4/17: Success, Significance & Legacy – Featuring Honored Guest Tom Ziglar

Del Walmsley
Monday, April 17th

You may not know this, but Lifestyles Unlimited to a large degree was born from one solitary quote: “you can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” (Zig Ziglar) It is with this powerful sentiment that we begin today’s show examining the philosophy and principles of Zig Ziglar through his son Tom, CEO of Ziglar Inc. in order to better understand ourselves and our path to success, significance and legacy.


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And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right tier rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club that's talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome to the hotel while asleep radio she don't. Tell challenge. Who questions everything. Powers you to return to. Make your life. Here they're true. Lifestyle you. The next hour will change when life. And now you're okay. National award winning investor of the year. CEO and founder of like star. Old ones we've. Welcome to go well you know show. It's with a high fans can help begins and I'm here today to share with you some insider knowledge with the very. Incredible. Gentleman that has come down through the ranks of being grown up around in these more credible Joan. And it's uninteresting. That day to somebody can actually be raised up by a superstar. And how they do end up after the came out of that experience so with these days mr. Tom Sigler son and should enroll. Progressed through a bit of a lifetime knowledge of mr. zig ziglar Tom welcome to show. Develop an honor and a privilege to be here. We you know dumb I thought about what are we wonder asking today. And this has been this is something that is driven my life. Is driven Mike company's existence for 27 years and it's a statement to your dead made. Many many many years ago I had 3040 years ago at least he said he was 66. When I saw and so we've pretty old no it's 47 when Tomlinson and so will we look at this thing the other day and it's thinking. How did I fashioned a company around the statement that you're dead meat which was if you open up other people in this world get what they want. You can have whatever you want. And I told it to people so we're all the time there to what do you do distill your rich Nell you're successful why do you even bother coming back. As your agent and trying to help other people. And I said because if you open up with a controlled it with they want you can have whatever you want. And the ocean but nobody believed me when I say that they don't believe Google tell that's not true I helped somebody wants I'm not rich. I do I don't secure what I said you have to help enough people in this world to which one. And up once just isn't enough to get everything that you want. Tom we're interject what their statement in what was the basis of. Well there are really great you know he's being a student of history and Christian. I really think that he got that from the golden rule. You know from the command in the new testament of how we are supposed to treat other as we treat ourselves as we. Live each day. And you know down the road. Over thirty books around that core philosophy. And you can have very thing why he wanted to help about other people do what they want. So I think he's got that and his early career was a fail and there is no pure way. So large that bought the speed and and sales. Because it failed. You've got assault problem is you don't all the call for somebody. You are not going to be successful they're not going to be in at the very law and spoke. One of the great things about that simple quote it is. If we're on the problem solving business if we put helping people get what they want all their problems. And we're gonna be rewarded for that. When our mode is become. Tainted or selfish. People even in today's culture and society where social media and everything the way that we go stake from a mile away. Mean work in the but when you are somebody who really wants. You. Then all of a sudden everything changed. So do you cure a lot of people quote back boulders that just something that just burnt into my brain for some reason or that really common. Commonly used quote. It's probably. Without a doubt I mean not even a well respected the number one most recognizable. Zig ziglar was. It's that simple and it green skirt. Now you know some people argue well you know what about this but what about that. And dad built a foundation it's got to be built on terror and instead the you've got to have a pollution and you've got to have a desire to help the other person for their benefit not zero. But that the foundation that is blaze that quote all obviously. You have villain out there and it's not civil war the way it should. Just to get an example I was and this is a positive example I was working with a business owner. And yet successful business is growing but it's putting in a moment about a stressed why. It is just minding your business is doing a lot of things that I so why are you doing. In case law allows people. And they are both Eric. And our. And and he quarterback what. And but what we understand them that of course the fastest way we're used to achieve success in your business. Is to help your people achieve their direct. And we came up to expect that they've dreams blustery and it all except significant legacy. And so really what we thank about it when we have a clearly defined brain that we want to achieve. And we understand that our staff as best way to get there this woman help other people achieve their own doing. Better get out of because drains blood stream there's what changes the war. Interesting point you know you you look at this and you think all the flaws actually guys' hands down. You work through these. One of the things that I always thought was interesting was that the concept of priming the pump tells another what are your dad's big big talks. About prime the pump you so right on that people want success without putting in the work. They're not he's seen you gotta put stepping in before it takes to about. Shared that concept would everybody just take the whole thing and work with because it's such a big content. You know it's satellite. Somebody's not doing a good job or been a manager called amendment so as I. You know we have a altered out work them like he should and and the post on it'll give you raise them and I'll show you what I can do. Well you go home and it's twenty below outside and you look at the FD. Hot stove or that they have these W they did they beat the miss those those who would've been wide course and I'll give you eat. Or distorted upon which is what you just mentioned. You know we've got to pump or get got water out. But we've got to cry look up with water urged. Why there's like doubt we've got to put bumping him. Before we get something out we've got to do the homework we've got to prepare ourselves mentally we gotta get up early we've got to. You know we've got to do all the things. Why well all we can expect the storm weathered. And it and it and trusting that and are in our culture in the media though the vestiges that we did it constantly bombarding us. Is that all about what their movement and solutions then you know by the but in thirty seconds to wire will be there are exist at all. And so consequently we are evident battle. I don't know what I called well this is the ultimate stake they made they made them a Newt every day now. But the state negative is that there's a shortcut to the top. And there's not. You know there's the foundation stones of character and integrity. Above and loyalty pays the bill of oil and then we've got to take the right steps to get better. Other good news. Is that if we take those. And it's a product of the system wheat and be successful we've got to take the steps spurt so. It's not a mystery it's not something that only if viewed in a cave. It's actually a very clear that process the reality is that this crap is this there are used as work. It it ticks guys there's word that's good you know. What was your. Father's book blues did say deuce no elevator to the top is that one of his books. Yeah. Any had a you have to take I'll draw mental picture you know you had. A stairway. To the top fired into the top of the stairway was the door do happiness that bill that. You know financial wellness. Good family relationship the open the future of in everything we all want pride that the the doorway of the and then at the right hand side there's a picture of an elevator door with a by the cost. Out of order. And but the reality is the order of these successful. We've got to take the steps. We've got to take the stairs through those shortcut through a little bit and dad also said this is so there's plenty more room at the top. But not enough but the ball. That's inching under heard that when that's new with it but you know it helped sit down. Oh man you know that the thing about priming the pump though which is due. Like I said 01 of its own favored speeches is that. Once you do get primed that it doesn't take very much effort to keep it going which is always thought was brilliant because it doesn't it takes a lot. To prime that it takes a lot to get his start putting out but what you get there are just like we lost passive income once we got it setup. He doesn't take much to keep going. We take short break down and go will be right back with Tom secure in the del Walters radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants what radio. Changing principles are just different. 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That's my passive income workshop dot com. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and a ball the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. Act now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sent you. The man on a mission to retire right. Once. We'll go back to don't want to really show with me days Tom ziglar. From the ziglar corporation incorporated to believe it is but Tom. Wanna ask a question here you cool and collaborated with your father in the book called born to win. Why should anybody out here. Believe that they should be that they are born to win and than before yes that will meet to share with you some negative thoughts that you can work on here. I'm thinking about this somebody important in my life passed away and when I thought about that a figure dispersants such wonderful person in every way shape and form you can pick up fairly. Success. Everything if you put other newspaper this person was incredible. Now I sit there and look to people that raise crackhead kids. Debt. Everybody either daily or Alter but it pales in jail or been in jail on you look at. People just their lives are disastrous. There broke the bad debt bad credit and you look at these people you to if you talk to them. It's like 21 came short of a six pack or more they're really disastrous. People in general. So how can you. Satan you know put together the belief that we're all born to win sure that moon because his people to justice write a goal like. I don't think I'm bored to win and I'm not that I'm under another on the guy that does it all wrong every time I tried so the material. How could it be bored to win a legit there. All right well you're you're boring and in my mind about two or three different stories. And and one of them operated actually born when there is very I'd interview done it and what goes. Based web. And one out what was very very successful businessman and other one. Ended up in prison and he got every you know mistake you can do. And for the very successful businessman they were talking about it why. And they've you know held the bow. Growing out in the well. You know I was born and why I'm a victim of child abuse spot followed with an alcoholic he beat us. We moved around the country all the time. And you know he gave me the inspiration. Because how can I be anything other than a successful businessman. Because I wanted to group my other law. But and they go and I had heard the they've interviewed the other man and print them. And based why are you here. And the other man imprisoned. Well you know I was raised by ought to bother you beat me beat Barbara Hillary beat by Bob. And how can it ever end up anywhere but it isn't being always like that. And so here we have this situation where we have. Some people raised in exactly the same circumstance. And they have totally different outcome of their life. And so the question is what if there are I mean are identical when they had the same parents. They had the same circumstance there's. But they didn't have their primary sponsors in this circumstance want to loan used it as a reason I'm gonna show. The world that I can do it anyway the other way and used it as a reason for why bother. The deck is stacked against them. And so unless. Scenario. We all have a way of life I mean one of the quotes the bad it is we're endowed with the lead to great we have every quality of expel what they're about. That we need in order. The web in order to be successful in order to be awarded to way to. The difference is is that we have got to develop the qualities. That are within we can't just leave them there on polish. We've got to boarding up now we've got to go forward. And to make a huge decision that does regardless of my circumstances. I've been a start worrying about an ominous start developing these qualities that I have with them. But really it boils down to Detroit is that we made when I look at my own father lives. He was. As five years old was bothered and that's what during the great depression and he has used city Mississippi one of the course. State and one of the poorest city in the country. Dad started to work when he was six years old and he never did well in school. But Syria is being raised by a mother with a fifth grade education. Starting work when he's there and it doesn't do well in school out at the end up being. Good good work. Boulder came at time and apply when somebody what they've MEI be respected and that person good. If you believed in pierce well then went to work on a regular schedule you can be a champion. And I thank for the people out there and circumstances of why a bit unfair. Two then abused to build mistreated or maybe people do. Unknowingly made bad decisions that snowballed into a series of consequent boost that they couldn't even imagine. There's a point you're alive well you've got to take ownership and you know why. I and become and I am. A personal value. What I have to do now is to develop these qualities with them. This history books are filled with the people who had everything given film and get them out there any thing. And that history books are filled with people who had the whole deck stacked against them. Yet change the world. And so the question for everybody listening who maybe has their old tape playing America. Is there. You are born when the question is all you don't know recognized that. And take that step member of the two step process that bad had been better. Believe in well. And go to work on a regular schedule. I don't believe we need to be followed by action and that's always do is we each people they're regular old message to our whole mission. It has to draw out the great the people have within themselves that are good in the none over. And then do on the action plan so that they can be successful on all areas of life. So people. We hear that message come. And then they go and they listened to Newt did to put politicians out there going. I'm gonna change this so it's easier all it makes jobs happen and make the world a better place. We're gonna cut taxes are gonna do this and do that. And people go why should I even try these these people somebody else is gonna take care this problem for me. Or you run into the people like you're dead you're toast talk about did just are willing to go do the work they've been won't climb the stairs lead. They won't or even one more step is the people that. Start and because they don't know what they're doing they're hacking away. And flailing. And relieving feelings sometimes. And yet you're dead said anything it's worth doing is worth doing wrong long enough. To get Iraq so. What do you do as a teacher. I was gonna say motivated but I don't like to work motivation I like. For people to be inspired and so instead of motivating you wonder personal like clocked. Wrote about their in the industry you know just belts Iran off the walls and stop until it doesn't work. And so I believe you more good inspiration I'm more of an inspiration were people what you're saying hey here's light bulb light your own way. To come back twenty short break and come back. What we wanna do is talk about. How do you get people like that he knew organization. Help them get a motivated we'll be right back with. Times are good at the Dell wasn't reduced. You're listening to their Joseph wants with the radio. Dell will be. Principles are just a few minutes. Longtime lifestyles member Curtis Haines. A real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle they just can't please thank you enough still for that. If we were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it. You have this road map of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of left thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my advice. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like Dell helped him. Attend the workshop get your map safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop it will change your life. Texas weather can change on dime will. Monitoring. Here normally. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free from the man on a mission to retry. Plunged. Fullback you don't want to radio show with me here today is Thompson go to CEO of Google incorporated. In the sun very famous ministers to exude good Tom one day excuse as to what to break. How does your organization. Help people. They have that loss. Or lack thereof belief book either because they're not willing to work. They're not able to work at fair don't think they're Smart enough to work here's a thousand excuses why I'm not successful. What do you guys do time if you've got a lot of material that they're. What is the best piece mature you have that would help these people can go. Wow well I love what we're talking about with the board to win book that's a great place to start. Probably even before that there's a question that I left there realist but there. And here's the question. I want you to think hard about this question actually I'm asked requested. The first question is there there are you staying. In your personalize your family lie. Or your business wire. That you could do in the next week. Never make things worse. And a court that they be compared chuckled all over the Arab Israel now of course we could make it worse right we could that are being go off sweep it. I doubt the boss we did yell and are all familiar a lot of things we could do to make life works. So here's another question. Is there anything we can do and our personal lives are being in my life but our business wise and the next week. It would make things better. Well absolutely either we did. And our spell love and we could. Get up roar earlier exercise we could work a little harder on the project we you know we get to a lot of little. We're here as a transaction that does happen inside of your own fear. Between Europe to here this semester us. Without even realize. In your own mind. Told yourself you have the power to make things better or worse. And the choices here. Others but powerful statement this little war hope was born they. Well we talked about people who are frustrated they've given up I don't think they can do any studying. Well you have no hope you won't even take the first step he won't even try. And so the first thing that we do it they blur is we create. We didn't do and I love what you said about motivation as well I I am not a motivational speaker. Like dad was a meeting of the ultimate motivational speaker. But dad put something even more than bill I think it was why it matters it was an inspirational. Speaker. And that's what I try to be. An inspirational speaker and inspirational mentor or coach. Is somebody who inspired you to do a little bit actually. Not based on you know they have the Cleveland based on realistic expectation. And so what you're stuck in your lie that your you know you're you're you're mistaken Caribbean the entire page. We realize that there is something you can do right now. That won't make the rest of today and tomorrow and next week and next year better. And it has to do with taking action and implementing the right thing and all. The collapse the first step that we do is we need to take action in the first action that we recommend that you say. Is changing. The implementation in the end it becomes an earmark. I don't know if you've ever been on the road trip at least stop and our direction. And they give you bad directions you end up blew away. But your destination and when you were asking for directions in the first place. Well guess what that wasn't your ball somebody gave you bad direction. So many people are struggling in life. Because the people who loved them quote on quote gave a bad direction could be error could be a teacher. Could be a forum could at least somebody at work. And so what we do is we step back and we I hear the right directions. Put this information and you might take these steps and wise he will get better. So that's. I want to try to get some help to some people take your time. Sure with the people out here in the audience where they can go to get. Good taste you material introduction QBQ I know you've got some free stuff out there on the web site. Going ensure with him how they can get to that stuff what they should start with. You bet the first thing is when you go to google.com. About EI GO JR dot com. We terrible box that and Scott are we just. And you get our newsletter is part of value also did one of dad's greatest speeches all biscuit bullies and pump handle. It's a download that'll come used to you can listen to it on here. You know under our owner and Pete employer or your computer just whichever way you like political good that's one of the bank is that gift that we have. There are also other gifts there as well and these you know. Are very very are always column five where you life changing school. Probably give you a video online training series called the secret influence formula. And how you you can influence others because when we have what we know how to temple let other people. The night give us leverage and power but has not typically what levers of power is because we have their best interest of mine and we want. The boring as many people as we can what does almost journey to success. We also give you a little book the big oil which as the over under dad's greatest quote. That where you go and and Margaret Barrett check out our other programs. The border when Booker bear. We have an online course called live way in which is extremely powerful these are all the tools that you can get in the. So you've got. A series of talk she doing it for life stealth members that this is simply for lifestyles members not for other people. Can you share a little bit on when that's going to be and how we get involved in that somebody want to go to that to lifestyles member. Yet terrible the web site because duke is they're logo dot com. And it forward slash LU a lifestyle on limited. And that'll take you do a page that describes what she get and mart video view on their bell we appreciate that. In what used bad Albert Lin were all ought to be really impacted you have motivated you early in your career. But I thought expelled members that the school would put together. A package. That'd be barred that currently would literally 83 just barking what we have here. And one of the bonuses but they've they pull bay. I'll workshop or I'm going to be going to each of the lifestyle the location. Become and he is the most battered as a matter of fact. That the first one that we have. And then we are also coming to. San Antonio area and OPEC is on June 3. And then Dallas or war on May twenty oh isn't April 22 but you get what this. Our board to win book are as they go on the man which is over sixty hours a bad best known material. That she can access all law unlimited act Syria and it is paid for that properly. And bought and they're probably pay well over a thousand dollar just. You get the performance by an error are how to stay motivated period of the ballot and a nurse so much where we go under great feat they'll. But really what we're talking about is out so smooth. From access. These significant legacy. And that's what the workshop going to be about then he's been coming up in the other city locations as well is how wide lose from success. These significant. Electricity. Because when we expect that your goal. You don't necessarily achieve significant and life. But a boy I get the usual role and file away outspoken all over the world at last we will come and if you wanna leave a legacy. A 100 per cent and am always go up. So legacy is your goal. And what you'll discover is that step that this stepping stone the legacy are except some significant. And the good news is that as we give you simple. How to achieve all three that's what we're going to be doing at these workshops. Woods that's. So would equate package dumb I'm gonna go to break tournament before I'd do a one so that you think about this from. We want to assure explanation. We've only got the C seven men slept in this last segment. A short explanation. Of how you define success significance and legacy slew of think about that be prepared and that would come back. For the rest about the 877711. 5211 if you're into students calling up and asking Tom or myself that question to welcome to do so once we opened during the break. 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I can now here's some more unconventional wisdom just six U. The men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time no one's going. Welcome back to del Walters radio show with me today use the CEO ziglar incorporated mr. Tom ziglar. And Doug Thomas went to break on what would you do. Come back from the break ready to explain to us out here that it. Haven't heard this before what is the difference between success significance. And legacy. You've got to let the word veto my main focus of life Lou there's helping people. Not only understand the different than these furry but to also pay at all during. So here we go and I'm gonna give you short definitions. Of each. Except there's only have more of the good things so why are all the best to the maximum utilization in the abilities that god gave you. Except could be they progressive realization noble work while goal or objective. No brought great definition of success but at the end of it always expect to about what I personally but she's gonna say. And a good Luis you want Abdallah six but you wanna have. You know balancing your mental your spiritual your physical they're Stanley your financial. And your career. And your personal lives so mean these are the areas that you want to have access them. Bloodiest single arms are significant though there are. They've never though is when you help someone else being do you have more than I thought possible. Significant as reaching out and lifting other. Significant is when. I you're working with a friend or family member or even stranger may be a customer or prospect. And you helped dome do more that I thought they could use it then you educate you look the market get a knowledge or information you couple long. I didn't. Boy I get the there's a little bit different than that boy Agassi. Is when you teach and term plan or. The principles. The values. The character of the integrity so did bill. For your family to your friends of those you work with the closest. So that they can make good decisions. That will ripple through each earned. Those significant legacy they go hand in hand but. Significantly helping someone else beat you or have more like all possible. Legacy is turning around and teaching them. Out of passed on significant. And that's why I love the business that were and that's why I love what lifestyle does is because. We go all the way belated. Yeah we wanna help people be more successful we want it golden door was wide fastball and I was off. But then we go to the next level on matters when waterboarding as many people wouldn't believe in yeah that's what the significance happened. And middle legacy is what way equip those who we've helped raise up to do the same bag for the next generation. A legacy. Is generational. Legacy is something that ripples to return it. The reality is that there when we focus only on expel and we get self absorbed and other. We get disappointed because our relationships are what they could be. I we'd still like the Wii Fit a certain number our work is done. And the reality. That's not the way we were built we were built to have focused the mating. Every day we walk on the quiet. And what financial freedom allows this is of what the ability to focus on the things that we loved and valued the buyouts. It allows us to add both us and needing to have those around. And that's what true joy comes. You know it Biden to have awareness of five you know the buy some thing or to take a trip alive I'm more series. Have success on your career. That bald spot and we like that we're not by a noted that horse I in his. They list but yes the Dow and the let's go a step further. But have the people we love the most about the most experienced the same thing that's what joy comes so. That's a quick journey from excess the significant legacy. I like that that's it very clear to me of yours. Told the story there are defying these are a few thoughts and just kind of fall in their one almost. That I've found in my life successes anti climatic. That almost every the other ever accomplished whether would be in my sports days physical fitness days school grades. Business success money wealth. I'd already bought it through. 101000 times in my mind it already experienced what it was going to feel like to be there so when I finally got their successful anti climatic to me. It wasn't until I started spending my time helping other people. But I had this on in equation just hit. It was that it was it's that kind of happiness. That didn't go way it was. Could be maintained because there's always somebody else to help. Now when you get to the legacy part. Yeah because that was really the greatest thing ever did was to help people love beauty consultant is to do wolf consultant assault. But at some point it was too many people I couldn't consult everybody morsel ahead bring other people live. And I said. Think about legacies you have to think about legacy you can't just expected to happen you have to think about it so I had to create a plan. To replace myself. Because I if I didn't duplicate myself multiple times over would works as are telling people the very beginning. If I help you become successful I need you come back. And help me help the next generation of people. Because they won't believe reading new you know you look to Egypt of course Tom took who's got a positive attitude laid out grew up. Course still want who's got money he's already been successful Scott you said been retired since he's their fourth of course you do. But they won't believe that prolong it kill you can get the next generation people to step up and take it. Tom appreciate being on the show today and alike that explanation of work on that a little myself. And get more to it and done we look forward to having you teach class here in Houston when you're coming and thanks for coming on thanks for sharing your time and your story. Thanks so much so. Are to the rescue out there remember this. When I'm doing this just for that success. We're not even doing it just for the significance. We're doing it. For the lifestyles. Of legacy we're gonna leave behind a wonderful day here tomorrow. Yeah. It. Radio show. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. The information and a poignancy here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host Dell wants Lee has gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers that don't want to show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product security. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seven deep the right choice.