7/16: Be The Bank

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, July 16th

Banks make money the easy way - by lending it. You can, too. Learn the benefits of private lending.


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Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven you got come in January need sock thirteen seventy right choice and. From the nodal capitol studios in Austin, Texas this is really well blu. Where we bring real wealth strategies T the real world but start the show here's your heads Chris Franklin and. Hello this is Chris tried them and welcome to the real well blueprint show we have a real talk about real wealth strategies. This time on the show are gonna have a special guests before I jump into that one into you. Introduce the premise of our show it's our acronym base that stands for blueprint accumulates secure in enjoys all things on our show has to do with one of those four words. Today were going to be jumping into. Little bit of a hybrid talks about a few these different things but mostly about how you can accumulate wealth. In retirement in. In your earning years and and bride days variety of time annualized so Ayman jumping to some introductions here I'm obviously joined by my co host Ron Navarro hey Chris. Can't believe it's our fifth show and I see kids show up fifth show and right on the line the other girl. They're coming quick so hi guys I'm running Navarro I am the chief marketing officer at noble capital muscle contributor here on the real well blueprint. On putting together tissue is really interest in any because it hits real close to home so I can we get started toss them and then we also had any tears our producer. Hello everyone and happy Sunday I think you for joining us play consenting teaming here this I am the advisor commit for a noble couple. And also the the preacher what does that advisor groom in the reserve maintaining a severe financial advisor out there and you're looking for alternative investments especially those in real state. And you come entire team I weighed give you all of our products and we have to offering you now have another tool to present here quite. Fish are until I think it will we'll probably talk all the more about that later today on the show again this is Chris Wragge and I'm the host I'm the chief operating officer for noble capital. And others for the rule of blueprint so we've got a special guest in here today and we'll talk about who that is here in just a minute. Last week boy exciting topic taking tax bombs. If we we tried to make it as exciting as false lab remembers saying something online Maryland social media itself. A whole lot of fun talking about. Taxes no picnic and if it fell flat the Pena had a light really flatter I'm Narnia but it was really impacts will be as we talked about some important stuff and you just as good disaffected lowering your tax basis in retirement that was worth it in -- for me yeah we had several people call our office asking about a variety these strategies that we just barely touched on some of the different types exemptions that you can attached here homestead you know so the homestead exemption in the over 65 and -- are these beings you know can you combine these things you know we didn't have a lot of time to jump into it and get into it pretty -- but. But usually in Justine. Those there the types of topics that are financial advisors that keep financial actually dig into. With our clients so I think our listeners that he go back and listen to that show I'm not the Internet. The venue can you can hear about that show and you wanna learn more about that we'll talk about you can do that here and say what the follow up workshop was released from two. That's right we do have the workshop we do really deep into all of those things we are able to talk about it for 2030 minutes on here yeah it was an hour and a half of just. Information across and yet announced put on nine of digest Hammel wrecked our senior advisor in Austin yet he's he's changing a lot of people's retirements are now he's he's really improving lot of people's lives I like to hear that that's awesome. OK when we talk about this week be the bank I like to be the bank. That's like monopoly on the banker and eventually hurt the banker always wins monopoly on if anyone's ever notice that. For possible and that's why we started this business and yeah it's it we we are in essence a conduit for the people who want to be the bank he created a platform that lets people. Invest in real state and done we're gonna dive real deep today so it happens can be good Esther and we're talking about our core business here so obviously. Our parent company noble capital is essentially one of the leading private lenders in the state of Texas but. Our guest here today is Kelly Smith. Kelly is a senior account manager for streamline funding which is another wholly owned subsidiary of noble capital streamline funding essentially. Is the original literary it's it's the company. That is working out in the public with the individual is the EC that are actually flipping houses these are the types of real estate investors their flipping houses building spec homes. Repositioning real estate all the good stuff so this is the type of business that Kelly's and every single day welcome to show Kelly the morning things for having me. We're excited to have you here. We've got some antics going on in the studio it's really great sorry about that yeah you gotta rivers and I would joyfully Kelly for a number of years now so Kelly. You work in I'm basically statewide a senior drive as far as Dallas and Houston. But use your based in Austin. But you kind of cover the whole state work with these guys. Around stay right right and the main role that I have is really do you expand our brand business development to find the real estate investors who are looking for financing. And and the financing that we are offering which is I am you know obviously privately. Loans it monies from individuals that are part of our resource our network man and my goal is literally to go into all these markets and find the best of the best and give them. Loans to changing environment around them. What's up the loans we talking about this is like we say be debating today show put in a loan application and then check their credit I mean houses work. So there aren't many land Cesar asset based loans what does that mean we're looking at the actual investment opportunity. That we will be placing money's on that we lease financing. So we are looking at the borrowers background we're looking at how what is or caste situation what's your experience and then we take a look at the risks that might be associate with a loan and mitigate that by eight. Charging different interest points interest some points and or different loan amount so. It's a great resource for lenders to be able T get into investment. Where they have a more secure and and better and returns than profit probably in the traditional markets. Our borrowers are able to you and really achieve their dreams the American dream and making great environment having some financial freedoms. Asserting on back country we got a whole can of worms here again I've done paddling. I thought which some of the guys on TV that flip houses I thought they did this with cash at at that does cash deals. I think the first thing you teach you if you guys if any as V lectures about how to become a real same master is you don't need cashing you don't need credit. I'm so those guys are definitely not easing their own money a lot of times they don't have a much money they're highly leveraged which is why they're able to do as many. Opera Cheney's others are rehab ethics and flipped and where and you build a spec new buildings are these are people who are trying to get there. Exactly yeah so ease the word hard money Lou that's such and such a pleasant words to prohibit it. I can't wait to borrow hard yeah. And I had time I've been an account manager I've never understood why it was such a dirty term and you hear all as the series say harmonies fattest terrible word just because yeah that's My Cousin Vinny with the baby. Horse loses Texas for the girl's slurred docking or talk in terms but the what I like about hard many in my my clients like is simply because. This is easy for them access. Yeah you know I I gotta tell you with hard money it's always been when talking to climb about you almost have to demystify it because it is such a strong word. I'm one way to call is private money right exactly I think a lot of people who were looking to borrow to invest in the peace real estate earth. Google lean private money hard and all these different terms that then there's the other side of the coin the people who are actually. Bringing the capitol to the table that's that's going to be a fine. Segway here momentarily but tell me a little bit about these clients here's a mean. You've you've got a huge following you've got a bunch of people were are always looking eve who is these are the guys on TV but who who also these guys. They are. Anyone we have a diverse borrower avatar it's a teacher. It's a professional as some sort it's a professional real estate investor it literally could be your neighbor or your real estate agent it could be anyone. It's it is a big kind of world that there's a very broad space. I had seen people making money from you know we've called in the past eat hamburgers they just want to go out their sweat make money we've even seen. You neurosurgeons with gigantic portfolios of real estate so your your world's great arm and I applaud you for being been doing over there a streamlined did you have a great following and I think it's done it's a testament yard work or thinking yep. I'm hearing how hard money impairing private money and hearing people borrowing on hearing leverage that's allotted turn so I'm I'm still gonna wanna hear more about why would anyone. Pay higher interest rates to do this to another makes sense especially when there's banks out there are freeing Lou. Low interest loans so gonna wanna hear more about that when we get back here in just the second cius Kelly can work on that form Meehan. And essentially unpack that knowledge why would anyone borrow it high interest rates if you're listening to us and you want to know more about our programs. Preview show's future shows. A you can learn more about us seamless as personalities at real blueprint dot com. You can also check this out on FaceBook and Twitter under real wealth blueprint dot com Yahoo! blueprint dot com we'll we'll just keep saying are we just on social media ten feet yeah. I'm not I'm not I'm isn't it including the left feedback so please leave us any feedback you have on the show sword there's a topic you'd like to learn more about check this out unless tweet at us. Coming up here and take a break but before we break going to be about one of our largest events that we hold its only twice a year it's called the state of the company this is for noble capital and our entire family of companies. You see people like Chile that will be there for a streamlined funding. It also can see our advisors from acute financial. In a lot of other people that we have not even had an opportunity to bring on the show yet that this is a big deal we're talking about an event is going to be coming up it's actually Tuesday. July Tony says that the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas to an evening event so it's about a 68 to our event. I'm just gonna be you know cocktails served some food provided but really it's an opportunity for noble and our leadership to tell you about who we are what type of programs we have. And and how we help people. Essentially be debating not to mention how we're doing also how we're doing that's essentially what it started off his state of the companies is to report on how we're doing so he'd like to learn more about that we would encourage you to come to this event pretty large event we'll get into this in a little bit more do you tell him in a minute. But you can Norris BP at noble capital dot com. You can also cause a 5122492800. Again that number is 5122492800. We'll find is that noble capital Dhaka. Let's face the stock market is complex and turbulent. If you wanna invest which are wary of putting your money in the stock market. And who wouldn't be. Want to pursue an investment strategy back to 100% and taxes real states. Noble capital offers a range of short term investment options for those seeking re returns with analysts who does nights ago. With a full service and lending and loan servicing platform. Providing pre screening. Underwriting and asset management services. Noble capital takes the guesswork out of private lending and deer season investor where your newcomers and investment landscape noble capital provides options that are right for you. Noble capital bringing home some of returns for more than fifteen years and find the right investment for you and Noble's capital dot com. We're just sit com at 5123492800. Number that's. I went to two point 92800. Yeah. Noble capital. Thanks for tuning into the real world lucrative if you're ready to see how what you heard today applies to you can go to the real world blueprint dot com. And click on the schedule quite important to schedule your complimentary financial consultation one of our skilled advisors he's aren't any advisors. He's advisors are the architects behind the blueprint. The unique way to set your income planned for life. If you're not ready for such a commitment that's okay too. And click on the event registration and educate yourself at one more free retirement blueprint workshops hosted by huge financial proceedings very limited so do not wait. Real wealth blueprint is a noble capital production but your financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of noble capital. Again as stands today called it long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top 1670 dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind they're drains away. Top thirteen seventy is everywhere with a new talk after getting now at times thirteen seventy dot com. You're listening to the real well live prey. If you wanna ensure retirement with the lifestyle user. Then this could this show trio. And hi and welcome back to the real look refresh show we talk. Real about a different types of investment strategy so this is a wealth show we're talking about the secrets of the wealth. Well feet and what they do to earn higher than normal returns how to secure their investments and essentially back to you. Our Akron based what are they doing what type of blueprint today develop how are they building alternative accumulation strategies how are they securing their investments and ultimately. How are they able to enjoy their life we're joined today by our guest Kelly Smith is a senior account manager at streamline funding. Things again thank for joining us thanks for having me I'm looking forward to this absolutely so today's topic is essentially beat a bank in what we're doing is we're discovering. Why people are borrowing money at high interest rates to flip houses he notices a really unique weighing two be in real state as an investor. And it's unique tool that people are using so. I'm gonna ask you again here in just a second essentially. How does this work why do people do this that wire officials say it's out there before we jump in the dad though. For our listeners if he'd like to learn more about us remember you can find is that real world blueprint dot com. You can also check this out on social media we're on FaceBook and Twitter are some things tanning so let's let's talk back to this Kelly. How does this work why do people do this and interest in. Well the work part is probably the hardest parts finding your opportunities in determining whether this makes sense for you. And to make it work is the easiest part because as we're talking about the first part harmony is easily accessible to our borrowers. So they're able to find properties and either through. They're able to come to us to take a look at analyze the opportunity. And were able to give them some options that are either they need to close quickly because this is an investments at. Background where everyone is buying properties as quickly as property the better the investment they need to move very quickly. The predictability as having the funds there when you need to have them the leverage of bringing his little cast a close as possible. And and then obviously the pricing the it's it is more expensive but it allows our borrowers and they're real estate investors. More options and opportunities to create financial wealth. So I've always heard when it comes to real estate investing you make your money when you buy the property it's not when you sell it if he didn't pyrite. You're done you're not gonna make is wholeheartedly agree so you are you saying this product essentially allows people to be to have a competitive advantage to buy right. Absolutely. Absolutely we. One of the best perks to using this type of money private money hard money which is basically is saying term assist. There's one little component that's slightly different. But the big advantage shoot is that the money is available very quickly for you since you were able to close faster sellers are more motivated to work with you and therefore you can get a greater discount on properties. Sometimes as much as fifty cents on the value while and that obviously opens up a great opportunity for a profit margin for yourself. It sounds like because of the pricing it sounds like because of the cost it's kind of a small Kenechi tech market do you know a little bit about the size how how many people are out there's doing this what's the size of your audience in your. Clientele right now. It's a lot more people than you realized I am I think that you would be shocked if he started asking around the people you know. From your child's teachers your neighbor other retirees that she met how many are involved in investment real estate. In some manner either as a private lender which is a great way to make great returns on your money. I'm or they're very actual flipper or investor or there spec new builds by themselves because a lot of these times especially in Austin and Dallas you're looking at. A lot of great homes that are going up. Got a beautiful house is clearly well designed it usually does or viral stay investor who's looking to sell the. Us and speaking of accumulate that high interest rates at the investor pays her excuse needed to flipper was on the flip or for the is got a pass through to somebody great that's that's essentially what we do know capital we grab that payment that interest rates and pass it through to our investors so it serves so many different purposes it helps these guys out there flipping houses. Achieving that dream changing communities all these positive things. And it took the end of the day the investor can be debate very very secure and getting a beautiful interest rates. Overturned something that's not very common security in and out performance is a great thing we think is happening with the markets in in Austin and Dallas. Or watching growth that's what we're watching the messed were watching. Areas that are and changing demographics that they are now having beautiful huh. Homes built where homes are probably going to be condense and families are moving into those areas. You're watching some of the older population moved closer to children or into long term care facilities. And their homes perhaps haven't been updated sense there's 6080s. Whenever they bought the house you're watching them being modernized. And watching you families need to the area. Those cities and best match rose have so many people losing their every day. Do you mean house's but everyone wants to have a pretty house. And this allows them the autopsy any have a pretty house and at a rate that still is within the markets so they're not overpaying for these flipped house's. Because as we are talking about earlier our clients are able to buy rights. There's a nice synergy that happens between the lenders are investors as well as and buyer. Yeah there's a great way as everyone benefits in some way. Our borrower is able to find financial freedom have more of a work life balance and they're able to accomplish some of their goals. The lender is able to extend it there possibly easily retirements and money's. And the retail buyers able to buy a house that they love in an area they love without having to worry about hiring GCs to do the work. And you aren't pretty big point we're talking about population growth in the major markets especially in Texas and you know we have. Three of the new fastest growing largest major markets in the country right now so with that population growth and continued low unemployment. You gotta have a place for people they go they're showing up they're getting a job guess what they need a place to live. And if you don't create a supply fast enough then you see real estate prices start to increase too fast I think. There's a concern about that is their prices increasing too fast and Texas. And I can tell you and there's a lot more we can begin to hear there's structural issues as to why we're not building house is fast enough to soak up the supply in Texas and we're still essentially recovering from the lack of building that was that was not happening. After the Great Recession so. This is pretty uninteresting we're talking about revitalizing communities creating new inventory. Creating an opportunity first entries flippers. To kind of lived the American dream to go out and flip houses I and it's easy for us to get stuck on Austin and Dallas because that's were really really active but remember a few years ago we took a deep deep dive into Houston. We started doing a whole lot of market research to see that was a market for us and sure enough he discovered yeah. Let's jump in absolutely and actually all the markets that we're in Texas are good markets for different reasons in that we see completely different profile of housing and Antonia that we do in Houston that we do in Dallas and don't Fort Worth and these are all you know kind of the golden triangle and everything along interstate 35 that's where we play yeah I think we've got some of almost six most successful clients that really are doing some some serious damage in he cleans week lose ten Marcus yes some of those may be. Lesser price for markets in just accumulating. Properties after property now we've got one guy who works Achilles a flipper and he's probably got a couple hundred to 300 properties now and skilling is incredible who you know we've enabled this individual to go idea that's awesome really enjoy that. So he's grateful for that senator is allowed him to easily purchased properties expand his portfolio so that when he's ready to retire. He he can tee up and deal listener you're you're listening to this episode in and you happen to be a flipper you wanna learn more about that part of our business he can actually check us out that streamline funding. Dot com we'll hear a little bit more from Kelly in terms of I get a hold her next. What's coming up what does this mean so I think broad majority of our listeners might be etched in being a private lender and CNET are returned. We're talking about 68% of your money that's ultimately what its power private lenders earning I think that's pretty big number and NASA and the people should be pretty interest in fact we've got. If you hundred people and 60% on their money and global security. Yeah I think there's an underlying security and doesn't really exist out there PSA you tell me I can get as next security in my investments still earn 60% on my money yes and I can empower these flippers and argent Achilles talking to us about. Yeah that's pretty big so. Listen if you wanna learn more about an opportunity to be a private lender like that. We actually have seminars he's a blueprint seminars that we put on to our financial advisory acute financial. I'm we've actually got one coming up in Dallas gonna be July 18 in on the 28. So on Tuesday July the eighteenth and on Thursday July the twentieth it's going to be Chamberlain's steak and chop house that we that's an absent. So that's gonna be an evening event at 630. There's no obligation we're just here to educate so if your interest didn't and you wanna come to this event. You can go to acute financial dot com. And register theirs he can register online or you can call in that number in Dallas event is 46923. To 4300. Again that's 46923. To 4300. Or an acute financial stock car. Thanks for tuning into the real world blueprint. If you're ready to see how what you heard today applies to you. And go to the real well blueprint dot com and click on the schedule appointment Clinton to schedule your complimentary financial consultation with one more skilled advisors and these aren't any advisors. He's advisors are the architects behind the blueprint. The unique way to say hearing complaints for life. You're not ready for such a commitment that's okay too. And click on the event registration and educate yourself at one of our free retirement blueprint workshops hosted by huge financial team is very limited so do not wait. Real wealth blueprint is a noble capital production but your financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of noble capital. Let's face the stock market is complex and turbulent. If you wanna invest which are wary of putting your money in the stock market and who wouldn't be. Wanna pursue an investment strategy back to 100% and Texas real states. Noble capital offers a range of short term investment options for those seeking re returns without all the sleepless nights. It was a full service and lending and loan servicing platform. Providing pre screening. Underwriting and asset management services. Noble capital takes the guesswork out of private lending and dear seasoned investor or your newcomer to the investment plans to enter new capital provides options that are right for you. Noble capital bringing home some of returns for more than fifteen years I find the right investment for you and Noble's capital Dhaka. We're just sit com 5123492800. That's 5122492800. From noble capital into the dock. Texas weather can change on dime. Wanted to get your brain. When the weather turns severe. Turns to us for what you need to know on air and online ad hoc thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Go real well blueprint the show brings an unexpected take on all things financial. On the real wealth blueprint we will give you the tools to plant growth for attacks and yes. And finally enjoy your well. I welcome back to the show my name's Chris Rodman I'm your host the real wealth blueprint. Today we're talking about one of our most interest in charge I think we offered noble capital and that's essentially private lending and what that means. To the investors on both sides of the deal. Especially how he's flippers out marketplace. Are enabled to go out and rapidly. Grabbed property and then flip these houses and help people live the American dream but also how our lenders our investors or with noble capital through a variety of means funds directly being in private lending. And and actually enable this they get there. Wonderful return we're talking 60% on their money. I'm in the get a lot of security. This is something we've been doing for a long time actually Noble's been in business for fifteen years during various products like this and we've got some pretty great events coming up we can learn more if you wanna see that so today's episode is beat the bank that's what we're talking about doing. I love the idea being the bank Romney that's definitely something net that excites me yeah you're always on the right side of the equation when you think yeah it's hard to lose maybe there really is the. Your clients of ours somewhat new to this consider cuss them to those traditional products that these alternatives. Yes that is tracked in you talk about eighteen glasses let's just focus that it signed in Texas. Who doesn't love real estate here in Texas concern I mean even weighing when we had a recession back in 08 Texas State struck. That was the last going recession in the first to come out I mean girls say here's this is going really great and you know we talk about a key financial Lott. They offer this product to their clients that we also have other financial advisors and we work with that happens as part of their part Fuller to offer to their clients. So if if your financial advisor and bearing in EU Javier clients who are looking for Allstate. Please check out real well blueprint dot com in contact me in I can definitely show you how this can be a tool for you. For your client. That's a great alternative product that's a fear of financial advisor looking to add some diversification. And some alternatives this is a great way to do that again. Contacting Cheney that's that's essentially she does full time in the capitals hope other financial advisors are out of his front. Was a dent in the show desperate for infants and all right so again we were joined today by name is Kelly Smith and she is a senior account manager for streamlined funding and that's the name is. Are in Steve it's out there on the streets. Actually helping people structured deals met some that we really talk about too much but. I'll be really honest we're not just other being product sells manner service providers we're out there were in the weeds were hoping people actually. Structures and deals and make things happen on a daily basis so again I wanna say welcome to Kelly for joining us you can learn more about us. Kelly and these types of products on our show's preview shows and feature show topics that real blueprints are comp. Are killing taken away Osaka is Smart about borrowing money. With no capital instruments running. You know I tell a very catchy you're talking about things go wrong and we have different ways to mitigate that risk and I like to say in this industry were professional problem solvers. We are either trying to figure out how to make money on a property that's been available to us. We're trying to help a seller out of their situation and for whatever their reason is that they're selling and selling for such a discounted rate. I'm or you have a problem during your rehab or respect build that needs a solution and so we definitely are problem solvers. One of those problems saw verses that help being. The community in some way you're not only helping yourself there's benefits to multiple people one of my favorite examples which can be absolutely. Copied in every market I can give you an example but one of my favorite is an older woman in Houston. She lives in a two story home part of it should have easily been condemned. She was not very mobile she certainly can get to the second floor. But she was living inside of an area of Houston that was going through a major change in that they were deep investors were buying their lots. Or their house isn't tearing him down and putting up new homes. And that for this and individual events in particular. She was able to move out of the home that was not ideal for her was not really safe for her she made a very nice sum of money was able to buy a perfect a little one bedroom for herself a little apartment and it that's all she wanted because she is getting towards the end of retirement wanted long term care. And she was able to. Achieve that thanks to our real estate investor who was able to achieve his great returns on that property thanks to our private lenders you were part of the process as well. And you know like I said this is the synergy and there's risk and reward for everyone involved. The seller takes no risk it's just reward them because they're able to get out of whatever their situation foreclosure. About divorce maybe they'll money maybe they don't know what to do with the house or maybe the house is no longer ideal for them likened the situation. He has the investor Hugh is taking the most amount of risk. But they also have the greatest are Cheney for award and then conversely you have our lenders you have minimal risk. And great reward as well they're able to make higher than average returns with a song alternative investment. And and that deal in Houston is one of my favorite talk about a because of how much everyone was able to win on the opportunity to just talk some really quick high numbers. The real estate investor is able to purchase us house for 200000 dollars. Anyone not in the industry would have driven by and it's no different than those signs you see I buy a glee house's. If you're not in the industry think wireless so when one ugly house. This is a house that was dilapidated falling down and it is should be torn down for safety. But Simon was living so she was able to a secured 200000 dollars for that house. Because there is value in the locked the investor was able to build. For a home for 500000. Dollars he turned around I was able to sell it for 950000. Dollars. To a great family he was very excited to live in the area and be close the amenities they were looking for. And we weren't able to provide a loan that was leveraged at 65%. So. It was more than a banquet provide him leverage he was able to close very quickly and able to secure this asset so she can start building it and flipping it. Quickly because we are able to give him lowly leverage our investor was the lender was protected. Our investor the borrower was protected and he brought a little cash to close he brought about a 100000 dollars a closed. He had a 6171000. Dollar loan amount. And our lender you guys know better than I do what kind of returns they may need it was a healthy profit margin. Not to mention he made about a 175 grand on a deal where is Fred if my numbers are right that investor you mentioned that he takes on the most risk. Absolutely what what is some of that risk that he takes on. And countless number of things I can go wrong for our real estate investor. The larger the projects obviously they're more problems I can arise the nice thing is they come to streamline and they come and work with myself for my eighteen. We have the experience behind us that we know how to look at an opportunity and help them craft it. And noble is awe and the we have real wealth blueprints and all of the parties involved. Can look at an opportunity and cellist. Did you think about this I saw this market shows. What does this mean for our listeners I think that that's an amazing story in your really helps crystallize how this works I think that's really important. But we're talking about most of our listeners are probably in positions to be private lender and think they're baked yet they're there in position be the Baikonur in 60% of their money. We keep talking about how they're protected. How are they protected his or lean columnist property is how we protect them. Absolutely it's no different than a traditional real estate transaction an and that's. We're going to close at a title company were going to confirm that there's a clean title commitments under the property can be conveyed especially once or real estate investors sold we track whether there's leans on the property. And we have them resolved or not. We're going to cover all of our bases to ensure that everyone getting into this transaction can easily get out as house and just like in you know loan these farmers are making payments and that's how that sixty it's not just once the project is finished they're actually making payments on the way to -- correct exactly they're making interest only payments said the lender is not only going to return get a return on their investment. When the team drills to investors the borrower sells. But they're also going to make monthly interest payments they're also on the deed of the property and therefore if something goes south. They are still tied to the assets and able to make some kind of resolution to re two different. You said the property sold for 950000. Dollars in noble capitals investor base had 600 in 171000 dollars in the loan that's that's protective equity boom boom that's that's the quote unquote security yeah and that's I think the important part so it's protected it with a lean and it's not like we're gaining on them a 100% of he money needed to this project not at all. So we're about two dollars would know how much Munich. In in this example. You know we have one lender who's gonna talk about one miner who had 250000. In this loan. You know at 8% beer seating in monthly check of 1666. Dollars that's. No talks funny. Yeah that's nice as that's being in the Bankrate there. If you wanna learn more about this type of strategy or how do attend an event. To hear more about dad or just learn more about us as personalities in our show and upcoming show topics you can find is that we'll let blueprint dot com. Also check this out on social media and we are on FaceBook and Twitter leave us some feedback tells other shows going let us know if you. Wanna learn more about certain topics to be status. So he's got a major event you heard me talk about early in the show called the state of their company and there's actually going to be. Maybe two to 300 other investors at this event these or other private lenders so if you're listening in on your Sani nod in the sounds interesting and maybe I'll come to an event to learn more about. I'd like to talk somebody I want to get referenced more what this is it right here this is the one this is when there's gonna be information from from the stage is going to be information at the boots there's gonna be a number of noble capital associates walking around talking in and introducing themselves and tell you about the company but. Everything you need to know about what what the companies doing it in words going is gonna be commenced champ sentences to our session. They're like other people I would say the professionalism of with a show that she put on for the state of the company. And the transparency of data is incredible. Yeah it's pretty big deal we talk about the portfolio we talk about specific projects we talk about why we do this what are some of our governing Credo if you will in terms of why and how we go about the decisions that we make on a daily basis but I'm talking about noble capitals stated the company it's coming up it's gonna be on Tuesday. July the 25 that's at the Renaissance in Austin. It's an evening event to our event between six and 8 PM if you'd like to attend you can r.s EPA noble capitals dot com. We can call us at 5122492800. In addition to talking about private lending will do some recap on taxes actually has been. Pretty big theme for the shows will be talking about that he needs some company news and performance analysis again you can register at noble capital dot com or call 5122492800. Again five point 224928. Under. It's your financial advisor you're kind cheer for York incident unmatched knowledge today's complex financial landscape. You work hard to yourself apart from the rest through your teams seeking and tireless pursuit to learn to detour that every investment opportunity. Under the sun after all if you have a reputation to uphold. A reputation of providing your claims with nothing but the back. That's why you recommend noble capitals wide range of investment opportunities to all of your client as part of their well balanced investment strategies. Wait you're not familiar with the noble capital was. Their dads out financial advisor of the year award gives a computer immediately in good and noble capital dot com a picket the phone and call 512. 2492800. From. You always see yourself and your clients in your pristine reputation to get to speed on texas' premier private lending for him again. 51 sealed cheer for 92800. I check this out I noble capital dot com. Thanks for tuning into the real world blueprint if you're ready to see how would you heard today applies to you. And go to the real world blueprint dot com. And click on the schedule appointments Clinton to schedule your complimentary financial consultation with one of our skilled advisors or these aren't any advisors. He's advisors are the architects behind the blueprint. A unique way to save your income plant. For life. If you're not ready for such a commitment that's okay too. And click on the event registration and educate yourself at one more free retirement blueprint workshops hosted by Q financial seeding is very limited so do not wait. Real well blueprint is a noble capital reduction but your financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of noble capital. Let's face the stock market is complex and turbulent. If you wanna invest which are wary of putting your money in the stock market and who wouldn't be. Want to pursue an investment strategy back to 100% and taxes real states. Noble capital offers a range of short term investment options for those seeking real returns with the homeowners cheapest nights ago. It was a full service lending and loan servicing platform providing pre screening. Underwriting and asset management services. Noble capital takes the guesswork out of private lending deer season investor where your newcomer to the investment plans to. No capital provides options that are right for you. Noble capital bringing home some of the returns for more than fifteen years and find the right investment for you and Noble's capital dot com. We'll give us a call five and two. Or 92800. That's 5122492800. Noble capital into. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right Kearin not to like knowing things doing the right choice club let's talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. We need yeah it happens here not there seems to me though right. And now to Rel well blueprint. Where you'll learn the secrets once reserved only for the wealthy. I welcome back my name is Chris Wright and on the host of the real blueprints today we're talking about by that we mean essentially how do you see. And we got a guest with us on the show Kelly Smith senior account manager from streamline funding works with flippers on a pretty much daily basis. And helping them flip properties and we've been really kind of jumping into essentially for our listeners which tend to be private lenders and you want more of a passive predictable reliable type of her return in an alternative investment and that's exactly a private lending is today so we're really focusing on the accumulate word in our base strategy that's a blueprint to accumulate. Secure and enjoy so if he'd like to learn more about our strategies our topics us as personalities kinda leaning or anything of that nature. Were found out real well blueprint dot com. Osce can check if I don't social media. I've FaceBook and Twitter. So we've been talking to Kelly about a number of she gives a great example of a woman who is essentially in need to sell her home shoes and a bad spot and you do that. And do our strategy in through one of our flippers out there they're actually able to put her out and move her out. And and and he was able to you flip a property make a really nice profit and our lenders were able to earn sixty persona money. And that's pretty amazing. He took the risk. But he also who achieved the rewards and the risk with he took on a whole lot of debt at a pretty high interest rates and who's he said here's some money hold this money for me I'm going to turn this property around and sell it for big profit and then. You know fallout I'll give your money back and along the way I'm appear a pretty penny rank and did exactly that he yes success could. And our lenders seem tired camera secured because they had the first position lean. An idea trust right that's what that's that's the beauty of at all I mean there's first position as your as a bank in the near the bank when you're like my mortgage they've got a first lien on my house if I don't make my mortgage payment. They take my house attract us are security right. It's eligible worst thing that could happen as they own my house same thing happens here with the right no capitals except instead of giving uniting five cents on the dollar after our program we're talking a maximum of what 77 cents and I think our average for the last couple years has been south of 65 to its roots it's getting it's getting stronger. Rates are Ers aren't really kind of settle in so investors are also turning get a lot more predictability as well as it's just the security. Yes we have a number of events here we've been talking about then you can come to seminars workshops. But today we've been highlighting our state of the company it's a twice a year event can be held at the Renaissance a hotel in Austin, Texas but let's talk about this agenda there's some things on here what are we gonna cover so. The big theme especially if he's seen any of our flyers or invitations and have come out really is we're going to be talking doesn't tax information right. Yeah the tax strategies we we do a lot of private lending and people make some very nice returns. But what do you do with that with an income so you applying the tax strategy sit to lower your tax bracket is it's gonna be the theme of the event but we're gonna dive in some bunch of other things because we've got a whole lot since I mentioned earlier we jam it into two hours we've got to go quick we did her young I'm actually excited about the ambassador club what's investor club. Real simple it's and our clients not 400 strong. 500 strong somewhere that in that ballpark. They are coming to us and sometimes they mean we believe we do not until my good friends about you guys so we we've opened up some ambassador events I think fun little bit dense sometimes at these properties and actually have another cent market talk about it yet to come save the company because I don't want confused too much on the air. We've got another one coming up in August at a property in Austin Westlake specifically. Now he's these are gracing your time I'd say it's essentially close we can't pay for referrals us and no no in this industry but what we can do is put on events in light to bring your friends right and you know we're we love getting guests in wanna shared fun things with you in terms of you know at these events Cisco being you have to have a good time condone that and then bring your friends that are interest in learning more as well we also jumping to some stuff that. Maybe is more inside you know it's kind of a wide I think the wise important in this is actually a talking point that typically the CEO of noble takes honesty Newman who was a guest on our show on a previous episode. But we're talking about are essentially ethics and values in this entire value statements I think we begin prep for all this because this is what we assume we do great break on these are probably only a little bit about your involvement with the American Association private lenders some cases that's that's obviously we're there right so the Americans a seizure private lenders APL. Not to be confused with apple has until Google anything. And getting a deal is actually the stock ticker for apple than the the American association of private lenders is essentially a nonprofit it's out there that's helping establish standards in the private lending hard money lending industry. And now I'm actually on the education board. And so I'm hoping established. Some of the education criteria to help standardize. What people are doing why were doing what's allowed but we should we should not do those types of things so it's a lot of fun and actually joined on that committee by actually one of our slippers one of the guys there at work so hard Dallas Fort Worth area. In fact he's even got a second TV show now Gloria of the Hollywood he's not mr. Hollywood but I think that yeah he's working with us and he's actually on that committee with me as well so it's it's really great to see some familiar he's there. Did the president from EPO or the American Association a private lenders he's going to be in counties are speaking a little bit about that specifically what. Ethics means TV industry you come out of there the company he's yes he's there either and he's gonna he's gonna definitely gives you plug and what Noble's rule is in in bringing. Bringing us standards if you will supply demand. Saw some sourcing and jump into some other reporting. You know this is a chance for us it's almost like a shareholder meeting where I'm standing up there and talking about here's where we are here's what's going on in here's why we're here. And here's what we're gonna do moving forward so we're actually getting into our portfolio. The numbers like and what have we done what we produced in the last quarter. But in Ross talking about our funds so we're organized and a number of ways that most of our customers are actually putting their capital and find that way to get increased diversification across a large number of private loans some to talk about fund performance. The company's portfolio but the amounts are gonna jump into a really important topic on that we have not discussed in the past but. What is our disposition strategy when something goes wrong on alone how we handle that. You know these are called REO's real estate owned property in where essentially the Bankrate so what do we do when things go wrong and I'm gonna drive into that point by point. And let people know what are shredded G. Where we're preparing for that right now so for the first time ever we're actually going to. Show the numbers on what that looks like behind the scenes because we don't working on we've been we've been accumulating these for some time so it's gonna be fun to show everybody exactly what goes on behind the scene yes. If your current memory and a private lender network and you're interested to learn more about hey what's going on and I've been a member here but you know I don't ever get to see everything blow this shot opportunity you come to this event not to mention the reporting on this on the new fund that we started the quote unquote signature find the 250 million dollar. Publicly available fund gases first time we're gonna report and that that's going to be huge heavily in big deal it's honestly my favorite part because I like being under pressure but I can't she do a Q&A session so pro Romney myself IG Aden and in our other business partner Grady. We're gonna be on stage and we do an open in and filtered Q&A south hall style so it's gonna be. Bring all questions we got an answer for most of these things can definitely got. So I bring it back Kelli thank you again for joining us and this week I will you be at state of the company absolutely that we asked because Achilles of your billowing a little bit she's she's expecting so. I'm Democrats have congratulations. I have nothing changes into me again. Fidelity create continue to have a couple of our other financial advisors that also recommend our products right. Yes that is correct though if your financial advisor listening right now and you're interested in learning more at how you can have the real estate has an alternative investment. School for your clients please come and join us at the city the company on Tuesday July tweet. That's right that's Tuesday July 25 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin from six to 8 PM if he'd like to attend please RSVP. That's that noble capitals dot com you can also cult artist TP that number is 512. 2492800. Again you can register on line and noble capital dot com or call us at 5122492800. Like to thank everybody for joining us today thanks Kelli for being here thank you thank you thank you everyone again to register finds that noble capitals are com or 512249. 2800. C at the state of the company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The key financial or street when funding some information provided in this program they reference other service providers including web sites operated and maintained by third parties such information is included solely as a convenience to you and the provision of such information does not imply a responsibility for such third party information for an endorsement of the -- site its operators or its concepts acute financial instrument funding are both wholly owned some sort of reasonable capital level capital but you financial extremely funding and or their respective affiliates and principles which may include the speakers and gets featured in this radio program may receive compensation from the sale of financial products featured in this program reproduction distribution the publication and or retransmission of any portion of this program is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of the key financial normal capital and streamlined funding. 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