Our son. Had the plan of moving him out of the woods he loved that stuff that's only cared about he wanted to be speaking Combs sustainability went to about their. And live without half we go to anything else like but low ball the woods wrecked. Eric guy is playing and and he got what he wanted so the point is what is people's play and when they just cued up and go to work every day or get up and just exist every day what what age should people start thinking about the future because I was thinking about it since I was sixteen years old I've got to play in my whole life. When you think you're up player. Are yet this year like what you stated on BetaNews. Dated and out by and a right map. Like one out what I yet you did find this black enough like our lifestyle. Or or or bumping and I. Leg baby to a bumpy all the people do army back. Both and I think did about by the right now about what the if there by the right map. On Sunday. Being liberal and a thing on little Italy we're so. All working or there like. Until they get like beat it was to be so. A lot. Who Randi appreciate Conan man and I hope that your your daughters. Turn out to have an incredible life. And fulfill all of you drink Gotti Gotti hold your kid by the way. All my order I want you they think being. They being highly La La. Analogue NN all day. Tireless well we're about ten apples sweet tenor torn your Chanel skits and grandkids in the picture for it. We had our family we had barely over we had the grandkids over the other day three grandkids in military you what. That ruined yeah are they can do right. Thanks for calling I really appreciate it thank you elected I think that you for the for the rest built their little let me show this review and a little butcher discus. When you're set I'm in mourning right now this my way of mourning we got a bus tour coming up we've we have every year and are actual this incredible. Bus tour we go to all these apartment complexes. And we take to win and that the owners share were either financials and surely what they did to turn these things around Michigan's money they made autumn. 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So much insider information it's unbelievable. And would you know that we'll stop back and you'll have what I call debriefing world we control the questions. Back to main the main complex so. This is a never been done dealt before and done in Houston never did in Dell's grieve for some adults. And if you've been the one machine how great the argument what she wanted dolls if you've never been any of them you definitely wanna get a one. You wanna see cigarettes that is really one of the biggest things I've ever seen in my life. He's he's road trip so to begin their largest contact. Our office if you draw the contact offices email media ask Dell. At LUYMC dot com that AS KT EL asked bill. At LUIC dot com I'll forward you to the people had information for you able to issue and every need you don't torso. Wanna keep you close always good break right back. Don't want to read. You're listening to their tell monthly rate here. Changing principles are just a few minutes. 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When the weather turns severe turn to us for what you need to know on air and online at sock thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy. The right choice. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week a couple of months a heat how long until you lose everything you've worked for in a fraction of the time it took different. If this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach at lifestyles unlimited start with the free workshop. Go to my passive income workshop dot com and find your true financial piece like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Top thirteen seventeen. And conventional wisdom just sets you free the men on a mission to retire or. Once. We'll go back to last segment don't want to reduce showed today we've been morning. My Fam is in mourning the loss of the child for last week. And they mourn privately. More than publicly. Simply because I believe there's got to be something good to come to out of everything. You don't understand life death the sort of knows understandable that project. Especially what happens to 23 year old kid doing man. What does all that mean. So I wanna make something out of it I want it to mean something. To be important somebody. So what I wanna do with the don't want is. To give it to you. As a point that hey. While we mourn the death of this young gentlemen. I want you to mourn the death of your life. If you're now 2530405060. Years of life. And you've not done with your life what you wanted to Porsche. Desired to do. The other question is why. What if it was you know we're talking about tomorrow. Did you leave behind. The legacy you wanted to leave behind. Bolton deeds. Support for your family. Caring and loving for the people around you what what it what is it you wanna leave behind that's what you've got to think about but the question is did you. That's what I wanna come come away with here today is did you. Leave behind what you wanted to leave behind. That's what's important. The morning. Of our child. Is important. Locally. But the morning of loss for the entire society is even more important. Because. What I had a young gentleman on we go we said he had no plans for the future his generation doesn't decide anything anymore. We've lost our kids. Between the QX belief. That the world means nothing. It's a terrible content. We've lost her kids back on its they truly believe life means nothing. But what's ahead. As a people our age. Forty mercy our age. Younger than me 4056 years being. We were not brought up that we do not believe the world where we actually believe the world should leave behind a success of some kind. Whatever it is that you believe that success is due not. Try to turn that into a financial. Pre requisite that's not what we're saying maybe it's loving your kids maybe it's. Helping other people. But maybe it is. Leaving fairly secure. Maybe it is. Doing enough in your life successfully financially. That your family. Can live a good life. Now as a gentleman called earlier said portraits and we have a great life the good life look it's no way of good life in okay light. Look it's a way of okay life. A piece of garbage life. That you figure how could it be better and it's just keep living his piece of garbage life. My programs and about people living the garbage like it's. Dave Ramsey. Pulling people out of the dungeons of self pity in poverty and broken whatever that's not only do I work with people who are already pretty self confident. They wanna become a way better. Win more successful. And to do that. These people have decide you know what I may have a good life. But I could have a great. And that's. What truly important. Is who we walk away from this sadness that were bearing and our family right now. With all of you walking win was something important thinking OK the guy got on there today he just. More. Publicly. What does that mean to me I'll take what it means. You need to think. Yes think. About your life today if that's all all basket for if I get that out of this discussion I've done something. The biggest child's life worth living. I mean thousands of other people think. I want you to think. What is your life about. What are you going to do with your life. What child have you not hugged enough kits enough spouse who haven't hugged him up and just. Who and what have you now paid attention to the should be paid attention to. And why don't you have a plan for the future. Why is he get up. And walk through life slightly. Why is that okay. I don't think it is. And that's what a morning. On mourning the loss. Of the future of mourning the loss of opportunity. A mourning the loss. Of creativity. And success. A morning albeit. That and not gotten where you wanna be. You are not where you wanna be today it's because you. Are not doing what you should be doing. Not a government. Cannot Donald Trump is not Obama. If you. They don't control your life you control your life. They don't make things happen for you you make things happen pretty and in the essence of not having anything in your life. Be where you want to be is directly related effect you don't believe. You can't conceive. And so far you haven't achieved. Today's today. Today's date remember the most important day of herbs and my life and it's saying it for thirty years since I started this program. It's not money. It's the lifestyle. The lifestyle loving. Giving achieving. Happiness fault illness. And family inference. A wonderful day. I. The. Yoshiro. Can obtain the rest. Enjoy seventy. Can't get enough. I. Okay. I the information and opinion see here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host don't want sleep is gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Dell wants a show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product or secure. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy.