4/18: Tell Del Tuesday “A Journey Through Life, A Journey Through Retirement” – Featuring LU Member Larry

Del Walmsley
Tuesday, April 18th

Larry reminds us in this Tell Del that each chapter in our lives is a chance to do something incredible – not to be the best – but to be at all. Here is someone who rose through the ranks of the packaging industry, built a business with his bear hands and sold it for a sum of money that would set him up for life. In and of itself, this already reads as an amazing story. But, that’s only where it begins. As with so many Tell Dels, we see the reason for real estate investment not in the grandeur of life, but in its journey. Prepare for a Tell Del you will never forget.


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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Welcome to the hotel one sleep great Yoshi don't. Still to come. Questions every fifth and empowers you to return to your core. Make your life. Here they're true. Lifestyle you. Next hour will change your real life. And now you're okay. National award winning investor of the year CEO and founder of like star. Dell wants my. Welcome you don't want to radio show where the hype Benson helped begins I'm your host don't want cleaners always working on your financial freedom but today. He's a completely different type show normally what I bring guests on a bring in people that. You know started it someplace new life with very little and worked their way up to well through the training program that we put on here. But today we're changing that format because we got an individual. That was totally successful completely successful and retired. Before we ever showed up. And that's got a story one here because I know there's other people out there in the past we would have people want and the idea of having someone on his so that you can relate to that you could say hey that guy looks so sounds like my lifestyle. That's the same problems or challenges that I have. And so in that case you can relate and then eventually if you're listening on a regular basis you'll be convinced that you too can change your life but today. This story. It's completely different so I'd like to go ahead and welcome in Larry rose. From California Larry welcome to show. Welcome thank you don't appear. Well you know Larry it's it's really an interesting point here that. Washed Els has more and more people like Q joining up that never needed that they were successful from the very beginning. And people like you that are already successful when they come here they see the opportunity and take advantage of a very rapid basis. So let's go ahead in this W storyteller but if you don't mind sharing this. How did you retire yourself and what age did that occur when you decided just so your company letting go. In in my case I started. I got out of college. At this job. On an order they're making 600 dollars a month or was this will be a little bit but this was back in the late seventies there and I the order I guess like me and he gave me a chance that take their position in the outside salesforce which -- I did because I saw that I can do it. And they're there for about three years we've got them built earthen in my belt. I went to my next job as a sales representative it does stroke packaging industry. Down that's Southern California. Air and I was what their company six years and it worked for a guy much like yourself and it's in this spirit he was willing to sheer. How he became successful building his own packaging company. Air and I sure what this tells people he would use to say to us and sales meetings look I'm trying to make good businessman not salesman. Figure out there in front of the customer you know what it take if you order. I wanna teach you how to make the right decision to get there and walk away with a business and so because he was open about his methods and approach it. Over that time. At some point about bringing it appears there I moved to northern California opened a branch appear first Arum. Air and logistically it didn't work. So I ended up being in northern California air and I had a few customers stay local bike from you you know so I a polish single and start of oil company. But that was. I guess I was about thirty Warren are so. 32 air and so I'd built that company over the next ten years. In. There was a company and believe or you're kept kestre. They wanted to expand by acquisition as opposed to growing organically. And so they we finally after a couple of years. You know negotiating and go back and forth we came deter us there in for all cash buyout they bought us. In. We retired and what life would be my accountant in and company helped me. And so I don't I'm retired officially 45. Because I had enough money to live on that point forward. You know comfortably for the rest my life. So that's kind of how I got there and there might spend the next. I guess kind of a lifestyle but limited type blocked the the next ten or twelve years just doing whatever. We wanted. One things in my life one it was perhaps older which we hadn't at that point. So we knew about being four employees. Walk when I was 48 years old. The end. You know so that was her dream you know and it was a mining muck up my dream was to travel into every conceivable thing that I ever wanted to do. So with two babies you know simultaneously. I ended up not in the travel much. In fact achieve my with my wife all talk about this later but she's so risk the first bit. You know we can do almost anything because well they buy it all off the boat. We couldn't pick a bowed out it was after that and not act because. Yeah. Children even if it Applewhite best dog a book like that so. So I've had a goal and state in a bunch of class they have been going back to school and taken every conceivable subject I have ever been there has been everything from. A lot of pizza while hoping to construction and that's kind of how I got some exposure to. Real estate. At the construction side of things that they could all but of course it's about both framing and foundations the bidding war escalating what they also what I was stopped. And so. To use experience as piano and all the don't apply to Google Voice spoke for about twelve years there and done. And then I had there was a press ducks and there are in my life install like I was stopped all that. But. That's kind of an app brings it to the point where. I was introduced to lifestyles. Through my brother. So. That's that's how I got there. Well you know you not go park with two kids who one time you gave her what she wanted. That if we get a bag part. Yeah outcomes are among all religious. It has been a great thing and now I out you know when we talk about what we're doing things like that they're they're subprime motivate her for me right they're like two teenage boys now. And they're they're starting to show some interest didn't like when they see me go back to Texas Judea. Expo in go round and your property and meet with their interests to have the investor meetings in. And network and all access stuff. I come back tonight hello what I have been doing what I did in that he'll tell about that in. So they started asking a question like you know that's something. You know I convert our I can do that actually happened on the way to school. A month or two ago so. But I say absolutely that's my goal is to get them get about the fact assistants sit through. The financial freedom seminar with either yourself or. Date they're suited. And you know get there. It's the longest out as well because it would be a much bigger short side and if they had to build the way I wouldn't you know starting a company worry every being. The hard way making the mistakes. You know. So that's what I'm hoping for them. It's doubly good story I would like to take you back. Two steps as to questions I have a I don't think we have time to get either one of Mitt mobile take shot to short when. Sure one thumb is you mention you get some kind of an action can you share with us what that was a was that something that debilitated you work. Since you know you said you should stop all itself. What if I couldn't tell what happened tragically was. Why. My brother who my youngest brother withers or reverse sibling. He was a paraplegic he had had a motorcycle accident when he was gonna cervix or any form here and my mother who is retired schoolteacher. A couple of years prior still around 20072008. Had moved up northern California to be close to her grandkids because. The other kids. Brother rent here in our system in Washington State. Well our world you know if I had these two late in life and so they were little awkward serve it elementary school kids. At the time so they moved up here because to us at the end it a long story short. Her house burned down what are my brother in. Omaha world. Specter. Did you know you hear about certain stuff that you never. Never think it is gonna happen to you. While one of story that's. It's unbelievable I think we have to take a break on that one right there there's that's a pretty deep moment sorry Escude goes that far and never heard the story so I didn't know where it was going. But. To factor you you held together. We'll tell a story that says quite a bit about yourself. But he did make you decide to stop doing a lot of stuff packages. Besides. Yeah the other look we have the time that they're in a nutshell what happened what they're. Everything up a little. Won't the little boy had good break and then you can re compose and welcome back you can share what you wanna share what you don't. How would you short break are all topple numbers 8777115211. With BJ's where rose who by the way to tell you this 22 apartment complexes. So there's this story. And we come back from our breaking gave will be right back with Larry rose and the Dell wasn't radio show. 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Within the confines of their schedules and commitments. Want to get started now go to might passive income workshop dot com. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Check in and stay up today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch while you work at top thirteen 78 dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind they're great choice. Thirteen seventy. I can now here's some more unconventional wisdom to us that you. The men on a mission to retire road America one person better. No one's going. Welcome back to don't want to radio show with new date for tell Doe's Larry Ross out of California. And leery currently owns 22 apartment complexes and has couple of them for sale. Great story we begin the second when you go back and ask clearly there was to question alone there she answered the first 12. Question of one estuary because I can see. A lot of middle aged men would be asking this very same question if you talk to them about getting rid of the business. I struggled in my life with okay should I so why don't we got more enough money to live with for the rest of my life. But if I do who am I wanna like doing what am I giving back. How did you feel when you sold your baby out from underneath you and good decided that you were just going to. Be retired 45 years of barely touched thirty years. Nothing to do how did you feel. You now. Well honestly believe for a long time and I I'd wait this many times whether or not I was gonna starter that the company. You know I part of the deal was always sold blows. I think that's kind of non compete agreements for five years or something not fit to go back into that industry in this area. In every time I would run these scenarios through my mind about going. Starting in other companies. A course out here in California Adobe the a lot of the laws we will. Well there are or either inside business or certainly not through export business soon. There's there's a lot of grief you know dealing with the laws and regulations regarding employees and all that's stopping so that was part of our motivation to dispel was just not gonna have to deal with the crack you know. So when we built a business I never regretted the first back for quite honestly if I knew that I had the resources. And time if I chose to go to open up the yeah. But as you know we had them always and then. All this stuff you know I was enjoying. Got to go back and taking stuff that I wish I taken the first time memorial school you know they're just doing things like you know learning. Jazz piano and things like that you know stop but I really wish I had pursued in practice more what I was a kid who cares what it was wasn't. I you I just really didn't. Really missed that I would you know popular old employees and stuff sometimes they say hello start a company in. And I it's good I waited and I just you know I live now I don't think so never felt right. So law. For me I never really I never really missed that post and now here I am and then of course the tragedy with my mom and brother happened. What I can and staying there or was that. I'm good who either accident happened didn't know in 2000 to November of 2010. And because everything was consumed in the fire records a personal best I've spent the next couple years reconstructing. First dates basically. It and it deal looked all but you know so old a wall I guess I also process bitten. All of those things. So that's what I did for a couple years and then. There are eight realized I was getting older my body wasn't. Would react the way it did right in my mind even if they act in terms I'd still being like some are. Thirty year old you know but my body thinks differently. So. I enrolled in classes but they're just doing all the academics I would I would just taken Roby extending weight training and stuff like that just to try to keep. Biting off the old age being so light it up for a couple of years and that brought us right up right up to. 2014. The first time. I attended an expo with my brother. That was February 2014. And it I would suspect they're on a visit actually and third seat you know it was scheduled when he got tickets and I think I walk around other spoke. Where my sister in law's name tag of I'm not mistaken. But I think at any Al. But I got to bring this back up you lifestyles in 2014. So your Brothers won them their due shoot to lifestyle site. Who here for years and in what you know we. We he would come out you know visiting and he would tell me about what he was doable. I understood the concept was stuck in general terms. And then you know RT if you went from being a fair way. On a bunch of single fairways so he made that the changeover in there would be possible but barely. Deal. He started sitting emails you know just say hey I got a list below look I suspect this you know 10% return distribution chuck you know and then you know the next quarter of all around the New York Post say all of this but 13% or fuel summer school. You know so why as I watched this unfold. I thought. Well that's a lot better than I'm doing what they're stocks and mutual funds you don't do okayed you know but. I'm not really gaining I'm just holding even you know kind of bit. So. That's really what got people like this that I attended the expo not as a member. And then it was later that year in August of 2014 are actually well there were among older oral. What did you take to two days. They're cute or mean I didn't hear that part so we're did you take the two day classes that. Well I took seventh editorial with David Fisher didn't know that so then. I joined in August and I went back out in November of 2014 took that to they would David there's a total. Thank you so what did you think you know. I haven't already struck it as a successful business person. What captured you retention there's usually some kind of an. You know which are anything that religious and should some what you needed to make this thing make more sense for him. Well part of it was you know does this stop after you know go through these are court this fraction will stay but. You know 2000. 789 air and into eleven out here you know it took below under recover. And the stock market you know slowly recover. In. But you know and here's its peak it's you know circuit rule poppy who I thought well there's got to be something better. Then didn't just write more visible these waves up and barrel you know. And not being pulled behind investing. Stock trader professional you know you're kind of out the women you know the market. So. I started working closely they're going to result speed was kidding in my brother. And if it's a big difference you know than I ability expo which a lot of those breakout session. And kind of got kind of got a fever a little bit being paid there's something better out there you know that's what I started thinking. Well you sure not disallow the parking when you do something you do a big don't you. Do you know I I I hate fest quickly you know and I'm not afraid to take the form having been a businessman you know you. You can't be afraid to take action you know. So far and I failed you know I've built many times and many insurers don't sing but I I learned that that's not the end. So into the heat persisting whom you will you don't do your diligence and things like that. You hope you can succeed and so I never a doubted that about in his stable they're adults that was on the. An uptick short break. Our numbers 8777115211. If you like yes Larry question will be right back very rose and you don't want to radio show. You're listening to their tell monthly rate here. Principles and Justin. Longtime lifestyles member Curtis Haines. A real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough skill for that. If we were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it. You have this road map of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of the thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my advice. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. Attend the workshop get your map safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop it will change your life. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about in searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and up all the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. Now here's some more unconventional wisdom just searching. The man on a mission to retire road America one for. No one's. What about you don't wildly radio show with me here today until Dell is delivery rose from California. A polar successful businessman who sold his company retired and then got talked into looking into this real state stuck by his brother Steve. And he looked at it considered thought it might be good idea and then out of nowhere picked up 22 apartment complexes. Should knock it out of the Barkley gets so what's just 42. Did you we in the expo this year. So what you were in the pats have been compatible and that's where. Etiquette so was Clinton share with the audience now. You came out you immediately I you can military you immediately sundin to pass it by believes that case. Yes because being in California are in the real estate market be awarded this you're really know what their position cheap. Two body you know houses were seventy or eighty or 90000 dollars they would ask well immediately so. I am you know given the distance I just decided it goes straight passive. So in this decision. Which makes all the sense in the world logical you've already retired you already set for life. You're just looking to engage your capital in a little bit higher rate of return type of investment. That the question comes down how did you. Identified the lead investors that you wanted to go to gene can give a process. You have a criteria how do you how do you figure out who you wanna go concerning your story so unbelievable how we differ fifteen differently investors. I mean that's a lot of networking to lot of trusting. A lot of above the relying on other people how did you make that leap Larry. Well facility. I was desperate to disputed any deal like so I really didn't have the screening criteria at all. I think I got you know I would. I got honestly listen there's people I was familiar with the most believe. Eight was given funds by him but my brother. And unfortunately I didn't make the cut most fun because. I wasn't a previous investor or. They didn't know me face the base here because I you know I've been back there or not they will participate they're not lifestyles activities. And you know events and road trips and things like that. So if I can get an idea like to not know and it just blind basically and I was. I guess fortunate. Because most the deals have been at work done very well. It's been warned that some have performed sub par. But I still expect that that will turn out okay. So so that was initially I didn't I didn't know. How how to screen are determined I was doing a good job other bad word of mouth move and and I'm hearing my brother he had been only feel they were paying good. Good distribution there and I thought okay wallaby and is that what but unfortunately I usually didn't get in so. I join in August of 2014. And I think I got in true. Between that time and the rest of 2014. Andrea Barrett got away another. Two or three months into 2015 before god and another deal so it took awhile. And it took some you know patients. And it took some relatives you know to continue I was back then networked. You know I came back to the expo 2015 of course as a member. And that meant a lot more people in it it's a process where you're building a network. People and contacts and people that expressed. Interest and being a leader investors and actually when I was back at the two days in November of 2014. I was able though it's normal but every road trips. And got got the names of a lot of people there and battle space the space of course which is which is huge. So. Well you really grew expert actually that look at these numbers and dates through that you gave me. And two deals in 2014 but that was only from August so that's less than six months to do to deal. And have never met anybody yet you're a California and you know you got to meet people all over the country. Then 20153. Times that no region six deals in 2015. That's exponential growth rate Payer and then. In 2016. Needed fourteen more deals so much what everybody out there to understand that. He was under the worst possible case scenario where you didn't know anybody and they didn't know him. Air and now. They sound like they're falling off you know book. Watermelon cart just splashing your feet fifth fifth to fourteenth. Yeah one year if you say yes to update status well since the dark side build up that was cheap they're you know took the information about the deals install. I am in green ordeals. I like let's that this works they have a close there's after the close Linux. No I'm I'm in May but you know I wonder though so until if they close. And there's two more pending that I. There I think I'm in I don't know just you know bay there's a screening process and there's a lot of people don't want to give him feels so. And I don't give you know people may think that I get and every deal or something but I don't I don't get in more deals that I probably didn't. Just because. It's it's they can be challenging old you know it's where your place as a lineman who we you know we know it in. And if they know you all those things help and that's why just I keep working at it though I guess that's the key is you keep what you are trying to meet these people locates them. And the in my case I'm back here. I don't get to go to every lifestyle activity in fact this like what other deaths so. I use there email went all right when all else being election. You know questions like you know you know anybody that's you know an open Connolly for you know any any deals out there I checked to see if I'm on the top of list. And I worked it so you know it takes it takes some diligence so our work force but it does take diligence in. And also. As do most things that are worth the doing. They're worth doing well you've done well so you you've done 22 we got three either pending that would give you 25. You should get a couple of Google looking to sell. That is correct tour escrow they've been in this book for a couple months what's actually scheduled to close Friday. This week couple days well and the other way and by the end of April so that's only a week or two out as well. So those were close. And there and then I'm just gonna take that approach C and roll right over into the next to you. You know that's I've been doing with with even more quarterly distributions. I guess I could hear this you know last month but I think I received around 64000. Distributions for the order a and I'm just rolled that right over into these feels I'm under no you know and it was real nice to go to the yesterday my wife brings in an envelope and says hey gotta check. And I opened it inside what pretext. For war we need to. And it was 161000 dollars. So that feels good doesn't happen all this one is just there he filed that I don't live on it. Although I could you know and we've been traveling more spending you know enjoying this but by the same token I just ordered over so that. It keeps growing. You know I'm gonna show you something just for the audience. Benefit. What Larry soccer that is so true I you I receive all my check from my different companies and I don't like eleven different ones. No where near newsletters into it I got like eleven so you get these checks and they come quarterly some bumps along of them come monthly panel he got set up. And I just can they go to the office and my. The account but they're just takes and puts moment so what are rolling and once more to do a case study. Control here's a project there and it's you you just turn your head ago. Wow I having been here in a month and there's a pile of money sitting there that's just a wonderful way to have liked to work isn't it. It looks like we got two minutes left here I've got a question and I don't know you can get too often two minutes but Woolsey for equal work through it in that is. Do you like the chatty Kathy Leeds or do you like because it's Tony buggy. You know some people like the lead to spent a lot of time doing a lot of narrative could tell you Jack how that business is going. And other league sigfosin you check in the mail to realize you don't really care so which is your favorite. Well I I think I like kind of a good point there I like. To be informed I like updates but I like the real concise ones you know site and I think the lifestyle. Guidelines is that there's also provide a summary as well as you're you've reports and financial themselves but I would only like the the one page email so worried that says. Occupancy was you know vacancy was this or occupancy was there as we finish that there's this how much we may. This is what expenses were oh so they summarize it all in just a little house page email. And they all the stuff that actually the if you wanna. Port through the financial. Sometimes they do and sometimes I don't you know you can you can tell pretty quickly which properties are. Challenge to which ones are really steaming ahead but some. I like I feel like the beat me in four I have some leads unfortunately that. If they're the minority for sure but it's a couple quick you know it's a struggle with then you get those reports out. Think communicate what score with a with a complex and how. Good after the break right there there pushes up the back of the segment. We'll be right back when Blair rose in the don't want you radio show. You're listening to their Joseph wants the great here. Principles are just a few. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways cash flow money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right math. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity buildup. Printers pay down your mortgage each month and finally there's tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. Which is why realistic accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. 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The man on a mission to retire road America one person at. No one's. Welcome back to don't want to read your show with me here today. These delivery rose out of California owner of 23. 22 multifamily apartment complexes. And Doug currently in contract for three more. I've been in this since 2014. And walked two properties in 20146. Properties in 2015. And fourteen properties. In 2016. He's got seven properties in Corpus Christi seven properties in San Antonio seven property greater Ralston and warning College Station so. Larry. We're broke through about. I'd rather listen you don't just outside also. How did the reason I said that would tongue in cheek is that my gosh you you've been buying all over central Texas. Obviously there's a reason. You get to know the people look those serious sooner than he did the other areas so loved. Do you have a preference and where you. We like to properties can be located 38. What drives creditors who was going we've got oh lead investor we've got location we got type of deal. What are what are your preferences. Well he he I mean it was because my brother that I. Into the didn't want it simple fact is because that's where I was going to be the first eating fish. Activities with lifestyle so I was able to be active but these errant leverage off of my brother. Deal it was there and even if I want that in them initially. Go. That's just kind of how old good luck everytime I backed we drive around the average property that I precedent since the last visit. If I did order it what I bought you know what I benefited. So. I am in one deal. At all station was it which is a little further out in their outlook is right now doing Georgia. Though. I'm not all we've been wondering about your read but they but I didn't make there's like Sergio did well. So. I'm talking. People engaged in as a result of this flaw there well I mean more on our little trial and try to diversify geographically so I argued I. I sure that's what the young guys. Back in fact this is black strip. And I try to diversify. In terms of the type video here you first decided to play or hybrid. And then all of you as well they have everything all city spreader Guerrero. And also spread around all believe that way by the guy that the little weak you know we know what to do it next time that you you're insulate yourself against. Major. Well equipped. And and that there ought to leave what all well and now actually. I hate in there and do you know put money you know there are the country that you're really good about it so. Performed. And I couldn't. Agree with you more and almost theories that there's a 100% true or you know buffalo we're investing passively. I would definitely want spread my money out as far as different leads case one and got killed. Or characters just fell apart got a divorce mostly lost a crucial to same thing with wanna do. The geographic Bart is the one I'm excited about now the watch tells his national. To build a diversified geographically just to me the smartest thing the the river could be because now what when Texas could hit would you oil crunch. You know it's it is not gonna be a 100% effect it's going to be very small percentage of effect for. The people there invested our deals and self portraits so that's a great idea. We still got it looks like. Two minutes left. What would you like to say or what would you say to people who committed for the first time they're asking you about your experience a lifestyle what what can you what you got the the true. We don't want things I hate this kind of wiped me and I don't know here because I don't know maybe what other people but at. Those situations where maybe sometimes the bowels. One out is really on war and the other one is reluctant or even opposed. Because there're. Risk averse than just don't want it they share therefore. Gamble you know they want you respect early which. There's so it might say you know my wife. People been error. And she'd rather have money that they're stage that she knows is there they can point to 5% annual interest rates they're. Take a little risk and you know it's something worthwhile even if it's proportionate to the the risk you know. So it might. I think that the once they're in and what it hadn't started and being and then I asked for forgiveness later. That's what. What they say you know they say it's it's always easier to ask for forgiveness and ask your permission. So I understand there are. A good point to bring up to. Special interest of Doritos all conservative for what what's about your kid so it didn't bother to even think that would not quite so but always she. With go to your money so that's it that's a good point. Any naysayers besides wife being you know very conservative do you have anybody tell you what are you doing that you are you crazy what. You know. You know it was so it was great they are personally. And I figured I heard a long time ago. Fight over money actually of this. Just fine with my without anybody else. So there aren't gonna make the decision I'll just I'll live with it you know auto. Exactly the way I felt once black Monday happen though off too much money in the stock market as it. I do not have to pay somebody to help me lose my money. I can do this all on Mike no they're from apple and others started by a business this new course whose real statement is like Kate. I can't do any worse than they did for me I'm gonna get a shot do for myself what present coming knowledge sharing your story with us Larry. Very much so appreciate you being that the yeah expo in during the past have been faster. Panel and helping everybody out there understand. Q what it is that you do to be involved what we do here so we really appreciate that so thanks for sharing your time and story. They Cuba or put it altogether and sharing. Your knowledge. People. All right for the rest to be out there abortion to think about what you heard today here's a gentleman's already successful. Because guardian. Could you do more have a wonderful day remembered not for the money for election. Yeah. The. Radio show. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. 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