3/19: How To Build with Rostrata Homes

Real Estate Today
Sunday, March 19th

This week's episode features new home builder Rostrata Homes, on all things new homes and how the process works. Joining Jason in-studio are Matt Hamilton of Rostrata Builders, Realtor and RE/MAX elite 10X Agent Matthew Mittelstadt, and Matt Young.

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Oh London. He's program. Dwelled. Cancer real estate today with Jason Randall and Jason is a top fifty realtor in the Austin area he is the broker owner of a rematch delete and has been inducted into the re Max hall of fame now with solid Entrust or any real estate advice here's your host Jason Randall and. Okay good morning Austin Tex says this is the real state today show I'm your host Jason Brando and I'm joined with our executive producer. Matt young. We also doesn't really special guests in our studio today. First one is Matt Hamilton with a rush Trotta builders Audi. And mr. Max middle stats re Max and eat. Top ten next Egypt's housing gallon good morning and before we get into the guest it's they are always like to do this now say you're gonna get a real estate fund fact every single episode. So the fun fact today. Is. Fun fact today is to Juno. They'd use. Can get your option. For only one Haney. So he is stating the facts so in an option period any one of four feet on the contract you only have to put down. One pinned there's no set amount so fun fact and today. So today's episode we're gonna have some fun as we always do we're gonna have four segments first segments going to be talking a little bit about Matt middle stats are ten X three Max elite agent. And we're also going to have a very. Now long episode of brush try to build or so if you've ever thought of building a home we're gonna have some fun oh yeah. Interest in but I am curious to know if there is a contest and being able to spell mat middle stats last night. There actually is several accountant Matt metals that one leadership put a shout out to all the listeners if you can spell. Middle stats and text 5129399556. All labor seeing map you know but I'm Phil and generous today so they're gonna get one of my ten Max agent Tuesday's ex im going give them to ten X aging too disease. And if you text the first text or will get a ten dollar gift certificate to Starbucks. Matt young I think can I get back competition net now nobody in this nobody here can impose. Our project but chip which found a map. Are that way castle say this don't we have Matt Matt and Matt yes the trifecta yes this is a trifecta the three musketeers so. Or. Early. Act I the funny part about this is is that I cannot make a mistake today Mac. Yes. Only a one year senate have heralded the producer of course there and so anyway so this will be a fun episode so. The first thing you're gonna talk about his or strata builders. And you've been building homes for how many years now Matt. Oh I've been doing that for. Eight years in tennis now who's it was out with one bill there are you doing of I would have moved with a couple of builders. And really try to build versions where I am now and of love the people that work for Alan stuff for control prouder of the owners of the company. And they're just you know honest. All day long wonderful people workforce so I'm pretty blast so tell us about or strata how long they've been in business. Little over twelve years. And just as a kind of a fun factoid. Were struck is a cactus. Out in the big bend area. And that's what the company news is named after rexrodt topped. I gotta be honest with you as I thought of something else and he said Pastrana. Let me guess it has something to do with chips this year's this is that this is a pre show conversation. And what would that was it Eric Estrada. Erik Estrada yes stands for caught shrimp chips and a half at. Go ahead map so. Giving them as they did exactly which ready which meant he speaks a threat. The cables are using full name's Matt young okay go ahead so. Around twelve years in business great arm tells readers build what's a common. Area is billed then. Central Texas two yards out of Nelson court or. We don't build much in the city of Austin proper we really like to spend our time more on the rural type area so. We called Georgetown in the ring to rule but we really do like the secret slots and things like that we like building. Much reform houses and then in the states type homes so anywhere from a band that would say go from Georgetown to. Liberty hill to burn it yourself to marble falls head on down the spice wood which is a very growing area it's a beautiful area. And then limber Lee we've actually got as far as San Marcos. And then we'll kind of go back up to the huddle and and Taylor areas so we kind of build more outside of Austin and again you check in your corporate offices in Flickr don't like correcting Lugar bill that kind of a central location and her you know traveling back and forth in junior tip around 130 in 685 were in a bit of a warehouse district you bend our offices you know that huge we but you also know that we don't spend. Money on down any fluff there in the now in the fancy office stuff we like to maintain low overhead and whatnot they're so. But we're in a community where there are some you know other trades and whatnot so it's it's a work it's a work oriented part. Yeah it's here's a little bit like our company rim actually we do the same thing that a small shop in Georgetown will spend a lot. Only that keep our downs and money on you know for our agents marketing and marketing listings and you know helping our clients out so exactly it's it's been I've met Allen personally and under spec for you know our and the owner he has just amazing his resume is just phenomenal. So yes he's a very very Smart. Smart individual and his sub partner cobra the book came from high tech and they're really Smart guys in both in the day. Construction. Was always in their blood from her family lines so even though they were high tech guys they really want a death. Did you know get their hands dirty so that's what we do this this particular. I've enjoyed the process we've got a client together you and higher about to start construction on for almost we think you were from one point 521 point seven as the magic's message from its it's a complex design on a complex slot. With complex interior stuff there's it's it's quite the house it really is going to be something spectacular and and we think that it will probably hit nose in those numbers. We certainly want it to we don't want to be more expensive than that cinematography is on your credit 6900 square feet just long overseas G-8 hundred yen down. Got some really interesting details or whatnot and curbed rooms and curved this and that and really and construction main thing curved. Doesn't really exist or two by fours are straight yes so it's a neat and the house yeah. So I am a little bit about Matt knows that lets I can't talk about you Matt so I only human business. I've been in that housing business somewhat about fifteen years I started about how's about twenty years old and I'm 34 now so thanks for awhile now. Nice and that tells little bit about you big in a marketing I think we had Josephine last week I don't know if you had a chance to watch our. Our last episode with Joseph I did I did you have an easy is pretty big engine marketing and you do a legal Lotta online in the east and a lot of time with builders and doing you know. One on ones with them and you do a lot of first time home buyer programs still don't you do don't you. Matt yes yes absolutely I do a lot of I love working with any type of fire Tom but the first time homebuyers is very special because this is. Kind of a new thing to them manned. That's kind of just a passion of mine to help all people out there that are looking me Indo home. So let's talk about this not your reading yeah read only about a ten X I mean you. Have you no brainer it's something that no other agent in Austin, Texas is even thought about doing tell the audience why ten X. So. Ten X comes from a book that I read them back in 2011 called the ten Macs rule. And it's NX rules written by grant Carter and have to give him props on that and basically. In his book what would he says is that if you have. A goal or you have something in life that you're trying to accomplish. Whatever you had set out to do that whatever goal whatever planet path he would set out to do that you need to take that. He needed 1010 maxim basically ten times what it would take to get there and then battle assure you that shall hit back coal. And the problem is a lot of people set a goal and also an obtainable goal. Vs setting you know they're there heights you know at at unattainable. Goal basically meaning you know you're gonna. Go ahead in unison hey you know wanna make 500000 dollars next here. Well Harry image get there woman do this business we need to annex that basically it's so what I did is I took that back in 2011. Thanks as you know it this can be. Put into my real estate business and the whole thing behind it is. That I am going to be ten times more than any other average agents on the market to help their customers. I'm black house sell a house and what I mean by that is I'm not just gonna put a sign in the ground and try to help somebody sell their house when I'm renders on the map. You know do certain things in other agents don't wanna do yours wonder the simple things. That's why we have Matt middle stat map of the stat works harder than most people I've met in my lifetime I mean from being a dad to be in an agent. I mean he works ten times harder. And I am I'm honored and re actually I know art. As a whole is honored to have Matt knows that on our team he's helped a lot of other agent center. Trying to hit the milestones as he's already hit. That and a lot of Marcel and your video's online on FaceBook Matt little stat tonight sages are correct. Yes and and let me piggyback Tehran in Arab quicken this this this is not just about me it's about. Hope in the customer when I when I wake up in the morning in you'd ask me nowadays is he says you know what what did you do while what do you. What's the best thing about your job and investing in my mind job is I wake up every morning now have to go to a job I go to something that I'm past and about. And when I'm passionate and when your passion about something then you're gonna exceed and it. And you're gonna mean you're gonna succeeds RS have exceeding any said we're gonna Oscar but. Mark that went down yeah but you let that it is but one but but you're gonna succeed attic and and one of the biggest things is my customers. When I'm also and done with them it's it's it's not done it's a total relationship we've built. Through this whole time and I'm hoping that those customers are going to be lifetime customer forming. And so what I'm trying to do in tried to help with the videos and stuff that you're talking about Jason is I'm trying to help other agents on the other mark on the market. Understand that hey. It's not just about sound in my house or you know selling their house eating the money that it's it's a lot more than that this is a relationship business. And quite frankly by Anna house is going to be one of the biggest things you do that and what in your lifetime. Yep and that's where the success in and I think Matt has a lot of values that I personally have loses and I know were shot fills a semi. We do things to be successful if you're doing things in life from being you know. Work if it's you know going out and just being a father being a family whatever market whatever just do what's best to be successful. And everything else is gonna fall on a plane it's just that operates on your that it. Going to think about all we do none of us here this table cure cancer we don't teach children. Right what we do in my world I make the world a better place to sleep. You can't make a better opportunity for people to be able to buy that first home. Those are the things they get a seventh out of bed in the morning is what little marks can we make on the world to make it better in our own little bubble and all I can do as a maker replaces sleep. You get them home in a roof over their head. Fossum so we are going to take a break guys and we will be right back on the show thanks we'll. It's. The case we're back here on the real estate today show again I'm your host Jason Randall and we have the all famous executive producer. Matt young a Coke hasn't said much at all tonight. And and we also have here and steal we have Matt Hamilton with a wrist trying to builders were shut out here we're sharp sharp drop. I really wish to have Erik Estrada and I am sorry apple are against him next week next week says female knows Eric Estrada wants to get us a shout out Matt medals that 529399556. Assists and you also have Matt medals that the of one of anybody ever got labeled as a tax year you know why am I have not seen my firm yet. Lest its attacks message yet so come on you want to freaking easy in yours are it's hard. You've got to take me 5129399556. Cynics say it's so rude Satan numbered CU's so we're gonna talk about first time homebuyers. That is going to be our next episode so. Let's let's dive right into itself if your first time home buyer this is a great episode but don't worry. Second third and fourth fifth or sixth I'm an hour half or you know hope people purchase homes we have good information on the way. So let's start with the first topic which is how to search for a home. Matt give us the best to way to find the right now where do we start thanks a mysterious and you know. So let's aid. I'm gonna listen to what their wants and their needs are and have to find out what those things are to be able to siphon go out there and find the perfect home for them. What do you see people asking for what is the number one thing you recently furnaces schools is it builders what is it. Well a lot what I see is there wanting to have. The right payment. Okay they wanna have the right payments because they're usually come first time homebuyers usually coming out of apartment complex or something of that nature. There one to have the right payment. They're one to have enough square footage you know too aware that they. They're not as cramped as they were in that apartment in new. And so when I dues I've basically. Find out what their wants are and what their needs are and I try to combine those two things. And then. A lot of people just set him up on a search you know and just let them sit there and sift through it themselves evil what I've found is is that. If I listen to their wants and their means. Then I can go through the MLS. And find a map perfect piece of property and then saying hey let's go look at AB NC. It's funny you say that 'cause everybody wants a search but then you're right the minute I start setting up the search is takes. A tremendous amount of time and we're looking at homes like I say this a lot Gilligan. A three hour tour gas so you can really shrink it down and educate your your your actual client and speed of the process and help them find their dream home instead of just are at. Absolutely absolutely can to ask a question your wrist on the oldest guy in the room and about a few houses what is account of the demographic though. For the first time home buyer and then I remember when I was a young men. The concern I had was how do wind do. I qualify. For that first home as an apartment dweller trying to get into that first home it was a mystery to me. So advice you might give that young and. Yes so sensitive to the one that's out there that that is maybe a little bit afraid that you know they'll never built on a house because of their creditor or whatever or com or cost are yet yep payments and you know that they're just afraid. What I would tell them it's just give us a call and let us guide you do that process because here's. Here's a thing is I take I take every customer doesn't matter if your first time home buyer you button. Ten different house's climate take you from a to Z and I Milwaukee to the whole process because. Earlier in my career before I branded the Tenet sees in these two calming house doctor Clark and let me tell you why they call me a house doctor because. I used to sit in front of clients and I would find out what their wants and their needs were listened to them more than I talked okay. And once I did dad and I found and I listen to their needs then I was able to. Help their problem which was their housing problem same thing if you go to the doctor you if you went to the doctor today Matt and you said hey. I'm sick and you didn't tell the doctor exactly what you were warning. Or what what was wrong with you then guess what you wouldn't he wouldn't be able to help. The same thing in real estate you have a housing need we your house doctors let us know your once in your needs are don't be afraid we're here to help you. And guess what on the buying side lot of people don't know this. It's free. It doesn't cost a thing all this is why he is called. The tenor ex agent that is phenomenal I'm serious that is that is a very. I'm from a buyer standpoint that is taking care of your customer from eight is a yes so that's awesome I'm so let's go to annexing so buying verse renting. Time heavier rain is firms learned something current yet -- manner by his draft something that somebody contests it says yes we got under rare critically help clear race that there are races at three s's so. The question is buying vs renting. Now I do have to say there are some circumstances. Where renting is better. Because giving example Matt if I only can afford a 500 dollar payment. And I don't have 203040%. Down that is a very hard. Property define in Austin, Texas would you agree that mapped at apps absolutely aka so but nine times out of ten if not even more. You would say purchase or not home and owning a home is better than renting sacker mapped. Absolutely and into your point. You know not be hammered afford a 500 in Austin, Texas. That that is truth but to you also have to understand that Tom. What rents are in Austin, Texas and and surrounding areas even all the way to San Antonio here easier although if the 35 court or. What people are running for beards they can they can basically go buy a house correct it's it's available out there because he apartment. Right exactly and yes sue yet your last transaction Mozy to show it blow your client's interest rate timber cost appearance I'm about for a quarter for a quarter so I mean do you and I am back I mean am I know you that's your twelve years old so I had to deal long time. But honestly back in those days states' interest richer eight. 8% social commentary not paint. At apps absolutely my parents bought their first house in Cedar Park Texas and butter cup creek I remember the 88000. Dollars OK and their interest rate was 17%. Yeah I was shocked I was alive during that time and get up to 21% after it was and it was crazy to think about trying to pay that interest rates. And so when interest rates came down for me like in the seven papers although it was awesome that the 45% legends that's insane yeah essentially inject. There really is in and out of tea tell you this when I started in the business back in 2000 and very. Interest rates were seven and a quarter and they were great interest rates that also today over the probably the last what do you say probably ten years yes it stayed at four and a quarter maybe four and a half here there. But I mean it's just amazing potential trading nature. The Dublin there recently noticed have they have armed. So let's talk about the medium home price in Austin Tex. So Matt young had a little research so organ give the Mike to him for second so Matt young can you tell us the median price home in Austin, Texas so the median priced home is 285000. Dollars. Now the average price. Home is. 368000. Almost 369000. And that's up twenty twelve point 9%. Aaron to last January and got Oslo and then you look at your head around how earned 65 dollars a square foot now let me ask them mr. A builder right now I'm not struck the snot or stars they've gotten lazy average price if you had to throw I guess the nation out there I know this is north of people on the gas. That's that's a good one I mean the the issue is we know that on any resale home. Is always going to be less expensive than a newly built home because it was built on yesterday's lumber prices sure and I those materials and whatnot so he was always going to be a little bit more expensive to build a new home but. You're against a 16575. Dollar. Square foot. Scenario. Depending on size of home and later on in the another segment we might discuss how those costs are generated and some people understand. Where their money goes into a house in all white is a calls would cost. But that the it but the end result of that is it's you know the same a little bit more than a few boundaries and kept. So let's also talk about I'm back and back to our first time home our segment the tax benefits. In the break Matt what's a shot bills and I talked about a couple phenomenal benefits larger than go under those benefit. Are quite well and I don't know the percentages so you folks who need to look this up but if you are a veteran and first of all a round of applause for all of our. Absolutely I think I a couple of new got a couple here Matt young. Yes there and we directory and I was in the army. Day. No I was I was in the navy so I served in the United States navy in Washington and oak harbor so early I was a veterinary gulf war. Well it well congratulations thank you thank you for your service does I didn't I was an ROTC in that it won the so. Anyway what was his attachment that so depending on your level of disability if you're disabled veteran. Anyhow to do the research on exit don't know the facts offhand. You can get either a certain portion or certainly know that you're 100% disabled you can get all of your prep your property taxes. A you don't enemy number rephrase you don't have to pay property taxes if you're 100% disabled in the state of Texas correct and. And a lot of veterans don't know this in the where you find the numbers if you ever want Disco to your local appraisal district so Weems attorney Travis Hays. You can get all the information and all the facts from them and notes say your percentage that you actually considered. Right and if you wanted to know you can always text me. Matt Hamilton at 5124502813. Let me repeat. By 124502813. And I'll do this all look up the tax information for veterans and so if you wondered orders a textured back. So I'm gonna let Matt in this segment real quick on the first time homebuyers so anything else you gonna add to their first time home buyer. Yes. I just wanted to let all first time homebuyers now out there that. It today is the day you stop being afraid. Stop being afraid. Give me a call at 5129399556. Ernie these other numbers that she got off the radio today and we'll gets in contact with some it's gonna help you out and gets you from a disease stop being afraid today we're here to help. And he is a ten X agent on FaceBook keep in the cannot more they find on FaceBook map cynnex agent. They're perfect cell. We are going to hit another commercial thank you so much and will be right back. And good morning Austin, Texas back here with the real estate today show I'm your host Jason Campbell executive producer Matt young. Hello hello and we just have our special guest today Matt Hamilton with rush try to builders howdy and Matt's the middle stats do you re Max elite ten. XH house again on says. Okay so our next segment three is going to talk about building a house and glad we have a speaker today you with that were shot villas that can help us with some questions that I know why haven't. Again if you have questions you can tech's Matt act. By 124502813. Awesome and home building wanna wind and what the home buyers should know what buyer should now capped. So first question is I wanna build a home but I have so many questions. Where do I start door start with a layer or a plan or a builder which comes first match. That is a very good question and each strategy has its pros and its cons. Most folks though do you spend quite a bit of time looking on web sites for plans and why not or doodling on plans for their homes. So you're gonna build a custom home obviously we have to have a plan to build a house. But it's not necessary the most important thing what's most important is that we don't we openly have to have a piece of dirt but alsop. As we haven't figured out how to build in the cloud yet. When we figure that out and millennial we'll do any ability over the so we get a piece under. So people know generally kinda what areas they wanna live in what school systems in the center the other stuff so. The ideas to try to find the geographic area that your comfortable west and then from there start to look at. You know land in the and we know we have met little stat here who is an ace in the hole regarding finding land and whatnot so you're too kind you're too kind yeah well there's just the last of for a dollar later now. Act anyway because there's no way can spoke little stat. The long or short it is and so there's resources out there to help. You'll find her whether it's the the real estate agent or we will as a homebuilders sometimes we owned lots and we can show you things that we know north or things that we know about that may not be on the market those things happen at. So dirt an important thing. Really what's important has also make sure that you. Like your builder your builder gets you your builder understands what you want. Is only really cares about your vision not building their box. So you got to look the guys in the I no different than my again with metal stent is were going to be as a good builder were gonna listen. Like Matt said earlier regarding his. His clientele would go listen to what you want we got to be home doctors kind of hinged way to put it Matt. And try to make sure that we finish and exactly what your needs and wants are and your budget and see if those things are compatible. So the next question is I assume you're familiar with the chip and Joanna gains we Psycho oh -- my wife actually need me you know there. Oh my. My family on their before long hear ya it's agreed to a deal that they're there that's a fun show and meet people. So the fixer upper couple. Halladay had an impact on Austin marquis think an all yes they have one of the neat things that they. Kind of bring to light is kind of this. Farm house look a lot of ship flap in various things that Joanna likes to do and we as a builder loved to build luxury farm houses. I have under the B of video before long on our web site. With a fantastic. Farmhouse that we've built very Sunday house Fredericksburg. Asked down in the San Marcus area. Hold on nada is that a bar is at a barn Romanian. No okay just so I just heard that term I just another shot just a bill the I barn to many albums. We it's enjoy and show she actually took a barn and revamped it into a home that is a true Bonderman. But we also do is we take metal structures in mill buildings which can now weakened in turn into a barn to many and we couldn't. Living quarters or whatnot at large garage place to store though John Deere tractor whatever may be in your country property. And so sometimes folks want a large storage area and a little small living area. In eventually they're gonna build their big house you know but there was something on the property and the cost of building a metal structure with. The interior no different than a regular home is actually huge savings on us in terms of the stick built verses. The metal frame of the house of the Barnum and so we do those as well. Awesome. So Heyman I did I do have a question. You were saying earlier that the. Wrist shot that were struck restaurant for a straw to a trough. Through a straw duck instruct your saying that on purpose you know I he has added yeah I didn't know Steve. Say no it's so hey hey hey hey I wanted to know deep doo where you guys came over the named cactus the big test how did they come up with that name. Well. One of owners has some property of the big Bender at this part of this family aired it out okay. And I don't know if he stepped on this on the cactus when they were talking about who in the company or log out but it's it's wrist it's a cactus and only grows in big bad. Are OK so and I really other adolescent. I was I guess it is Saturday I'll wanted to make sure you knew you know what kind of your mission statement was there but. Say UA's matter I I just heard I heard I heard formal birdie just came in new window and he asked me said today. Says it says the pharaohs built the pyramids this what team meeting Baghdad. Ice ice raid goofy things a lot but what I really mean by that is you know thousands of years ago the pharaohs would know technology whatsoever. Stacked up giant blocks in the impairments right so announced 2017. Home building should not be a difficult process it's just sticks and bricks all ideas. And so as long as you have they define process that your gonna go through long as you can. Show your client how it works why you do things that you do. In then don't make it complicated because literally in kind of a joking thing to say is. You know sticks and bricks if you ask them where they wanna be placed they never answer that they never asked bug or whenever they appear on one side or the other they don't care now be rearing Jamal you want so issue is is just it's just sticks and Rex. Also. So some and I got a question for you so when we hear terms like production and semi custom custom. You know what can you explain what those actually mean to explain one of the three. Sure production build I worked for production builder for five years and it was a really production goal there is a building your chart builder that your track okay. And we sitcom specs or is that aspect in the mail them to his suspect in the loaded and let anyways. Correction millers are your drillers your DR Horton and shore. A collision produced massive amount of homes and they're not custom building. So when you command you pretty much you get some choices but for most part some production build a gee you know choices I Kirk back. Sure there are some very good production builders. Of which met little stat as first time homebuyers typically given to his price point there in he'd recommend some quality production builders are there some walnuts and a. Yet apps absolutely. They're there and not and I always sway my customers to the so that the people that have done in rhyme them my customers right there's there's a lot of Amara a lot of production builders around Austin and that is that is still possible for you first time homebuyers to give into production build houses Matt educates people normally are mapped. Yeah a and it tests so that the. But the semi custom is there there they is usually voter that is equality builder. Has a variety of plans that they like that they can build and then they're willing to do some some customization to put some wall blow out some these kind of things. Not been thing to do with entered a courtroom mostly structure of the home. And those are usually pretty fine night and what they're willing to do and then there's the custom builders who will build anything but there are. Within that subset kind of that true custom builders and go wait a minute let true custom builders of custom. True custom built like we're strata will build anything that you want them the sticks and bricks do not care which direction we put them okay we don't have a box to that you. But there are semi custom builders and custom builders to still have no no no change things around a lot but they still basically have a box at the trying to. To get you to to build and we're like hey let's start an anathema straw house or. That's fun to bring on the Internet or we've got a bunch of plans are how can we make this home truly yours. That's that's the business that we're yet were in homebuilding. Business. So the word true custom what does that really mean true true custom you come to me and say Matt I wanna build. My house my way you know we need in what I mean by that is what are the components of the house it they are. House is really nothing other than the jigsaw puzzle yet to be put together yep so you tell me show me hey Matt I filmed this master bathroom on. Hauser panders to whatever this I found this kitchen in this magazine I film that. Master bedroom in this thing and I found this hallway we call all those things together and truly true custom will put all those bits and pieces together into the home you want. So the next question is for everybody now knows listening. Where does for struck a village phone those categories where is your true lying announce that we are true custom we. Well we have live plus throw a plan that's my word of the week plethora of plans on our web site we are content to build anything anywhere. So we do a lot of napkin drawings to full scale drawings. We look at what everybody wants I feel there's a contest him for the spelling and I want to share. Which plethora yeah well what we aren't. On the next question is this how does the land are a lot affect the home and. Do you provide any valuation services. Yes you know of the answer is of that is that we cannot build a house in the cloud as we discussed earlier so the topography of a lot has a big impact on it. You'll foundations are things that every single house has to have. But a large foundation is essentially money spent to walk on and not necessarily live again you don't look at Charles ago we'll look at my wonderful foundation. What you wanna do is be able to enjoy the home. And so topography are things that we have to deal with than a regular basis in the hill country and trying to maximize. The if cost effectiveness of building on a site so some sites may cost more. Because they're topography. Is challenging for that particular home our home site in May affect. The lit the link for the home that depth of the home and turn out because of what were booed what we're building on just. Now man I EU sentiment again it's you don't look at your foundation. And I'd like you know no blue EA example actually when people are building in the house they do do that I seemed to face the dilemma found ways and I. Probably suggest goes man I'm glad you know I'd just accused you. So Matt tell everybody had to get a holding view I know that's listeners out there that are interested in would like to get all the guys she camel lab what we're doing you know leave. Well we're structured builders at were struck to BLDRs dot com again were struck a just for grins and giggles as RO ST RA TA. And then my number is so I accept text and phone calls 512. 45028134502. Wandering. Awesome and we will be right back thank you listen on the shelf. Okay we're back here on the real estate today show again Uygur host Jason Randall. And executive producer Matt young hello. And the all famous mr. Matt Hamilton with rush try to Miller's I'm all famous in Tulsa and of course the ten X agents. Having mats. Middle stats. Love them lasting. OK so the last segment we're gonna go over is basically how to find a agent they can do all of this. Because you can have agents come TU and held. With feed bring in the clients do you guys. To help get real proud of love agents it is a core part of our business. Please. Come to our door with your client and we will take care of them for you. And when I worked it says new home Miller it was huge we love drilled searched ever rolled through they came in our front door we love them because they had the clients and we worked together as a teen to build the dream home man. Bill is a very smooth process. More than bumps along the way. Oil or is there always will be and gives you think about and I'll say this request to move on because it's about agents is you know home building is largely a management by exception. You can like play a hundred pieces of tile on the ground 99% of them are perfectly laid on the ground and one has not that's the one thing you see. OK so that's a work yet to be perfected and the wonderful things about agents is they understand that. And when we had little bumps or this okay it's a rhetorical you know what they're they're builder will get back to that and have some particular account not going to be an issue. So we're gonna have composite. Is. Gigi and Herm real quick about major and so let's find out. Matt medals that how do we find that the right age and I know calling the cynics agent is the right choice. But honestly how do consumers. First time homebuyers or. You know executives working at apple Samsung Google where their rat. How do those. Consumers find the right agent. So Jason that's a great question. I'm one of the things I would say is that. You know there's all these different sites out there. Different companies that. You know post house's in this mass Mozilo zillow Trulia you know. Announcer the outcomes are common in the day that's where your buyers are gonna go and and and they're gonna. You know there's agents out there that pay money to be on those sites and and end. Really what happens I paid 8000 dollars yet. I've paid 20001 in every on the side or is it OK I am now I made I made my money back but the point is in it declared a question for the listeners out there is. How do you find the right days well this is the relationship. So like any relationship. It all starts with the date ranked. So what's he got to do is you got to take a leap of faith. If you find a house that's like online. Or burger or why it you know you're in you see an agent on manner have a phone conversation with them just like you would on a date right now phone conversation. Then you know if you feel like it's a good conversation. Then you go out and you know look at a house and see if feel like. If you don't like them then you don't have to continue that relationship correct so to meet. It's just all about that you know make sure that you found. The right person because this is a huge decision. In your life of Brian how's it's just huge so make sure that you don't end up going down the wrong path and divorcing themselves like to say. OK we got a vet your real tortoise like you would that your doctor you don't really necessarily want to. Go to the Doctor Who graduated last in his class had so you look at for those good realtors that you don't know what they're doing you can tell by talking to them do they know their craft. Yep absolutely in in in in by asking them certain questions you know you know exactly. So mad I think that's a little thing that we can can lead into and and you know being a top fifty agent and all of Austin, Texas myself. I think you've Cain to mean because of my experience and because of my knowledge and because of how well I can market. And I think that's why Matt and I work so well together is is we are very common goals. Matt is very very successful what he's done he's brought a lot to detailing its watches videos on FaceBook and I get. No passion I get to see you know what ADHD is I mean he's got some really phenomenal training that I personally watch myself. So I think that's where you finding core company to work forks is starts at the top. I don't care where you're at it always starts at the top I mean you work for different brokerage firms I mean. Coming from you know different ones I mean if that top is is as. A top fifty broker I think it starts with there I've worked at seven different franchises since I've had my license before becoming a broker. And I think that's where you really. Or to the top just like working for Allen yeah Allen and coach. You know I could be the greatest sales manager. Planned doodle or whatever. But if I didn't have spectacular management on the topic and in business practices. I would not be successful if at all. Let me let me piggyback there on that. And in to go back for the to find the rite aid's. If you're out there and you've you've you've you've had your first meet with your agent. And their right off the back asking you to sign something askew signed a contract and they're probably not the right fit for area. Don't sign an agreement with an agent and the last they've earned the right. Earn your business. You have to earn the right. To earn the business at December was that says do not. I and I'm gonna imam my broker here might have to Jason might might get army about me honest. My clients never sign a mired rep agreement upfront. When they send them buyers reprimand is after making her first off front house because this is a relationship building. Its relationship building and I don't feel like they need to sign an agreement with me and lasts. Were making an offer on how ditches. Any other streaming you're gonna go if you're hired an attorney further legal services you're gonna go on there consult on the first you know you're gonna find out how to learn your neither church on them says the same as the realtor. I think that's exactly what his cy I think that's a good statement and I think that's he's not in the right direction. I'm in same page I don't have any base on a buyer carpenter until we sign and offer him and then at that point in time you know we're locked in you know we're locked in a situation together so we can you know really. Make that happen so the next thing I wanted to discuss was. What can I do to make sure that I find the right agents today so if I'm ready to find an agent today mad and I wanted to look at homes. I commonly see. People going to the listing agent and wanting to just have them open the door. Com not being represented by anybody which is called an inner mere relationship so can you tell everybody quickly what that means. Well. Basically that means that there would be you know working both the sides. I can't so buyer and seller so what that means is the buyer. Is gonna be represented by a one agent which interpreting the buyer and seller correct correct aka. So is it best to have your own representation. And that sense. And why would that be. Yes so it's it's not. It's not did to have where you're representing both sides in enemy to explain why. And number one if if you're on the buying side. York your customer needs to have your full attention okay and we knew decide to do both of those sides in yourself and your sellers on the other side that trust can be lost real quick. And you can only give out so much information shall meal robbery well after this guy has the fiduciary duty. Of the listing agent. Is to the seller. Correct until these are they tried to do both sides there's there's going to be a conflict of interest at some point in time 88 is here hard to beef completely fair it can be cell are basically way this works as yet to be Switzerland you literally have to sit in the middle. And you cannot Ed varieties. In the sense of when you're doing with the buyer and a seller you have to really kind of be in the middle and it's hard to do your job so. But mark let me ask of you out if I'm mobile home buyer and you know I I don't want my real tour to be Switzerland. I want them to represent my side of the coin they're four and one have a buyer's agent. And the solution hello seller's agent that's correct. Yep and end the broker can actually assigned another real Ter in the actual you know. And and help. Again my point with this conversation was is just no. That when you hire somebody you hire what you feel comfortable and there's people that will go and they don't want to really they'd rather just him listen into and an animator. Mean it happens all the time. I just want the public to know. He's cannot hire an agent that actually will represent you is the buyer or as the seller or you can do both if you desire to do that but just know that the ramifications of it. Those so the next thing is is door I have to sign a contract to look for home and I think you kind of cover that base is a little bit. Yes I mean you don't have to. We got all you need is information broker services upon the first years of that conversation yet to nobody should be afraid to sign that but nodded in agreement rats Frederick high degree MRIs and I'd like this guy's arms against the press here and our industry to law is yes I have I've watched an infomercial unreal. I and I. Matt yen did you pretty silent no itemized. OK other than the reviews is there somewhere I can go to C in agents' status. So I'll answer that question that is going to be to track track or shelter an active or in an active agent licensed through the state of Texas. Next liking now if from a consumer can I go in there and see kind of like your history then Mike what you've done and the pass no twelve months net you cannot you concede there's any complaints violations detract website is trek TR EC. Dot Texas dot gov annual lagging UA very. Informative information that you can go through. It'll also lets you know what type of classes that agent has taken and how educated and continue their education that discussed that this agent has done. 11 thing is that. You know there's certain every agent has to go through certain. Continues casing classes but there are some agents out there at that do go above and beyond and take other classes. So Matt organ and with this sound you know. We've brought in Matt Hamilton with her son bills again tell everybody how they can get ahold of you map. Met Hamilton my phone number and I accept phone calls and texts. Is 512. 450. 2813. In we are we're shrunk to builders are OS TR eight T eight. Builders and plural dot com or straw to builders. And and they are in a agreement with three Macs a leap to build one house was one of us clients so we're in the process of building a house and that meant secular home more to come so we have a working relationship so we don't just bring in anybody to do show. Matt knows that teller may had to get a hold do you please. You can reach me act 512. On my cell phone 5129399556. You can reach me. On my email at ten Max agent that's ten tax agent Alston a leak homes dot com. At any time. Day or night please call me with any questions. One question as to don't ask is the stupid question. And then the last you know when it over Israel actually if you ever means any help in just questions concerns. Every looking abide you're looking to sell or you look you know Lisa property. You can reach us at 5129300000. You can reach a sat Jason. Acts Austin even eat. Homes dot com. We're available. All the time and we have agents that specialize in certain areas that you look at that so. We wanted to thank you again for catching episode number three of the real estate episode number two thank you for the Christian. A real state to pass. That was Gabriel's say today so we're always ahead of the game were always that in game and it's always. Today's real estate not yesterday's news thanks guys.