5/15: Morality vs. Integrity, Learn-to-Love-The-Job Retirement & A Tale of Two Asset Classes

Del Walmsley
Monday, May 15th

On Monday, McMaster said "at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. And the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known." 


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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Welcome to the motel one sleeve radio show. Tell challenges. Questions everything. Colors you to return to. Make your life. Here they're true. Next hour will change your life. And now you're okay. CEO and founder of lifestyle. You don't want to radio show with a high head and helped him. Today we're gonna talk about. Quite a few different topics have got a bunch of stuff lined up preach segment. But before we get started. Leading sent me an email couple days ago maybe we Google can actually two to go. Can I know good opportunity to answer Barack her questions. And I wanted to cover. For her. And for everybody else. Because it they could give me an opportunity go into 11 in my rose strong belief systems. It and it might be interest in so. Start by removing the Siebel also screenings he has terrible plot for your citizenship the only thing that made me thinking. Considered desert wrecked a renewed because some guy at least been here a while. She doesn't quite previous citizenship should I ask why don't you go and apply previous US citizenship. Sure well my mother's nine million years old and I've heard want to apply for US citizenship. You can't leave the country or it's bad and you want to treat you citizenship for something like that. I have no idea that's true or not really relevant to the source for this conversation to Google her back import of interest from their questions. Here. Since then she comes out of nowhere with this question just. Now what I am wondering about is when. On the one hand you talk about integrity values of Cedric but on the other hand you say things like stop. The hoping and praying. I think you mean what I think you mean what are we sure hope was that you hope and pray but you do something about your situation right. Or another time you were talking about traps and why couldn't talk about a mile morality is old we're trapped. I see tradition. She contradictions in the Stephens and so wouldn't have a chance maybe you can lightly on that I've heard people under shows seem very. Wholesome Christian people argues integrity to me I've never stop praying no matter how successful. Praying is like air to breathe I could not make it through the day without it now. If all one does is pray and worry about nothing by the way of action that's in Jerusalem's. But morality is accomplished which we live as Christians and without it. We've seen more corruption decay of society even more. Then we're seeing now. So. There's a lot to this important. And. It was cheaper can get through it first what pictures. That there needs to be a separation of statements here. Integrity is not morality in morality is not integrity. Bear in the first question do what she morality as a trap. According to the information that I was talking about when I said that. It is true. They still won't know morality is something that is 100% constitute real it never changes. But that's not true the problem with the word morality is morality is mandate. Suitable knowledge given to us in the Bible. Well no it's given to you in the Bible in the Correia and Andy and tour three other religious text. So who's right. Are all Chinese people who are not Christians are they all. It totals just like the Mosul slick are we all the capitals because our morality in the United States is different than the morality. Is a Muslim country. Does that mean we're all a moral. All of us are immoral. In how we deal flight. That's that's attractive to them we could all you really bad in at the Muslims tell us the world immoral they're doing it to make us conform to them. And what they want not what god wants what they want. And the Christians do it other people to get them to conform. Publishers say that we don't know which of the five major religions in the world is actually the right one. Right. There's just no way to tell. A little story about it. God it was radio. 01 of those guys were around the world saving people anywhere up to little diligent. He spent two years there is in his mission. And he converted all these people just little village to christianity. And what you have to turn to the chief instead elm. Chief it took you know you've got to keep everybody on the street Merrill chief just no problem got. She got goes windows and other mission in another country and after two years it's kinda miss and friends from the first mission so he goes back admission is walking down. You know little pathway to Bilge and he sees. A Buddha. Some trunk and heads. Christ on the on cross. And two with three other different religious artifacts along the way. A different types. When he gets to the king he says for the king what he is all business. And king just looks at an assist. Just in case. Just in case you. Were not right. That your god is not the right one. And that all the other people that have tried to save us with their gods. Might be the right one and so I'm just gonna go ahead and believe everything. Everybody told. Which means I believe nothing because there contradictory. So morality is trapped in that people tried to hold you in a position they want to hold you in because of morality. Now the real problem about morality is that not always admit admit it but me and change morality. So. You think about. You know Muslim countries. And you still go you don't know spivak adult but I've seen it heard in the news so maybe I'm being lied to but women who have been raped. Had been stoned to death. Why they're Brothers and their husbands. Because there impure and out before their marriage her after the mirrored or whatever. Brother thinks you know they've done. So. All morality says thou shalt not kill. But we're truly saying is thou shalt not kill unless you do something I don't what you do that Dominic Kinnear asked. So how pure is remorse is morality. Now. If that's the case. Then what about the situation where a molten fuel homosexuals. Do you realize that 1015 years ago when I don't know the exact date but I remember towing the story twenty years ago it's almost been a while back there one point. Sodomy was illegal in other words. Gay sex was illegal you would go to jail for it. And now. It's completely flipped the realm we're number one if you discriminate against people that are gay. They'll throw you in jail. He'll soon you. Right. And that they not only what you not to discriminate they Tony what you to have morality against it. So religious institution that doesn't believe in it can't even say. You can't buy my cookies are my cakes or whatever because of religious that's my morality. But now your morality has to dump on my morality so there really is no morality at all because morality. These bowls to be constant. Now I know that all the Christians under the really big book by golfers are losing their minds hearing this. Is driving them crazy. Because they want to ask you make you believe that morality is 100%. Obtainable. I don't want to go when my best friend he believes that morality is constant. And yet. Are still have no problem with him his best friend. Because he's not putting his morality on me he's living his morality. And when you get to where you understand morality is internal. And you live your morality. That's a good thing. But what is your integrity. Is how you live. To the outside world. And to the inside world at the same time can there be integrity. In different points of view and the answer is absolutely yes. Especially if you're consistent. And you really follow it to the tee so if you say thou shalt not kill bill we don't go crop carpet bombs on people. You can't say thou shalt not kill a look pure Christian and they go prop. Carpet bombs on people to get to change your integrity is sick I will not strike against someone unless they strike against me. Seat there can be some integrity in that statement. Made no morality. Maybe not your morality. Maybe somebody else. But they're still to be integrity. So 420 here's a question of what I've tried to do was maintain. Certain levels of integrity. Integrity from one investor to the next integrity in the way we do business integrity in the way we deal with their customers. These things have integrity. I've told people thousand times. I'm a financial conservative and social liberal. I don't fit in anybody's box. And never intended to Xbox. So we wanna talk about the differ between integrity. And morality when we come back with talk about something even more important. And that is how do you get something done in your life. And do that in a way that's effective. Because if you sit around and pray for self. You do nothing. After this short break right back we don't want to be. You're listening to the Joseph wants leeway here. Principles and just a few minutes. 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That's my passive income workshop dot com. Again and stay up today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no top thirteen seventy anywhere and I include the right choice. Act now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free from the men on a mission to retire. No one's. Welcome back you don't want to radio show in the first segment grew a dissecting an email the ladies that to me. Where she was trying to ask me to explain the difference my belief different between morality. And integrity. Every. You know talking about the integrity deal integrity things important. That you actually. Or congruent with what you believe in what you do. Somebody to find integrity watches what you do we know once watching do you continue to be the person. That they expected to be when you're watching. So you know integrity is very important business where we we we more important than probable morality is and you'll see a lot of people were successful business. Do not have the same morals that you do but integrity is very important visit they'll only go one step further and load the story of sheer. And it's a story. About. A guy who was living out in the woods alongside a river and old Shaq can. One day. To share drives up with a Jeep has served. There's going to be flood. You know the waters could come out the banks into solar is going to be underwater you'd come with me right now we're evacuating the area. And the guy says no no I don't think so. I'm sure god will take care. And Paul straighter print. Just in case are you need to get out here but for now I gotta go get to the people suited to golf save other people. Now river comes out of its banks. Water comes aboard the first floor and a guy goes up to the second four. Two get away from the water all that time the sheriff comes by boat. As you got mark faults and say you need to get in the boat. Do you know the damned about where to break this whole house is going to be washed way to get some well. I believe god will take care of me. I'll stay here and continue to pray. Shall share goes way in the boat. But then there's the dam breaks in the waters now up to the rookie guys on top of the roof sitting atop of this shindig. And the sheriff conduct one more time with a helicopter. With a letter hanging gallows just grabbed the latter. Climbing here cued off the rope. You're going to drowned new guidance now I believe god we'll take care of me. So I'll continue to pray. And also in the water wash from waves that. When guys ended up at the pearly gates. Looked to say Peter goes. I don't understand. I'll always been a great Christian. I've always prayed. A boat had the right morality. Cannot maintain integrity. Why didn't god save me. And saint Peter looked at a guy he said what do you mean didn't say we said you'd Jeep a boat and helicopter. What more can we do for you. You. Have to take some action yourself. So my friends with that story. We get to the port. Just like this lady mentioned and she figured it out. She figured it out herself is that. Hoping and praying is useless. Without you taking action. There's another story were a bunch of kids who lived in it really top neighborhood New York City. On. Decided to get together. They take this vacant lot which had been used for prostitution drug sales. Vandalism the whole bit and clean it up. We sold it. Oh excuse together and he cleaned up all the stop trash and they took all the glass broken bottles and crushed him up and made into low light colored glass. And they created a beautiful rock garden. And pledged some plants. And putting some some. Playground equipment for the kids and so forth. It was all over which is just incredible things orderly neutral product so the church. And the city decided to throw press conference. And so has to rescind their depressed conference. The Mir gets up and looks over to do the bishop and cardinal who liberal woes and says man you. And your kids. You know god ruling came through force this time taken this terrible disastrous quarter turning into these beautiful playground. Air and you know the bishop or whatever was said yes god really does work in strange ways and he really does take care of things. Thought that time one of the kids. Who was getting irritated by this conversation. Jumped in front of the reporter. In front of the mirror in the bishop it's wait a minute guys. I don't think you get this. God may have created the glass. He may have created the syringes that we picked up in the prostitutes and we ran off. He may have created the drugs everybody took care. But it was ops that kids who decided. To clean that all. Yes god may have created. But he messed it up so bad we had to fix. They'll think about that first. Guy gave you. Your body. Your energy your life. Your family. You were you inherit all the stuff you didn't create it you just inherited but are you good shepherd with it. What are you doing with this wife if you had. You been given this incredible blessing. And you're wasting it. Yes you're wasting it I told the story all the time about the the talents. And the master who went away and left. His talents to his slave and one slave enriched himself with her and took the money and enriched the entire savings the other slave. Buried the talent. For safekeeping shall we would lose them. And the other slaves I can wrote the third I didn't think I picky squandered of course open no he he made he doubled the money. The third guy quadrupled the money so when their. The king guy came back he said look he took all the money from the guy that walked the buried it may nothing in banished him for being a bad person. Each of the other person would double the money took that money back and gave it to third guy who had quadrupled. He said he who does the most with what one is given. Shall rule the world and live in wealth and riches. Parker for example thanks from the subject sort the other day but I'm just tell you what it would what is try to tell you this is in the bar able connect she would talk about morality. There is no morality. In wasting what you have been given. Our duty young lady what Tom Hispanic lady whose Catholic who famous Catholic. And her sister told me this would bloom in my shoes there's no need for us or anybody become your self help programs. Because god has already written our life. Our lives are already recorded in the book of life. Now just think about this how can you get anywhere in life if you believe that. Your destination has already been chosen for. I mean you might as well just kill yourself. Especially if you're patrols and white is bad. I mean. You see it all the time people live in these talents. We're like this terribly suit on to go all the time a lot of stories about how the university is so talk to live it. I would do I lived in Ferguson. You know we did. We got our car and drove away and never looked back. We were given. It terrible place to live. We just changed. May god be amid a good place and the bad place. But we had to make the choice we're gonna stay. Our you'll still be good satellite beef. On the bed so my doctor George. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Joseph wants leeway here. Principles and just a few minutes. Longtime lifestyles member Curtis Hague. So the real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't say thank you enough feel for that. If we were there as people that they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it. You have this roadmap of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of the thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my advice. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. Attend the workshop get your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop it will change your life. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. In weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice. Act now here's some more. Joseph wisdom to. The men on a mission to reach out. No one's going. Welcome back to don't want to radio show. We disable we talk about. Quote unquote here's the new retirement goals woman sent this to me it's article parent I thought it was just terrible guy actually said. But the new retirement goal is love your job and keep it. Three out of four Americans plan to continue to work past seven years of age. Them. Finger. Think of how our society. Has deteriorated to the point where people can't use glue to figure out how to retire or 62. You know you get your Social Security you get out of paying Kelly on your 41 K at 59 and have you grown tired anytime after that start withdrawing. And for awhile people but they've been working to other 62. And became 65. And now every seminar out there. Good I've listened to on the radio about financial planners is about. How dues keep working to your seventy. So that you can increase the amount of Social Security you'll receive. So we've deteriorate. As a society. To believing that our seniors are going to have to work for the rest of their life. This is just. Very sad set of affairs. Especially when people that we work with. Even retire in between two in five years from the time they start changing their financial situation. This article goes on says that what you might even want to do. These you might even want to take you five year transition to a different. In other words you're too old to do we used to do. But maybe there's something else you could do. And then they gonna try to spice of it may be too good some even like doing more than what you do. And initial picture tool ladies as check out. Checkers at Home Depot. And a guy it's a reader. A Wal-Mart seventy plus year old guy the two creator. I can actually believe that these are things that you. Our federal office having more fun doing that whatever what you did before. But I do believe so what you did before you can't do. I don't care what are you stay here. As far as energy Dirksen. Willingness. Which is very important willingness to work myself the deputy gets somewhere. A loss. It's either been trained out of me to my own Summers teaching. That you don't work in your position work on abuses or hard to scuttle. You know getting old assaulting that you into you've ever done you don't really realize what it's gonna do you you don't think when you're younger than some days you're just going to be. In so much pain can barely walk. You can probably movie kink it department chair and and that's. Every day. On a bad day it could be even worse. So why would everybody wise at the world is changing. Well pensions are gone kick out of pension anymore. The dream for a one cave which everybody thought was gonna take us there. Proved to be a failure a gigantic failure. Arteries which proved to be another gigantic failure haven't gotten us there. Another reason people can't get thirty more producers know it no income. The forward your own stocks. Your major blue chip stocks would pay dividends. So not only would you get some slow growth of you know sober about 245681012. Footer and you know one guy said the other day kicks him. You know dealt. I to do Dave Ramsey course. And I kept looking around trying to find that mutual fund to grow to 12% a year like Dave Ramsey says his due. They slugged ever found that one under for on the mutual fund grows to 12%. And so. Good these financial planners. There and door offers to you all are well you can or 1%. I can get to 1% return you can would draw up 3%. Right used me to draw six and I go to all three and that only deplete your money at a slower rate so you last longer before you run out of money. Right. Or we've got this thing called annuity here's what annuity is. You give me all of your money is given to. Or whatever portion thereof you wanna give me. As mine but returned. Already give you guarantee payments and annuity. For the rest of your life. Now I know there's 8000 different ways they twist these things but what you're not getting is the whole basis. Is I'm gonna take your money. That's the basis of at all give me your money and I'll give you back a payment well. Can't you give yourself that payment. Right. There's if you just the whole concept is ludicrous. But the whole concept comes down to this. People used by bonds. And CD's to retire. They had a thing called bond letter or CD letter where they would have bonds or CD's that are due anywhere from ten to 15% return. Some guides lower. And they would buy them on. Five year tenure stints. And they would want all the bonds or CDs to come do it the same time accuse interest have to be done at that time so they would bottom every year they were Beisel. So every year a set of your CDs or bonds came do. And you would suffer whatever the interest rate change was or gain by the interest rate change if who's better for you. And by that you're with the bonds again you would redeploy those into bunt. The following year another sect would come up etc. it's a protester and people were able to retire understood reliving the interest of the ball and and they weren't touching the principal. But once you start getting to things where. You have stocks and your 100000 dollars in the stock market goes down ten or 20% value of 80000. They're huge ball flew above 3% 3% 100003000. Now 3% to 80000 is 2400. So you like to go ahead and live up to 3000 you're used to. And what happens. Down if fault the guy on that stock market. Yes that part of the market. Is gone it's going down faster so you'd depleting. Your resources your depleting the base that's it at a much faster rate anytime the stock market is either going down. Or you happen to just take some money for emergency prepped for instance. So. I was sitting round of the day. Let's just pulled up like my checkbook. Not my checkbook but I'm mark counts on computer. And I was going through and there's all these deposits being made. And I was like man united Rua looked at this before but there are you know. Seven apartment complexes. For real estate companies some of our company. Air and true software companies that I own. And I get payments from all these different companies. I don't worked in these companies are doomed to seminar of one seminar a month for ourselves just to keep my. Fingers in what's going on swept to force myself to stay. You know alert. But. These checks are coming in because these businesses are making money. And what were saying do you wish you need to have some businesses were there they're gonna be single family houses. And the small businesses or they're gonna be a small apartment which is a little bit larger business or large apartment which is a large resist the it's gonna put out on the money. So what are larger apartments put out 304050000. Dollars a month and positive social. So what's more when you put out ten to twenty. Real small and maybe put out by the low rent a month in income. You think about. They can't figure out how to get your tour 3000 dollars a year. And we're talking about. Five to 101000 a month. They really don't understand what they're doing. The financial planners out there. Cannot help you cruise they can't even help themselves. Interesting side note. I have many many financial planners have members. In fact unless some of our did someone. Screwed up admitted yeah I am one of those guys. Please don't hate me don't crush me right here. We can't touch these rates of return. So I'm here. And he's got dual dual. He has integrity. To do admit that hey I know a lot about punish a player and ought to open about it help you separate large player and if future finances. You're you're in such a preview bureau. Elliptical. When you die you know who gets what what do you will let you go you will all these things that didn't need to be done these guys know how to do. But what they don't know how to do is earn you more than 3% rate return. That's what they don't know effect. They ignored so well. That they're willing to come earned 789. Attend. And considered a 100% increase in what they can do. So. My friends what what you think about though is. Do you wanna work into your seven. 75 years of age. Or you want two to five years from now be retired. That's going to be a different goal your goal cannot be loved her job and keep it its. Goals for the past be written. Right back. Don't want your. You're listening to the joke once we break here. Principles are just different. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity buildup. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally the tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. Which is why realist it accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how attend one of our free workshops call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718974. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and out all the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week. A couple of months a year how long until you lose everything you've workforce in a fraction of the time it took to earth if this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach at lifestyles unlimited starts with the free workshop. Go to my passive income workshop dot com and find your true financial piece like so many of our members already had. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Conventional wisdom. The man on a mission to retire or. One for. No one's. Welcome back you don't want your radio show. What reporter someone serving you you're already matrix which is and monthly report. Of where the market places Arap. And it's interesting cup points stick on Lamar goodness this reporter. Of the first when news they've now got a name. Four only to answer questions right. Perilously give you name one of them is called lifestyle exit question are the ones called written by necessity asset class. So used to be ABC indeed now it just like very. And everything else. A meeting that the people in the column. The top class ones that are lifestyle asset class people. Are buying the quality of asset the renting them sore at the quality of assets they prefer to live it. The quality. Is more important than the price. Where is the red by necessity people lectured b.'s and c.'s release should be run agencies and these these people are price sensitive. So as you go through the information criteria are almost a couple things are glaring stick out at you right away what little miffed. That that took part market that's. Eric trouble the most probable. Are the asset sensitive. Right. Lifestyle sensitive compared to a necessity writers. Fair and what this article saying here is that. Although rents are up. Rent growth written growth rates are going down and had been doing so over the last year. So what does that mean we'll think about it pendulum. Sweeney one direction then the next back and forth back and forth that's that's your basic markets like. Goes up as far as a kid and pretty soon gravity grabs that pendulum. And pulls it back down. When it comes back down is swings through another complete dark into it goes too far one way and gravity pulls you back out again. Well what you need to understand it is that the speed. All that forward motion is the highest wind it's coming down. I want to pass is the mid point it starts to slow down. And slow down and slow down and sold out until at one point it no longer has enough momentum. To keep forcing it up. What what has happened over the last. Two years. Is that the markets have number one big overbuilt and class a product. And number two. The employment rates have slowed down in many cities Houston being one of them. That has had a problem because of that. Rents are very very hard. Which means that there is a entry. Requirement that the ability to afford the rent. He's becoming harder and harder and harder so it becomes more more expensive to rent. That's slowing the rate of growth momentum. Air there as their becomes more and more and more competition. Now people there the apartments are no negotiating with people and they're starting to give all concessions. That is slowing written groped now that doesn't mean there is no written growth. It just means that the rent growth could slow. But has slowed quite a bit from a couple of years ago red growth was as high as double digit figures. To jittery. Ten to 12% rate growth was not unheard of in some locations. If you average was probably 77 rate. Now the average is two. In the country rent growth rate is two percentage. Points of increased 2% increase year over year. And in some areas it's Eric. We negative so if you look at it Houston Texas. Is. Negative now when you break it down. There and you look at. The Houston Austin marker for big question properties are both very negative. Growth rate. Like the bowl that negative growth rates. Air and when you look at wrecked by necessity. It's better. Boy about what it's like. 13. All of the negative rate growth rate compared to be. I'll watchdog class of workers so if you're an investor right now and in your invested. You're a much safer positions Favre being able to grow your rents. If you're in class being blown product. If you're in class a product you're reds are going down I would try to buy classic product for a year. And what's interesting is they keep trying to Jack the prices up. Right they keep trying to compress a cap rates and Jack the prices up but now what's happening to them as they're seeing the red growth go negative on him. And now they're trying to tell you a story that hey. Don't look at the last twelve months were reds had actually gone down and concessions have gone up. And so that pedal. That pendulum is confident to a very crazy crazy as far as my prediction. They're gonna start lowering the prices of somebody's classics. That I really believe not why is my prediction. So. Full of hooey that it doesn't matter. Because the problem is we're not seeing the whole story. Even though rent growth isn't there. Incomes still list. And if you look at what rich people with a large amounts of money to do with the money. Or institutions with large amounts of money that got put somewhere to make a promise of out of retirement plan or something. There's nothing out there earning money. And because was nothing out there earning money. The money is continuing to flow into apartment complexes. So what I go out there and I I look at a classy apartment with logical under writing a report this is what the Singh's rule work and I'm being very aggressive and taking. On a lower rate of return that would like to other people close your eyes are going out of kilter in return is better than nothing or 1%. And their upgrading. So that's what's happening classic portrait. On the other side. Tons what stills members by class BCD properties and make it Killen was. But. Remember this all. Love doing this just makes it look more beautiful but great date to tomorrow. The. Yeah. Would radio show. Can obtain the rest. Enjoy those seventy. Can't get enough. Just enjoy the. 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